Chapter 33.1

He’s Pregnant with the Major General’s Fish Cub [Interstellar]
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[…Isn’t this the famous military strategist and the Federation’s X-star general who was called “Military Double Star” by later generations together with Yue Zhan?]

[It was said that in his early years, he was falsely accused of treason and was imprisoned in an unknown place, where he suffered a lot. Later, he narrowly escaped and returned to the Federation. He seized the military power and forced the Federation to befriend the Empire. In short, he was a man who walked the same route as Yue Zhan.]

[However, I didn’t expect that the place where he was locked up was the barren star. Was he rescued by me? How can I meet the big guys wherever I go? Is this the legendary protagonist’s luck?]

[Ah, as expected of me!]

The more Yi Nuo thought about it, the more he felt he was really good. It seemed that the author still preferred him. It would be better if he didn’t add some strange settings, such as… pregnancy and miscarriage protection.

Yue Zhan was already used to it and calmly listened to Yi Nuo’s YY.

When Huo Xite and the others saw Yue Zhan, they raised their guns vigilantly.

But after Yi Nuo’s YY finished, he saw Yue Zhan and immediately said happily, “Is your side also done?”

“Yeah.” Yue Zhan responded softly, thinking to himself: why don’t you continue thinking about it?

If he didn’t listen to how the little prince would hook up with different men, how would he know about it, and how would he fight against them and… Huo Xite?

It wasn’t the first time Yue Zhan heard this kind of thing. Now he could listen to the little prince’s inner thoughts from beginning to end without changing his face.

However, he still couldn’t help but feel a little sour in his heart. Why did the little prince have so many ambiguous objects in his previous life? If he hadn’t been able to hear the little prince’s inner thoughts and benefit from it, wouldn’t he still be… competing with others to stay beside the little prince?

Thinking of this, Yue Zhan couldn’t help looking at Huo Xite. Only he could understand the sourness hidden in his gaze.

But strangely, this time, the little prince stopped thinking about his previous life, pulled him, and introduced him to Huo Xite and the others.

Yue Zhan wondered, could it be that he got it wrong this time?

When Huo Xite saw that they knew each other, he put down his gun, stretched out his hand to Yue Zhan, and said politely, “Hello, I am Huo Xite.”

“Hello.” Yue Zhan paused and said, “Qiao Er”.

Huo Xite raised his eyebrows slightly and guessed that he, like the ‘Li Daqiao’ next to him, used a pseudonym. He smiled incomprehensibly and said, “I hope we can really get to know each other in the future.”

“Yes.” Yue Zhan’s tone hid a deep meaning.

Yue Zhan had heard of Huo Xite, a former Federal General and a formidable enemy of the Empire. Unfortunately, this person became famous earlier than him and was older than him. When he graduated from the military academy, the other party had already been convicted of treason, and he never had the chance to fight against him.

Huo Xite could see from his gaze that the young man in front of him was not simple. He couldn’t help looking at him deeply, and the strength of his handshake also increased.

Yi Nuo didn’t notice the undercurrent between them and happily said to Yue Zhan, “You know? I just solved Ke Luo by myself and rescued so many people. By the way, what about you and Zhong Xiwu? Is your side done?”

“Ke Luo was solved by you??” Yue Zhan withdrew his hand, and a glimmer of surprise flashed in his eyes. Then he rubbed the little prince’s head and praised, “Not bad.”

At this time, there was a sound of fighting nearby. Huo Xite quickly determined the situation and asked, “Are you going to take the base?”

“Yes.” Yue Zhan nodded and said, “Time is running out. Please come with me first.”

With the addition of Huo Xite, Yue Zhan’s confidence in breaking through increased. The most important thing was that Ke Luo was solved by the little prince in advance, which was a pleasant surprise.

“The base’s guards were in a hurry at the beginning, but I don’t know their current situation. We have to make a quick decision.” Yue Zhan briefly analyzed the situation and entrusted two of the breakthrough tasks to Huo Xite.

Huo Xite did not refuse. He and the rescued people armed themselves and went to support.

As for Yi Nuo, Yue Zhan took him to a safe military bunker and told him, “Your Royal Highness, hide here first and pay attention to safety.”

Yi Nuo nodded vigorously and said, “Go quickly.”

After Yue Zhan left, Yi Nuo analyzed in his heart that without Ke Luo, the soldiers guarding the base were headless. Even if they were well equipped, they would inevitably panic for a while.

On their side, although they were improvised soldiers, they were commanded by two big bosses, Yue Zhan and Huo Xite. Their tactics alone were many times better than those of the opposite side.

The most important thing was that the people on their side were not afraid of death and were full of hatred for the base. Yi Nuo believed that this battle wouldn’t last long.

Sure enough, six hours later, the battle was over. Yue Zhan won as he had expected.

Yi Nuo hurriedly climbed out of the bunker, patted his clothes, and planned to find the other party.

However, although Yue Zhan soon controlled the base, he didn’t expect that the remaining soldiers would want to destroy the airships of the base station after being defeated.

Yi Nuo had just gotten off the bunker and didn’t have time to react. Thinking that the airship couldn’t be destroyed, the small dark cloud above his head suddenly rolled violently. More than a dozen lightning bolts intertwined into a net were instantly shot out, preventing those soldiers from destroying the airship, and at the same time, accidentally… smearing the airship a little.

Yi Nuo: “…” When did my little cloud become so powerful? Did the author recharge my protagonist’s halo a bit too hard this time?

When Yue Zhan saw the lightning, he guessed what was going on, and when he met the little prince’s gaze, there was a little disapproval in his eyes.

Yi Nuo didn’t know that Yue Zhan could see the little dark cloud and pretended to be surprised to cover up, “Hey, they did all the bad things, so they were punished by heaven and struck by lightning.”

Yue Zhan: “…” Yes, it was so magical.

Yue Zhan felt funny in his heart, walked over helplessly, rubbed the little prince’s head, flicked the little dark cloud, and said, “Then it seems that we have also been punished by heaven. The airship has been completely burnt, and it’s unknown whether it can still be used.”

Yi Nuo: “Huh.”

He glanced at the airship with a guilty conscience and said in a faint voice, “It’s ok… Just two of them are a bit charred on the side. Maybe the inside is still good.”

Yue Zhan helped him fix his hair, plucked off a few ashes, and said, “Go and have a look first.”

Twenty minutes later, Huo Xite led someone to inspect the airship and said regretfully, “It can fly, but for safety’s sake, it’s better to repair it.”

After all, there was a fleet blockade outside the barren star. If they wanted to break through, a fierce battle was inevitable.

Yue Zhan nodded and said, “Then let’s repair it quickly.”

The captured soldiers immediately cursed and mocked: “It’s up to you? Hmph, let’s be honest. The fleet outside has already received our distress signal. What can you do if you take down the base?”

Several people, who had been imprisoned at the base, immediately showed anger, and one of them came forward with a gun and said, “Can I kill them first?”

Yi Nui had seen those creatures that were half-human and half-fish. He felt that these people had no conscience and deserved to die. But, just like Ke Luo, if they died so easily, it would be too cheap for them.

Yue Zhan glanced at the clamoring prisoners, including several evil experimenters, and said in disgust, “Keep them alive.”

Through the inner thoughts of the little prince, he also knew what these people had done.

When the rescued people heard his words, they were not polite, immediately raised their guns and fired, directly destroying the arms and legs of these clamorers.

As for the final fate of these people, according to Yue Zhan and Huo Xite’s meaning, they will probably be handed over to the Interstellar Court for trial. But before handing them over, they don’t mind if some people avenge their personal revenge.

Yue Zhan didn’t want the little prince to see the bloody scene, so he pulled him away.

Yi Nuo didn’t look back. After walking a few steps, he raised his face and asked, “I heard that many of the rescued people are imperial soldiers?”

Yue Zhan nodded. His heart became a little heavy when he mentioned this matter and asked, “Is His Royal Highness going to see them?”

Yi Nuo hesitated, and after a moment, he nodded and said, “Yeah.”

Only half of the people rescued by Yue Zha had combat effectiveness, and the remaining half were injured and disabled. Most of them had suffered heavy torture at the base.

Before going, Yue Zhan suddenly removed Yi Nuo’s mask and said, “His Highness doesn’t need this anymore.”

Yi Nuo was stunned for a moment and then understood Yue Zhan’s meaning.

Visiting the imperial people who had been imprisoned here as a prince would win him a lot of popularity.

But he remembered that Yue Zhan was usually annoyed by the shows of the royal family.

“This is not a show.” Yue Zhan touched his head and said softly, “His Royal Highness did save them.”

Yi Nuo was embarrassed to take the credit and said modestly: “It’s mainly you…”

“To catch bandits, first catch the ringleader. His Highness’s contribution isn’t small,” Yue Zhan said.

With that, he silently added in his heart: Mine is also His Highness’s.

When he arrived at the resting place of the wounded, Yi Nuo discovered that there were not only imperialists but also people from other countries and some star pirates.

It was the first time for Yi Nuo to face the wounded directly. Before he came, he was still because of his meritorious feats. But after coming, his heart became heavy.

These people were either drenched in blood from the war or were tortured to death in the cages. Even if they had both hands and feet, most of them were pale, and it was unknown what pain they were enduring.

“Those with pale faces must have their spiritual sea destroyed, so they need to endure severe headaches all the time.” Yue Zhan sighed and explained in his ear.

Yi Nuo nodded heavily, coughed softly, and said with difficulty: “Hello everyone, I’m…”

His voice was as soft and gentle as possible, hoping to appease these people.

At this time, Yue Zhan was surprised to find that as the little prince’s voice became softer, the little dark cloud above his head began radiating energy to shroud the wounded.

Those who suffered skin trauma had no change, but the faces of those who suffered mental damage improved significantly.

Just now, Yue Zhan also drove the mecha when commanding, and from then until now, he has been enduring a faint headache.

But when the little prince opened his mouth to comfort the wounded, his headache suddenly eased a lot, and the more he listened… The more he felt that the little prince’s voice was more captivating than ever.

There were many people who felt the same way as him. When Yi Nuo finished his condolences, several veterans with their spiritual sea destroyed hesitated for a while, and then someone suddenly said, “Your Highness, can you talk a little more?”

Yi Nuo: “Huh?”

“Yes, yes, just… just say anything.” After someone spoke, others followed suit.

Not only the imperialists but the people from the Federation and several star thieves’ organizations echoed, saying: “I don’t know what’s going on. As soon as we heard His Highness, our heads hurt less.”

“Your Highness, are you a psychotherapist?” Someone asked.

Only psychotherapists could use language and sound to relieve the headaches of patients with mental injuries. But it was only a temporary relief, not a permanent cure.

After hearing this, Yi Nuo became even more confused. How could he be a psychotherapist? His spiritual power was a waste, and it couldn’t even meet the standard of driving a mecha.

At this moment, Yue Zhan faintly guessed that the little dark cloud was probably related to the little prince’s mental power. Moreover, it was also probably related to the little prince being a mermaid.

It was said that the mermaid’s voice could heal, confuse, and attack and the little prince may be one of them.

Thinking of this, he hurriedly grabbed Yi Nuo and said to the people who kept asking, “His Highness is a little tired. I’ll see you later.”

As soon as everyone heard his words, they immediately understood.

Psychotherapists spent a lot of energy and got tired easily when using sound therapy.

After Yue Zhan finished speaking, he pulled Yi Nuo outside, and whispered, “From now on, His Highness will be a psychotherapist, understand?”

“Ah?” Yi Nuo was confused. He had yet to recover from his popularity just now.

“Ah, what?” Yue Zhan knocked on his forehead, tapped the little dark cloud by the way, and said, “Your Highness, you should keep a low profile.”

Yi Nuo covered his head, still showing a confused look.

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