Chapter 69 – He leaned over and embraced Si Junduo.

Reborn as the Villain President’s Cat & Dog [Entertainment Circle]
66 Chapters

Chapter 6 - Becoming Cinderella at 9 o'clock Chapter 7 - Wen Mingyi: You are such a flirt~ Chapter 8 - You can only choose one. Me or Him? Chapter 9 - You want to attract his attention with this? Chapter 10 - I will look after you. Forever and ever. Chapter 11 - I want to see you end any relations you have with him Chapter 12 - The Two versus the White Lotus Chapter 13 - Turning into a cat to follow you Chapter 14 - Si Junduo: Sorry. Not for touching Chapter 15 - Si Junduo: Be good. Chapter 16 - No one is more important than Wen Mingyi Chapter 17 - Back to School Chapter 18 - Someone’s being picky Chapter 19 - Face-slapping Chapter 20 - Wen Mingyi: Dog dealers have abducted me! Chapter 21 - Wen Mingyi, the male god of dogs, is born! Chapter 22 - Husky meets husky. Both eyes gleam with radiance. Chapter 23 - The Great Dog Escapade Chapter 24 - In that moment, Si Junduo’s heart could finally relax Chapter 25 - Hot on Search Engine - Wen Mingyi saves dogs; gets flamed Chapter 26.1 - Exposed, Wen Mingyi kisses his male lover in public Chapter 26.2 - Exposed, Wen Mingyi kisses his male lover in public Chapter 27 - The first film meeting & Ming Ming saw Jiang Zimo again Chapter 28 - Scram, Jiang Zimo. Si Junduo: No kiss scenes allowed Chapter 29 - 'Pet’s Romance' official announcement; Zheng Feng dies from anger Chapter 30 - Shang Chengze schemes while filming & Si Junduo’s night meeting with Wen Mingyi Chapter 31 - Shang Chengze's death begins Chapter 32 - Whoever wants to humiliate me, I’ll retaliate back Chapter 33 - Youth and Cat; multiple damage from netizens Chapter 34 - Jiang Zimo's scheming; Wen Bo makes a secret move Chapter 35 - Wen Mingyi, the cat-eared youth Chapter 36 - Ge Ge frowned and realized things were not that simple Chapter 37 - “Not for him. For you.” Chapter 38 - What's mine is yours, and yours is still yours. Chapter 39 - Don't you think you two are quite suitable? Chapter 40 - The cheating scum cat Wen Mingyi Chapter 41 - Don’t you think you actually like him? Chapter 42 - The weather is cold; let the Wen's family go bankrupt bah Chapter 43 - Wanting but hesitating to kiss Chapter 44 - The only important thing, the only irreplaceable thing, was Wen Mingyi Chapter 45 - An intimacy that can’t be given up Chapter 46 - The final exam. The Internet’s smoke is happening at any moment Chapter 47 - Ming Ming’s university life Chapter 48 - Hold onto me ya & Audition success Chapter 49 - Exposed: Wen Mingyi, the college examinations top scorer Chapter 50 - Up on the Hot Search once more. Zheng Feng dies of anger yet again Chapter 51 - Public service commercial & Viewing the stars Chapter 52 - “You carry me back ba. Chapter 53 - Giving half of his rice bowl to Si Junduo Chapter 54 - Emergency evacuation! Something happened in the village! Chapter 55 - If Wen Mingyi really had an accident, what should he do! Chapter 56 - Si Junduo gave him a hug Chapter 57 - I find that he rather likes you Chapter 58 - Kiss and kiss again Chapter 59 - Kang Jie's thank-you gift & Wen Wei’s return home Chapter 60 - Wen Mingyi and Wen Wei's night talk & a friend's daughter? Chapter 61 - I’m angry! The kind that cannot be coaxed! Chapter 62.1 - Wen Mingyi approached him and gave him a loud kiss Chapter 62.2 - Wen Mingyi approached him and gave him a loud kiss Chapter 63 - Wen Mingyi's being frank about his troubles. Li Yuanqing's eyes are piercing Chapter 64 - Bian Jinyuan summarises in a sentence; Si Junduo probes.  Chapter 65 - I’m your fan Chapter 66 - He likes Wen Mingyi Chapter 67 - Si Junduo actually rejected him! Was he blind?! Chapter 68 - I will always be yours Chapter 69 - He leaned over and embraced Si Junduo.

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This was not within Si Junduo’s expectation. Never did he expect Wen Mingyi to say this to him one day. He looked at the red-eyed youth in front of him with a helpless sigh, reaching out a hand to wipe the tears away.

“Why are you crying? How old are you already? Still crying.”

Wen Mingyi lowered his head unconsciously, resting it on Si Junduo’s lap quietly, like a well-behaved obedient little beast.

He had always known that the past three years were a scar for Si Junduo. It was just that Si Junduo had never picked on that, never saying anything. He, Wen Mingyi, didn’t want to think about it too, so the two people just turned the page over.

But in a place he was unable to see, how did Si Junduo live? Every time he was left angered and helpless, how did Si Junduo feel?

It was not that Wen Mingyi did not think about it, but that he didn’t dare to. He didn’t dare to recall what he’d said and did back then. Yet for the first time Si Junduo told him how he’d felt, and Wen Mingyi felt sad — not for himself, but for Si Junduo.

He fell on Si Junduo’s knee, crying silently, his heart full of guilt and repentance.

If he could, he would want to be reborn three years ago, reborn to the time where he had not yet moved out because of rebellion, but he couldn’t. Everything had already happened, and he was unable to make up for it. He tried to pull out the nail hammered onto the fence, but the nail hole was still there.

At first glance, it was full of scars.

Wen Mingyi hugged Si Junduo’s knees, shedding tears full of sadness and regret.

Si Junduo did not expect that he would cry more and more fiercely. When he’d said those things to Wen Mingyi, he hadn’t wanted to dispute about the past, simply wanting to tell him his own reasons. But now Wen Mingyi was crying uncontrollably because of his own words. This was not what he wanted.

He stretched out his hand to lift Wen Mingyi’s head, but Wen Mingyi refused. When Si Junduo saw this, he did not force him. He put his arm around Wen Mingyi’s neck and coaxed in a good voice, “Don’t cry. Are the words I say to you solely to make you cry?”

He took a few pieces of tissue and handed them to Wen Mingyi. “Wipe your tears away. There is nothing to cry for. I am not blaming you. You crying like this makes it seem like we are settling accounts.”

Wen Mingyi didn’t speak. Si Junduo stuffed the tissues into his hand and said softly, “You don’t need to be sad, and you don’t need to feel sorry for me. I’ve said so before, I will never blame you. So you will never need to blame yourself for me.”

“In adolescence, everyone will make some inappropriate actions. This is not your problem. This is the characteristic of this age. You are just one of countless people who have experienced this age, so this is normal.”

This was not normal, Wen Mingyi complained in his heart. To be rebellious for one day, two days, one month, two months was normal. But not being rebellious for three years! All these had only Jiang Zimo to blame! If it was not for Jiang Zimo trying to ascend up to the heavens, he would have had no need to experience this! Jiang Zimo! He would never let Jiang Zimo go!

Wen Mingyi lowered his head to take the tissue from Si Junduo’s hand, and turned his head to wipe off his tears.

Si Junduo looked at him. Wen Mingyi still had a childish air to him. Although he was not young anymore, he was still very simple in his bones.

“You won’t be like this anymore, right?” Wen Mingyi asked nasally, with a sense of despair.

Si Junduo looked at his red eyes. He let out another helpless sigh and nodded.

Only then was Wen Mingyi relieved. He promised Si Junduo, “Don’t worry, I will definitely get married later than you. When that happens, I won’t live far away. I will stay in my house. If you want, when you push open the door, you can even see me.”

“Don’t wait for me. In my whole life, I don’t know whether I’ll be able to get married or not. If you meet someone you like, just get married if you want. Don’t wait for me.”

But Wen Mingyi was very firm. “I don’t want that. I am a man of my words. I am not in a hurry to fall in love. Only after you have someone you like, then will I fall in love again.”

Si Junduo looked at him. His mouth opened slightly, as if he wanted to say something, but he swallowed them back.

He looked at the young man who had just cried in front of him. A step further, and he was afraid Wen Mingyi would be surprised and disgusted. A step back, and he feared that he would not be able to let go when the time came. For the first time, Si Junduo felt that emotional matters were very difficult, a dilemma that could make one hesitate.

However, Wen Mingyi collected himself and stood up. He even smiled at Si Junduo. When Si Junduo was about to smile back at him, he leaned down and hugged Si Junduo.

Si Junduo was stunned. It was unexpected.

Wen Mingyi leaned on Si Junduo’s shoulder and neck, and hugged him quietly for a while, then slowly let go of his hand and stood up straight. “Let us flip this chapter so it stays in the past.”

Si Junduo silently nodded.

Wen Mingyi grinned. “Alright, you continue reading the book. I’ll go back to the room first.”


Wen Mingyi turned and walked towards the door.

Si Junduo watched him go out, watched him close the door, and then looked down at his knee, damp and wet.

Those were Wen Mingyi’s tears.

Si Junduo sighed helplessly. His firm belief in the morning had only lasted for half a day before collapsing once more.

In their relationship, Wen Mingyi would always be the dominant player. He could easily decide how they would get along, determine their closeness, and determine the ultimate direction of their relationship.

This was the right granted to him by Si Junduo, the right of his life.

Wen Mingyi returned to his bedroom, lying on the bed and looking at the ceiling. His mood was not so peaceful yet, and his thoughts were chaotic. For a while he thought of the three years he’d been away from Si Junduo, then of the words Si Junduo had said just now. And then he thought about their future. He pulled the quilt up, covered his face, and closed his eyes.

Must they be separated? He thought, would he be willing to leave Si Junduo? But even if he was unwilling, how else? Even the closest brothers would have to separate one day, let alone them?

Wen Mingyi was exhausted. He wanted to sleep for a while. If he slept, then he didn’t need to think about it.

A bit would be enough.

When Wen Mingyi woke up again, it was already more than 7 o’clock in the evening. Ji Siyao and Wen Wei were not home, and Si Junduo was cooking.

Wen Mingyi sat opposite him. Si Junduo prepared him a bowl of soup and told him, “If you hadn’t woken up soon, I would have called you.”

“I only wanted to take a nap, I didn’t think I’d sleep for such a long time.”

“Why hasn’t Han Han come back yet?” Si Junduo asked him while helping him pick vegetables. “When did you let Li Yuanqing play with her?”

“Don’t worry, she will be back before nine o’clock,” Wen Mingyi said.

Si Junduo nodded, and said nothing more.

At 8:30, Song Shuhan finally came back. She carried a big bag, and Wen Mingyi took a closer look. They were all dolls.

“You bought these?” Wen Mingyi asked her.

Song Shuhan shook his head. “Li Yuanqing caught them.”

She explained, “We went to the mall to eat and came across the claw machine. I thought it was very cute. So I inserted a coin and tried to catch it. As a result, I failed so he caught it for me. Aren’t they cute?”

Wen Mingyi nodded. “Very cute.”

“Then which one do you like, I’ll give it to you,” Song Shuhan offered generously.

Wen Mingyi shook his head. “It’s better for you to keep it, it’s useless for me to have dolls. But you and Li Yuanqing got along well.”

“Still alright.” Song Shuhan smiled. “He is really professional. He really knows every place well.”

“Yeah, I didn’t lie to you.” Wen Mingyi smiled triumphantly. “Then let Li Yuanqing accompany you tomorrow.”

“Huh?” Song Shuhan was a little surprised. “Is it not so good?”

“It’s okay,” Wen Mingyi said. “Didn’t I tell you Li Yuanqing is my good buddy, my best friend, so don’t worry about this.”

He looked at Song Shuhan and whispered, “My ge is in a bad mood today, so I want to accompany him tomorrow.”

Upon hearing this, Song Shuhan nodded quickly, and agreed expressively, “Then I will go out early tomorrow and I won’t bother you.”

Wen Mingyi patted her shoulder. “Good girl!”

Song Shuhan smiled and replied, “The self-cultivation of fans.”

The two people went upstairs talking and laughing. Song Shuhan’s room was on the third floor and Wen Mingyi was on the second floor, so the two separated at the stairway on the second floor.

Wen Mingyi waited for her to leave before sending a chat with Li Yuanqing: Continue to be a tour guide tomorrow. Come over at 9 o’clock to pick her up.

Li Yuanqing was still driving on his way home. He took advantage of the red light to glance at the WeChat message, and called him. “Is there a salary? You call me every day to make use of me. How can I calculate this salary?”

“Oh my god,” Wen Mingyi pretended to exaggerate, “Such a beautiful girl to accompany you, and you still want a salary. Are you human?!”

“Then I will leave the beautiful girl to you. It’s a good thing you’re still single.”

“Are you my godmother? How can you have the same idea as my godmother?” Wen Mingyi pushed open the door of his room and walked in. “It’s settled, you come here tomorrow morning, you can be late for about half an hour. “

“I got it.” While the red light was still on, Li Yuanqing asked him, “What happened to you during the day? Why’d you suddenly head back? How is Xuezhang, what happened?”

Wen Mingyi sighed when he heard those words. “It’s a long story.”

“Then make a long story short.”

Wen Mingyi thought for a while and asked him, “Do you think my ge treats me well?”

Li Yuanqing: …

“Can you find someone better than him?”

“Then do you think my three years of high school hurt him a lot?”

“Is this a big problem?” Li Yuanqing felt that he was asking for nothing. “Whatever you did during those three years of high school, don’t you already know?”

Wen Mingyi sighed again, depressed. “It’s because I’m too aware of that!”

“So what happened today?” Li Yuanqing was confused by him. “Why are you suddenly talking about the three years of high school? Xuezhang is not the kind of person who would settle accounts with you.”

“He wouldn’t pick on it with me, but he has some PTSD on the matter. So after he knew that my godmother intended to match me and Han Han, he immediately thought that I would get married in the future — have a family, then move out. In order to let me go when the time comes, to feel a little bit better, he deliberately left opportunity and space for me and Han Han, deliberately trying to distance himself from me, so that when I move out again, he wouldn’t be reluctant to part from me. So it won’t be as painful as last time.”

“There is nothing wrong with his idea.” Li Yuanqing watched the red light change into a green light, and started the car again. “Isn’t it because he has been put into a psychological shadow by you, so he wants to reduce his trauma as much as possible? That’s normal.”

“Why is this normal?” Wen Mingyi thought it was too abnormal. “I didn’t say that I am going to get married now and I definitely will move out. It’s completely unnecessary to think about this so early on ah.”


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