Chapter 21 – The little prince doesn’t even distinguish between men and women?

He’s Pregnant with the Major General’s Fish Cub [Interstellar]
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“How could this have happened? Weren’t you notified?” Yi Nuo asked Alan puzzledly on the phone.

Listening to his words, Xie Qingran frowned slightly, showing obvious disappointment with the result.

Yue Zhan was calm and relaxed, not showing any surprise.

On the other end of the phone, Alan said embarrassedly, “Well, Your Highness, it’s not like you don’t know His Majesty’s character. He was busy grabbing the cake from the Zong family with other nobles and let the old man run away.”

Yi Nuo: “…”

Well, he really shouldn’t have any expectations for his father.

Cough, but don’t worry, Your Highness, we didn’t work in vain. Because of you, Grandpa and I were lucky to be placed among the people His Majesty sent to take over Zong’s company.”

“Is that the point now?” Yi Nuo was a little angry and said: “There are many of us that haven’t slept for three days and nights. As a result, Zong Qingxu escapedunder the Emperor’s nose? He killed so many people. How could we let him run away?”

“But I can’t take the blame. If His Majesty had asked me to catch him, I definitely wouldn’t have let him run away.” Alan said depressedly.

Yi Nuo: “…” Blame my father!

Yue Zhan suddenly got up, walked over to Yi Nuo, cut off the call, and comforted, “Calm down, Zong Qingxu can’t escape.”

Yi Nuo “?”

Yue Zhan smiled and said, “I’ve positioned people near the Imperial Capital Star and the Third Galaxy. Now I think I’ve caught him.”

Yi Nuo: “!!!”

[As expected of a big boss, he’s really thoughtful.]

Yue Zhan rubbed his head and also touched the little dark cloud.

Yi Nuo: “?”

[Why does it feel so comfortable every time Yue Zhan rubs my head?]

Yue Zhan: “…”

He glanced thoughtfully at the little dark cloud that was rubbing against him coquettishly.


Zong Qingxu ran in such a hurry that he didn’t even think about his son and lover.

He never thought that he would destroy the Zong family’s centuries of foundation .

Three days ago, he was still the patriarch of the Zong family that everyone admired. But three days later, he was like a rat crossing the street. Everyone avoided him like the plague, and his former allies were busy dividing up his family’s property…

All it took was three days!

No, to be exact, he didn’t take this crisis seriously until a day ago. But his world turned upside down in just 24 hours.

Little prince! Yi Nuo! Who on earth is hiding behind him? How could he know there was something wrong in the mecha? And why could he accurately find Xie Qingran? Why…

Zong Qingxu gritted his teeth in anger.

If Yi Nuo knew what he was thinking, he would say modestly: everything is guided by the protagonist’s halo.

But Zong Qingxu was destined not to know this. At this time, he was sitting on a ship fleeing to the Third Galaxy, calling the patriarch of the Mei En family.

“Mr. Mei En, I asked Zong Ming to upgrade the system because of your threat. We are grasshoppers on a rope. You can’t ignore me.” Zong Qingxu threatened.

“No, I think you’re wrong.” With a glass of red wine in his hand, the Planet Lord said leisurely, “You are the one who betrayed your country and family. It has nothing to do with me. You say I threatened you, but do you have any evidence?”

Zong Qingxu was so angry that his face turned blue. He didn’t expect the patriarch of the Mei En family to turn his face so quickly.

Mei En still thought it wasn’t enough and continued to stimulate him, “Besides, do you think His Highness dares to move the Third Galaxy? The blame for the mecha problem case is only dooming the Zong family.”

“The little prince really has some ability to make Yue Zhan work for him, but that’s all. His Majesty won’t let him continue to investigate because the Empire can’t afford a rebellion from a Planet Lord.”

Zong Qingxu certainly knew this, but he was unwilling. Why should he carry all the blame when they betrayed the country together?

“His Majesty won’t, but what about Yue Zhan?” Zong Qingxu decided to provoke him till the end, “In the article written by the little prince’s party, it was directly pointed out that a certain planet lord of the Third Galaxy was also involved, they have long suspected you.”

“Don’t forget about the front line. Although the little prince reminded him in time, Yue Zhan still lost thousands of mecha soldiers and nearly 10,000 mechas in the last battle.”

“His Majesty will consider the overall situation and may not hold you accountable. However, Yue Zhan’s decision is uncertain. Backing him is the Third Army commanded by his father. Do you think he will just swallow his breath?”

Because of his last words, Mei En’s expression finally changed.

But before he could say anything, Zong Qingxu’s airship was attacked.

They were both stunned. Then Zong Qingxu laughed and said, “It’s Yue Zhan, it must be Yue Zhan! Mei En, Mei En, I’m almost in the Third Galaxy, and Yue Zhan still dares to ambush. It’s evident that he doesn’t take you seriously at all. When he knows that you are the mastermind…”

Before he finished speaking, the call was interrupted.

Zong Qingxu’s words did have some impact on Mei En, but only a little.

Mei En wasn’t afraid of Yue Zhan as he didn’t think the other party would take the initiative to provoke disputes. After all, if they fought, they were likely to cause civil unrest in the Empire.

However, he also didn’t want to show he had a bad relationship with Yue Zhan on the bright side.

After thinking for a moment, he called his confidant and ordered, “Zong Qingxu is near the Third Galaxy; you must solve it, don’t let Yue Zhan’s people take him away. Also, you can’t let the little prince continue to investigate the mecha problem case.”

The confidant hesitated and said, “Then… shall we pressure His Majesty?”

Mei En shook his head and said, “The little prince is very popular now among the people. The sudden suspension of his post will inevitably cause public dissatisfaction.”

Confidant: “Then…”

“We can only ruin his reputation and let him take the initiative to leave the investigation team.” Mei En said, “I heard the Federation is going to dispatch envoys for peace talks and send a beauty to His Majesty. At that time, will they pass through the Blue Star?”

The confidant immediately understood his meaning, said, “Don’t worry”, and left.

Mei En shook the wine cup, took a sip, and smiled confidently, “What better way to destroy a clean person favored by the people than peach news? You Highness Yi Nuo, it’s fortunate that you’re an adult. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be that simple.”

The confidant worked quickly and soon blew up Zong Qingxu’s airship into fireworks. At the same time, he contacted the Federation and asked them to act according to the circumstances when they arrived at Blue Star.

But what Mei En didn’t expect was that Yue Zhan had long been on guard against him. Before the airship was attacked, Zong Qingxu had been secretly escorted to Blue Star by Yue Zhan’s people.

Moreover, Yue Zhan and Yi Nuo didn’t have any doubts and determined that he was the mastermind.

At the moment, he still thought confidently that as long as the little prince couldn’t continue to investigate, Yue Zhan wouldn’t have any evidence and couldn’t do anything to the Third Galaxy.


“Now that Zong Qingxu and his son have been caught, they will be sentenced to death sooner or later. The Zong family’s property will be… reluctantly nationalized, but what about Mei En. He’s the mastermind.” After hearing that Zong Qingxu had been arrested, Yi Nuo began to worry about another person.

Although he secretly complained in his heart that his father emperor always allowed the planet lords to gain more power, he also knew that this problem had existed since the establishment of the Empire. The planet lords couldn’t be moved lightly or it would lead to internal chaos.

Xie Qingran also said, “It’s not a problem to move the Mei En family. The main issue is that the other planet lords will feel threatened and stick together.”

“Then let the Mei En family change its head.” Yue Zhan said in a dangerous tone.

They can’t do it openly, so what about in the dark? He had to settle the score on account of the frontline no matter what.

With that, he suddenly asked Yi Nuo, “The investigation of the Zong family is almost over. Next, His Majesty may not let His Highness continue to investigate. When does His Highness plan to return to the Imperial Capital Star?”

Yi Nuo was stunned for a moment and thought subconsciously—

[It’s time to go back? Time really flies.]

The corners of Yue Zhan’s lips bent and said, “In fact, His Highness should stay at the base for a while in case Mei En wants to take any detrimental actions against His Highness. After all, there seem to be some problems with the strength of the imperial guards; they can’t even catch a person.”

Yi Nuo: “…”

He turned his head and looked at Lu Ya, the captain of his guards, and Luo Yuanjie, the captain of the delegation guards, thinking that they might want to hit someone now.

Xie Qingran looked at him and then at Yue Zhan with a thoughtful expression.

Of course, Yue Zhan was selfish. He just figured out his thoughts on the little prince. How could Yue Zhan let people run away like this? However, he was indeed considering the safety of the little prince.

As long as the little prince didn’t leave the base, he could guarantee that Mei En won’t be able to move a single hair of the little prince.

It’s a pity that after these remarks came out, the little prince almost had an accident a few days later.


Two days later, the Federation’s peace delegation arrived at Blue Star.

Yi Nuo learned the news from the internet because the eldest prince brought Princess Lily to meet them in Blue Star in person.

Because of this, the eldest prince was scolded by the netizens, saying that he was weak and worthless. When the defeated country came to negotiate peace, why was he, a prince, rushing to meet with them? Were they on the same level?

“The Federation is coming for peace talks?” Yi Nuo was surprised when he saw the news at dinner.

“Yes.” Yue Zhan nodded. He didn’t take the matter seriously and continued to help him pick fish bones.

Yi Nuo couldn’t help being surprised and asked, “Why didn’t you mention it? Don’t you need to prepare a reception?”

“Reception?” Yue Zhan thought to himself: I’m nice enough by not beating them up, but you want me to receive them in person?

“Let Major General Lin arrange it.” Yue Zhan still didn’t take the matter seriously and reminded, “Your Highness, don’t meet with them so that netizens don’t think you’re here to welcome them and scold you.”

Yi Nuo: “…” It seemed that everyone knew about his eldest brother’s showy behavior.

He said he wouldn’t, but the next night, Yi Nuo met a member of the federal delegation.

It was a girl, wearing a beautiful and gorgeous princess dress adorned with diamonds, her smile was bright and generous, and her beauty was beyond measure.

But when Yi Nuo saw a red star-shaped birthmark at the corner of her eye, his whole body froze.

[Star-shaped birthmark, isn’t that the future Prime Minister of the Empire? He was ‘my’ next target after seducing Yue Zhan, Hu Yichen and Xie Qingran. Because he almost rolled in the sheets with me, he was nearly castrated by Yue Zhan…]

Yue Zhan, who just approached: “…”

Yue Zhan saw the little prince looking straight at a girl from a distance and hurried over with a cold heart. But as soon as he approached, he heard the little prince’s inner thoughts, and his expression was hard to describe.

What did he mean by another target of seduction? Isn’t this too fast?

Also, because of his delusional disorder, the little prince can’t tell the difference between male and female?

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