Chapter 8 – Of course you have to win!

He’s Pregnant with the Major General’s Fish Cub [Interstellar]
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Yue Zhan didn’t believe the thoughts of the little prince. After all, the other party YYed him and said he would…

In short, he felt that every time the little prince began to have YY thoughts, the information would become unreliable.

However, there were currently 70,000 Z-series mechas to be tested, and a solution needed to be developed in a short time. It was a time-consuming and challenging project.

The technical department had insufficient staff, and only some could fulfill the task. Hu Yichen’s performance just now proved that he really had some ability. Maybe… he could be responsible for one of the projects.

Yue Zhan had always believed that “no doubt about employing a person, no doubt about it1Chinese idiom. It means that if you use someone, don’t doubt it, and if you doubt it, don’t use it.,” such as Zong Ming before and Hu Yichen now.

He felt that the other party had the ability , so he dared to make an exception and promoted him. Yue Zhan directly ordered Hu Yichen, “Later, arrange the testing work for others. You can select a few backbones from the technical department to form a team and work out a solution as soon as possible.” 

“Ah?” Hu Yichen’s first reaction was to become dazed  

Yue Zhan: “…” He’s too stupid.

Yue Zhan subconsciously thought, what kind of taste does the little prince have? Don’t say anything about liking the young technician, but he still thought he would be jealous? Absurd!

Yi Nuo reacted first and said to Hu Yichen with a smile, “Congratulations, Chief Engineer Hu.”

Hu Yichen met Yi Nuo’s starlike eyes, his face flushed suddenly, and hurriedly lowered his head.

But he quickly remembered that it was the proposal put forward by the little highness that made Major General Yue promote him. He had sufficient abilities to be selected, but he was also chosen because of the little majesty.

So he looked up with gratitude and said sincerely, “Thank you, Your Highness.”

Yi Nuo smiled and said, “You’re welcome.”

Yue Zhan looked at Hu Yichen and thought: he’s really impolite. I promoted him, but the little prince received all the credit.

In fact, Yi Nuo’s proposal was out of trust in the ability of the Empire’s future master of mecha manufacturing.

Through the two events of ‘Hu Yichen appeared’ and “there is a problem with the mechas’ Yi Nuo had already believed the contents of the book by seventy or eighty points. Yi Nuo hoped that Hu Yichen’s team could work out a solution as soon as possible to avoid the Empire’s tragic defeat, as well as Yue Zhan’s injury, and also… prevent him from being sent to the Federation for marriage after losing the war.

In short, in his opinion, it was a good thing for him and everyone.

Hu Yichen didn’t know what Yi Nuo was thinking but was dazzled by his smile. He just felt that His Royal Highness was beautiful and kind.

He couldn’t help but clench his fists and secretly swore in his heart that he would repay the prince’s kindness. He had heard that His Highness couldn’t drive mechas, so he had to work harder. He will design a mecha in the future that even His Highness would be able to use .

After promising to himself, he finally remembered who really promoted him and hurriedly thanked Yue Zhan.

Yue Zhan: “…”

At this moment, Yue Zhan’s expression was complicated, and his mood was even more complex.

It was clear he had promoted Hu Yichen because of his insight of exceptional talents. But why did the two completely ignore him and stare at each other? Hu Yichen and Yi Nuo almost ‘held hands and looked at each other with tears in their eyes’, but when it was his turn, Hu Yichen was speechless.

He suddenly had the illusion that he was a matchmaker, leading a red thread for Zhang Zheng and Ying Ying2He’s talking about the tragic love story between Zhang Sheng (Hu Yichen), a poor scholar, and Cui Yingying (Yi Nuo), an aristocratic woman.. In short, his heart was inexplicably awkward.

Yue Zhan rubbed his forehead and thought to himself: I must’ve been affected by the little prince’s YY.

Then he waved his hand and said to Hu Yichen, “Hurry up and get to work.”

After driving Hu Yichen away, Yue Zhan looked at Yi Nuo and saw that the little prince’s eyes were tired, and even the small dark cloud above his head seemed to be wilting.

He remembered that His Highness had not rested for nearly a day, from being attacked and fighting with the enemy to being rescued and helping test the mechas.

This completely broke his initial bad impression of the little prince, such as being delicate, weak, and difficult to serve…

Yue Zhan felt guilty because of his prejudice. When he spoke again, his voice unconsciously became low and soft.

“Your Highness, there’s nothing important next. Do you want to rest first?”

Yi Nuo was okay. However, when he heard Yue Zhan’s question, he immediately felt tired.

He had been worried and stressed before. As soon as he relaxed, fatigue surged into his heart. He yawned, nodded, and said with tears in his eyes, “Well, I’ll trouble Major General to make arrangements. By the way, my men should also be very tired. Please help them arrange a place to rest.”

In fact, Yi Nuo didn’t need to order this kind of thing, let alone worry about it. Major General Lin, the deputy commander of the base, had already arranged it.

Yue Zhan saw him yawn, teardrops stuck to Yi Nuo’s eyelashes, his eyes seemed unable to open, and he couldn’t stand steadily. It was inexplicably cute.

It was just that those teardrops… weren’t they in Yi Nuo’s lashes for a little too long?

Yue Zhan’s fingertips were suddenly itchy, and he couldn’t help but want to brush them off. 

But when Yi Nuo noticed Yue Zhan’s gaze, he suddenly quivered, as if he were frightened; the little prince hurriedly turned around and covered his eyes.  

Yi Nuo: It’s over; I almost forgot that after I turned into a mermaid, my tears will turn into pearls. I was nearly caught!

He hurriedly wiped down the teardrops that were rapidly solidifying and secretly complained in his heart: Why do my tears turn into pearls? What is this unscientific setting? Is it that my tears are not of water but made of calcium carbonate?

When he turned around again, Yi Nuo’s eyelashes were clean, his light golden pupils were shining with water, and there were two small pearls in his hand.

Yue Zhan didn’t know this and only felt a momentary loss in his heart. He seemed to regret that he couldn’t wipe away the tears of the little majesty.

But this feeling was so fleeting that he didn’t even notice it.

For some reason, he personally sent Yi Nuo to the resting place. When he found that the room arranged by Major General Lin for Yi Nuo was next to his, Yue Zhan didn’t feel upset, and even the corners of his lips rose up inadvertently.

Because there were other things to deal with, Yue Zhan didn’t stay long. After telling Yi Nuo to have a good rest, he turned around and left.

Yi Nuo closed the door and habitually inspected the room. After confirming that there was no problem, he took a simple bath and fell asleep.

He was so tired that he slept until the next afternoon and was woken by an alarm.

He hurriedly sat up, subconsciously contacted Lu Ya, and asked, “What happened to the base?”

“The federal army made a surprise attack. Your Highness, please prepare. We need to evacuate as soon as possible.” Lu Ya answered quickly.

“Surprise attack? Evacuate?” Yi Nuo was a bit inconceivable.

He got up, knelt down on the bed, looked out through the window, and said, “Before the fight starts, I’ll evacuate?”

Was it proper for him to do so? Waiting to go back and be laughed at by his imperial brothers?

No, he didn’t need to wait for his imperial brothers to laugh at him. As a prince, if he fled before the battle even started, the people of the Empire would drown him in saliva3Being talked about by many people, spurned by others..

But Lu Ya replied, “This is also Major General Yue’s intent for you. He said that this time the situation is different, and the safety of His Highness is important.”

Yi Nuo: “…”

Yi Nuo couldn’t help but pull his ear. He still couldn’t believe it and asked, “So Major General Yue… was afraid?”

This isn’t like him, and it shouldn’t be the case!

They had found there was a problem with the mechas in advance and were trying to solve it. Wasn’t the situation here already better than in the book?

Wait, could it be that the real problem is yet to be solved?

Yi Nuo’s heart suddenly turned cold. 

And when he said the word “afraid”, Yue Zhan just opened the bedroom door. He leaned against the door frame and looked at Yi Nuo quietly.

Yi Nuo seemed to feel his gaze and turned his head, his eyes widened in an instant when he saw Yue Zhan.

“I have something here. We’ll talk about it later.” Yi Nuo hurriedly hung up the call.

Seeing this, Yue Zhan stood up straight and walked towards the bed.

Thinking that he had just said that Yue Zhan was “afraid”, Yi Nuo felt guilty for a second; but quickly changed his priority and spoke fiercely, “How did you come in? Why didn’t you knock on the door? Who allowed you to come in?”

Yi Nuo asked righteously.

Yes, as long as he attacks the other party’s mistakes first, he won’t be blamed.

“I knocked on the door.” Yue Zhan said, “It’s just that Your Highness didn’t respond. I thought you weren’t awake. Because the situation is urgent, I opened the door and came in first.”

“Oh.” Yi Nuo’s momentum suddenly decreased. After thinking about it, he was still unwilling and asked, “Then how can you open the door of my room?”

Yue Zhan’s eyes fell on Yi Nuo’s slightly open collar, his eyes dimmed for a moment. He quickly moved his gaze away and explained, “This used to be my room.”

Yi Nuo: … Used to? What do you mean?

Yue Zhan didn’t have time to say more. He picked Yi Nuo up directly from the bed, took a coat for him, and covered the exposed delicate collarbone.

“The mecha problem hasn’t been completely solved. The situation this time isn’t looking good . For the sake of safety, Your Highness and the delegation will leave first.”

Yue Zhan quickly helped him tidy up while explaining.

Yi Nuo’s thoughts were confirmed, and his heart sank.

He didn’t have to mind the offense in Yue Zhan’s actions just now. He hurriedly stepped on the ground barefoot and followed the other party like a small tail. He chattered and asked, “Haven’t you solved it completely? How many mechas are currently available? Have you requested any help?”

Yue Zhan turned around, and Yi Nuo bumped into him.

Yi Nuo touched his nose, took a small step back, raised his head, and continued to look at Yue Zhan.

Yue Zhan felt again that the little prince was really weak— thin and weak.

He was thinner and shorter than his peers. In fact, he had just become an adult and still looked like a child.

“Only 50,000 mechas can be used, and the other 50,000 Z-series are still waiting for maintenance. It will take at least five days to complete the remaining repairs.”

Five days later, the dishes were cold4Chinese idiom. It means that it’s been too long, too long to wait. The meaning of being late is not only a criticism of those who are late, but also a ridicule..

“His Royal Highness will go with the others first.” Yue Zhan said again.

Thinking of what Yi Nuo might worry about, Yue Zhan comforted, “You’re not a soldier, and you just became an adult. It’s normal to evacuate in advance. No one will criticize you, and you have no obligation to stay here.”

“But I’m a prince.” Yi Nuo emphasized.

At this time, he looked firm, but the next second, he said, ”And you think that if I leave right now, that I won’t be targeted again like before?”

Yue Zhan shook his head and said, “No, I’ll send someone to escort you—”

“But the situation on the frontline is already grave. Do you still want to waste military power and send someone to escort me?” Yi Nuo frowned and seriously educated Yue Zhan, “Instead of arranging for me, you’d better go to the front and prepare. Don’t you still have 50,000 mechas?”

[The current situation is better than 70,000 Z-series mechas suddenly having an accident on the battlefield]

“As long as you win, I’ll be safe, right? Don’t be afraid. You are Yue Zhan. You’re better at winning more with less, aren’t you? You can definitely win. You’ve won them so many times! Come on, I believe you!” 

Yi Nuo clenched his fists and cheered him on.

Yue Zhan was in a daze. He didn’t expect to be “educated” by the little prince.

In the past, he really wouldn’t spare energy to worry about the delegation’s safety before a battle. But today, thinking that in case of losing, the little prince might…

So, he squeezed out a moment to come.

However, while the little prince seemed weak, he was actually stronger than Yue Zhan thought. In fact, he should’ve known this when he saw him in the damaged little warship.

Since the little prince was unwilling to leave and trusted him so much, if he insisted on it, it would appear that he was really afraid.

Yue Zhan didn’t have much time, so he said directly, “Your Highness, go to the underground base with others. In case of an accident, remember to retreat in time.”

Yi Nuo nodded, guessing that he might have made time, and hurriedly said, “I know, hurry up and go.”

Yue Zhan looked at Yi Nuo deeply, quickly turned around, and hurriedly left.

Yi Nuo thought with melancholy as he packed his things—

[Needless to say, Yue Zhan has to win. If he doesn’t win…]

Thinking about the scenes in the book—

 [Then I might as well die here]

Yue Zhan, who almost walked out of the ten-meter range: “…”

If he fails… it doesn’t have to be that way.

  • 1
    Chinese idiom. It means that if you use someone, don’t doubt it, and if you doubt it, don’t use it.
  • 2
    He’s talking about the tragic love story between Zhang Sheng (Hu Yichen), a poor scholar, and Cui Yingying (Yi Nuo), an aristocratic woman.
  • 3
    Being talked about by many people, spurned by others.
  • 4
    Chinese idiom. It means that it’s been too long, too long to wait. The meaning of being late is not only a criticism of those who are late, but also a ridicule.

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