Chapter 25.1 – Yue Zhan: Your Highness, are you feeling hot?

He’s Pregnant with the Major General’s Fish Cub [Interstellar]
36 Chapters


Yue Ge’s face was full of question marks, seriously suspecting that he might have been hallucinating.

Chasing his wife in the crematorium? Brother, wake up. You and I are single dogs. Where did you get a wife?

Wait, the person Yue Zhan said… it’s not the little prince, is it?

“What have you done to the little prince?” Yue Ge asked in shock.

Yue Zhan: “…”

“Nothing.” Yue Zhan’s voice was suddenly light, and he coughed, “Don’t overthink it. I just… suddenly felt that your guess yesterday may be somewhat reasonable.”

When he said this, he was actually guilty.

How could it be nothing? He did that kind of thing to the little prince…

It was rare for Yue Zhan to be embarrassed. When he raised his hand to touch the scratch on the side of his face, he couldn’t help hissing.

After the little prince becomes a mermaid, his claws are really sharp.

Yue Zhan suddenly rejoiced that Yue Ge didn’t make a video call.

When Yue Ge heard him hiss, he subconsciously asked, “What’s wrong?”

“It’s okay. I kicked my foot.” Yue Zhan didn’t want to reveal the matter and pretended nothing happened.

Yue Ge didn’t think much about it, then he said, “Which guess are you referring to? Prediction or rebirth? You didn’t take it seriously, did you? Ha ha. Although the situation of the little prince is strange, rebirth or something is too bizarre. I just talked about it casually yesterday…”

Yue Zhan: “Oh, I was just thinking about it casually.”

Yue Ge: “…” Then what did you mean by chasing your wife in the crematorium? Are you kidding me?

Of course, Yue Zhan couldn’t disclose the situation of the little prince. In the past, he suspected that the little prince was delusional before consulting Yue Ge, a professional. Now that he was sure that the fantasies of the little prince were true, he could no longer reveal it.

However, Yue Ge joked along with his words and said, “However, if the little prince really is reborn, please help me ask something. Just ask him how my wife is doing recently. Is she eating and sleeping well?”

Yue Zhan: “?” What wife are you talking about?

Yue Ge: “…Where is her home, how many people are there, what’s her name, when will we meet…”

Yue Zhan: “…Give up. You don’t have a wife.” Don’t be mentally retarded.

With a blank face, Yue Zhan was about to hang up the phone, swearing that he would write his name upside down if he consulted Yue Ge in the future.

Guessing what he was about to do, Yue Ge hurriedly stopped and said, “But seriously, don’t think about trivial matters. Chasing a wife on the crematorium also depends on the situation. If you succeed in chasing the little prince back after torturing, forcing and imprisoning him… I honestly think he should see a psychiatrist. That is Stockholm syndrome, and he needs to be treated.”

In the bathroom, the little prince woke up at some point and vaguely heard some of their words. Suddenly, the whole fish was bad.

He had yet to accept the terrible facts that his mermaid identity was found and that he had sex with Yue Zhan when he learned another more horrible thing.

Yue Zhan actually knew about those imprisoned sex scenes? Still wanted to chase his wife in the crematorium?

What was going on? Could it be that Yue Zhan’s head was also smashed by a book?

Yi No was instantly shocked. He thought that he was the only aborigine with conscience, the chosen son of the plane. He never expected that Yue Zhan would also…

No, no, no. If Yue Zhan was the same as him and just read the plot in the book, he would definitely hate ‘his’ behavior of seducing him for his own use while raising other fish in secret.

The other party would definitely be the same as him, wanting to avoid those things in the book. How could he think about chasing his wife in the crematorium?

However, the ‘Yue Zhan’ in the book would!

Yi Nuo suddenly remembered that the ‘Yue Zhan’ in the book loved ‘him’ first and then hated ‘him’. When ‘he’ was imprisoned, it became a mixture of love and hate. After being imprisoned for a period of time, ‘Yue Zhan’ saw that ‘he’ was dead and began to regret, wanting to start over again…

Isn’t this chasing his wife in the crematorium? Could it be that Yue Zhan was reborn?


As if there was a flash of lightning in his mind, Yi Nuo was stunned.

It was no wonder that in reality Yue Zhan wasn’t only good to him, but also actively helped him send Hu Yichen away and rescue Xie Qingran. He didn’t let him have too much contact with them, and he also didn’t listen to his explanation of Zhan Yu’s identity and only asked him not to contact him…

It turned out that Yue Zhan knew everything long ago and had been cooperating with him all this time. No, he must have been reborn soon after he came to the base.

Not only that, Yue Zhan must also be aware that he also knows the plot. Maybe he even suspects that he is also reborn.

Unexpectedly, he thought that he was one step ahead of Yue Zhan because of his knowledge of the plot. But as everyone knew, Yue Zhan was accustomed to being five steps ahead of his enemy.

But it didn’t matter. Now he learned that Yue Zhan was aware that he knew the plot, but the other party didn’t know that he already knew that Yue Zhan knew that knows the plot…

Ah, no!

Yi Nuo hurriedly shook his head, feeling that his own thoughts were making his head dizzy.

Yi Nuo had no choice but to count with his fingers: In short, I still know more than Yue Zhan. Now I should be seven steps ahead. I can laugh at him thinking about chasing his wife in the crematorium. Well, that’s right.

After Yi Nuo finished ordering his thoughts, Yue Zhan outside ended the call and walked towards the bathroom.

Hearing his steps, Yi Nuo was startled and subconsciously lay back in the bathroom, pretending to be asleep, but he kept reminding himself in heart—

[I fell asleep, I fell asleep, I didn’t discover anything…]

He still didn’t know how to deal with this Yue Zhan, especially since they…

Thinking of those pictures, Yi Nuo’s face was stained with crimson, and the translucent light blue ear fins also turned pale pink.

After hearing the little prince’s thoughts, Yue Zhan’s heart, which was still a little uneasy, couldn’t help easing a lot.

At least, such a heartfelt reaction showed that the little prince didn’t hate him or fear him as much as he thought.

Seeing the obvious swaying water marks in the bathtub, Yue Zhan smiled in a good mood and decided not to pierce the other party’s careful thoughts.

However, seeing the bruises on the little prince’s body, he couldn’t help feeling distressed and annoyed. He leaned over and called, “Your Highness?”

Yi Nuo’s feather-like eyelashes trembled slightly, but he didn’t open his eyes. He still behaved like an ostrich and continued pretending to be asleep.

Yue Zhan didn’t dismantle him. He gently picked up the little prince from the water and walked to the bedroom.

Yi Nuo never thought that he would be so embarrassed in his life again since he fell in the bathroom a few days ago. No, this time was even more embarrassing than last time. Although he closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep, he couldn’t stop shouting in his heart—

[Damn, Yue Zhan, you should at least cover me with a bath towel. What’s the matter with you? Intentional, it must be intentional…]

Yue Zhan: “…”

Yue Zhan’s ears turned red. He really didn’t mean it.

Yue Zhan’s footsteps accelerated, and when he placed the little prince in the bed, he quickly covered him with a thin quilt.

After doing this and seeing the closed eyes of the little prince, Yue Zhan let out a sigh of relief. Dispelling the distractions in his heart, Yue Zhan took out an ointment and calmly helped the little prince apply the medicine.

It’s just that the atmosphere of applying the medicine wasn’t right.

At first, Yi Nuo felt that the ointment was cold, and it was very comfortable to have it smeared on his arms. But after a while, he felt something was wrong. It seemed that wherever Yue Zhan’s fingertips touched, a small cluster of electric current would be aroused, making him feel crisp and numb.

Not only that, but he gradually felt a familiar heat.

Yi Nuo tried to endure, but he couldn’t hold back after a while. He opened his eyes and asked in an unsteady breath, “What medicine are you using?”

Yue Zhan moved slightly, looked up, and said, “It’s medicine for removing swelling and blood stasis…”

Before he finished speaking, he realized that Yi Nuo’s face was a little wrong. Immediately afterwards, Yue Zhan smelled the familiar sweetness, which was stronger than before.

Yue Zhan’s expression changed involuntarily as if he understood something.

Yi Nuo’s reaction was more serious than his, and his heart collapsed, thinking—

[There must be something wrong with the medicine. Yue Zhan should have done it on purpose. Woo, wooo. The more this evil dog tries to corrupt my heart, the more I won’t succumb…]

Yue Zhan: “…”

He applied the ointment to the back of his hand, but he felt nothing but coldness. Then he took another deep breath.

“Your Highness,” Yue Zhan asked, barely maintaining his reason, “Do you smell a… sweet fragrance?”

Yi Nuo couldn’t think rationally. He sobbed and tried to get up from the bed, but he stumbled and fell directly.

Yue Zhan’s hands were quick and caught him in time.

Yi Nuo fluttered in his arms, and the two looked at each other, their breaths intersecting.

Then Yi Nuo turned back into a human, and everything got out of control again.

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