Chapter 6 – Becoming Cinderella at 9 o’clock

Reborn as the Villain President’s Cat & Dog [Entertainment Circle]
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Chapter 6 - Becoming Cinderella at 9 o'clock Chapter 7 - Wen Mingyi: You are such a flirt~ Chapter 8 - You can only choose one. Me or Him? Chapter 9 - You want to attract his attention with this? Chapter 10 - I will look after you. Forever and ever. Chapter 11 - I want to see you end any relations you have with him Chapter 12 - The Two versus the White Lotus Chapter 13 - Turning into a cat to follow you Chapter 14 - Si Junduo: Sorry. Not for touching Chapter 15 - Si Junduo: Be good. Chapter 16 - No one is more important than Wen Mingyi Chapter 17 - Back to School Chapter 18 - Someone’s being picky Chapter 19 - Face-slapping Chapter 20 - Wen Mingyi: Dog dealers have abducted me! Chapter 21 - Wen Mingyi, the male god of dogs, is born! Chapter 22 - Husky meets husky. Both eyes gleam with radiance. Chapter 23 - The Great Dog Escapade Chapter 24 - In that moment, Si Junduo’s heart could finally relax Chapter 25 - Hot on Search Engine - Wen Mingyi saves dogs; gets flamed Chapter 26.1 - Exposed, Wen Mingyi kisses his male lover in public Chapter 26.2 - Exposed, Wen Mingyi kisses his male lover in public Chapter 27 - The first film meeting & Ming Ming saw Jiang Zimo again Chapter 28 - Scram, Jiang Zimo. Si Junduo: No kiss scenes allowed Chapter 29 - 'Pet’s Romance' official announcement; Zheng Feng dies from anger Chapter 30 - Shang Chengze schemes while filming & Si Junduo’s night meeting with Wen Mingyi Chapter 31 - Shang Chengze's death begins Chapter 32 - Whoever wants to humiliate me, I’ll retaliate back Chapter 33 - Youth and Cat; multiple damage from netizens Chapter 34 - Jiang Zimo's scheming; Wen Bo makes a secret move Chapter 35 - Wen Mingyi, the cat-eared youth Chapter 36 - Ge Ge frowned and realized things were not that simple Chapter 37 - "Not for him. For you.” Chapter 38 - What's mine is yours, and yours is still yours. Chapter 39 - Don't you think you two are quite suitable? Chapter 40 - The cheating scum cat Wen Mingyi Chapter 41 - Don’t you think you actually like him? Chapter 42 - The weather is cold; let the Wen's family go bankrupt bah Chapter 43 - Wanting but hesitating to kiss Chapter 44 - The only important thing, the only irreplaceable thing, was Wen Mingyi Chapter 45 - An intimacy that can’t be given up Chapter 46 - The final exam. The Internet’s smoke is happening at any moment

Looking at the husky in front of him, Si JunDuo’s heart felt a little complicated at this moment. Wen Mingyi’s wasn’t as complicated. He looked down at his white paws. His eyes darkened. It’s over. A cat, he turned into a cat again!

He looked at Si JunDuo pitifully, and called out aggrievedly, “Ge…” 1The actual word means Brother, but here, it is just to signify that they are very close to each other (non-related)

However, Wen Mingyi could only hear “wang”. He was dumbfounded. Wang?

Why was it “wang”?

He spoke worriedly, “Ge?”

And yet, what rang in his ears was still a weak sound of “wang”.

Wen Mingyi took a step back subconsciously. His dog legs softened and he directly fell onto the floor.

What was going on? Instead of changing to a cat, he became a dog?

Winner in life, I become both cat and dog ah! 2Chinese Idiom (人生赢家,猫狗双全啊)

Wen Mingyi looked at Si JunDuo with a pair of confused dog eyes. Old brother, please give me an explanation. Were you not a God of Learning before?

However, the former God of Learning, Si JunDuo, quietly looked at him. Since yesterday until now, Si JunDuo felt that all the scientific material that he had accumulated in his mind since his student days had long been broken down into dregs and crushed mercilessly until there were no more particles left.

Si JunDuo sighed. He patted Wen Mingyi’s dog head, and spoke to him, “Good news, you did not become a cat today.”

Wen Mingyi: …

“The bad news is, you’re a husky now.”

Wen Mingyi …

Wen Mingyi no longer knew what to think.

Si JunDuo touched his head and then the fur on his body. “The only thing we know is that your transformation should be at nine o’clock in the evening.”

From the time they had started eating, he had been paying attention to Wen Mingyi who was sitting next to him, looking at him every one or two seconds. At 8.59pm, he was still human. But then, he became a dog in the blink of an eye. The transformation time should be nine o’clock in the evening.

“When I went to the bathroom to wash this morning at 8.50am, you were still a cat. After I came out, you had become a human. If my guess is right, then the transformation will be reversed at nine o’clock in the morning.”

Si JunDuo suddenly smiled while thinking of something. He touched Wen Mingyi’s ear. “It’s a little bit like Cinderella ah.”

“You are Cinderella. Your whole family is Cinderella!” Wen Mingyi retorted.

However, Si JunDuo could only hear a string of “wang wang wang”, seemingly Wen Mingyi was dissatisfied with his words.

He turned off the TV, planning to do the same as last night. He went to pick up Wen Mingyi to return to the room.

However, when he bent down to hold Wen Mingyi, he discovered that although this dog wasn’t really that big, he was heavier than he had thought!

Si JunDuo looked at the husky, who was standing upright and estimated it to be about the height of a teenager. He silently let go of his intentions to carry it back and rubbed the dog’s head and said warmly, “Come on, let’s go back to the room.”

Wen Mingyi looked at him with surprise. Didn’t he want to hold him just now?

Why don’t you? When I was a cat yesterday, he held me. Why doesn’t he do the same when I become a dog?

Such a big difference in treatment!

He bit the trousers of Si JunDuo and stretched out his two front paws to remind Si JunDuo not to treat cats and dogs differently. They were all his dear brothers. One should not play favourites here.

Si JunDuo watched him stretch out his paws and burrow his head into Si JunDuo’s arms. Wen Mingyi’s IQ might have also dropped to that of a dog, almost the same as a husky.

“It is not that I don’t want to hold you. It’s your head that’s really not suitable for people to hold.” As Si JunDuo mentioned this, he took a picture of him to see. Wen Mingyi took a closer look, ho, what a handsome dog!

He looked at his photo happily, and couldn’t even help turning around and “wang wang” to Si JunDuo, reminding him to take a few more pictures.

Si JunDuo watched Wen Mingyi wiggle his eyebrows, as if he was handsome. This younger brother seemed to be gradually turning into a silly husky.

He obeyed Wen Mingyi’s wishes and helped him take several photos, from all kinds of angles. Wen Mingyi’s narcissistic personality showed, and he felt like he was the Warlord Lu Bu amongst the dogs, the handsomest among the clouds. 3Chinese Idiom(狗中吕布,帅裂天际)

However, Wen Mingyi soon realized that he was not a dog, but a man. This Lu Bu hung his head sadly, and climbed up the stairs step by step. 4Continuing from the above idiom. (吕布伤心的低下头去,一步一步的往楼梯口走去)

Si JunDuo was very composed during these moments. From what he just speculated, Wen Mingyi would revert back at nine o’clock tomorrow morning.

What he was more curious about was the reason Wen Mingyi had become a cat yesterday, and a dog today. In that case, could he become another animal in the future?

It was no issue to turn into a cat or a dog. But if he turned into an animal like a panda, Si JunDuo felt that it would be more troublesome. If Wen Mingyi was discovered, then would he have to turn Wen Mingyi over to the country?

He felt a headache coming. He prayed secretly, hoping that there would be no more new changes tomorrow.

However, these thoughts obviously didn’t come across Wen Mingyi’s mind. When he passed by his bedroom, he rushed in to admire his handsome self in the mirror. He felt that he was still quite a good dog, and a handsome one at that!

Better than yesterday’s orange cat. That was too small and soft, totally not suitable for a real man like him.

Si JunDuo looked at the husky admiring himself in the mirror and asked, “Will you be sleeping in your room tonight?”

When Wen Mingyi heard this, he flouted and ran up to Si JunDuo, looking dissatisfied. It was too much of a double standard!

Yesterday night you hugged me to sleep in your room. And today you want me to sleep here alone, like a single dog.

His brother must be the legendary cat admirer, huh!

Wen Mingyi snorted, raising his dog head he gracefully walked out of his door. He entered Si JunDuo’s bedroom and then jumped onto the bed.

Si JunDuo heard the dull sound of the bed and couldn’t help reminding his didi.5Just like how Wen Mingyi called Is JunDuo “Ge” cause SJD is older, SJD will call WMY “Didi” cause he is younger. Again, they are not related to each other. “You are now fifty or sixty catties6Weight (~30-36kg), jump lightly.”

Wen Mingyi heard these words and thought back to when he was a cat yesterday. No matter how much he bounced on the bed, Si JunDuo always had a gentle face. Dissatisfied with this favouritism, he jumped twice on that same spot again.

Big dogs also have the right to bounce freely, okay?

Si JunDuo looked at Wen Mingyi’s ‘this-is-how-I-am face’, helplessly. What people say about huskies was true, otherwise Wen Mingyi wouldn’t have been like this right now.

Of course, a dog has the right to bounce, but such a big dog does not. Unless he doesn’t want the bed anymore!

Si JunDuo walked over to brush Wen Mingyi’s fur. The dog’s hair was not as soft as the cat’s, and it felt a little hard to touch, but it was nice, nevertheless.

In fact, if you only looked at the appearance, this dog was indeed very handsome. It had bright blue eyes akin to blue gems, and its off-white fur was smooth and shiny. And very healthy, also because of its large size, it gave off a majestic feeling.

“Obviously.” Si JunDuo rubbed his back and head.

When Wen Mingyi had become a cat yesterday, Si JunDuo had touched him like this. It felt very comfortable. After he became a dog today, Si JunDuo touched him once again and Wen Mingye still felt very comfortable. Wen Mingye lightly gave a “wang”, indicating that he was listening.

Si JunDuo watched him lay on the bed. Slowly, he rubbing Wen Mingyi’s dog head until the head rested on his thigh. Si JunDuo scratched  Wen Mingyi’s chin and coaxed him, “Your body is too big now unlike the little orange cat yesterday, so there are some things that cats can do, but dogs can’t. Unless you become a little husky, you can’t do whatever you want.”

Disappointed, Wen Mingyi also wished he could control this. If he really could, he would not change anything and focus on being a good person. He gave a “wang” of acknowledgement.

Si JunDuo laughed and played with him for a while. He squeezed his paw to remind him that it was time to sleep.

Wen Mingyi was very happy when he heard this. After all, when he wakes up, he can change back again.

He laid down on the bed proactively, closing his eyes to prepare for sleep.

Si JunDuo watched him put his paws on the quilt in a human-like sleeping position. He thought ‘Wen Mingyi was quite cute like this’, touching him a little more, he then went to the bathroom to take a shower.

Just like Wen Mingyi had thought, on the second morning when he was woken up by Si JunDuo, he found that he had changed back!


Wen Mingyi looked at his hands and feet, never did he think that being a human being was such a good thing.

Si JunDuo was also relieved. He had guessed it right. At nine o’clock he would revert back, the duration of transformation was exactly 12 hours.

Si JunDuo: ”I’m going to the company today, come along with me.”

“Going to the company again?”

Wen Mingyi didn’t want to go to the company with him. What would he do when Si JunDuo worked? Last time he went to the company to escape the hospital. He didn’t have to go to the hospital today, so there was no need to go to the company.

Wen Mingyi was about to say that he would not go, and would be returning to school instead. But then, it suddenly occurred to him that Jiang Zimo was still in Si JunDuo’s company.

Previously, when he (Jiang Zimo) wanted to talk to Si JunDuo, he was stopped by Wen Mingyi. Now that he (Wen Mingyi) was not going, wasn’t this a perfect chance for Jiang Zimo to hook up with Gege?

How could he let this happen! He will go. He must go!

  • 1
    The actual word means Brother, but here, it is just to signify that they are very close to each other (non-related)
  • 2
    Chinese Idiom (人生赢家,猫狗双全啊)
  • 3
    Chinese Idiom(狗中吕布,帅裂天际)
  • 4
    Continuing from the above idiom. (吕布伤心的低下头去,一步一步的往楼梯口走去)
  • 5
    Just like how Wen Mingyi called Is JunDuo “Ge” cause SJD is older, SJD will call WMY “Didi” cause he is younger. Again, they are not related to each other.
  • 6
    Weight (~30-36kg)

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