Chapter 32.1

He’s Pregnant with the Major General’s Fish Cub [Interstellar]
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Yi Nuo blinked and looked quietly at Yue Zhan who was about to pull him into his arms.

The crisp, slightly cool breath completely enveloped him, and he liked this feeling very much. But after listening to Yue Zhan’s words, he couldn’t help being a little arrogant, thinking—

[You made me feel uneasy before. Now it’s your turn to beg me, isn’t it right?]

Yue Zhan chuckled, approached Yi Nuo’s ear, and coaxed softly, “Please, Your Highness, let me help you…”

Yue Zhan paused, suddenly bit the little prince’s soft earlobe, and vaguely whispered the last two words.

Yi Nuo’s face turned red at once, his eyes were evasive, and his tone was hesitant. He forced himself and said, “Si, since you have begged me, then, that’s fine.”

After thinking for a while, he said proudly: “But let me explain first, I only agreed for the sake of the baby.”

[Of course, I’m a little afraid of dying in childbirth. Anyway, I didn’t agree with it because it is actually quite comfortable.]

Yue Zhan admired the little prince’s misgiving appearance, then he directly pinched Yi Nuo’s pointed chin with his slightly calloused fingertips and kissed him fiercely.

Probably stimulated by the little prince’s words ‘Zhong Xiwu also wanted to help in his previous life‘, Yue Zhan was very fierce, and the little prince couldn’t help crying after a while.

Yue Zhan had no choice but to coax: “Be good; it’s all for the child.”

Yi Nuo: “…”

[Okay, okay, then I’ll try harder to endure QAQ]

Yue Zhan’s breathing became stagnant, and his eyes turned red.

How can the little prince be so cute? He can’t wait to merge the other party into his blood and bones.

Zhong Xiwu returned to the dormitory where he had lived for two years in the afternoon, took off his gloves, and washed his hands carefully. After that, he brought a cup of hot tea, sat at the table, and waited quietly.

He believed that through yesterday’s and today’s mutual testing, the young man named Qiao Er must have understood his intention to cooperate.

Today’s pregnancy examination may be a tentative hint. Who would ask a doctor who has studied medicine to help with a pregnancy test knowing there’s no pregnancy? That would be mentally retarded.

The two people obviously noticed that he’s always under surveillance, so they used this method. If he cooperated with the lie, it meant that the two parties had the intention to cooperate. If he didn’t cooperate, the two people could have said they remembered wrong and are not pregnant.

Zhong Xiwu sat at the table confidently, waiting for the two to come to the door.

It’s just that an hour has passed…

Two hours…

Three hours…


Zhong Xiwu heavily put down the cold-water glass and couldn’t help getting up and walking around the room.

What happened? It was early in the morning, and those two people hadn’t come to him yet. Did he get it wrong? They wouldn’t be asleep, would they?

Yi Nuo had indeed fallen asleep at the moment, feeling very tired.

Yue Zhan was still awake. He kissed the little prince’s wet broken hair, then carefully picked up the pearls on the bed one by one, put them away, and tucked the quilt.

Twenty minutes later, he easily avoided the monitoring and sneaked into Zhong Xiwu’s dormitory.

Zhong Xiwu was sitting at the table with his hands supporting his head, almost falling asleep. Seeing Yue Zhan coming in, he finally breathed a sigh of relief and said, “It’s okay, I didn’t guess wrong.”

Yue Zhan raised his eyes, glanced at him lightly, and went straight to the subject, “Dr. Zhong should intend to cooperate with us?”

Zhong Xiwu raised his eyebrows and said, “Aren’t you the same? You should be from the Third Army of the Empire, right?”

Yue Zhan nodded and said, “Since we want to cooperate, let’s make a long story short. Let’s talk about each other first. How did Dr. Zhong fall into the desolate star? What about the base garrison…”

It was supposed to be a long story short, but by the time they finished talking, it was almost dawn.

Yue Zhan skillfully avoided the surveillance and returned to his and Yi Nuo’s room.

Yi Nuo was confused and noticed someone in front of the bed. At first, he didn’t wake up completely, but when he did, he suddenly shuddered.

Yue Zhan took off his jacket, and when he looked down and saw the little prince looking at him with a frightened face, he couldn’t help bending over and whispering, “It’s me.”

After Yi Nuo saw him clearly, he felt relieved, but then he felt that something was wrong and asked, “Did you go out?”

“Yeah.” Yue Zhan nodded. After taking off his jacket, he put his knee on the bed, wanting to climb the bed.

Who would have thought that Yi Nuo raised his foot and stepped on his chest, blocking his forward movement, frowned, and said, “Do you still have the strength to go out?”

Yue Zhan: “…” Why shouldn’t he have the strength to go out?

[The key is that he went out just after we did some bed exercise. Am I so unattractive? Or does he have other fish outside… ah no, I don’t mind that.]

[I was wondering, what is he doing going out so late? He actually lied to me, aren’t we considered to be close comrades-in-arms living and dying together? He even deceives his comrades…]

Yue Zhan’s eyes were filled with terrible emotions. He suddenly grabbed Yi Nuo’s slightly thin ankle, rubbed his thumb on the ankle bone, leaned down, and asked in a low voice, “Your Highness, do you mind if I went out to meet others just now?”

When Yi Nuo met his eyes, he suddenly felt a little flustered, trying to retract his legs, and said bluntly, “No, no.”

But he couldn’t shrink back…

Yue Zhan suddenly leaned over, held him down, and kissed him.

A moment later, Yi Nuo was held in his arms, gasping.

Yue Zhan stroked his back and explained, “I went to see Zhong Xiwu to discuss cooperation…”

“Oh.” Yi Nuo interrupted him and said, “He doesn’t need you to visit him. He is more in a hurry than you.”

Yue Zhan chuckled and thought: The little prince really knows everything.

“But he has no ability to evade surveillance.”

“That’s true.” Yi Nuo nodded, changed to a more comfortable position, nestled in Yue Zhan’s arms, and asked, “Then what did you talk about?”

Yue Zhan did not hide it from him, and said directly, “Zhong Xiwu said that there are many prisoners in the base besides us… Most of the experimental subjects are soldiers and star thieves, and they can be recruited. The defense strength of the base is not strong or weak. It is mainly concentrated in the four corners of east, west, north, and south, and the leader is Ke Luo…”

Yi Nuo’s eyes lit up, he immediately understood what he meant, and took over his words: “Let’s rescue the prisoners first, and at the same time solve Ke Luo, disintegrate their power, and leave them headless for a while. In this way, we can rob their airships and leave the desolate star…”

Yue Zhan caressed the little dark cloud above his head and said, “Yes, that’s right.”

“The base’s defensive strength is not strong, but there are several fleets outside the barren star that are closely monitoring the situation here. It’s easy for us to leave the barren star, but it’s a bit difficult to leave this galaxy.”

“This is also the reason why we were not found when we made an emergency landing. The base’s ability is limited, and it’s impossible to fully capture all the aircraft that land on the barren star. We entered this galaxy because of the cosmic storm. At that time, the nearby fleet must have been disturbed by it, so they didn’t find us.”

Yi Nuo: “Oh, then we’re lucky.” It must be my protagonist’s halo in action!

Yue Zhan: “…”

“Since we can’t rush out, what are we going to do?” Yi Nuo asked.

Yue Zhan smiled and said, “We’ll do what His Highness just said.”

“Huh?” Yi Nuo looked puzzled.

“Although the peripheral blockade is difficult to break, as long as the base is taken down, we will have weapons. It is possible to organize it.” Yue Zhan’s tone was flat, and no doubt or certainty could be heard.

But Yi Nuo felt that he would definitely succeed. After all, what did everyone say? Yue stack was the best at winning more with less.

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