Chapter 9 – You want to attract his attention with this?

Reborn as the Villain President’s Cat & Dog [Entertainment Circle]
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Si JunDuo changed his clothes and came to find Wen Mingyi, who was still staring at his closet, as if he didn’t know what to wear.

He picked out two clothes for Wen Mingyi. “Wear these.”

Wen Mingyi gave a look of distaste at the black casual shirt and jeans in front of him. “It’s too simple.”

“Are you going to the company, or a catwalk?” Si JunDuo stuffed the clothes into his hands. “Put them on, I’ll wait for you outside.”

Wen Mingyi reluctantly changed his clothes. He grabbed his mobile phone and went downstairs to have breakfast together. During the meal, he checked his WeChat and saw the message sent by Yang-jie earlier.

Sign a contract?

Wen Mingyi sneered. Anyone could sign it but he will never do it again!

In his previous life, because he trusted Yang-jie, he had listened to her words and signed casually. As a result, just before it was official, Yang-jie had formed a team of five to perform together.

Wen Mingyi had been reluctant, but he had already signed the contract. He agreed but he never expected that three men would have one play, and five men would be able to arrange ten plays!1A Chinese idiom (三个男人一台戏,五个男人能排列组合十台戏) that mainly stresses on if you have more people, you can make even more ‘plays’.

Most of his black material had come from his team-mates’ ‘accidental slip of tongue’.

Other than Song He, he fell out with the rest of the group. Netizens had flooded to see their ugly fights and pushed all the blame on him. Their reason: If Wen Mingyi was really not bad, then how on earth could three of the four team-mates dislike him.

It was too childish for him. Wen Mingyi paid the penalty fee to terminate the contract and withdrew from the team. Seeing this, the netizens confirmed that he himself had problems. Those three team-mates had insinuated him during an interview.

Wen Mingyi couldn’t bear it. He clicked on Weibo and was about to reveal the ugly faces of the three of them in private. However, he then saw Jiang Zimo. Initially, he had wanted to teach Jiang Zimo a lesson before beating the three-headed dog in hell. Who knew, during the quarrel, Jiang Zimo’s push would hastily end his life.

What a bad memory, Wen Mingyi recalled. He was so miserable; he couldn’t help but sympathize with himself.

Not signing. Wen Mingyi replied to Yang-jie while drinking soy milk.

Yang-jie called him directly. “What do you mean you’re not signing? Are you still half-awake?”

“No. I just don’t want to sign it,” Wen Mingyi replied.

“Wen Mingyi, think about it. There are plenty of idols in this circle. If you don’t sign now, no company would sign you in the future!”

“En.” Wen Mingyi ate the steamed buns indifferently.

“Are you planning to sign with other companies? Let me remind you, the talent show you debuted on was not the most popular, it’s ratings are average. The conditions that our company is giving you are very advantageous. You can’t find a better contract anywhere else.”

“En.” Wen Mingyi nodded.

Yang-jie listened to his perfunctory tone, and fumed, “Can’t you say something else?”

Wen Mingyi thought she was a little annoying. “Are you finished? I want to hang up.”

“Have you found your next home?” Yang-jie asked.

“Not yet.” Wen Mingyi frankly said, “I just don’t want to sign a contract, nothing else.”

“Wen Mingyi, let me tell you, don’t think that you’re great because you have a few fans now. Every year in this competition, there are a large number of people selected with huge numbers of fans supporting them. In the end, only a spoonful can make it into this circle. Don’t think you’re great just because you’ve won first place. If you don’t sign this contract, you’ll become one of those: a has been”.

Wen Mingyi snorted coldly and gave an uncaring reply.

His nonchalant attitude maddened Yang-jie the most. “Since you have the ability, I would want to see what will be your outcome after this. Don’t come crying to me a few months later.”

“You think too much.” Wen Mingyi finished the last bite of the buns, unbothered. “You know my personality. Am I such a person?”

He hung up, leaving Yang-jie gnashing her teeth at the phone.

Si JunDuo was sitting beside him, listening to the whole scene, right until Wen Mingyi placed his phone on the table. “What happened?”

Wen Mingyi was aware that Si JunDuo had not been satisfied with his move to participate in the talent competition after the college entrance examination. He briefly condensed the call, “An entertainment company wanted to sign me, but I refused”.

“Do you still plan to stay in the entertainment industry?”

Asked this question, Wen Mingyi stared at the eggs on the plate, not knowing how to answer.

Si JunDuo put his chopsticks down. He hesitated, before asking in a low voice, “Is the reason for entering the entertainment industry your father?”

Wen Mingyi unconsciously raised his head to look at him.

Si Jun Duo looked at him with gentle and encompassing eyes, just like the bottomless sea and an endless sky.

“Do you want to attract his attention to you?”

Wen Mingyi spoke after a long time, “Yes.”

Unlike Si JunDuo’s family which was a huge business empire, Wen Mingyi’s family was a family full of artistic atmosphere.

Wen Mingyi’s mother, Wen Wei, was an internationally renowned photographer who held photography exhibitions worldwide and had won the highest international photography award. In this life, she loved the camera the most — using it to record everything, especially the fleeting beauty and shock of nature.

Because of her love for the lens, Wen Wei chose Zhao Wangyu among her many suitors. He too, was obsessed with the lens. A well-known director in China, holding a high reputation in the world. His movies and scenes were so engaging, so much that at just twenty two years of age, with his debut work, he won the Golden Phoenix Best Director Award at the International Film Festival.

Since then, there had been many of his excellent works winning major domestic and foreign film awards. There were even Oscar nominations in the first two years.

The appearance of a talented woman is a match made in heaven2A Chinese idiom (郎才女貌,天作之合). Two people whose life intertwined with the camera, got married in a low-key manner.

After they married, the two had a child. Wen Wei fancied her surname and wanted their child to use her surname. Zhao Wangyu had no objection to this, thus peacefully naming the child, hoping that their child would have a bright future.

Because of the child’s birth, both of them had reduced their workload. Wen Wei temporarily gave up photography and stayed at home with Wen Mingyi.

This continued until Wen Mingyi graduated from elementary school.

Si JunDuo’s mother Ji Siyao, and Wen Wei were best friends. Living closeby, Ji Siyao’s family had watched Wen Mingyi grow up, especially Si JunDuo. He cared for Wen Mingyi as his younger brother.

Therefore, Wen Wei and Zhao Wangyu were relieved to entrust Wen Mingyi to Si JunDuo. “Be a good child and listen to your ge.” They packed their suitcases and returned to their careers.

Originally, they both were the top figures in the industry. In order to take care of Wen Mingyi, they had to withdraw many invitations before. Now that they returned, they naturally became busy. In the beginning, they would see Wen Mingyi once in a few months, but as time passed, they returned home only once a year.

Wen Mingyi went from crying to find his parents at first, to getting used to the absence of his parents and living in Si JunDuo’s house, and then to the rebellious period, eager to attract the attention of his parents.

Looking back now, Wen Mingyi felt his rebellion period in high school was simply too long. It was as if he had to be rebellious just for the sake of being rebellious.

Once, in his Junior High school, he heard someone talking about him behind his back, saying that he was obviously not a child of the Si family, but was still living in the Si family. Too shameless.

Others badmouthed that he was such a poor worm that his parents didn’t want, and could only pester Si JunDuo.

In hindsight, those words were full of naked jealousy.

After all, compared to the visible dazzle of Si Family and Si JunDuo, no one knew that the movie they were talking about the other day was made by Wen Mingyi’s father. No one knew that the hotly searched photo exhibition was organised by Wen Mingyi’s mother.

Wen Mingyi didn’t want to say either.

That time, with those rumors, Wen Mingyi directed all his resentment towards his parents and Si JunDuo.

He resented his parents’ busy career. He resented Si JunDuo’s overwhelming care that made his parents assured that he could be left with Si JunDuo.

Every time he called, his parents would say, “You have Jun Jun to take care of you, Mother can rest assured. If you have anything you’re embarrassed to tell your godmother, just tell your ge. Listen carefully to what your ge says, okay?”

At that time, Wen Mingyi even felt that if there was no Si JunDuo, his parents would not be so relieved. He would not be left alone, only able to see them once during the Chinese New Year.

His feelings worsened after Si JunDuo’s college entrance examination had ended.

  • 1
    A Chinese idiom (三个男人一台戏,五个男人能排列组合十台戏) that mainly stresses on if you have more people, you can make even more ‘plays’.
  • 2
    A Chinese idiom (郎才女貌,天作之合)

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