Chapter 8 – You can only choose one. Me or Him?

Reborn as the Villain President’s Cat & Dog [Entertainment Circle]
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Chapter 6 - Becoming Cinderella at 9 o'clock Chapter 7 - Wen Mingyi: You are such a flirt~ Chapter 8 - You can only choose one. Me or Him? Chapter 9 - You want to attract his attention with this? Chapter 10 - I will look after you. Forever and ever. Chapter 11 - I want to see you end any relations you have with him Chapter 12 - The Two versus the White Lotus Chapter 13 - Turning into a cat to follow you Chapter 14 - Si Junduo: Sorry. Not for touching Chapter 15 - Si Junduo: Be good. Chapter 16 - No one is more important than Wen Mingyi Chapter 17 - Back to School Chapter 18 - Someone’s being picky Chapter 19 - Face-slapping Chapter 20 - Wen Mingyi: Dog dealers have abducted me! Chapter 21 - Wen Mingyi, the male god of dogs, is born! Chapter 22 - Husky meets husky. Both eyes gleam with radiance. Chapter 23 - The Great Dog Escapade Chapter 24 - In that moment, Si Junduo’s heart could finally relax Chapter 25 - Hot on Search Engine - Wen Mingyi saves dogs; gets flamed Chapter 26.1 - Exposed, Wen Mingyi kisses his male lover in public Chapter 26.2 - Exposed, Wen Mingyi kisses his male lover in public Chapter 27 - The first film meeting & Ming Ming saw Jiang Zimo again Chapter 28 - Scram, Jiang Zimo. Si Junduo: No kiss scenes allowed Chapter 29 - 'Pet’s Romance' official announcement; Zheng Feng dies from anger Chapter 30 - Shang Chengze schemes while filming & Si Junduo’s night meeting with Wen Mingyi Chapter 31 - Shang Chengze's death begins Chapter 32 - Whoever wants to humiliate me, I’ll retaliate back Chapter 33 - Youth and Cat; multiple damage from netizens Chapter 34 - Jiang Zimo's scheming; Wen Bo makes a secret move Chapter 35 - Wen Mingyi, the cat-eared youth Chapter 36 - Ge Ge frowned and realized things were not that simple Chapter 37 - "Not for him. For you.” Chapter 38 - What's mine is yours, and yours is still yours. Chapter 39 - Don't you think you two are quite suitable? Chapter 40 - The cheating scum cat Wen Mingyi Chapter 41 - Don’t you think you actually like him? Chapter 42 - The weather is cold; let the Wen's family go bankrupt bah Chapter 43 - Wanting but hesitating to kiss Chapter 44 - The only important thing, the only irreplaceable thing, was Wen Mingyi Chapter 45 - An intimacy that can’t be given up Chapter 46 - The final exam. The Internet’s smoke is happening at any moment

Wen Mingyi felt the generation gap. Si JunDuo was five years older than him. As the saying goes, there is a generation gap every three years. Probably because they had always been together since their childhood, Wen Mingyi hadn’t felt any generation gap. Until today. Unexpectedly, Si JunDuo did not know any of the internet buzzwords he knew!

Wen Mingyi pitied him. He was finally reborn, but this Si JunDuo doesn’t even understand the quote “You’re a flirt”1Taken from the show (你好骚啊) . How will he tear up Jiang Zimo’s hypocritical face with this! Wen Mingyi couldn’t wait to open that video right now and let his brother see what “rebirth” revenge is. But with Si JunDuo’s temperament, there might not even be this chance.

Ge, truth to be told, I found someone to calculate a divination before. Jiang Zimo and I were born to fight each other. It’s me or him. You can only choose one. Who will you choose?”

“Is this truth you did not want me to tell others about?”

Wen Mingyi nodded calmly.

Si JunDuo’s head throbbed. “Ming Ming, should I believe this at all?”

“Then you just wait and see my dead body on the street.”

Si JunDuo frowned. “What nonsense. Go slap your bad mouth.”

Wen Mingyi stretched out his hand and slapped his mouth three times. Feeling vexed, “You don’t have to believe it but don’t regret it in the future.”

Si JunDuo: …

Si JunDuo took a towel and dried his hair fiercely. “Stop your babble.”

Wen Mingyi was a little aggrieved when he heard this. This was not rubbish. In his previous life, he was indeed killed by Jiang Zimo, dying on the street.

“I’m like this. Why don’t you listen to me and keep a distance from him. Do you like him that way? You know I don’t like him and yet you want to keep in contact with him. Didn’t you say before, you don’t like people that I don’t like? Why is it when I said I don’t like him anymore, you still want to contact him?” Wen Mingyi said angrily, “You used to love me very much, and you ignored people I hated. Why has it changed now? Is Jiang Zimo more important than me?”

When Si JunDuo heard these words, his busy hand froze.

Just when he was about to say something, he saw Wen Mingyi raising his head, with grievances, stubbornness, and some anger in his eyes. Several emotions converged, like a river that was turbulent.

“I don’t care, you can only choose one. Me or Jiang Zimo. If you insist on continuing to contact him, then I, I will…” Wen Mingyi said, the grievances in his eyes slowly faded. Stubbornness and anger prevailed.

Si JunDuo looked into his eyes and listened to what was in his mouth. He recalled what Wen Mingyi said when he slammed the door a few days ago, “You thought wrongly that I would come back. If I hadn’t seen you so infatuated with him, I would not even bother returning to warn you. My life’s going well. If you didn’t suddenly appear in our school, I would have forgotten who you are! Anyway, I will move out tomorrow. Who you allow to stay over is none of my concern!”

Si JunDuo’s eyes had darkened unconsciously, and he also stared back with an icy gaze. “What’s up with you? You’re moving out? Are you back to the cold war with me in your third year of high school? Is it so hard to just ignore him when you meet with Jiang Zimo? ”

Si JunDuo retracted his hand. He threw the towel aside, and sneered, “Try and see if I will let you back again.”

Wen Mingyi looked at the scowl in his eyes, unconsciously feeling a little scared. He had intended to say that, but now the fool knew he couldn’t say that. He looked at the almost predatory eyes of Si JunDuo, his mind flew quickly, “Who said I want to move out.”

Wen Mingyi raised his head and said, “There is my bedroom here, why should I move out? It is not as if he has a bedroom here!” He thought of a move almost instantly and looked decisively at Si JunDuo, “You know he likes you. If you insist on continuing to contact him, that means you don’t reject him to be your boyfriend. When that happens, I will also find a boyfriend. In any case you are my role model. Learning from you will never be wrong.”

“Stop being so mischievous!” Si JunDuo did not expect that he actually had such a thought. He was infuriated by Wen Mingyi. “You don’t like men. What joke about finding boyfriends.”

“I didn’t like them before. But if you choose Jiang Zimo, then I also want to experience what is so good that you forsake me for that man.

Si JunDuo Ming knew Wen Mingyi said this purely to anger him, but he was still afraid that he would have such an idea. “You are too irresponsible to everyone around you.”

“Youths are young and frivolous,” Wen Mingyi recited calmly, “How about this. I’ll look for Jiang Zimo. Don’t you find I have a prejudice against him? That I should get to know more about him? Good, I will chase him. Since you think he is good, then there must be something admirable in him. Once I get together with him, Ge, since you like him so much, you will definitely support us, right? If I can’t catch him, then he wouldn’t suit you but Wenbo instead. If I lose to you, I will accept defeat. If we lose to Wenbo, then as brothers, we can just cry together for a while and cherish our lost love.”

Wen Mingyi finished speaking. He smiled and asked, “What do you think, Ge?”

You are indeed asking for a beating!

Si JunDuo felt that he was too laxed with Wen Mingyi, hence Wen Mingyi’s current lawless character.

Wen Mingyi looked at Si JunDuo’s angry but helpless expression. He felt somewhat relieved. “How about it, Ge? Do you want us to chase him together?”

Si JunDuo raised his hand and slapped the back of his head. “Try making me angry once more.”

Wen Mingyi stretched out his hand and massaged his head. The strength used by Si JunDuo was not strong. Even with being hit, it didn’t hurt. Wen Mingyi wasn’t afraid of him. He continued, “Anyway, you have the right to choose. I leave the decision to you. Whatever I said, I meant it.”

Si JunDuo sighed. Finally he could only say, “I’ll just listen to you, alright?”

Wen Mingyi was instantly happy. “Really? Ge, you really do love me.”

Si JunDuo scoffed. “If I don’t love you anymore, you will love other men. Can I bear that?”

Wen Mingyi stood up and hugged Si JunDou’s arm, smiling obediently. “Don’t worry, Ge, as long as you break contact with Jiang Zimo, I promise, I will definitely not like men; I’ll be as straight as telegraph poles.”

Si JunDuo looked at the smile on his face, tempted to beat him up, but he couldn’t bear so. There was nothing he could do with this little ancestor.

“Change clothes and we’ll go to work.”

Wen Mingyi happily responded, let go of his hand, and began to pick clothes for himself. Thinking that he would meet Jiang Zimo in a while, Wen Mingyi hesitated in front of a pile of clothes. What should he wear to crush that little white lotus and make him feel so embarrassed that he would not lift his head in front of him?

A jersey!

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    Taken from the show (你好骚啊)

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