Chapter 16 – Another target of seduction?

He’s Pregnant with the Major General’s Fish Cub [Interstellar]
36 Chapters

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Yi Nuo rummaged in the archive room, and Yue Zhan ‘listened’ outside the door, which really let him hear a lot of key information.

As time went by, the sweat on the secretary’s forehead increased.

He thought the little prince was just coming to go through the motions and slack off. He didn’t expect that this 18-year-old boy who seemed to know nothing, actually stayed in the archive room for nearly a day and a night and only asked people to send some few canned fish midway.

The secretary didn’t take it seriously at first, but the longer it dragged on, the more insecure he became.

The little prince, no, he really wouldn’t be able to find out anything, right?

The secretary quietly walked outside and called Zong Wei.

Zong Wei didn’t sleep until early in the morning. When he received the call, the tone of his voice was very bad.

“Manager, the little prince is still investigating. What should we do?”

“He’s still there?” Zong Wei frowned when he heard his words, “Tell me carefully, what’s going on?”

The secretary looked back at the group of people in military uniforms in front of the archive room, then turned around and whispered, “He has been checking since he went in yesterday. He didn’t eat much and didn’t sleep. Major General Yue has been guarding the door, and he occasionally asks the little prince to come out and say a few words…”

Zong Wei couldn’t sleep anymore and immediately said, “Quick, find a way to let them leave.”

He wasn’t stupid either. Although he didn’t know what Yue Zhan was thinking, he didn’t leave all day and night. Things were definitely not simple.

As for the little prince, Zong Wei still didn’t pay attention to him at this time.

Where did the secretary dare to drive people away? When he was suffering and didn’t know what to do, Yi Nuo suddenly came out with a group of people and said, “Some documents are to be taken away as evidence. Is there any objection?”

Without waiting for the secretary’s answer, he stressed, “This process is in line with the laws of the Empire.”

According to the laws of the Empire, investigators were indeed not allowed to bring audio and video equipment into the archive room. However, this was on the premise that there was no evidence to prove that the company had problems. If investigators believed some of the information was questionable, it could be taken away as physical evidence.

The secretary smiled dryly, “If it’s not confidential…”

“Don’t worry, it’s not confidential.” Yi Nuo raised the information in his hand, shook it, then handed it to Lu Ya and said, “Take these away.”

Yue Zhan couldn’t help laughing again, thinking that the confident posture of the little prince was also very good-looking.

Zong Wei wasn’t there. The secretary couldn’t be the master in this situation and didn’t dare to stop him. In the end, he let Yi Nuo take away the documents.

When he got to the suspension car, Yi Nuo didn’t care about the regulations, picked up the documents, and asked Yue Zhan, “Do you want to take a look?”

After reading the book, Yi Nuo knew very well that Yue Zhan wasn’t only good at fighting, but he was also excellent at other aspects. Well, of course, he didn’t mean that.

And he believed that Yue Zhan also wanted to bring down the Zong family.

Yi Nuo had to admit that although he was beautiful and intelligent, compared with an old fox like Yue Zhan, he really lacked… experience, just a little bit.

In short, a ready-made helper shouldn’t be wasted.

Yue Zhan was thinking of an excuse to tell the little prince what he had heard. Unexpectedly the other party gave him a reason, so he wasn’t polite. He directly took the documents and said, “Thank you.”

Among them, there was a lot of information that Yue Zhan reminded Yi Nuo to take away.

Yi Nuo was curious and asked, “How did you know that there was such information in the archive room?”

Of course, Yue Zhan couldn’t say the reason and just said vaguely, “I guessed based on experience.”

Yi Nuo: “…”

[I’m so angry. Is Yue Zhan really much better than me just because he is nine years older? How can he guess the relevant information in the archive room from experience without even entering it?]

Yue Zhan: “…”

He coughed lightly, accepting the little prince’s ‘praise’ with a very guilty heart.

Because Yue Zhan already knew the contents of these documents, he just glanced at them briefly and then said his thoughts, “It’s certain that the Zong family made a production mistake at first, which led to the Z-series mecha’s spiritual wire problem.”

“Their initial idea was simple, the cost of replacing the wires was very high, and it was higher than the payment issued by the military. In order to make more money and reduce losses, they would rather hide this fact and sell these unqualified mecha. Businessmen seek profit. They bet that the accident rate of 0.5% wouldn’t be found.”

“At the beginning, their bet was successful. But six months ago, the matter was discovered, and the former Chief Engineer of the technical department died. Then Zong Ming took the post of chief engineer…”

Yi Nuo: “…”

[I’m so angry. Our thoughts are exactly the same. How can Yue Zhan be as smart as me?


Yue Zhan: “…”

Yi Nuo: “Go on.”

Yue Zhan paused and continued, “In addition to the former Chief Engineer of the technical department, someone else should have found out about it. The other party threatened the Zong family and asked them to do something. Therefore, even if the Zong family knew what tragic consequences would result from upgrading the system, they still did so.”

While talking about this, Yue Zhan’s tone couldn’t help becoming a little cold.

“But who could it be?” Yi Nuo also thought of it, but he only guessed that it might be related to the Federation, but he didn’t know who it would be.

Yue Zhan sneered, pointed at some information with his fingertips and said, “The Third Galaxy, and the… Federation.”

Yi Nuo understood at a glance and subconsciously asked, “You mean the lord of the main star of the Third Galaxy, the Mei En family?”

In the Empire, many planets were privately owned. They weren’t directly ruled by the Emperor, but were instead ruled by Planet Lords.

These Planet Lords were like ancient vassal kings who owned their own territory and enjoyed great privileges. They could legislate on their own planet, appoint officials and establish an army. They only needed to pay taxes to the central government of the Empire every year.

Of course, according to the imperial laws, the Planet Lord’s legislations couldn’t go beyond the laws of The Empery, and it was the same with the army.

However, over the past millennium, the Planet Lords had grown stronger. It was unknown how many of them had violated the imperial regulations, but the Emperor couldn’t do anything to them. Because these people were more difficult to deal with than the nobles and big financial groups in the Imperial Capital. If they weren’t careful enough, it could lead to civil unrest.

At most, the nobles had some money and power, raised some mercenaries, and formed marriage alliances. But the Planet Lords had real money, real power and real soldiers.

The Empire had eight galaxies, five of which were ruled by these great lords. The Mei En family, one of the seven lords of the Empire, was the ruler of the Third Galaxy.

As soon as Yi Nuo heard that it might have something to do with the Mei En family, he immediately felt the matter was over.

Sometimes, Yi Nuo felt that the netizens were right to scold his father, he was just a soft bone. His father, the Emperor, couldn’t even handle the nobles of the Imperial Capital Star. How could he dare trouble a Planet Lord?

“Why, are you afraid?” Yue Zhan raised his eyebrows and looked at the little guy who couldn’t help sighing.

Yi Nuo shook his head. Although he was lacking, he really didn’t want to admit it. After all, newborn calves were not afraid of tigers.

Besides, he was the son of the plane. He had the protagonist’s halo.

He was only halfway through the investigation. But Yi Nuo feared that when he finally got to the bottom of the matter, his father would drag his feet and stop him from investigating further.

Yue Zhan rubbed his head and said, “Your Highness, stop when you find the information of the Zong family. Don’t move the Mei En family.”

“What do you mean?” Yi Nuo wondered.

[Can it be that Yue Zhan is afraid? Although the Mei En family isn’t easy to deal with but to give up so fast…]

Yue Zhan had no choice but to explain, “The water in the Mei En family is very deep. I’m afraid they will do something to His Highness, so His Highness will only check the Zong family and leave the Third Galaxy to me.”

“Oh.” So that’s what he meant.

Yi Nuo thought it was okay. He didn’t have any power. Even if he relied on his identity to deal with the Mei En family, it was the same as hitting a stone with an egg.

But Yue Zhan was different. He had soldiers and strength. Moreover, Yue Zhan’s father was the commander-in-chief of the Third Army, which was more reliable than the Emperor.

[No, I remember that ‘Yue Zhan’ took advantage of the Planet Lord’s rebellion to collude with external forces and pull ‘him’ down the throne to imprison ‘him’. It’s reasonable to think that he belongs to the same group as those Planet Lords, but now he was helping him deal with the Mei En family, one of the great lords, wasn’t that… a dog bites a dog?]

Yue Zhan’s forehead was full of black lines. Is that what you think of me? Little heartless thing!

[Is this the effect of my protagonist’s halo? If two big villains fight each other…]

Yue Zhan tried to endure, but he still couldn’t hold back. He raised his hand and directly hit the little prince’s head.

“Ow!” Yi Nuo was still thinking wildly when he was knocked over. He covered his head and looked at Yue Zhan suspiciously.

Yue Zhan said with a dark face, “Itchy hands.”

Yi Nuo: “…” You hit me on the head because your hands were itchy?


The suspension car soon arrived at the base’s detention center, Yue Zhan got off the car first, and Yi Nuo followed closely, thinking in his heart—

[I’m so angry. The more I think about it, the angrier I get. I want to hit Yue Zhan back! But he seems a little tall. Do I have to jump from behind and hit him?]

Yue Zhan suddenly turned around, moved to Yi Nuo’s side, and said helplessly, “Hurry up and interrogate Zong Ming.”

“Oh.” It’s amazing to have long legs, isn’t it?

In the end, Yi Nuo failed to hit Yue Zhan back, and, unfortunately, he didn’t get any results from Zong Ming’s interrogation.

Most of the previous conclusions were his and Yue Zhan’s reasoning, and there was no direct evidence. If they wanted to bring down the Zong family, they needed to find hard evidence, otherwise, the other party would be unaffected.

If they could somehow make Zong Ming confess, they would have one more piece of evidence. But Zong Ming was unwilling to speak, it was as if he was dead. It was useless to inject him with medicine to make him tell the truth.

Later, they learned that Zong Ming poisoned himself before he was caught. Obviously, he not only knew about the Zong family but also knew a lot. Zong Ming had already anticipated this end when he was caught.

After walking out of the interrogation room, Yue Zhan’s face was very ugly. He didn’t expect Zong Ming to hide from the beginning so deeply that even he had been deceived.

Yi Nuo was also very sad. He had checked all the leads he had, and now there was only his cousin’s side and his golden finger – the book.

Did he need to look for clues in the sex scenes again? But the author had yet to update it!

Just when Yi Nuo was worrying about the book, the sound of fighting suddenly came from a field surrounded by barbed wire next door. Soon, the military police rushed to disperse the crowd with electric batons.

When Yue Zhan came over, Yi Nuo subconsciously pointed to the other side and said, “That’s…”

Yue Zhan took a look and said, “That’s the prison site.”

Yi Nuo: “Oh.”

He took another look and was about to turn around to leave. Suddenly, he heard the military police shouting, “No. 7638, stop! I won’t be polite if you don’t stop. No. 7637, Xie Qingran, are you crazy?”

Xie Qingran?

Yi Nuo turned back and thought in shock—

[Xie Qingran, isn’t that the future Minister of Public Affairs of the Empire? After Yue Zhan and Hu Yichen, there was another person who was hooked up by ‘me’. Like Hu Yichen, he loved me very much and was later known by Yue Zhan…]

Yue Zhan: “???”

Why did this sentence sound so familiar?

After one Hu Yichen left, another ‘Xie Yichen’ came?

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