Chapter 9 – Damn Yue Zhan, he actually rebelled!


When he arrived at the underground base, Yi Nuo learned from Hu Yichen that a few days ago the Z-series mechas of the base had undergone a system upgrade, which was presided over by Zong Ming.

The system’s upgrade optimized the spiritual link, which better integrated the driver’s spiritual power with the mecha, making the operation smoother, like controlling his own body.

However, the new system had higher requirements for spiritual wires.

“The wires with problems can’t support the new system. The mecha will work as usual when annihilation bombs and other weapons aren’t utilized. But once lethal weapons are used, the spiritual wires will collapse because of overload, causing a chain reaction and making the mecha out of control.”

“After upgrading the system, the original 0.1% probability of having an accident has now risen to 97.7%.” Hu Yichen whispered.

He still needed to repair and debug other mechas. After saying this to Yi Nuo, Hu Yichen apologized and left in a hurry.

Yi Nuo now understood why Yue Zhan said that only 50,000 mechas could be deployed. As he had expected, there were special trigger conditions to make the mecha out of control.

The situation that Yue Zhan was facing now was unprecedentedly grave. Yi Nuo couldn’t help much in this regard. He could only pray that the other party could turn the tide.

But Zong Ming… the system’s upgrade was developed by the Zong family. Did he really know nothing’

Yi Nuo frowned and opened his personal terminal. He wanted to contact Lu Ya but found many missing calls from his cousin, Alan Delan.

He remembered what he had asked the other party to check before, so he called him back and said, “There’s no need to check the front-line weapons suppliers. I already know who the manufacturer is.”

Alan: “…”

“Did you really go to the front line?” Alan’s tone was complicated.

“Didn’t I tell you a few days ago?” Yi Nuo asked strangely.

“Alas, Your Highness, why didn’t you discuss it with me and grandpa?” Alan sighed and said, “at least our family still has several mercenary regiments. If we knew you were going to the front line, we would let them protect you.”

Alan was the son of Yi Nuo’s uncle, and he had always had a good relationship with Yi Nuo.

But after learning that Yi Nuo was all right, he stopped being serious and said jokingly, “So were you really attacked? Or did the front-line garrison rescue you? When you arrived at the front line base, you made a big fuss in the technical department, suspended the chief engineer, and asked the mecha soldiers to play an exhibition match?”

Yi Nuo looked dumbfounded and asked, “Who did you listen to? Am I such a person?”

“Why do I need to listen to others?” Alan’s tone was complicated and said faintly, “If Your Highness had been online these past two days, you would know what the latest news was about.”

“First, a press release said that the royal delegation went to make trouble on the front line again. It’s okay. It didn’t focus on you. After all, His Majesty sent you. But two days ago, a person from the Zong family, I think he seemed to be called Zong Ming. Well, he said in an interview with a war reporter that you were fooling around in the base and encouraged Commander Yue to suspend his post…”

Yi Nuo: “…” It turned out that after Zong Ming left that day, he received an interview from a war reporter?

This reporter was also really free.

“In fact, I don’t believe you would do such a thing. Besides, Yue Zhan is not that kind of person, but grandpa and I are worried… you aren’t being embarrassed by Yue Zhan, are you?”

Yi Nuo shook his head and said, “Did the reporter talk about Zong Ming’s arrest?”

Although it had yet to be confirmed, the Zong family’s mecha had such a big problem, and Zong Ming personally presided over the system’s upgrade. It wouldn’t be strange to arrest him.

Yi Nuo believed that Yue Zhan didn’t kill him on the spot because he was rational enough to remember to abide by the law and leave the person to the military court.

After all, the probability of the Z-series mechas getting out of control used to be 0.1%. Who knows if any mecha soldiers died because of this in previous campaigns?

Those were human lives!

Did the Zong family conceal this fact just because the cost of replacing the wires was too high? And because there were always casualties on the battlefield, the problem was unlikely to be found?

Moreover, they knew there was a problem with the Z-series mechas on the front line, but they suddenly updated the system…

Yi Nuo felt that there might be a conspiracy in this, so he said, “Help me check the recent movements of the Zong family, especially who they have contacted.”

Alan: “…” Am I a search engine that can check information for you at every turn?

“No, why would Zong Ming get arrested?” He asked puzzledly, “There’s also the Zong family…”

Of course, Yi Nuo couldn’t reveal too much. He just said, “We’re at war right now. I can’t say more; I’ll hang up.”

Alan: “…”

“By the way, remember to check it for me.” Yi Nuo added.

Alan: “No, wait, the front line is fighting again? Are you safe? Why don’t I…”

Yi Nuo didn’t want to listen to his nagging and just hung up directly. Then he called Lu Ya and went to the command hall of the underground base together.

In the hall, the atmosphere was solemn, but Yue Zhan wasn’t here. He was on the command ship on the front line.

Major General Lin was the one sitting here. He was cooperating calmly with Yue Zhan and commanding from the rear.

When he noticed Yi Nuo coming, he wanted to get up, but Yi Nuo stopped him and said, “I just came to have a look, don’t worry about me.”

Major General Lin breathed a sigh of relief. Just now, he was afraid of what His Highness would do. Even if he didn’t request anything, just asking questions would affect everyone.

Fortunately, the little highness was very quiet. When Yi Nuo said he came to have a look, it was really just looking.

In fact, Yi Nuo had also learned tactical command.

As Yue Zhan had guessed, Yi Nuo had learned a wide range of knowledge. The advantage of being a prince was that he could study everything, but there were also drawbacks; for example, he wasn’t good at everything.

In terms of warfare, he was inferior to Yue Zhan, and he might not be able to catch up in his life.

But it didn’t matter. Yi Nuo’s grandfather said that he didn’t need to know everything; he just needed to… control the people who did.

Yi Nuo sat quietly in the rear, staring at the screen without moving his eyes, paying attention to every move in the battle.

The knowledge taught by the professors and his own experience in studying Yue Zhan’s tactics was enough for him to analyze and even predict the war situation.

The situation on the front line was indeed not optimistic. The imperial army started fighting with the federation on the edge of the asteroid belt. However, after five hours, the imperial army had been forced back to the Blue Star.

To make matters worse, the reinforcements that could’ve arrived within six hours were now stuck between the Main Star and the Blue Star due to a spacecraft failure. It might take another six hours to arrive.

Although the Main Star didn’t have many warships and its combat power wasn’t that good, the fact that they couldn’t come to help still chilled people’s hearts.

Fortunately, Yue Zhan didn’t expect their help from the beginning. When the attack was insufficient, they would change to defense, preventing the Federal Army from breaking through the blockade and heading to the Blue Star.

After withstanding another wave of attack, the people in the underground command hall couldn’t help but wipe the sweat on their foreheads. They sighed secretly: fortunately, Major General Yue was in command; otherwise, they would have been in chaos.

Yi Nuo also admired Yue Zhan very much, but he thought further. He found that the Federal Army wanted to fight and win fast.

These tactics were supposed to be Yue Zhan’s style, but now it was just the opposite.

Yue Zhan was defending and didn’t attack, which prolonged the wartime. On the other side, the Federal Army couldn’t take down the Blue Star within five hours, and its momentum seemed to have weakened a bit.

Five hours was the same time that mechas could last when using lethal weapons.

A dark light suddenly flashed in Yi Nuo’s eyes. He clenched his fists and thought: Could it be that the Federal Army knows there is a problem with the mechas?

Yue Zhan also thought of this. After realizing that the Federal Army’s attack wasn’t as strong as expected, he thought for a moment and quickly changed the strategy.

After that, just as Yi Nuo said when he cheered him up earlier, Yue Zhan fought a beautiful battle and won more with less.

There was a wave of cheers in the underground command hall, and Yi Nuo couldn’t help getting up and smiling slightly.

Just as he had said, Yue Zhan would definitely win.

Although the price was heavy and the Imperial Army suffered a lot of damage, it won. And compared with the description in the book, the damage wasn’t that severe.

Yi Nuo finally breathed a sigh of relief. He saw Yue Zhan deal with the remnants of the Federal Army, but he didn’t pay attention anymore. Instead, he took out the strange book from the space bracelet and sat in the corner to read it.

This time, he discovered something amazing— the book had new chapters.

Yi Nuo couldn’t believe his eyes. The book only had 50 chapters before. The first half was full of words while the second half was blank, but now…

The book had 53 chapters?

Was this a book in progress?

But the book had been in his space bracelet. How did the words get there?

Yi Nuo didn’t have time to think about the reason and hurried to read the new chapters.

By convention, at least 70% of the content in a chapter was sex scenes. Yi Nuo seriously suspected that the author “didn’t have enough ideas and used sex to make up”.

Fortunately, there was still 30% of the plot. After reading Chapter 51, Yi Nuo found that ‘he’ and ‘Yue Zhan’ recalled something important during a sex scene— a gamma-ray explosion.

In the book, a gamma-ray explosion occurred near the asteroid belt after the defeat of the imperial army, causing heavy casualties to the federal soldiers who were chasing the remnants of the imperial army and cleaning the battlefield.

Gamma-ray explosions were natural phenomenons that could generally be detected in advance. However, this time the Empire, the Federation, Star Thiefs, and small countries failed to do so.

Yi Nuo was almost dumbfounded after reading it. It was no wonder that the Federal Army in the book didn’t continue to invade after winning but chose peace talks. It was because they also suffered heavy losses.

The problem was that the Federal Army chased after the remnants of the Imperial Army in the book, but it was the opposite in reality. Moreover, the Imperial Army was in the asteroid belt!

Yi Nuo couldn’t continue reading. He closed the book, put it back on the space bracelet, and walked quickly towards the center of the hall.

“Major General Lin, please, I want to talk to Commander Yue.” Yi Nuo demanded directly.

Major General Lin was stunned. If it had been before, he wouldn’t have responded to Yi Nuo’s request, but now…

The battle was over, and they could win thanks to the little prince’s early discovery of the mecha problem.

Because of this, Major General Lin had a good impression of the little highness. After thinking about it, he ceded the microphone to Yi Nuo.

Yi Nuo leaned over, pressed the button to contact Yue Zhan, and said, “Commander Yue, a gamma-ray explosion may occur in the vicinity of the asteroid belt. Please evacuate as soon as possible.”

Yue Zhan was slightly stunned that the person talking to him was the little prince, but he quickly replied, “Okay.”

Yi Nuo: “…” Yue Zhan didn’t even doubt it?

It would be rare for Yue Zhan to have doubts. After all, who would joke about such a thing? He also thought that Yi Nuo had suddenly received the news from the observatory and then informed him.

Moreover, less than two hours after evacuating, the gamma-ray explosion helped them clean up the remnants of the Federal Army in the asteroid belt.

Because of this, Yue Zhan had even fewer doubts.

All the soldiers who returned from the battlefield had mixed emotions. They were so close to death. Fortunately, they retreated quickly; otherwise, they would be the ones swept away.

When Yue Zhan walked into the command hall, he received many congratulations.

Everyone knew that the war they had fought was beautiful enough to be written into textbooks as an example of a classic battle.

Among them, Yue Zhan had most of the credit.

However, Yue Zhan ignored the congratulations and subconsciously looked for a familiar figure in the crowd.

He had no distractions during the battle, but after it was over, he subconsciously remembered the encouraging words and the inner voice of the little prince before he set off.

If he couldn’t win, would he rather die here together?

Yue Zhan couldn’t help but smile slightly. He thought the little prince’s words were childish, but he inexplicably wanted to stand in front of the other party now and say with ease: Don’t worry, I won.

At this time, Yi Nuo was hiding in the corner, flipping through the book. He couldn’t wait to know what happened in the latest chapter.

So when Yue Zhan found him, approached him, smiled slightly, and planned to say those words, he listened to the little prince’s inner voice scolding him—

[Damn Yue Zhan, he actually rebelled, bah]

Yue Zhan:?

The smile on his lips froze for a moment.

[He shut me down and grabbed my tail!]

Yue Zhan: ???

He suspected that the little prince was insane.


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