Chapter 26.2

He’s Pregnant with the Major General’s Fish Cub [Interstellar]
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When Yi Nuo heard the door opening, he immediately stuffed the book into the spatial bracelet and dived into the bottom of the water, making an arc in the air with his blue fishtail, which splashed a burst of water.

Yue Zhan was a little lost. Yesterday, when he entered the room with a food container, the little mermaid swam over eagerly. Today, he also had a food container in his hands, but the little mermaid avoided him.

Yi Nuo hid behind the rockery, looked at him vigilantly, and swore secretly—

[In case I get pregnant, I can’t… cough, with Yue Zhan again today.]

Yue Zhan: “…”

He opened the food container and brought plates full of color and fishy aroma to the table.

Yi Nuo: “…”

[But there should be no problem in eating his fish, right? Eating fish won’t make me pregnant.]

Yue Zhan pretended not to hear. After setting up the table and seeing that he was still hiding behind the rockery, he simply picked up his chopsticks and sat down by himself.

Yi Nuo: “…”

He waited for a moment and waited a bit longer, but Yue Zhan had already begun to eat.

Yi Nuo had no choice but to swing his fishtail, come out from behind the rockery, grab the edge of the fish tank, and say embarrassedly, “Well, I’m hungry too.”

Yue Zhan was sitting with his back to the fish tank. When he heard Yi Nuo’s words, the corners of his lips couldn’t help but slightly lift up.

He could see that the little prince was a foodie.

“I thought His Highness was asleep.” Yue Zhan turned around and said with a half-smile.

“Cough, I was asleep…” Yi Nuo lied with his eyes open, “but I woke up after smelling the fragrance.”

Can you smell the fragrance in the water?

Yue Zhan raised his eyebrows and didn’t pierce Yi Nuo’s little lie.

He found that the little prince had never had a strong sense of hatred for him because of those things in his previous life.

This wasn’t like the mentality of a person who was reborn after suffering.

Perhaps, the other party wasn’t reborn and just dreamed of the things in their previous life?

The more Yue Zhan guessed, the more he couldn’t understand, so he simply stopped thinking about it and picked up the bowl to feed the little mermaid.

He would let the little prince know that he was different from the ‘Yue Zhan’ who hurt him. He believed that one day the little prince would understand this and accept him.

When Yi Nuo had fish to eat, he didn’t think about anything. He was very satisfied with Yue Zhan, the shit shoveling officer.

After eating and drinking, Yi Nuo touched his white belly and suddenly froze—

[No, didn’t I agree to keep a distance from Yue Zhan?]

[Or… what happened just now doesn’t count, from now on, I’ll keep a distance from him.]

However, when the sweet fragrance filled the air again…

When Yi Nuo woke up the next day, he thought lovelessly—

[I’m a waste fish. I never fulfill what I swear.]

[But I just made a mistake that all interstellar men would make… right?]

Yi Nuo turned over, letting the white belly float on the water, and continued to think—

[Besides, I didn’t mean it.]

[If others were in my situation, they might not be able to control it…]

[Forget it, let Yue Zhan buy contraceptives.]

Yi Nuo woke up early today, and Yue Zhan hadn’t left yet. When Yue Zhan came out of the bedroom and heard the thoughts of the little prince, the corners of his lips twitched.


Yue Zhan glanced at the little mermaid’s slightly bulging belly and thought: it really looks like being pregnant.

When Yi Nuo saw him coming out, he immediately turned back, waved the fish tail, swam to the edge of the fish tank and said, “I want to eat small yellow croaker braised in oil with brown sauce today…”

After ordering a few dishes, he suddenly began to hesitate. After hesitating for a long time, he blushed and whispered, “Well… can you buy some contraceptives today?”

Yue Zhan coughed lightly and said calmly, “Okay.”

Yi Nuo thought for a moment, and felt that he had already asked for contraceptives, so he might as well add another request.

So, he hummed and said in a quiet voice, “If you can, buy some… condoms by the way.”

Yue Zhan: “?”

He was stunned for a moment. After taking a few seconds to process Yi Nuo’s words, he couldn’t help coughing and said embarrassedly, “Okay.”

Yi Nuo was afraid of misunderstandings and explained, “I think… If I don’t solve this problem, I may have to… trouble you, cough, do you understand what I mean?”

Yue Zhan barely maintained his composure and said, “I understand.”

In the State Guest House, Zhang You couldn’t remember how many times he had changed the fish tank’s water.

The little octopus was lying on the corner of the table, shivering. Fortunately, he didn’t nest in the fish tank recently, otherwise, he would be tossed to death.

After a long time, Zhang Yu sighed and said, “It has been five days.”

The little octopus trembled.

Zhang Yu was puzzled and frowned, “Is Yue Zhan still human?”

Little octopus: “…”

“No, I can’t wait any longer.” Zhang Yu suddenly got up and said, “If I continue to wait like this, the little highness may even give birth to fish for him.”

“Eh?” The little octopus finally dared to rise up and asked in confusion, “Why not Yue Zhan?”

Zhang Yu glanced at him and said, “Do you think the little highness can attack?”

The little octopus was full of question marks and didn’t quite understand what he meant.

“Forget it, you are a single octopus, you must not understand.” Zhang Yu said.

Little octopus: “…” Thank you. I feel offended.

“But we can’t get out now. What are you going to do?” The little octopus couldn’t help worrying about his master. “Otherwise, I’ll drill the toilet…”

Before he finished speaking, he received Zhang Yu’s eye warning and immediately shut up.

Zhang Yu nodded with satisfaction and then began to talk about business.

“Although the management of the base is strict, it is not all-pervasive. Yue Zhan is too confident…”

After that, he pondered for a while and suddenly said, “I may still be able to use the eldest prince.”

In the State Guest House, the eldest prince, who was worried about not seeing his younger brother, suddenly felt a chill in his neck, as if he was being stared at by some unknown creature.

Zhang Yu’s plan was actually very simple. Although the management of the base was strict, the identity of the eldest prince was different. There should be no problem with letting the eldest prince take him into the base.

As for the eldest prince’s willingness, he didn’t need to consider it. Of course, it was good if he wanted to, but if he didn’t want to… Then he could only hypnotize him again.

Zhang Yu’s grandfather was fortunate enough to follow the current sea king, Li Xuan, learn hypnosis from him, and then teach Zhang Yu.

Li Xuan was a mermaid of royal bloodline, and his voice could confuse people’s minds. In fact, the voice of some royal mermaids had abilities, such as attacking, confusing, and healing.

If Yue Zhan knew this, he would probably understand why his headaches rarely recur recently. If he checked, he would find that after listening to Yi Nuo’s humming these days, his seriously damaged mental sea showed signs of being repaired.

According to the research retained online, mermaids were coveted by humans and orcs because they were too powerful, which wasn’t wrong.

But only a few royal mermaids had powers. In addition to their special vocal abilities, they also had other powers and could even live forever.

Zhang Yu remembered that Li Xuan was the strongest mermaid in the history of the Sea Country. But unfortunately, that was 600 years ago.

Six hundred years ago, Sea King Li Xuan fell into eternal sleep. Twenty-three years ago, Princess Li Ya, the only sister of the sea king, fell into eternal sleep. So far, there has been no royal mermaid in the Sea Country for 23 years.

Therefore, the little prince was the only royal mermaid who was still alive and kicking in the Sea Country. Zhang Yu felt that no matter what, he had to take the little prince back to the Sea Country.

However, the plan was good, but the same couldn’t be said about the implementation.

Zhang Yu changed his appearance and clothes and pretended to be the guard of the eldest prince, intending to enter the base from the front door.

But when he walked to the main gate, the eldest prince wasn’t stopped, but he was.

“Sorry, you look… a little different from the registration form.” The guard said.

Zhang Yu gritted his teeth. He underestimated Yue Zhan’s subordinates.

He quickly thought about countermeasures in his heart—

Hypnosis? No, these were soldiers who had been on the battlefield, their minds were not as unstable as the eldest prince’s. Then he could only…

Zhang Yu chose to spray ink. After spraying, he said with a look of surprise, “Hey, why is it raining black?”

The eldest prince was stunned by this change and thought: where is it raining black? That’s sprayed ink.

Some ink fell into the guard’s eyes, instantly causing a burning pain.

The guards weren’t fools. They guessed that it was Zhang Yu’s ghost and immediately shouted, “Catch him.”

Zhang Yu wasn’t stupid and took the opportunity to sneak in.

Just kidding, he had eight legs, and he was a man who could cheat both countries.

As he rushed in, the alarms in the base sounded one after another. The eldest prince standing at the door was arrested before he could react.

He looked confused and hurriedly explained, “It’s a misunderstanding, I’m the eldest prince, Lan Ken Scott.”

“Sorry, the man was brought by His Highness. Please come with us.”

“No, what’s your reason? You haven’t arrested him yet, go and arrest him.”

“We’ll catch him.”

As soon as Yue Zhan came back from buying contraceptives and condoms, he saw the excitement at the base’s entrance. He frowned and asked, “What’s going on?”

When the guard saw that it was Commander Yue who asked the question, he immediately stood straight, saluted, and replied, “Report, Sir. The eldest prince took someone to break into the base…”

“No, I told you to be reasonable. I went in an open and honest way. It was the man who broke in!” The eldest prince, who was held down, immediately struggled.

He didn’t know what was going on with him today. He seemed to be out of his mind. He had to come to the base for a walk and inexplicably brought a suspicious person.

Yue Zhan looked at him, ignored him, and asked the guard with a frown, “Did you catch him?”

“We’re working on it. After a few laps, he seems to be heading towards your room.”

Yue Zhan’s face changed slightly, and he immediately said, “Stop, don’t try to catch him any more.”

Yue Zhan had already guessed the identity of the other party. Look at the ink on the guards’ faces, it was probably the octopus from the Sea Country.

There was a high probability that the other party was going for the little prince. In case he really broke into his room and exposed the little prince’s identity to the pursuers…

Thinking of this, he directly threw the things he had just bought to the guards and pulled out his gun. Before leaving, he emphasized, “Let everyone withdraw immediately. Don’t get close to the accommodation area. I’ll catch him myself.”


The guard thought that the intruder was someone of great importance, and seeing Commander Yue go to arrest him in person, he couldn’t help getting nervous. As for the important things that Yue Zhan threw to him, he grasped them carefully, but when he looked down—

Huh? What is this?

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