Chapter 18 – Yue Zhan is a good man!

He’s Pregnant with the Major General’s Fish Cub [Interstellar]
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“I’ve thought about it very carefully.” Yi Nuo said solemnly to Yue Zhan.

In his opinion, it was a good deal to use the amnesty opportunity that was useless to him to get the future Chairman of the Legislative Council to work for him.

Yue Zhan frowned slightly and didn’t speak anymore but turned to look at Xie Qingran’s reaction.

After hearing these words, no waves could be seen in Xie Qingran’s eyes. He was still as quiet as a pool of stagnant water.

“What about the conditions?” Xie Qingran asked a moment later.

His voice was a little hoarse, probably because he hadn’t spoken much in a long time.

Yi Nuo was stunned, not expecting things to have gone so smoothly.

Yue Zhan frowned slightly and felt that this person wasn’t easy to control. The little prince wanted to win everyone over.

Yi Nuo quickly returned to his senses, smiled, and said, “I really need your help. I’ve been investigating the Zong family recently…”

Xie Qingran had always known that there was no free lunch in the world. Even if there was, it wouldn’t be given to him.

God had always treated him poorly. Even if he occasionally showed some mercy, he would definitely make Xie Qingran pay a high price soon.

Therefore, when the little prince said those tempting words, his heart didn’t fluctuate. He even sneered and thought: what tricks do these two big men want to play?

But he didn’t expect that the condition put forward by the little prince was to… help him deal with the Zong family?

“The Zong family isn’t easy to deal with.” Seemingly seeing what Xie Qingran was thinking, Yi Nuo seriously emphasized.

Xie Qingran certainly knew that the Zong family wasn’t easy to deal with. But if he could really go out, even if the little prince didn’t mention it, he would try his best to bring down the Zong family. To him, the condition put forward by Yi Nuo was meaningless.

“That’s all?” He asked with a slight frown.

“That’s all.” Yi Nuo smiled, but he didn’t think so at all.

[Of course there’s more than that. When you become the Chairman of the Legislative Council, I will rely on you and Hu Yichen to help me deal with Yue Zhan~]

As soon as he finished thinking about it, he was knocked on the head.

Yi Nuo was dumbfounded and looked at the culprit with his hands over his head.

Yue Zhan said with an expressionless face, “Your Highness, there was a mosquito on your head.”

Yi Nuo: “???”

[Yue Zhan is really becoming more and more presumptuous! Do I look mentally retarded? Would I believe such a lie?]

Xie Qingran looked at them strangely.

He knew the two people in front of him. One was a major general, and the other was a prince, both of their identities were outstanding. It wasn’t unknown that the major general had real power while the prince was just an empty title.

But after observing, Xie Qingran found that it was the little prince who could really let him leave here. Because in this matter, Major General Yue… seemed to listen to the little prince.

Yue Zhan naturally noticed Xie Qingran’s gaze but didn’t stop it. He wanted him to understand that the person who could let him leave here was the little prince.

Also, with the little prince under his wings, it was better for Xie Qingran to not have any crooked thoughts.

After hinting at this, Yue Zhan took over Yi Nuo’s job and began to help him catch fish.

“Think clearly about what His Highness said just now. If you can accept it, you can leave here tonight.” Yue Zhan looked at Xie Qingran with scrutiny.

[So fast?]

Yi Nuo looked at Yue Zhan in surprise, feeling a little unsure in his heart—

[But if I sign the amnesty order, it may take at least two days to pass the review…]

Yue Zhan gave him a soothing look, then said to Xie Qingran, “However, after you go out, you should ensure that you must be loyal to His Highness while helping him. Moreover, you must not use or hurt His Highness; otherwise…”

He didn’t say the following words, but the meaning was self-evident.

Yi Nuo glanced at him secretly and thought to himself—

[Yue Zhan is really intimidating when he becomes serious. He’s almost as grim as the blacked version in the little black room. But if he is so fierce to Xie Qingran, Xie Qingran shouldn’t cooperate with him in the future, right?]

[This is a good thing. The two blackened madmen are against each other, and if you add another one…]

Yue Zhan expressionlessly raised his hand.

Yi Nuo quickly covered his head and looked at him reflexively.

[Strange, why does he knock me on the head every time I say bad words in my heart? Does this guy have mind-reading skills?]

Who knows, Yue Zhan just turned his wrist this time, then looked at him and said, “My hands are sore.”

Yi Nuo: “…”

[Yue Zhan has a lot of problems with his hands. I think it’s better to chop them off so he won’t be able to pull my tail in the future.]

[No, why did I have a conditioned reflex?]

Yue Zhan really wanted to see where the little prince had a tail. If there was one…

When he imagined that the little prince had a beautiful fishtail or a small fluffy tail; Yue Zhan suddenly felt that… his hands were really itchy, and he really wanted to touch it.

But it obviously wasn’t the time to think about this now. Yue Zhan coughed lightly and quickly returned to seriousness. He looked at Xie Qingran and asked, “So, what’s your choice?”

Xie Qingran was still silent, his eyes wandering between Yue Zhan and Yi Nuo, and finally stayed on Yi Nuo.

Yi Nuo gave him a friendly smile.

Xie Qingran immediately looked away and silently commented in his heart: The little prince is silly, white and sweet. He is naive and ignorant of the world.

However, a naive and ignorant person still has its advantages. If the condition was to help Yue Zhan, he would definitely be wary. But if it is the little prince…

After a moment of silence, Xie Qingran finally spoke and fixed his eyes on the two of them, “I promise.”

Upon hearing his words, Yi Nuo breathed a sigh of relief and said happily, “Then I’ll sign the amnesty now…”

“No need.” Yue Zhan suddenly stopped him and said, “You can apply to go on bail for medical treatment first. When the Zong family is dealt with, his case won’t be a problem.”

The people had always criticized the amnesty rights of the royal family. If the little prince used it, especially during this sensitive time, the Zong family would definitely seize the opportunity and attack him with public opinion.

Yue Zhan didn’t want to see the little prince being attacked, especially because of an outsider like Xie Qingran. But he didn’t seem to realize that unconsciously, he put himself and the little prince together.

Yi Nuo was surprised and said, “But… doesn’t that require you to have a serious disease?”

Yue Zhan glanced at Xie Qingran and said, “Just right now, didn’t he get beaten up?”

Xie Qingran: “…”

He felt that Major General Yue was hostile to him.

Yi Nuo looked at Xie Qingran and Yue Zhan, wanting to say something, but hesitated.

Obviously, most of Xie Qingran’s injuries were trauma to the skin. Although they looked serious, they didn’t reach the point of requiring medical leave.

Yi Nuo knew that Yue Zhan had great authority on the base. However, he also knew that Yue Zhan was a person who attached great importance to discipline and rarely broke principles.

For example, no matter how much accumulated dislike and hatred Yue Zhan had for Mr. Huo, Zong Ming and others, he didn’t deal with them personally. Instead, he handed them over to relevant institutions for disposal according to regulations.

But this time…

Yi Nuo couldn’t help thinking deeply. Why did Yue Zhan act like this?

Of course, Yue Zhan also knew that Xie Qingran wasn’t hurt to that extent. Seeing the doubts of the little prince, he looked at the injury on Xie Qingran’s face and said casually, “His situation is a bit unqualified, but wouldn’t it be alright if he is beaten up again?”

Yi Nuo: “???”

Xie Qingran: “…”

Now he was pretty sure that Major General Yue was hostile to him.

Of course, Yue Zhan was joking. He really couldn’t interfere in matters outside the base, but the good thing was that Zong Ming put Xie Qingran in a military prison.

It was easy for Yue Zhan to take someone away from the military prison. Although it was a bit inconsistent with his code of conduct, but…

Alas, it should be regarded as something related to the investigation of the Zong family.

Yue Zhan got up helplessly, touched the little dark cloud above Yi Nuo’s head, and said, “Your Highness, wait a moment. I’ll go through the formalities.”

The little dark cloud rubbed him coquettishly, like a spoiled child, and then floated quietly on top of Yi Nuo’s head, as if it was a little sleepy.

Yue Zhan felt that this little cloud was much cuter than the little prince. When he thought so, he forgot where his curly hair came from.

Yi Nuo wasn’t a person who couldn’t distinguish between good and bad. He could see that Yue Zhan was helping himself, so he turned his head and sincerely thanked him.

After thanking him, he couldn’t help but sigh in his heart—

[Yue Zhan is a good man when he isn’t blackened. Alas, it’s a pity…]

Yue Zhan: “…”


When Zong Wei learned that the little prince seized some documents from the archive room, interrogated Zong Ming overnight, and took Xie Qingran away from the military prison, he finally realized the seriousness of the matter and called Zong Qingxu, who was far away in the Imperial Capital Star.

“Father, what should I do now?” Zong Wei was a little flustered. “The evidence that Xie Qingran used to threaten us had not been found yet, and I don’t know where he hid it. In case he hands it to the little prince or Yue Zhan…”

“How did they find Xie Qingran?” Zong Qingxu interrupted his son in a deep voice.

“This, this… I don’t know either.” Zong Wei had a bitter expression on his face.

He really didn’t understand Xie Qingran’s matter. The Zong family acted very covertly back then. What link went wrong? How could the little prince shoot so accurately and find Xie Qingran at once?

“What documents did the little prince take away?” Zong Qingxu asked.

“This…” Zong Wei was embarrassed and whispered, “Secretary Chang is still comparing and checking what’s missing.”

He really didn’t know. He wasn’t there at the time, and there were many documents in the archive room. The little prince wasn’t obliged to register what he took away. How could he know which documents were missing?

Zong Qingxu was obviously very angry. Seeing this, Zong Wei hurriedly remedied, “Father, there must be an expert behind the little prince. Yue Zhan should be helping him.”

“Nonsense, do I need you to say that? Anyone with a brain knows that Yue Zhan will definitely help him.” Zong Qingxu finally couldn’t hold back and shouted at his useless son.

After shouting, he calmed down for a moment and said, “Deal with Zong Ming.”

Zong Wei was startled when he heard this, but he didn’t dare object. He only whispered, “Do you suspect that my cousin leaked Xie Qingran’s matter? But he took the dumb medicine on his own initiative…”

“Whether it was him or not, he can’t stay any longer.” Zong Qinxgu said, “He can’t speak, can’t he still write? As long as he’s in Yue Zhan’s hands for a day, He’ll always be a hidden danger.”

But… he was his cousin after all. Zong Wei hesitated in his heart but didn’t dare to say anything. He just said, “Why don’t we just get rid of Xie Qingran directly?”

“You think I don’t want to? But can you deal with him under Yue Zhan’s eyes?” Zong Qingxu replied angrily.

After gasping for breath for a moment, he said in a flat tone, “Use the people we have placed in the detention center to do it quickly. Notify me immediately after it’s done.”

“When the time comes, I’ll mobilize the public opinion and say that your cousin was tortured to death by the little prince. It’ll help us force His Majesty to stop the investigation through the parliament. Cooperate and pay attention to your actions.”

After saying this, Zong Qingxu hung up the phone, as it was not his own nephew who was about to die, but an insignificant bird or an ant.

Zong Wei’s face was bitter, not to mention that he and Zong Ming had a good relationship. He didn’t have the heart to do it. Even if he was willing to do so, there was no one he could use.

The Zong family didn’t have many people in the detention center, just two or three. Zong Ming arranged for them to infiltrate when he was the acting Chief Engineer of the Technical Department.

But today, those nails have been cleaned up by Yue Zhan. Where could he find someone now?

What Zong Qingxu and Zong Wei didn’t expect was that as soon as they hung up the phone, Yi Nuo received a mysterious call.

Yi Nuo had been working for two days and one night. At the moment, he was dozing off in the suspended car returning to the base accommodation area. After answering the call, his sleepiness was swept away. He turned his head to Yue Zhan and said solemnly, “The Zong family wants to kill一 kill Zong Ming.”

Yue Zhan was stunned for a moment. But before he could ask him whether the news was reliable, he also received a phone call.

A moment later, he hung up the phone and said with a complicated expression, “Zong Ming committed suicide.”

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