Chapter 24 – In that moment, Si Junduo’s heart could finally relax

T/N: Some mild animal violence within. (Dogs v Dealers)

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“Have you gone mad!” Wen Mingyi said in shock.

Having said that, Wen Mingyi soon discovered that the german shepherd’s leg was injured; when it had stood up to start running, he hadn’t noticed. However, it could easily be seen now. Remembering the last few seconds before the opening of the door where it squeezed past Labrador and informed, “I have a little problem with my leg.” It should have known that its leg was injured and it couldn’t run much. That was why it had given the leading position to Labrador.

Wen Mingyi gritted his teeth, and watched the german shepherd make a run towards the dog dealers who hadn’t gotten into the car yet. It probably wanted to use its own life to fight and stop these dog dealers so that the other dogs could have the time to escape. Wen Mingyi could feel his eyes turning a little hot. Glancing at the husky next to him, he calmly said, “You follow them, don’t let these puppies get lost. If any puppies aren’t able to run, you just carry them on your back. Make sure to closely follow behind Little La, or else you’ll definitely not be able to find the way back.”

Husky nodded. “I know.”

‘You have to remember properly,’ Wen Mingyi muttered in his heart, ‘otherwise, with your IQ you will definitely get lost’.

After instructing it, he turned around and ran back. The husky asked in surprise, “Where are you going, brother?” After questioning, it was already set to go along with him.

Wen Mingyi chided, “Leave me alone. Follow Little La, I’ll find you later.”

Husky stopped in its tracks. It then went back to following the labrador who was leading the group of dogs to run forward.

German Shepherd had already reached the dog dealers. When the three dog dealers were catching dogs, this dog was the hardest to catch. Now, this was also the one making trouble at the moment. One of the men was so angry that he took a stick to beat it.

Even so, this german shepherd was quite agile, and it effectively dodged several times. Wen Mingyi saw that the dog dealer was about to hit it, and quickly sped forward. Suddenly, he felt a familiar sensation in his body. He instantly recognized this feeling. It was nine o’clock and he was about to change back.

Wen Mingyi hurriedly looked around, trying to find a shelter for himself. Soon, he spotted a large trash can not far away, and he ran over and hid behind.

The trash can was really stinky, but at this point he couldn’t really care about it anymore. He looked around to make sure that there was no one around. After a while, when he became conscious again, he looked at his hands— his slender, white hands. The ten fingers could finally be separated.

Wen Mingyi ran out from behind the trash can. The german shepherd had been hit, but the more it was beaten, the fiercer it became. While it was being beaten, it bit the attacker’s hand. The attacker was seething with anger. Throwing the stick away, he grabbed the accomplice’s □□1Censored in raws. Likely a tranquilizer gun, and started shooting.

“What are you doing!” Wen Mingyi said sharply.

The three dog dealers were taken aback, and for a moment they just stared at each other. They couldn’t understand how a person could suddenly appear here, especially since the person’s outfit seemed totally incompatible with this place.

Taking advantage of their pause, the german shepherd pounced at them with its paws, successfully scaring a dog dealer to back away quickly. The other two took this chance to shoot back.

“Go away,” One of the dog dealers shouted at Wen Mingyi.

But Wen Mingyi had already run over. He picked up the stick lying on the ground and hit the man who had fallen to the ground.

Wen Mingyi had practiced this before. When both Wen Mingyi and Si Junduo were young, Si Junduo’s mother had liked to watch family ethics dramas2It is a popular drama that reflects social ethics and moral issues as its main content. It constitutes the main form of popular drama creation. In other words, a TV drama that reflects social morality and ethics mainly adopts the form of popular drama.. At that time, someone in the show had kidnapped the son or daughter of a local tycoon in order to blackmail him for a high ransom. Mother Si had watched the TV show and looked at her own son, thinking that ‘children should have the ability to protect themselves’. And thus, a retired special soldier was specially invited to be a teacher for Si Junduo and teach him some techniques.

Since young, Wen Mingyi had always followed Si Junduo. When Si Junduo was practicing, he also practiced. Special Forces Uncle had smiled and taught him while teaching Si Junduo. Because of this, Wen Mingyi was never afraid of fighting. He even had a handsome appearance. However, when he was young, he had not bloomed yet, and looked like a little heroic girl. There were always boys who wanted to hold hands with him.

Wen Mingyi had refused once, the other party did not listen; had refused twice, the other party still did not care. The third time he had said so, he’d gone ahead and the boy was beaten up by him. After this incident, the boy made amends and never again felt that he was a little girl anymore, let alone wanting to hold his hand.

Because of this, the reactions of the dog dealers didn’t surprise Wen Mingyi. What he cared more about was □□, so he used a stick to knock out his opponent’s □□, and then took advantage of the situation to bring down the three of them. He pulled out their belts and tied their hands with it. Just to be extra sure, he also took off their coats and tied them again.

The three dog dealers couldn’t understand how this seemingly weak and fragile person in front of them could fight so ferociously.

Wen Mingyi finished tying up the second layer, and then suddenly remembered. “Ai, I must have been infected by Little Husky. Why am I being so stupid? I could just beat them until they faint. That would have settled it.”

The three dog dealers: ! ! !

They then fainted one by one under Wen Mingyi’s knife-hand strike.

Wen Mingyi walked to the german shepherd not far away. German Shepherd had already stood up by this time and looked at him guardingly.

Wen Mingyi smiled and said, “Garden baby.”

The german shepherd was unmoved.

The thing Wen Mingyi was most worried about had happened. Humans and dogs had different languages. When he communicated with dogs in human language, dogs should not understand him.

But he still repeated, “Garden baby, garden baby.”

When he repeated it for the third time, German Shepherd seemed to finally realize something. Its watchful eyes turned a little puzzled.

Wen Mingyi walked in front of it. German Shepherd also took the initiative to take a step closer, and smelled the scent on his body. It was a bit like the Little Husky from before. German Shepherd thought, ‘Could it be the owner of Little Husky?’

“Did you just say garden baby?” German Shepherd asked him.

Wen Mingyi looked at it in surprise. It seemed that last night was not a one-time thing. He could indeed understand what the dogs were saying when he was in human form.

Wen Mingyi nodded.

German Shepherd asked again, “You smell a bit like Little Husky. Are you the owner of Little Husky?”

Wen Mingyi didn’t understand. Why was he called Little Husky! He was obviously not second, alright!3A play on words. Xiao Erha = Little Husky but Er means 2 / second. Here Wen Mingyi says that he is never the second.

But he still nodded.

German Shepherd saw his nod, though it was unsure if the man understood what it said. Nevertheless, he smelled like Little Husky. He also said the correct signal, and knocked out the dog dealers. He should be a good person.

Hence it took the initiative to rub Wen Mingyi’s leg to show its goodwill.

Wen Mingyi raised his hand and rubbed the dog’s head. “Let’s go, Little Shepherd. Let us hand these dog dealers to the police and take you home.”

Finished speaking, Wen Mingyi took the german shepherd to the front passenger seat of the truck, and under German Shepherd’s bewildered gaze, threw the three dog dealers into the back compartment and locked the door.

Then, he sat in the driving position, closed the door, took the sun-shielding sunglasses from the car and placed them on German Shepherd’s eyes.

German Shepherd stretched out its paws and scratched it.

Wen Mingyi smiled and helped to take it off. “Little Shepherd, since you don’t like these, then I’ll wear them.”

He raised his hand, put on the sunglasses, and snapped his fingers handsomely. “Let’s go!”

Wen Mingyi ignited the car engine.

Shili Village was a village near the outskirts of City X. Many residents waiting for demolition lived there, as well as some migrant workers. Early in the morning, the food court in Shili Village had just opened their rolling shutters and the stalls selling breakfast had already opened. Each stall was surrounded by men and women in a hurry to go to work.

Suddenly, there was a group of dogs barking in the distance. The people in the alley walked around and saw more than a dozen dogs running towards them. The dogs gathered in a group were being led by a labrador and a husky, running all the way from the end of the alley towards them like a wildebeest migration.

Everyone was taken aback. They looked at each other. They couldn’t understand where all these dogs were coming from, especially since they were basically pedigree dogs.

The dogs ran past them. Some people noticed the golden retriever was carrying a Little Corgi. Others noticed that the husky running behind had two puppies on its back. A few youngsters found it very interesting, so they took out their mobile phones and started the live broadcast, exclaiming, “This is the first time I have seen so many dogs running together. So strange.”

The cute dogs quickly attracted the attention of netizens who watched the live broadcast. The number of people in the live broadcast room continued to increase, and the youngsters followed the dogs all the way to film. This group of dogs quickly aroused the curiosity of passers-by, and many people either joined this filming group, or took photos or small videos.

Si Junduo and the others were sitting in the car. From a distance, they saw many people gathered together. They were wondering what was happening when they saw a group of dogs running in their direction. With sharp eyes, Si Junduo saw a husky running at the back at a glance. His excited body leaned forward unconsciously, but at the second glance, he found that this husky was not Wen Mingyi.

“Aren’t these dogs the ones that were caught last night?” The female policeman stared at the dogs running in front. “Some dogs look a little familiar. So many running about, yet no one is following them. How suspicious.”

No one hesitated. The car stopped immediately. They exited and caught the dogs in front of them.

This alley was not wide. When the police car stopped, it took up more than half of the road. Coupled with the increasing number of people filming, it actually blocked the dogs’ way. The big and small dogs made barking noises together. Some people were frightened by their posture and unconsciously stepped back. Still, the majority of the people held up their mobile phones to take pictures.

The police came in, pushed aside the crowd and looked at the dogs in front of them. They were more and more certain that these were the dogs that were stolen last night.

“Are these all?” the female policeman asked.

“It cannot be,” Zhou Yong, who was Si Junduo’s friend, spoke. “At least one husky is still missing.”

“Isn’t that the husky?” The female policeman pointed right behind at the innocent-looking husky with a puppy on its back.

Zhou Yong glanced at Si Junduo. “No,” Si Jundor said indifferently.

He looked at the husky and then at the other dogs in front of him. He didn’t understand, since these dogs had escaped, where was Wen Mingyi? Where did Wen Mingyi go? Si Junduo did not dare to think further. Though calm on the surface, his heart was incredibly flustered. He clenched his fist and forced himself to calm down.

Labrador and the rest watched their path being blocked and shouted anxiously, but no one gave way.

The crowd of onlookers also reacted from their surprise by then, and began to ask their own questions, “Where did these dogs come from?”

“So many dogs. All without an owner?”

“Are these dogs from a pet shop? Do we have a pet shop here?”

The labrador and the rest couldn’t understand the humans’ discussions, so they could only keep shouting and get them to move away, but it didn’t seem to work. All these dogs were pet dogs, and some were even puppies. They had no aggressive power. Even the labrador leader had a young owner when it was a little labrador.

It still remembered that when its little master was very small, he was frightened when it barked loudly and told it not to bite people. Although they were separated later, and it was forced to wander in this city, not finding its little owner after walking through many places, it always remembered that it could not bite people. So it just bared its teeth and barked fiercely, not making any other scary moves.

Si Junduo did not want to stay in this place anymore. He was now full of concern for Wen Mingyi’s safety. Just as he was about to inform Zhou Feng that he would go first, he suddenly heard a horn. A truck was approaching. The crowd gave way, and the truck stopped near the group of dogs.

Zhou Yong’s eyes lit up. “Isn’t that the dog dealers’ vehicle! This group of people must have been chasing the dogs. They have thrown themselves into the net. It’s time for them to be charged.”

However, Si Junduo felt that something was off.

He stared at the truck, unsure of his feelings, just looking intently at it. Then, he saw the door of the truck open. A young handsome man jumped out of the car with a bright smile, blending in with the sun.

At that moment, Si Junduo’s heart finally eased.

He’d strained his nerves for more than 12 hours. At this moment, he finally relaxed.


The author has something to say:

Hug in the next chapter~
Young Ming Ming in school:
Male classmate: Hold hands
Ming Ming: Don’t
Male classmate: Hold hands
Ming Ming: Scram
Male classmate: Hold hands
Ming Ming: You are so annoying, [fight scene]
Male classmate: Owwwww

After going home:
Ming Ming: Hold baby’s hand
Ge Ge: Ming Ming is so cute
Ming Ming: Then hug
Ge Ge: Okay. Hug
Ming Ming: Hehehe [happy.jpg]


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