Chapter 29 – ‘Pet’s Romance’ official announcement; Zheng Feng dies from anger

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When Wen Mingyi woke up in the morning, he saw a WeChat message from Zheng Feng on his phone: New song. Letting you listen in advance. Don’t be jealous once we put it up.

Below this message was an audio file.

Wen Mingyi yawned. He took a picture of the script placed on the bedside and sent it to Zheng Feng.

Wen Mingyi: New script. Letting you see in advance. Don’t be envious when the official announcement is out.

Initially, Zheng Feng had wanted to show off, but he didn’t expect to be shown off to by the other party. He threw his phone on the table in a fit of anger. Two seconds later, he silently picked it up again and curiously zoomed into the photo of the script sent by Wen Mingyi.

Zheng Feng: What script? ‌What kind of third-rate internet drama is it? The one that can’t be broadcast after filming?

Wen Mingyi: You’d be better off not knowing. I’m afraid you’ll be so angry that your back will crack~

After he finished typing, he also slapped on a ‘~’ to his message. Zheng Feng looked at the ‘~’ and firmly sat down in the hall. He kicked Song He who was sitting across the table, eating breakfast. “Wen Mingyi’s going for a shoot?!”

“I know,” Song He replied while eating his bun.

“How did you know?!!” Zheng Feng was dumbfounded. “What happened between the two of you? During the competition before, weren’t we all very close. Now that all of us are in the entertainment industry together, show more concern about it.

Song He raised his eyes to look at him, internally thinking: There are limits and boundaries to show concern as a normal person. Not like you, who wants to know about everything.

He was fully aware that in this world, the person Zheng Feng cared about most was Wen Mingyi. He should even suspect whether Zheng Feng had a crush on Wen Mingyi. They had never seen him care so much about anyone until the latter. He would always know how many meals Wen Mingyi ate a day, what meals he ate and how much he ate. It was plain and clear.

Zheng Feng saw him talking and eating the bun slowly. He became anxious. “Why are you still eating? Why don’t you ask him.”

Song He was tired. You remember your eating but not your beating? Did you forget what the result of your inquiry was last time? Want to be laughed at again?

However, Zheng Feng probably did remember the eating and beating, but once the scar scabbed, the pain was forgotten.

So he stood up, walked to Song He’s side, picked up his phone from the table and placed it into his hand. “Send a WeChat to ask Wen Mingyi now. See what he says. You aren’t allowed to mention me this time!”

Song He: …

Zheng Feng pushed him. “Quick. Don’t be so slow.”

Song He could only type perfunctorily: Are you going to be filming? What kind of drama?

Zheng Feng stood behind him and stared at his phone. He was satisfied. Song He didn’t mention himself, so he reached out to help him press send.

Wen Mingyi finished washing up. He laughed when he opened this WeChat message. He could tell that Zheng Feng was standing behind the phone. He picked up his phone in a good mood and sent out a voice message.

Seeing Wen Mingyi’s voice message, Zheng Feng quickly tapped on it to play it from over Song He’s shoulder. Wen Mingyi’s bright voice resounded loud and clear through the dormitory’s dining room.

“Must be Zheng Feng who asked you to ask me. I just know that this curious dead cat will definitely be killed by curiosity! I won’t say. Let him scratch his heart and lungs out. Hahahahahaha~”

Zheng Feng: …

Song He knew it would be like this. Sure enough, it was the same mockery as last time.

The other two teammates immediately lowered their heads when they heard these words. They breathed lightly, pretending they didn’t exist. It was too embarrassing, it was really embarrassing.

Zheng Feng took a deep breath, but he couldn’t help cursing out, “Is Wen Mingyi a primary school student! So childish! Is he a primary school chicken!”

Song He: … Do you have any qualifications to say this? You are more of a primary school chicken compared to him!

He silently took a sip of porridge, pretending he didn’t hear anything.

Seeing that everyone was silent, Zheng Feng became furious. Roaring at the other three people in the group, he said, “Haven’t you all finished eating yet! What time is it now? We’ll be on variety shows and singing songs in the next two days. Eat, eat, eat, only knowing how to eat. Have you practiced our new song? Stop eating, go to the recording studio!”

Song He calmly finished the last bit of his bun and agreed. “Oh.”

When Zheng Feng heard that, his emotions became even more turbulent, but he held back and pushed Song He’s head instead. “Let’s go practice.”

Song He stood up and walked out of the dinning hall with his primary school chicken captain.

In the afternoon, ‘Pet’s Romance’ was officially announced.

The first official announcement was about Yan Feifei playing the female protagonist, Mo Mo, in the film. Yan Feifei was the current popular little flower1Refers to a female star who is young and beautiful, debuted in the entertainment circle recently but has substantial fans, a beauty with good acting skills. Moreover, it had long been reported that she was playing Mo Mo. Therefore, the book fans had no qualms against her. Fans of Yan Feifei also actively controlled the comments and looked forward to Yan Feifei’s new role.

The second official announcement was about Xu Jingjie playing the role of the male protagonist, Cui Yingbo. Xu Jingjie was the current popular youth2A young, handsome, and robust man; he had a good image. Previously, the reports had mentioned he would play Cui Yingbo, so the book fans had no objections again. It’s just that Xu Jingjie’s fans were upset that their family’s brother was being suppressed by Yan Feifei, and they privately complained between themselves.

The third official announcement was about Shang Chengze playing the second male lead, Mu Kai. Shang Chengze’s rank was lower than Xu Jingjie and Yan Feifei, hovering around the second tier. Book fans felt he was acceptably handsome so they gladly accepted him.

Afterwards, once the actress Dai Jiayin playing the second female lead Sun Jinghan was also officially announced, everyone unconsciously turned their attention to Le Chi.

This was the last character in the acting cast and the most difficult character to cast.

Book fans silently prayed in their hearts: If it was Zeng Fengshi, if it really must be Zeng Fengshi, then let it be Zeng Fengshi. But if possible, kindly change to a younger brother, preferably a handsome little brother.‌

Among their soft prayers, the announcement regarding Le Chi was released. The book fans cautiously clicked on Weibo. In the next second, their eyes widened like saucers. The official announcement text and images followed.

Pet’s Romance TV Series V: Breathtaking youth, unfearful of wind and rain, like a buoyant lotus growing in the pond. He’s @Wen Mingyi, and also Le Chi.


The attached picture was from a magazine, taken when he was participating in the competition. He wore a white shirt and jeans, head lowered as he gardened.

Book fans rose from their graves in an instant! Le Chi’s fans, who had all turned into frozen wilted eggplants3‌霜打的茄子: describe a person’s mentality as “maltiness, listlessness, and slumping”, were now jumping three feet high, running and telling their sisters: I accept!! I’m alive! I accept this Le Chi!!

“Oh my God!! So suitable! It’s the Le Le of my heart. So handsome, so youthful!”

“Although there is a feeling of youth, Wen Mingyi himself is not very old. He is only eighteen years old, so acting as Le Le to him is pretty much like his true nature. Such youthfulness!”

“Hahahaha, help me up. I’ve read the book so many times. The casting this time simply surpasses the immortals. I am so satisfied!”

“Satisfaction +1. Especially this Le Le, compared with Zeng Fengshi from the previous post, this is really nowhere to be found, and there is still another village in the dark!”

“Hahahahahahahahaha, the upstairs poster is right. I am so satisfied with this Le Le! Thank the heavens, thank the earth. Thank the crew, thank Wen Mingyi!”

The forum was flooded with ‘Pet’s Romance’ related posts. Compared to Yan Feifei and Xu Jingjie, who were basically determined a long time ago, everyone was obviously more interested in Wen Mingyi.

《Pet’s Romance official announcement, Wen Mingyi turned out to be the third male lead!》

《Fuck! Wen Mingyi’s resources are too great. He made his debut with Yan Feifei and Xu Jingjie.》

《‌Let’s discuss, has Wen Mingyi signed with a company? This resource may have been snatched by a particular sponsor, right?》

Zheng Feng was still practicing singing. He saw Lu Song and Yang Yun looking down at their phones and discussing.

“What are you two doing? Finish singing, then go and practice your dance sequence. Don’t just goof around all day.”

Walking over, he took Lu Song’s phone and glanced at the screen. This single glance caused Zheng Feng to almost lose his breath.

The clean display screen clearly showed the title of the forum: “Wen Mingyi’s starring in Pet’s Romance as the third male lead. This time, the gap between him and Zheng Feng has really widened at once.”

Zheng Feng: …

Lu Song tried to persuade him. “Zheng-ge, don’t read what they say. They are all talking nonsense. These groups of people don’t understand anything, blindly rattling nonsense.”

Yang Yun also tried to console him. “Who knows, Wen Mingyi might have fewer scenes by then. Perhaps only five minutes of screen time. Don’t take it so seriously.”

Song He calmly gulped down a glass of water as he thought about the photo of the script Wen Mingyi had sent in the morning. The thickness didn’t seem like five minutes.

Zheng Feng: …

Zheng Feng took a deep breath, silently digested the lemon juice fermenting in his heart. He turned his head and roared at Lu Song, “I have said this 800 times. Even if you have free time, don’t visit the gossip forum. Have you practiced the new song? Have you practiced the dance? Are you a brainless badger living on the hills?! Only knowing how to eat melon seeds!”

Lu Song: …

Yang Yun: …

“Why are you standing in a daze? Go practice your singing!”

Lu Song and Yang Yun hurriedly nodded and leapt to the side.

Zheng Feng held the phone, and the sourness in his heart shot up once again. Had Wen Mingyi signed with Zhaoyang? It wasn’t impossible for his first drama to be the one invested by Zhaoyang, where the popular flower Yan Feifei acted in as well. No wonder he was unwilling to sign with Di Feng. Compared to Zhaoyang, Di Feng was not worth a fart.

Zheng Feng’s mood worsened. Ever since the start of the competition, he didn’t believe he was worse than Wen Mingyi. However, be it popularity or judges’ scores, he was always lower than Wen Mingyi. Now that everyone had successfully debuted, Wen Mingyi immediately got into an idol drama adapted from a well-known IP drama, joining a reliable team. What about him? He didn’t have anything yet, only hyped up over an upcoming new song.

How funny.

Song He held the phone as his head bowed low. After mulling over it for a while, he took a cup of hot water and walked over.

“Are you all right?” he asked.

“’course,” Zheng Feng answered stiffly. “Even if you have a problem, I wouldn’t.”

“Oh.” Song He passed him the hot water in his hand. “Drink some water, it’s good for the mood.”

Zheng Feng: ? ? ? What sort of remark is this!

Song He handed him the water, and as he walked to the recording studio, he sent Wen Mingyi a WeChat: Congratulations, this opportunity isn’t bad. Do it well!

Wen Mingyi was just reading the script. He questioned: You know?

Song He: The whole team knows.

Wen Mingyi: Oh, then Zheng Feng fainted, right?

Song He: Almost.

Wen Mingyi: Hahahahahahaha.

Song He returned his smiley face: You can do it. I’m going to practice singing.

Wen Mingyi: Go ahead. You can do it too. Practice hard.

Song He: En.

After Wen Mingyi and Song He finished chatting, they began to shoot.

The TV series ‘Pet’s Romance’ was based on a novel of the same name, with the plotline being very simple.


The author has something to say:

There is one more chapter~
Book fan: I can, I truly can!
Zheng Feng: I can’t! ! ! So angry!

  • 1
    Refers to a female star who is young and beautiful, debuted in the entertainment circle recently but has substantial fans
  • 2
    A young, handsome, and robust man
  • 3
    ‌霜打的茄子: describe a person’s mentality as “maltiness, listlessness, and slumping”

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