✏️ Be A Translator!

Hi all! We’re looking for BL translators to join us!

You don’t need to have any experience, but if you do, that’s a bonus! If you have a novel that you’ll like to transfer and host with us, do reach out via the button below!

Now Accepting JP Translators!

  • No minimum posting frequency
  • No experience needed
  • Pass a short test (Share 1 translated chapter of the novel you’re intending to pick up)
  • Shared ad revenue (monthly) – Earn even after a series has been completed!
  • Your very own ko-fi and patreon buttons + help you need to get started
  • Just translate, publish, earn! We’ll handle everything else. No need for the hassle of running your own website

But would like to join Dummy:

  • You can migrate your chapters over and start earning ad revenue instantly
  • If you are on a wordpress site previously, we’ll help you transfer your chapters over easily.


  • Start a new series with us!

✏️ Be An Editor/Proofreader

Don’t want to be a translator but still keen to be a part of the translation process? Look no further. Our translators are in need of a pair of magical hands to bring out the life of the story with flair after wrangling its battered corpse from its original language.

  • Be fluent in English
  • Join our discord channel, reach out to the translator of the series which is currently recruiting
  • They may have a short test to better understand your abilities
  • Early access to chapters!
  • Stress free (mostly) 

Have any questions?

Join our discord channel and ask us any questions you have about translating