Chapter 17 – Help the little prince catch fish~

He’s Pregnant with the Major General’s Fish Cub [Interstellar]
36 Chapters

Edited by Umamin

Yi Nuo walked quickly in the direction of the barbed wire wall. He wanted to confirm whether the man was Xie Qingran.

As Yi Nuo walked, he distanced himself from Yue Zhan who stayed in place.

In Yi Nuo’s view, Xie Qingran’s early situation was somewhat similar to Hu Yichen’s, but not exactly the same.

Xie Qingran came from a poor family. His mother made money by cleaning oil stains for parts in a mecha processing factory, and he barely finished college.

His starting point was slightly better than that of Hu Yichen, who was born in an orphanage, but he suffered much more.

After graduating from college, Xie Qingran was admitted to the Imperial Capital Star judicial system with excellent results. However, he was robbed of the opportunity by a noble child because of his poor background. After that, he was squeezed out again and transferred to the remote Blue Star.

But bad luck still didn’t let him go. Soon after the transfer to Blue Star, Mother Xie died of serious illness due to her long-term exposure to harmful chemical agents. It was said that there was a problem with the oil cleaning agent used by the mecha parts processing factory.

Xie Qingran wanted to seek justice for his mother, but the factory belonged to a noble family in the Imperial Capital. How could the death of a small clerk shake an aristocratic family with hundreds of years of foundation?

But Xie Qingran did it. Unfortunately, only a few twigs were affected. The price he paid was being framed and sent into prison, to be beaten and tortured every day.

In the book, Xie Qingran, who later became the Chairman of the Legislative Council of the Empire, recalled that when he was at the lowest point of his life, he met a beam of light 一 the little prince.

Yes, Xie Qingran was rescued by ‘Yi Nuo’. However, according to the book, Yi Nuo just acted on a whim and forgot about it after saving him.

Later, Xie Qingran became a big man, and Yi Nuo colluded secretly with him. When he learned that he had saved this cold and taciturn chairman, ‘he’ immediately seized the opportunity…

With this layer of history and ‘his’ intentional provocation, Xie Qingran soon fell deeply in love with him, but… Xie Qingran’s character was the most prone to blackening and paranoia.

Later, Yi Nuo overturned the car1It refers to the fact that something unexpected happened, which made people show their original shape. It can also mean that the person was slapped in the face for making a mistake., his facade collapsed, and he had to cooperate with Yue Zhan. But after discovering that ‘he’ had been imprisoned and tortured by Yue Zhan, Xie Qingran regretted it, cried with ‘him’ in his arms, and tried to save ‘him’.

“Hiss!” Yi Nuo couldn’t help getting goosebumps when he thought of the plot in the book.

Yue Zhan didn’t hear these thoughts. When he approached, he only listened to the little prince pondering in his heart—

[Although Xie Qingran later joined forces with Yue Zhan, their nature is still different. Xie Qingran didn’t like me at first, and he only did after I behaved ambiguously. Yue Zhan coveted me from the very beginning. Even if I hide from him, I’ll be imprisoned…]

Yue Zhan: “…” Why does he only have persecutory delusions towards me?

[In addition, Xie Qingran will be the Chairman of the Legislative Council. After being elected, he promoted parliamentary reforms, revised the laws, and changed all the regulations that protected the nobles and financial groups.]

[He hates those nobles and conglomerates who do whatever they want, and he is the best at fighting with them. If I get him on my side to deal with the Zong family, he will be a fine weapon.]

After weighing the pros and cons, Yi Nuo increasingly felt that Xie Qingran was less harmful than Yue Zhan. Intending to get Xie Qingran on his side, Yi Nuo excitedly walked towards the entrance of the barbed wire wall.

But just as he took two steps forward, he was pulled by the back of the collar of fate and came to a standstill.

This feeling was too familiar. Yi Nuo had only been picked up like this by Yue Zhan.

He turned back in anger, his eyes fierce: Did you become addicted to it?

Yue Zhan held his shoulders, quietly turned him in a direction, and said, “Your Highness, you made a mistake. This is the way back.”

“I’m not going back yet.” Yi Nuo tried his best to turn back, “I’m going to see the one who was beaten… Number 7637.”

Yue Zhan: “…”

He sighed. Although he was reluctant in his heart, he finally met the little prince’s request.

Just while he was on the way to meet people, he couldn’t help but think in his heart that he had to contact Yue Ge again.

It seemed that Hu Yichen’s departure didn’t reduce the symptoms of the little prince; on the contrary, his situation became more and more serious.

To deal with the vicious ‘Yue Zhan’ in his fantasy, the little prince, after imagining Hu Yichen as a master mecha maker, now thought of a mere prisoner as the Chairman of the Legislative Council.

Yue Zhan was very worried. If this continued, the little prince might not distinguish fantasy from reality and directly regard him as the ‘Yue Zhan’ in his imagination.

It’ll be bad then.


Inside the high wall surrounded by barbed wire, Xie Qingran was lying on the ground on his back. No part of his body was spared, the corners of his mouth and clothes were full of blood, but he didn’t feel very painful.

He had long become numb to pain and everything around him. Looking at the gray sky, he didn’t even understand why he was still alive.

The prisoners who had just taught him a lesson but were beaten back by him had been taken away, leaving him lying alone on the empty field. He had just been electrocuted twice by an electric baton, and he couldn’t move at the moment. He could only smell the earth and blood lingering in his nose.

Just when he thought he would be dragged away like a dog by the military police as usual, a pair of exquisite and well-made white boots appeared before his eyes. There was a silver hem hanging down to the edge of the boots, embroidered with the unique pattern of the Scott royal family.

Xie Qingran narrowed his bruised eyes and looked up along the hem.

Yi Nuo bent down slightly, bowed his head, and asked, “Are you okay? Your name is Xie Qingran?”

The bloody smell in his nose seemed to have turned into a light fragrance. At that moment, Xie Qingran seemed to have met a beam of light.

But he soon realized that it was just the dazzling golden hair of the young boy. He turned his head away, silently closed his eyes, and stopped looking.

From his clothes, he had already guessed the identity of the teenager, but … what was the difference between the royal family and the nobles? Their essence was the same.

When Yi Nuo saw him turn his head away and close his eyes, he couldn’t help but wonder and turned to ask Yue Zhan, “Did he pass out?”

Yue Zhan’s mouth twitched slightly, thinking: he just doesn’t want to talk to you.

“Go, take people to treatment, then bring him to meet me and His Highness.” Yue Zhan directly ordered the military police nearby.

Seeing the bloodstains all over the ground and Xie Qingran’s clothes, Yi Nuo was worried and asked, “He won’t die, right?”

[If he dies, wouldn’t I have saved him in vain?]

“No.” Yue Zhan’s mood was inexplicably better.


When Xie Qingran received treatment and was escorted into the room, Yi Nuo and Yue Zhan were looking at his information.

“Look, he may have been framed.” Yi Nuo said to Yue Zhan, pointing to the loophole in the information.

Yue Zhan gave a light ‘um’. While flipping through the documents, he occasionally looked at Xie Qingran from the corner of his eye.

Yi Nuo didn’t notice that the person he wanted to see had come in. After reading the documents for a while, he was surprised, “The noble who framed Xie Qingran actually belongs to the Zong family. You say, is it a coincidence?”

“It’s a coincidence.” Yue Zhan said calmly.

From the corner of his eye, he saw Xie Qingran smile sarcastically.

Yue Zhan had to admire the little prince’s vision. Leaving the little prince’s delusional disorder aside, he could see that this prisoner named Xie Qingran wasn’t simple.

“The factory where Xie Qingran’s mother worked happens to be from the Zong family’s branch in the Third Galaxy. That is, the one that provided parts for the Z-series mechas.” Yi Nuo stopped and then added keenly, “I suspect that Xie Qingran is likely to know the secrets of the Zong family. Otherwise, they wouldn’t go as far as putting him to death?”

He never looked up. After a while, Yi Nuo wondered again, “No wait, isn’t this a military prison? Xie Qingran isn’t a part of the army, so how did he get locked up here?”

Xie Qingran lowered his head to hide his complicated expression.

After Yue Zhan heard this, he couldn’t help sneering in his heart.

He knew Zong Ming was 80% responsible for this matter.

He only took care of the front-line wars, and the logistics and technical departments were fully managed by Major General Lin, but he didn’t expect… to let such a thing happen.

Thinking of this, Yue Zhan put down the documents, looked up at Xie Qingran, and said, “Xie Qingran, right? I just looked at the information, and you were wronged. But to release you, you have to go through the court process. You won’t go to the military court, but…”

Only then did Yi Nuo find that Xie Qingran had come in and couldn’t help raising his head. Then, his eyes unexpectedly collided with the other party’s.

When he met those cold and indifferent eyes, Yi Nuo suddenly felt that the description of this person in the book was very vivid—

[Cold and indifferent, with handsome features. Although Xie Qingran was born in a poor family and had been in prison, he had a sense of purity and nobility all over his body.]

Yue Zhan: “…”

Yue Zhan couldn’t hear it anymore, his voice stopped abruptly, and he looked at the little prince strangely.

He couldn’t help thinking seriously: Is the little prince’s brain broken, or is he blind?Xie Qingran’s face is green and purple at this time. He was almost beaten into a pig’s head. Where did the little prince see his handsomeness?

Yue Zhan didn’t mean to slander anyone. He was just stating objective facts, and his eyes weren’t blind. Maybe Xie Qingran was really handsome, but he didn’t look good at this time. The little prince should see an ophthalmologist.

“Hey, why did you stop talking all of a sudden?” Yi Nuo finally noticed Yue Zhan’s strange gaze.

Where was Yue Zhan in the mood to say something?

He suddenly realized that his current behavior was to help the little prince catch fish?

Yue Zhan simply gave all the documents to Yi Nuo and said depressedly, “Your Highness, it would be better to say it yourself.”

Yi Nuo: “…” Yue Zhan’s actions were very inexplicable. Could it be that he entered menopause ahead of time?

Yi Nuo took the documents, glanced at them, looked up, and smiled at Xie Qingran. In a tone that he thought was friendly, he said, “Your case has to be appealed again in the civil court, but you should also know that the Zong family has great power in Blue Star.”

“But as a prince, I can grant you amnesty first. After all, the crime they framed you with isn’t a heinous felony.”

In the Empire, princes and princesses could grant temporary amnesty to non-serious prisoners. But this kind of opportunity could only be used once in their life. Of course, after becoming an emperor, it was a different matter.

When Yue Zhan saw that the little prince even took out the probably only amnesty opportunity in his life, he couldn’t help feeling a little… uncomfortable.

“Your Highness, you have to think carefully.” He frowned and advised.

Even if it was for the sake of taking down the Zong family, there was no need to do this, right? Couldn’t he help? Whenever the little prince said something nice to him, he would definitely…

Wait, what was he thinking? He was assisting the little prince in the investigation of the Zong family, wasn’t this already doing his duty? How could he put such conditions on the little prince?

Translator’s Note: Hello everyone☺! I just wanted to announce that I changed Xie Qingran’s future occupation from Minister of Public Affairs to Chairman of the Legislative Council of the Empire (I already edited the last chapter) because I got confused with a term hehe~ Also, I finally had time to translate more chapters, so there will be an extra chapter today and another one next Friday! That said, I hope you continue to enjoy our funny pair adventures🧜‍♂️~

  • 1
    It refers to the fact that something unexpected happened, which made people show their original shape. It can also mean that the person was slapped in the face for making a mistake.

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