Chapter 11 – Little Price: Damn, I was actually moved

He’s Pregnant with the Major General’s Fish Cub [Interstellar]
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After Yue Ge spoke, both of them became silent.

After a while, Yue Ge broke the silence and coughed softly, “Of course, the situation of the little prince is more complicated. From your description, he does has a tendency to have paranoid delusions. For example, he fantasizes that there’s a romantic relationship between you and him, that you’ll betray the country and hurt him… This may be related to his past experience, especially that he has a similar medical history.”

“It’s just that… I haven’t met him or had a proper conversation, so I can’t make an accurate judgment. As for him saying that he is the protagonist of this world and the son of the plane, I think it’s more likely to be eighth grader syndrome. What child hasn’t dreamed of conquering the Starry Sea?”

“Of course, it is indeed rare that the little prince is already 18 years old and still suffers from eighth-grader syndrome. Perhaps… it is related to his delusional disorder?”

Yue Ge’s tone was a little uncertain. After all, a situation like that of the little prince, who thought he was the protagonist of the world… was really rare.

On the other hand, because of Yue Ge’s words, Yue Zhan thought that the situation of the little prince was related to his past experience, especially his past medical history. Then… did he indirectly cause all this?

Although his original intention was to rescue the hostages as soon as possible, it was undeniable that his actions were too aggressive. As a consequence, the little prince was tortured by the kidnappers.

Perhaps it was because of this that the little prince had both a favorable impression of him and felt uneasy at the same time. This ambivalence was instantly intensified when the little saw him again after he grew up, leading to the recurrence of his delusional disorder…

Fortunately, Yi Nuo couldn’t hear the other party’s voice like Yue Zhan; otherwise, he would be full of question marks.

What delusional disorder? Who saved him? Why didn’t he have an impression at all?

Yue Ge had said everything that should be conveyed. Seeing Yue Zhan lost in thought, he didn’t want to disturb him but thinking of the recent situation of the imperial capital, he said a few words of advice.

“By the way, although you just won against the Federation, it’s better not to return to the Imperial Capital Star in the near future. If you’re transferred back, try to delay it.”

Yue Zhan raised his eyebrows when he heard Yue Ge’s words and signaled him with his eyes to continue.

Yue Ge sighed and said, “Alas, in a recent meeting of the military headquarters, the emperor complained about the heavy casualties of the front line. Some ministers suggested it was a command mistake and might investigate the matter.”

“I know about this.” Yue Zhan said lightly.

Seeing that he didn’t take the matter to heart, Yue Ge felt relieved, nodded, and said, “Yes, you’re definitely better informed than me.”

After talking about business, Yue Zhan hung up the call and subconsciously glanced at the next room.

Thinking of the little prince’s situation, he was still confident when he faced Yue Ge’s insinuations just now, but now he was covered with a layer of gloom.

Next door, Yi Nuo was soaking in the bathtub in his mermaid form. The tip of his tail lifted a string of water droplets from time to time as if he was comfortable and enjoying himself.

But his expression wasn’t so.

Yi Nuo’s good-looking eyebrows were wrinkled as he seriously wrote future plans on the terminal.

“Since I am the protagonist, have the plot in my hands, awakened my self-conscience, and am not under the control of the author, what else am I afraid of?”

He could use the known plot to change his fate. For example, wasn’t the outcome of the battle against the federal army changed by him?

Although he was only the protagonist of a heart abusing yellow text, so what? The protagonist was the protagonist, the son of luck. Aside from the other protagonist, Yue Zhan, who could possibly overpower him?

As for Yue Zhan, although he was also a protagonist, he didn’t have his own conscience. As long as he takes the lead and makes arrangements in advance, he will definitely be able to change the fate of being imprisoned by the other party.

Thinking of this, Yi Nuo couldn’t help clenching his fist, his face full of determination.

Unfortunately, the relevant information provided in the book wasn’t much, so he couldn’t plan much.

After analyzing his options, Yi Nuo felt that he needed to put Hu Yichen, the future minister of public affairs, the future prime minister, and other future bigwigs under his command in advance.

When he becomes a powerful prince, or even… an emperor, will Yue Zhan dare to touch him?

One of the big reasons for Yue Zhan’s success in the book was that he had no real power and was pitted by the fish1Suitors, people Yi Nuo was ambiguous with. he raised, so no one was willing to help him.

Of course, he definitely won’t win over people like the ‘him’ in the book. Ambiguous seduction will hurt them, and he will be the one hurt if pitted.

After a night of careful planning, Yi Nuo left the room in low spirits the next day.

Yue Zhan went out at about the same time as him. Seeing Yi Nuo with a haggard expression and dark circles under his eyes, he couldn’t help frowning slightly, and a touch of worry flashed in his eyes.

The little prince didn’t sleep well? Was he affected by the delusional disorder? Strictly speaking, the other party’s condition was also because of his mistake during the rescue that year.

After thinking so, Yue Zhan felt that he should take responsibility. At least at this time, he should come forward and care for the little prince.

But he wasn’t good at taking care of others. After thinking about it, Yue Zhan just walked over and asked as warmly as possible, “Your Highness didn’t rest well? Was the quilt in the room uncomfortable? Do you need to change it? Or do you have insomnia symptoms? Do you need sleep-inducing incense…”

Yi Nuo: “!!!”

Yi Nuo was still sleepy at first, but when he heard Yue Zhan’s voice, he immediately woke up and subconsciously took three steps back, as if he had seen a ghost.

[This, this, this… is this Major General Yue? Why did he speak so softly all of a sudden? Does he care about me?]

[A few days ago, because I wanted to eat fresh fish, he threw me a box of canned herring and said that the front-line conditions were bad and that I had to bear with it. Is this really the same Major General Yue? Was he replaced?]

Yue Zhan: “…” The little guy knew how to hold grudges.

Yue Zhan put his fist against his lips, coughed lightly, and said a little embarrassed, “I didn’t know His Highness before and offended you. It’s my fault. Please forgive me.”

Yi Nuo looked at him puzzledly, as if wondering what he was thinking.

But that wasn’t the point. The point was that Yue Zhan actually apologized to him. And it was an apology for no reason, without any warning.

Yi Nuo was shocked and felt it was abnormal.

With a wary look on his face, he thought—

[If something goes wrong, there must be a demon2There must be something strange, a warning to be careful and vigilant.. Why is Yue Zhan doing so much for me? Could it be that… because I didn’t seduce him, he couldn’t hold back and decided to take the initiative?]

[Oh, the fox’s tail finally showed up. I knew he coveted me.]

[But I won’t be fooled. I’m not the Yi Nuo I used to be. I’m now… the awakened son of the plane.]

Yue Zhan: “…”

Blue veins jumped on his forehead, although… but… forget it, he shouldn’t take the words of patients with delusional disorder seriously.

“His Royal Highness is going to have breakfast?” Yue Zhan ended the embarrassing ‘care’ and said, “Let’s go together. You may not know the way.”

Yi Nuo still stared at him warily, as if suspecting that he had other plans. After two seconds, he nodded cautiously and said, “Okay.”

Yue Zhan was very helpless, but he also knew that patients with delusional disorder couldn’t be stimulated.

Arriving at the base’s restaurant, Yue Zhan led the little prince directly to the private room on the third floor. Thinking about the little prince’s complaints about the canned herring, Yue Zhan instructed the chef to cook more fish dishes, making sure to use fresh fish and cook them at the moment.

Yi Nuo was still wary of Yue Zhan in his heart, but when the dishes were brought to the table, he couldn’t move his eyes anymore and only stared at the fish on the plate.

These days at the base, he had been eating canned fish. God knows how long it had been since he ate fresh fish. When taking a bath at night, he stared at his tail and couldn’t help drooling, wanting to take a bite.

Of course, as a prince with good manners, he would never drool and would swallow secretly at most. Yi Nuo looked at Yue Zhan with a reserved look, as if asking: can he eat? Are you ready to eat?

Although Yi Nuo pretended to be calm, Yue Zhan could still see the eager expectation in his eyes and said with a smile, “Your Highness, please have a meal.”

Of course, Yi Nuo also said modestly, “Please have some as well, Major General Yue,” and then gracefully picked up the tableware.

Yi Nuo didn’t eat fast at first, and his movements and expressions were in line with etiquette. However, the desire and thirst for fresh first in the mermaid’s blood soon overwhelmed his reason, and he soon forgot that Yue Zhan was sitting next to him and just ate.

Yue Zhan didn’t move his chopsticks much. After eating, he just looked at Yi Nuo.

In his eyes, although the little prince ate selflessly, his actions weren’t vulgar nor unsightly. On the contrary, he was… very cute, just like a little squirrel eating a nut.

The little prince seemed to like eating fish very much. As long as he ate fish, his mood would obviously get better. Even the little dark cloud above his head would turn white for a few minutes and flicker.

After looking at the little cloud for a while, Yue Zhan inexplicably felt his fingertips were a little itchy. So… not afraid of being electrocuted, he wanted to touch the little cloud again.

But as soon as he raised his hand, Yi Nuo noticed it, looked at him warily, and asked, “What do you want to do?”

Yue Zhan: “…”

He was embarrassed for a second but didn’t withdraw his hand. Instead, he stroked the little prince’s head and calmly lied, “Your Highness, there’s a bunch of bed hair on your head.”

Yi Nuo was sluggish, but he regained consciousness after two seconds and subconsciously retorted, “Nonsense, I don’t have bed hair.”

He combed his hair meticulously every day and paid great attention to his image.

Yue Zhan looked at him with a smile in his eyes.

Yi Nuo was confused for another second and then completely regained his senses—

[Damn, how could I eat fish and forget that someone is sitting next to me? My image…]

The smile in Yue Zhan’s eyes deepened. The image of the little prince… In short, it wasn’t elegant and solemn.

In fact, he just secretly touched the little cloud. Unexpectedly, the little cloud didn’t electrocute him this time and rubbed his hand intimately, a bit like a spoiled child.


Although he ate fresh fish in the morning, Yi Nuo’s mood wasn’t as wonderful as would have imagined.

He lost face in front of Yue Zhan. How could he repair his image!

But Yue Zhan didn’t seem to realize it. After eating, he said in his usual tone, “There will be a meeting at the base later, mainly to summarize the war, including reporter interviews. His Highness will also attend.”

“Me?” Yi Nuo was surprised and said, “I’m not from the base, let alone the army…”

“There have been some bad rumors about His Highness on the internet recently. I think it’s necessary to clarify. In addition, it was thanks to His Highness that we could win this time.”

Yi Nuo: “…”

So, was it to help him clarify the bad rumors on the internet?

Damn, he was actually moved.

  • 1
    Suitors, people Yi Nuo was ambiguous with.
  • 2
    There must be something strange, a warning to be careful and vigilant.

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