Chapter 5 – The little prince is… very cute

He’s Pregnant with the Major General’s Fish Cub [Interstellar]
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Chapter 1 - The little prince was smashed by a book Chapter 2 - Little Prince: It’s Yue Zhan Chapter 3 - He May Have Auditory Hallucinations Chapter 4 - Yue zhan: want me Chapter 5 - The little prince is… very cute Chapter 6 - Another target of seduction? Chapter 7 - Very skilled technician! Chapter 8 - Of course you have to win! Chapter 9 - Damn Yue Zhan, he actually rebelled! Chapter 10 - Give birth to a nest of fish cubs? Chapter 11 - Little Price: Damn, I was actually moved Chapter 12 - Commander Yue and the little prince are a good match? Chapter 13 - The little prince can't do it Chapter 14 - Yue Zhan: It's uneven Chapter 15 - Yue Zhan: I like to stand. Chapter 16 - Another target of seduction? Chapter 17 - Help the little prince catch fish~ Chapter 18 - Yue Zhan is a good man! Chapter 19 - I’m worthy of being the son of the plane! Chapter 20 - Yue Zhan: Then I can only ask His Highness to marry me Chapter 21 - The little prince doesn't even distinguish between men and women? Chapter 22 - Yue Zhan: Is the little prince a mermaid? Chapter 23.1 - His Mermaid Highness Chapter 23.2 - His Mermaid Highness Chapter 24 - Can he succeed in chasing his wife in the crematorium? Chapter 25.1 - Yue Zhan: Your Highness, are you feeling hot? Chapter 25.2 Chapter 26.1 - Little Prince: What? Can I still get pregnant? Chapter 26.2 Chapter 27.1 - Yue Zhan: Give him a little crab Chapter 27.2 Chapter 28.1 Chapter 28.2 Chapter 29 Chapter 30 Chapter 30.2 Chapter 31.1 Chapter 31.2 Chapter 32.1 Chapter 32.2 Chapter 33.1

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Yi Nuo felt that Commander Yue’s behaviour was strange and unexplainable. First, the commander came to ‘comfort’ him, next he asked Yi Nuo to think about ‘wanting’ him, then he finally left and shut the door without saying anything.

Was Yue Zhan’s behavior usually this weird? Or did Yue Zhan want to get his attention?

Yi Nuo frowned and thought that it didn’t matter whether what was written in the book was true or not; he didn’t want to get involved with Yue Zhan.

After thinking about it, he took out the book again and continued to ‘study’ it seriously.

No one came to bother him this time, and the little dark cloud floated quietly above his head.

The three-hour interstellar voyage wasn’t short, but it wasn’t long either. Coupled with the previous delay, Yi Nuo still hadn’t finished ‘studying’ the book by the time the warship docked at the port.

He regretfully put the book back into the space bracelet, got up, put on his coat, carefully sorted his clothes, and walked out of the room.

When Yi Nuo reached the exit of the ship, Yue Zhan saw him at a glance.

There was no other reason. The little prince was wearing a white gold royal dress with a small white scarf on the neckline. He stood in front of a crowd of soldiers wearing space army uniforms. It was very conspicuous, like the stars surrounding the moon.

Not to mention, there was a small dark cloud that could electrocute people floating above his head.

Yue Zhan looked away expressionlessly. If he hadn’t heard it with his own ears, he wouldn’t believe that such a beautiful, noble and arrogant little prince would YY him in his heart…

Of course, those voices were a little strange. For example, the content was too detailed and used many rhetorics. It sounded more like reading a yellow literary work.

Yue Zhan guessed that the little prince might have read some romance novels. After all, he also heard the other party think ‘the story has begun’ and ‘just like in the book.’

He believed that after reading the book, the young man’s heart sprouted. He couldn’t help but substitute himself and somewhat indulged too much.

It’s just that he couldn’t understand… Why did the little prince think about him?

Could it be that he… liked him?

The more Yue Zhan thought about it, the more he frowned. He immediately stopped his thoughts.

There was no need to speculate about it. No matter what the little prince was thinking about, it was really none of his business.

Yue Zhan only hoped that the little prince would be quiet, make no mistakes, honestly express sympathy and leave with the delegation after the inspection. He didn’t like the previous delegation leaders, who only added chaos to the front line.

But it was a pity that Yi Nuo came to the front line to intervene in military affairs, which was doomed to shatter Yue Zhan’s hopes.

When he was ‘studying’ the book just now, Yi Nuo thought it over. After getting off the warship, the first thing he had to do was to inspect the condition of the mecha armor forces. Then he had to let the mecha soldiers fight several times to test the mechas’ performance.

Yi Nuo made this plan because in the book, it said: “The Imperial Army lost miserably in the last battle, and 100,000 mechas were completely damaged.”

Yi Nuo suspected that if the miserable defeat really happened, the fault was likely to lie in the mechas.

As the most cutting-edge individual combat weapon in the interstellar era, the mecha wasn’t a crispy car that could break easily. No matter how badly the empire lost, it was impossible to destroy all those mechas.

After such an analysis, he suddenly looked forward to the inspection, and his eyes flashed. When he saw Yue Zhan, he even said hello.

He intended to urge the other party to hurry up. After all, the two had the highest status on the warship. One was the head of the delegation while the other was the front line’s commander, so they should get off the warship together. 

But after he finished his greeting, Yue Zhan stopped walking towards the exit and even took a step back from him.

Yi Nuo: “…”  

He had a question mark on his face as he wondered, am I that scary?

In fact, Yue Zhan subconsciously retreated after seeing that the distance between them might be less than ten meters. After all, he didn’t have a hobby of peering into other people’s thoughts.

But Yue Zhan soon felt that he had overreacted. The little prince didn’t think about those messy things all the time, so he didn’t have to permanently keep his distance.

However, since Yi Nuo had just finished reading N sex scenes of their warship play… and because Yue Zhan was looking at him that way, many words from the book flashed in Yi Nuo’s mind subconsciously.

So, when Yue Zhan approached—

[Long legs, strong waist, thin clothes, undressing…] 

[If he actually went to bed with him, would he really become a perpetual motion machine?]

[Namo Amitabha, the mind doesn’t move, the heart doesn’t move… Don’t think about it, don’t think about it, quickly divert your attention! Haste is like a law…]

Yue Zhan: “…”

Yue Zhan suddenly wanted to laugh. Although he had a headache when he first heard these thoughts, this time, he became helpless. He even felt the little prince was a little cute.

Forget it. Why bother a child with eighth-grader syndrome who is addicted to the world of books?

But the little prince was already an adult, right? The eighth-grader syndrome developed a bit late.

“Your Royal Highness, if you please.” Yue Zhan’s face was calm as he gently asked Yi Nuo to disembark first.

“Major General Yue, if you will .” Yi Nuo politely replied with an ‘after you’ gesture.

He was very calm. After all, he was born in the royal family and had excellent manners and education. Yi Nuo’s smile was flawless.

But when Yue Zhan walked beside him, he heard the little prince’s inner voice—

[Seven days and seven nights! I don’t want to think about it anymore. No, I can’t read it today…]

Yue Zhan paused slightly, almost stepping on the wrong step.

Seven days and seven nights…

The corners of his mouth twitched slightly, pretending not to hear anything.


After getting off the warship, Yue Zhan immediately distanced himself from the little prince and finally stopped hearing his inner thoughts.

The front line headquarters were at the Blue Star Military Base, which was the closest to the Eighth Galaxy’s asteroid belt.

Because the war wasn’t over, the front line had to be prepared to fight at any time and didn’t have much resources to welcome the delegation.

As the little prince was coming this time, the deputy commander of the base asked some soldiers to line up at the military port to welcome him and fire a few salutes.

This welcome was indeed a bit crude. Not to mention the people of the delegation, but also Luo Yuanjie, a soldier, subconsciously frowned.

He didn’t think that the front line was doing anything wrong. After all, it wasn’t easy for them. He was just worried that the little prince could get angry.

He had escorted royal delegations many times before, and this current welcome ceremony… could be regarded as one of the worst. If the person in charge was still Mr. Huo, he would definitely turn his face on the spot.

In fact, it would be better if it was Mr. Huo. Yue Zhan wouldn’t let the delegation have its way. If Mr. Huo caused any trouble, then he would be the one to suffer.

But this little prince… 

Luo Yuanjie had a good impression of the little majesty, so he really didn’t want him to feel embarrassed.

However, Luo Yuanjie was overthinking too much. Yi Nuo didn’t find a problem with the welcoming ceremony.

After getting off the warship, Yi Nuo remembered his plan and directly said to Yue Zhan, “Commander Yue, can I visit the mecha unit first? By the way, is it convenient for you to carry out a few mecha battles? I want to test the performance of the mechas.”

There was a reason why he was so direct. After all, the book only told the war’s results without specifying the time of the last battle.

Ultimately, the book wasn’t serious. The content was written as memories of ‘him’ and ‘Yue Zhan’ when they were being intimate. If he didn’t hurry up, what if it happened tonight?

When Yue Zhan heard Yi Nuo’s request, he stopped instantly and turned to look back at him.

Luo Yuanjie sighed in his heart, worried about Yi Nuo again.

It was better to dislike the welcoming ceremony. At least in terms of the prince’s identity, Yue Zhan wouldn’t care, but if he intervened in military affairs, he wouldn’t ignore it.

Major General Lin, the deputy commander of the base, stood aside and shook his head discreetly. He thought that Yue Zhan would certainly reject Yi Nuo.

Yue Zhan didn’t intend to let Yi Nuo intervene in military affairs. The little prince was only 18 years olds. Moreover, he had never gone to college and had only received one-on-one elite education from tutors.

The little prince was taught by professors from the Imperial College but his education level was unknown. Yue Zhan didn’t know if he was educated in military affairs.  

However, Yue Zhan didn’t refuse directly and asked, “Is His Royal Highness proficient in mecha performance testing?

Yi Nuo shook his head and said that he wasn’t proficient but understood a bit.

Yue Zhan laughed and said, “Your Highness, you had some struggles during the journey, so it’s better to rest first. If you need anything, we can talk about it tomorrow.”

It was a polite rejection, like coaxing a child.

But Yi Nuo didn’t appreciate it.

“No.” Seeing that Yue Zhan was about to leave, Yi Nuo suddenly took a step forward, grabbed the other party’s clothes, and said solemnly, “We must inspect the mechas tonight.”

Yue Zhan turned around and looked at the hand holding his clothes.

The young man’s skin was pearly and tender, and his fingers were white and slender, like scallions, but his fingertips were round and lovely. The hand looked soft, and it didn’t have much strength, making it easy to break away.

Did the pampered flower grown in a greenhouse really understand mechas? Was it all just nonsense?

Somehow, Yue Zhan didn’t push his hand away but said to the person next to him, “Bring Mr. Huo here.”

Yi Nuo’s eyes widened in an instant. He was almost killed in the attack, but Mr. Huo was still alive?

God, why was this guy so lucky?

Actually, although Mr. Huo was still alive, his condition wasn’t good at all. He lost a leg during the attack and was presently still in a coma.

The most unfortunate thing was that he later fell into Yue Zhan’s hands.

Yue Zhan pointed to the comatose person and said to Yi Nuo, “The last time this man came to the front line he asked us to perform a mecha show, causing serious damage to two mechas and two soldiers. Because he dared to come again, he will be sentenced to at least 50 years in prison by the military court, do you understand?

So, don’t learn from him.

Yi Nuo was surprised. Unexpectedly, they hated the same person, so he immediately said, “I understand, he deserved it.”

Then the little prince said sincerely, “Although he was tied up by me since he fell into your hands, I’ll let you handle it. By the way, he may have some connections with the enemy, you can also interrogate him.”

Yue Zhan: “…”

I don’t think you understand that I’m warning you!

“Then… can we inspect the mechas now?” Yi Nuo asked again after leaving Mr. Huo to Yue Zhan.

He thought anxiously—

[It must be checked immediately, what if the mechas really have a problem? I don’t want something like “100,000 mechas were completely damaged” to happen!]

Yue Zhan wanted to refuse, but when he heard the little prince’s thoughts, his pupils couldn’t help shrinking.

He subconsciously grasped Yi Nuo and tentatively asked, “Must it be now?”

What did he mean? The little prince actually knew something and wasn’t fooling around?

Yi Nuo: “Definitely.”

[Of course, it has to be done as fast as possible. Who knows if the federal army will attack tonight?]

[The federal army has been staying in the asteroid belt, neither advancing or retreating. It is obviously fishy. Maybe someone in the empire is colluding with them…]

Yue Zhan: “…”

He took a deep breath. Although he didn’t know where the little prince got the news– it was unreliable— but even if there was only a possibility of one in ten thousand, he couldn’t ignore it.

After thinking for a moment, he said to Major General Lin, “His Royal Highness and I are going to inspect the mechas and randomly test their performance. Call the people from the technical department on duty immediately.”

Major General Lin was stunned. Unexpectedly, Yue Zhan had actually agreed.

This… Was this really the same Major General Yue who got annoyed whenever he saw any delegation and said “get lost” every time the delegation leaders made a request?

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