Chapter 30.2

He’s Pregnant with the Major General’s Fish Cub [Interstellar]
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Chapter 1 - The little prince was smashed by a book Chapter 2 - Little Prince: It’s Yue Zhan Chapter 3 - He May Have Auditory Hallucinations Chapter 4 - Yue zhan: want me Chapter 5 - The little prince is… very cute Chapter 6 - Another target of seduction? Chapter 7 - Very skilled technician! Chapter 8 - Of course you have to win! Chapter 9 - Damn Yue Zhan, he actually rebelled! Chapter 10 - Give birth to a nest of fish cubs? Chapter 11 - Little Price: Damn, I was actually moved Chapter 12 - Commander Yue and the little prince are a good match? Chapter 13 - The little prince can't do it Chapter 14 - Yue Zhan: It's uneven Chapter 15 - Yue Zhan: I like to stand. Chapter 16 - Another target of seduction? Chapter 17 - Help the little prince catch fish~ Chapter 18 - Yue Zhan is a good man! Chapter 19 - I’m worthy of being the son of the plane! Chapter 20 - Yue Zhan: Then I can only ask His Highness to marry me Chapter 21 - The little prince doesn't even distinguish between men and women? Chapter 22 - Yue Zhan: Is the little prince a mermaid? Chapter 23.1 - His Mermaid Highness Chapter 23.2 - His Mermaid Highness Chapter 24 - Can he succeed in chasing his wife in the crematorium? Chapter 25.1 - Yue Zhan: Your Highness, are you feeling hot? Chapter 25.2 Chapter 26.1 - Little Prince: What? Can I still get pregnant? Chapter 26.2 Chapter 27.1 - Yue Zhan: Give him a little crab Chapter 27.2 Chapter 28.1 Chapter 28.2 Chapter 29 Chapter 30 Chapter 30.2 Chapter 31.1 Chapter 31.2 Chapter 32.1 Chapter 32.2 Chapter 33.1


Just as Yue Zhan was about to drink the soup, he subconsciously looked up when he heard Yi Nuo’s voice. He saw the little prince sitting on the rock, blinking his moist eyes, looking at him with a smile on his lips.

Yue Zhan’s heart was itchy as if it had been scratched by a kitten’s paw.

At this time, Yi Nuo jumped off the rock, ran to his side, and said in a low voice, “Brother Yue, let me tell you something…”

Yue Zhan’s hand shook, and the soup in the nutshell almost spilled.

“What’s the matter?” Yue Zhan asked quietly.

“That, that…” Yi Nuo was a little embarrassed and hesitantly said, “If I’m really pregnant, you may have to protect the fetus…”

“Protect the fetus?” Yue Zhan was a little puzzled.

He has been cooking soup and stewing fish every day recently, wasn’t it just to make up for the little prince and protect the fetus?

“Alas, that’s not what I meant…” Yi Nuo saw what he was thinking, but he was too embarrassed to say it directly. He couldn’t help sighing and thinking in his heart—

[What’s going on with Yue Zhan? Protecting the fetus means making love. Didn’t he often do it in his previous life?]

Yue Zhan: “???”

The fish soup was really spilled this time. What was this magical way of protecting the fetus?

He had known for a long time that he could no longer be called a man in his previous life, but he didn’t expect that his ‘self’ in his previous life could break his bottom line again. In order to satisfy his selfish desires, he actually cheated the little prince with such words?

The key is that the little prince still believed him?

[Forget it, it’s not confirmed yet. Why don’t I mention it until it’s confirmed? Strange, isn’t this what those doctors and the Chief of the Academy of Science who specialized in mermaids said in his previous life? Yue Zhan clearly knows, why wait for me to mention it? Isn’t that what he told me?]

Yue Zhan: “…” I suddenly have the impulse to beat ‘myself’ up in my previous life, the kind of beating to death.

However, if it was said by the Chief of the Academy of Science who specialized in mermaids, then… Was there any possibility that it was true?

Yue Zhan was suddenly uncertain again. In other things, he could be calm and decisive, but in the matter of the little prince, he was full of worries, always thinking about what would happen.

Yi Nuo didn’t know what he was thinking. After drinking fish soup several times, when touching his belly one day, Yi Nuo suddenly asked worriedly, “Have I gained weight recently?”

Yue Zhan looked at him calmly and said, “It seems… a little bit.”

If you eat like this daily, you will definitely gain weight, right?

Yi Nuo’s shoulders suddenly collapsed and said, “It must be because of pregnancy.”

When Yue Zhan heard his words, he became thoughtful.

After being invisibly ‘brainwashed’ by the little prince for so many days, he seems to have long regarded him as a pregnant husband.

“Alas, what should I do?” Yi Nuo held his face and said worriedly, “What haven’t the rescuers come yet? If they don’t come in time, wouldn’t I…”

Have to give birth in the wilderness?

Yue Zhan was also thinking about this issue. It was reasonable to say that if such a thing happened, his father would definitely send someone to search and rescue in person. But no one has come for so long. Could it be that… this barren planet wasn’t in the Empire’s Star Field, and they drifted to other countries?

In fact, they didn’t drift to other countries, but they were almost there.

The small desolate planet was located at the intersection of the Empire, the Federation, and some Star Thief organizations, belonging to the three-needle zone.

In addition to the army sent by the emperor, the thief group of the Eldest Princess and the Third Army group commanded by Yue Zhan’s father sent people to search and rescue.

But as the old Duke expected, the emperor’s side was really unreliable. As soon as his army arrived in the Third Galaxy, the planet lords, who were watching the dispute in the Third Galaxy, immediately became uneasy, thinking that the emperor was going to ‘cut the vassal1It means to eliminate the rights of the vassal king and maintain the rule of the central government.‘. If the Emperor got involved in the affairs of the Third Galaxy now, he would definitely fight against them in the future.

In terms of resisting the royal family’s weakening of the lord’s power, the lords were very united, and a fleet soon drove to the Third Galaxy to confront the emperor’s army.

The emperor was in a dilemma. He couldn’t fight or retreat. Where was the time to save people?

As for the eldest princess’s star thief group and the Third Army’s group, they soon arrived at the star field where the storm happened, but they happened to meet.

One side was the army of the empire, and the other side was the star thief organization which often appeared on the empire’s star field. When the two sides met, there was no need to communicate, just fight.

In the end, the star thief group was temporarily repelled. However, the imperial army didn’t get any benefits, and one of their warships was captured.

“Leader, there is a little white face on the warship. He’s a psychiatrist. He said he came to find his younger brother. I think he looks a little like Commander Yue from Blue Star.”

“Really?” The eldest princess, Edith, had just inserted the gun into her waist. When she heard his words, she became interested. She shook off her wavy red hair and said, “Bring him here, let me take a look.”

Yue Zhan didn’t know that his brother was ‘captured’, but he knew that the little prince couldn’t wait any longer and had to find a way out.

“How?” Yi Nuo had no experience of surviving in difficult situations, so he could only rely on Yue Zhan.

Yue Zhan straightened the little prince’s short golden hair blown by the wind, secretly poked the small dark cloud, and said, “There are mountains and rivers here, which makes the planet habitable. There must have been humans living here before. Let’s go out and explore; there may be a way to contact the outside world.”

Yi Nuo nodded, listening to him in everything.

But before they could set off, someone came first.

Seeing more than a dozen warships parked by the sea, Yi Nuo was overjoyed, thinking it was the search and rescue team.

But Yue Zhan quickly grabbed him and whispered, “It’s the Federation’s warships.”

Yi Nuo’s face changed instantly, and he held Yue Zhan’s hand tightly.

Yue Zhan pulled him back and explained in a faint voice, “This barren planet should be inhabited. The people from the Federation are here on an expedition or something. Because we lit a fire before, we probably attracted their attention.”

If more people lived on this planet, they wouldn’t have come because they lit a fire, unless… These people were also foreign and knew there was no one else on the planet except them.

It’s just that for some reason, they were not found when they made an emergency landing.

“What should we do?” Yi Nuo was a little worried.

He knew that the searching speed of these warships was very fast. Although the sea area and barren mountains were very large, it would only take less than two hours two find them.

As for resistance, their combat power was only Yue Zhan and a semi-useless mecha.

Yue Zhan pondered for two seconds, weighed the pros and cons, and soon took Yi Nuo to squat down, grabbed a handful of plants and wood ash from the stewed fish before, and wiped it on his face first, and then on Yi Nuo’s face.

Yi Nuo moved back and asked, “Why?”

Yue Zhan said calmly, “Let’s go with them and see what their purpose is. But both His Highness and I have aparead in the media before, so we need to cover up.”

With that said, Yue Zhan attempted to smear Yi Nuo’s face again.

Yi Nuo hurriedly hid again and said, “No, I have a pair of disguise masks made of nanomaterials in my space bracelet.”

Yue Zhan: “…”

“Why didn’t His Highness say it earlier?” Yue Zhan quickly washed his face, his expression a little weird.

At this time, Yi Nuo had already put on a mask and said strangely, “You didn’t ask.”

Yue Zhan: “…”

He quickly put on the mask and asked, “Why does His Highness carry disguise masks made of nanomaterials?”

This kind of material was obviously only available to the agents of the Imperial Intelligence Department.

Yi Nuo said in surprise, “Have you not watched xingxia dramas or read xingxia novels? Disguise masks are a must-have for the xingxia people who walk in the stars.”

Yue Zhan: “…” What xingxia people, aren’t they star thieves?

Speaking of this, Yi Nio couldn’t help but recall, “Actually, when I was a child, I wanted to be a star warrior like the man on TV, standing up for justice, driving a mecha, and traveling through the sea of stars…”

Yue Zhan: “…” Well, I probably know why the little prince has eighth-grader syndrome.

But it was also normal. Which interstellar teenager didn’t dream of conquering the sea stars in his sophomore year?

The two stopped speaking and quietly lay down, waiting for the federal people to catch them.

The group of people didn’t disappoint them, and they were found in less than two hours.

“Are they actually from the Empire?” After seeing the mecha with the Empire’s logo behind the two, the federalists were very surprised, and there was a strange smile on their faces.

Yue Zhan and Yi Nuo didn’t resist, they pretended to panic, but in fact, they were observing them vigilantly.

The group quickly took them to a dilapidated base and pushed them down from the warship.

“Go and inform Dr. Zhong to come and pick up the guinea pig.” The leader of the group instructed.

Guinea pig?

Yi Nuo and Yue Zhan frowned at the same time.

When the leader saw this, he smiled maliciously and said, “Both of you, don’t be afraid. Dr. Zhong is also from the Empire, but…”

He didn’t say anything later, but Yi Nuo and Yue Zhan understood his meaning, that Dr. Zhong was probably not a good man.

Dr. Zhong came quickly. He was a tall and slender man wearing gold-rimmed glasses, making him look gentle and handsome.

“People from the Empire?” He glanced at the two of them with sharp eyes. Then he smiled mildly, took off his white gloves, and politely said, “I am Zhong Xiwu, and you two are?”

Yi Nuo was stunned when he heard the name—

[Zhong Xiwu? The future Chief of the Academy of Sciences who specializes in the postpartum care of mermaids? Because he was seduced by ‘me’ and wanted to retaliate, he chose to be a dogleg for the treacherous ‘Yue Zhan,’ knowing that I was pregnant, and taking advantage of Yue Zhan’s absence, he thought… cough, about doing something abnormal?]

Yue Zhan: “???”

  • 1
    It means to eliminate the rights of the vassal king and maintain the rule of the central government.

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