Chapter 23.2 – His Mermaid Highness

He’s Pregnant with the Major General’s Fish Cub [Interstellar]
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Yi Nuo subconsciously frowned.

Yue Zhan also saw it. He just decided to check this ‘girl’ from the Federation, and unexpectedly, the other party sent himself to the door.

Considering that this person might be a spy, it wasn’t safe to go upstairs now, so Yue Zhan held down Yi Nuo, who was about to move, and said, “Don’t move, I’ll take a look.”

Yi Nuo paused for a moment, and when he returned to his senses, he saw that Yue Zhan had already gone upstairs. On the other hand, he and the eldest prince were surrounded by a group of people from the federal delegation to toast.

Yue Zhan reached the second floor and cautiously approached Zhang Yu’s room.

The door of the room was tightly closed and seemed to be locked. After waiting two seconds, Yue Zhan took out his gun, raised his hand, and kicked the door directly.

The kick was so strong that it broke the lock directly. Then, Yue Zhan saw an incredible scene—

The hands of the federal ‘girl’ transformed into two dark blue octopus tentacles. One of them was soaked in water in a basin, while the other… just took out the fake silicone chest from the clothes.

Zhang Yu was stunned when he heard the movement.

The air seemed to stagnate for a second.

Zhang Yu immediately returned to his senses and realized that his identity was exposed. His two tentacles attacked Yue Zhan, and while closing the door, he also wanted to strangle Yue Zhan.

But Yue Zhan reacted faster than him, dodged the attack sideways, pulled out the gun, and shot, instantly shattering a tentacle.

Zhang Yu couldn’t help scolding because of the pain. Realizing the seriousness of the situation, he changed the intact tentacle back into a human arm, raised it, and surrendered, “Wait, I don’t think we’re enemies. There’s no need to have a life and death battle.”

Yue Zhan sneered and corrected, “You die, I live.”

“All right.” Zhang Yu didn’t want to correct Yue Zhan’s words and said with a strong desire to survive, “I have no malice in coming to the Empire. I’m just looking for someone (egg). Maybe there’s room for cooperation; why be so tense?”

Yue Zhan didn’t put away his gun. He squinted his eyes slightly, looked at him, and said with certainty, “Remnants of the Sea Country?”

“Mhm.” Zhang Yu nodded.

Yue Zhan glanced at the fake silicone breast on the ground and asked, “Are you a man?”

“No kidding!” Zhang Yu said, “Otherwise, would I need to wear that thing?”

Yue Zhan’s hand holding the gun suddenly became a little heavy. This person was really a man disguised as a woman, just as the little prince had said.

He suddenly had a hunch that everything that the little prince fantasized about… was probably true.

“Are you still the Federal Prime Minister, Qiao Sai?” Yue Zhan asked again.

“It’s a part-time job.” Zhan Yu admitted honestly and said, “What did the little prince tell you?”

“Are you still a spy trained by the Federation? Yue Zhan didn’t answer and continued to interrogate.

“Shit!” Zhang Yu couldn’t help scolding this time and said, “Your little prince knows quite a lot.”

Yue Zhan’s heart sank, but the matter wasn’t over yet, because Zhang Yu said, “I heard that the little prince has warned you about many things? Didn’t he also mention the gamma-ray explosion near the asteroid belt?”

“It’s really strange. I checked afterward. No observatory in the entire Federation, including some small countries and star thieves organizations, was able to predict it. How did he know? Is it possible that the little prince has the ability to predict?

The gamma-ray explosion wasn’t predicted?

Yue Zhan was stunned when he heard his words. If even this sudden natural phenomenon was the same as those fantasies, which the little prince had known for a long time, then… if it wasn’t a prediction, what was it?

There was also the problem with the mechas. When the little prince first came to the front line, he ‘predicted’ that he would like him at first sight. At that time, he was only thinking about the little prince’s delusional disorder, but the facts proved that…

Yue Zhan couldn’t help thinking of Yue Ge’s absurd speculation, and a gleam of inspiration flashed through his mind: wouldn’t the little prince really be reborn?

Seeing him distracted, Zhang Yu quietly put down his hand, waiting for the opportunity to fight back.

But Yue Zhan soon noticed his movements, his eyes turned cold, and warned, “Don’t play tricks.”

Zhang Yu had to raise his hand again and persuaded, “Actually, you really don’t need to waste time on me. If you have this energy, you might as well go and see your little prince first.”

Yue Zhan frowned and asked, “What do you mean?”

“Guess.” Zhang Yu smiled mysteriously and suddenly became calm.

He could see that as long as the little prince was mentioned, Major General Yue would show a brief abnormality.

“As a reminder, if you don’t go to be a hero and save the beauty, the little beauty is likely to have a good time with others.” Zhang Yu smiled wantonly, as if he was sure that Yue Zhan would let him go.

Yue Zhan’s eyes darkened slightly. He wanted to use electronic handcuffs to restrict the other party, but considering the man’s tentacles, he thought for a while, then changed his gun, put a controller into the opponent’s shoulder, and finished with handcuffs.

This kind of controller was developed by the Empire to prevent the orcs of the Federation from escaping through bestialization. The people from the Sea Country and the orcs were a bit similar, but the prototypes of the Sea Country people were water creatures, and the controller should also be effective for them.

Sure enough, after being handcuffed this time, Zhang Yu couldn’t help scolding in his heart.

After Yue Zhan notified someone to take care of him, he hurried downstairs to find Yi Nuo.

In fact, they made such a big noise that it was impossible not to hear it downstairs. Although the particle gun was silenced, the sound wasn’t small.

But most people didn’t take it seriously and thought it was just a heavy fall.

Yi Nuo had been paying attention to the second floor and noticed the abnormality from the beginning. However, he had to drink two cups of wine because of flattery, causing his head to become dizzy for no reason, and a burst of heat surged in his body.

Yi Nuo immediately realized something was wrong, making his face turn cold. When he was about to leave, his feet softened, and the whole person lost his strength.

The eldest prince supported him in time and said in surprise, “Hey, didn’t you just drink two glasses? Oh, no, you’ve just become an adult. Have you never been to a bar before? Haha, little chicken!”

Yi Nuo could hardly breathe. How could he have the time to talk to him?

He tried his best to stand up and quickly looked around the crowd, only to find that he had been separated from Xie Qingran, Lu Ya and the others at some point.

“Hey, are you okay?” The eldest prince finally noticed the abnormality when he saw Yi Nuo’s face.

Several members of the federal delegation came forward one after another and said, “His Highness, are you drunk? It’s better to take a rest.”

With that, they ‘warm-heartedly’ called a waiter.

Yi Nuo grabbed the eldest prince’s clothes, gritted his teeth, and said, “I can’t… go with them.”

The dizziness and heat were inexplicable and too intense. He was almost unable to maintain his reason. He even wanted to… become a mermaid and swim in the sea now.

Although the eldest prince didn’t like Yi Nuo, there was a difference between internal and external. The two belonged to the royal family, and there was no reason to help outsiders bully his own family.

“Okay, don’t worry. I’ll find a room for you myself.” The eldest prince directly waved away the waiter and people from the federation and took Yi Nuo to find a room.

He felt that he was really kind and magnanimous. He didn’t care about Yi Nuo’s impoliteness of not calling him brother and even helped him find a room. It was rare for a prince to be as friendly as him.

Yi Nuo’s mind became even more confused because of anger. Shouldn’t he send him away at this time? Why was he still looking for a room in the State Guest House to rest? Who knows who did this to him?

The group of federalists was also dumbfounded. When the two left, they immediately gathered together to discuss—

“What should we do? The eldest prince won’t send him to the room we have arranged.”

“Then let Shanna go there.”

“But the live broadcast is only available in the room we arranged.”

“Stupid! Isn’t there still media at the scene? Go find them.”

The eldest prince helped the confused Yi Nuo into a suite and ‘kindly’ covered him with a quilt.

Yi Nuo seriously suspected that he was trying to suffocate himself to death.

“Don’t worry, I’ll help you find out who did it.” The eldest prince vowed, got up, and asked, “By the way, do you need me to find someone for you? Do you want a man or a woman?”

“No, don’t…” Yi Nuo said softly, holding on to the remaining reason.

The eldest prince was instantly stunned. He didn’t expect Yi Nuo’s voice to be so…

He awkwardly said, “Well, I’ll find you two at random.”

With that, he turned around and ran away.

After realizing that he was the only one left in the room. Yi Nuo’s sanity finally collapsed. He groaned and turned into a mermaid.

When Yue Zhan kicked the door open, he saw the young man on the bed gently closing his eyes and pulling his collar with difficulty.

His hair color had changed, and his ears had transformed from small and white to light blue ear fins. His appearance was only seven points similar to that of the little prince, but he was more beautiful, as beautiful as an elf.

Under the thin quilt, a fishtail that gradually changed from blue to nebula purple was lying quietly, flapping from time to time. It was like a stranded fish that had dried up to the point where it had no strength to jump again.

Looking at this dreamy scene, Yue Zhan was unable to speak for a moment. If it weren’t for the small dark cloud, he couldn’t believe that this was his little prince.

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