Chapter 26.2 – Exposed, Wen Mingyi kisses his male lover in public

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They fixed their eyes and found that all marketing accounts on the Weibo dashboard had now been replaced with another batch of marketing accounts. These new marketing accounts were all praising Wen Mingyi without exception — [News Gossiper: Wen Mingyi was honored and commended for saving the dogs. Hahahaha. Mr. Wen the enthusiastic citizen, our little brother is so cute~]

The attached picture was a commendation from the police on Weibo, with photos of the rescued dogs, Wen Mingyi handing over the dog dealers to the police, and also a magazine photo of Wen Mingyi taken during the time he was participating in the competition show.

Passers-by shouted: Cute dogs, cute little brother. Dog dealers, go die!

Wen Mingyi’s fans looked at each other; unexpectedly the Italian cannon had been replaced with Italian spaghetti1From something hard to something soft, and took the opportunity to recommend Wen Mingyi to onlookers.

They acutely discovered that the first ranked hot search [Wen Mingyi’s Homosexual Lover EXPOSED] had disappeared. Furthermore, it was no longer being mentioned by those marketing accounts. Only Wen Mingyi’s black fans preserved till now, persistently posting that on the forum.

Hence, Calm Water Sister took out her Italian cannon again, and slammed it at the offending people. “Look clearly! Bamboo horse brother2Likely coming from 青梅竹马”(qīng méi zhú mǎ) to refer to a man and a woman who have been close friends since childhood.! They grew together since childhood! What’s wrong with being closer! Mind your own business!”

“Who knows whether it is a bamboo horse3竹马 or a gold master4金主?”

“So you knew this family’s backer since you were a kid! Besides, whose financial backer looks like this?! The rest of you have all gone blind. Your brain is also not functioning well!”

Passers-by agreed, “He really doesn’t look like a sugar daddy. If a sponsor looked like this, who would want to hide away?”

“That’s right. Such a sponsor, even without money I would take!”

In a few instances, the situation reversed. When Wen Mingyi was first bashed with suspicion by the black fans, passers-by had thought he was rather miserable. “He obviously only had good intentions to save the dogs. To have others claim it was faked, Wen Mingyi is too pitiful.”

“Yeah, they even took the opportunity to spread rumors of him having a financial backer! I saw Wen Mingyi when he participated in the competition. With his ability, if he didn’t get the first place, then it would truly be a problem.”

“My heart aches for this little brother.”

Wen Mingyi watched the situation reverse in an instant. The corners of his mouth slowly turned up. It was just that… He looked at the marketing accounts on the Weibo dashboard, and couldn’t think of anyone who he was familiar with. Suddenly coming over to speak up for him, someone must have made them do so.

He looked at Si Junduo who was next to him, and asked, “Your doing?”

Si Junduo nodded. “I asked a friend for a favor.”

Wen Mingyi thought for a while and guessed, “Zhaoyang?”


“So, I’m really going to sign with Zhaoyang?”

“If you don’t like it, I can change to another company. But a friend of mine is in charge of Zhaoyang. Once you sign under him, I’ll be more at ease.”

Wen Mingyi nodded. “Alright. Anyway, these entertainment companies are the same in my eyes. Zhaoyang is also pretty good.”

After he finished speaking, he picked up the phone and called Yang Qi again.

Yang Qi looked at the marketing accounts on Wen Mingyi’s dashboard. She was responsible for the promotion and marketing. At a glance, she recognized that all these marketing accounts belonged to Zhaoyang Entertainment. Why did Zhaoyang let their own marketing team speak up for Wen Mingyi? Could they have signed with Wen Mingyi?

She wondered as she heard her mobile phone ring.

Yang Qi looked at the two words ‘Wen Mingyi’5Raws stated 3 as Chinese names are counted separately: Wen Ming Yi displayed on the screen of her phone, and picked it up irritably.

Wen Mingyi spoke first before she could open her mouth. “Hey, are you satisfied with what you presently see? Hahahahahahaha.”

“Wen Mingyi!” Yang Qi didn’t expect him to be so childish as to even call up to taunt her!

After a good laugh, Wen Mingyi lazily said, “You should have guessed already. I didn’t sign with you, but instead signed with someone else. After all, an outstanding talent like me is very popular everywhere. I have to thank you for giving me a free hot search today. I feel the number of my Weibo fans seem to have increased a lot more. Yang-jie, you truly are good to me.”

Yang Qi gritted her teeth. Had she known that Wen Mingyi had signed with Zhaoyang, she would have never made this move! Now what? Money had already been spent. And she’d given Wen Mingyi a ‘wedding dress’ for nothing. Zhaoyang’s marketing accounts had ended the fiasco. If she spent even more to hire other marketing accounts, even if they agree to help her, Zhaoyang would not retreat either. Should it come to fighting it out, Zhaoyang was backed by major powers with strong financial resources, while the funds she could mobilize were limited. In the end, she’d be the one to suffer.

Yang Qi hatefully gritted her teeth — she could do nothing.

Wen Mingyi proudly chimed, “If you have nothing to say, then I will hang up. But Yang-jie, since we have known each other for a while, this friend will remind you. Don’t put your eyes on me, otherwise you’re going to suffer a double loss. When you want to cry, you wouldn’t even find a place to cry. If you have the time to buy me hot searches to flame me, why don’t you buy Zheng Feng and the others hot searches too? After all, their popularity is not as good as mine. If you don’t find ways to increase their fans, when the time comes for the boy group to debut, how are you going to handle it?”

“Wen Mingyi, don’t be too proud! In a company like Zhaoyang, there are plenty of celebrities. Though they have signed you and are willing to spend money to flatter you, after a few days, they might even forget what your surname is.

What year are we in now? Many people have faded away from the screen in these big entertainment companies, and you are just going to be one of them.”

“Really?” Wen Mingyi said with a smile. “Then let’s ride a donkey and read the books6Idiom: 骑驴看账本 – That is to try to see how things develop. It expresses an uncompromising tone of being confident and anticipating the inevitable result of things.. Let’s see what happens.”

Once done, he hung up the phone and laughed aloud.

On the other side, Yang Qi was so angry that she almost threw her mobile phone. At this very moment, Zheng Feng called her and asked her why she had helped Wen Mingyi buy hot searches.

“Are you an idiot!” Yang Qi said angrily. “Did you not see what this hot search was like in the beginning?”

Zheng Feng sneered. “I saw it, so what? Why do you care so much about what Wen Mingyi does? You even bought two hot searches for him. Yang Qi, you still want to sign him, right! The four of us can’t make up for one Wen Mingyi! If you have the money to flame him, you might as well promote our upcoming new song!”

After Zheng Feng finished cursing, he hung up the phone and angrily kicked the stool beside his feet.

His teammates persuaded, “Forget it, Zheng-ge, don’t be angry. Yang-jie said that Wen Mingyi’s personality is not suitable for the entertainment industry. That’s why the company did not sign him. But everyone knows that as long as there can be a profit, no matter how unsuitable, she will still want him. She is that kind of person, so don’t be angry with him.”

“Idiot!” Zheng Feng scolded. “Look at what’s going on. Sending Wen Mingyi a free ‘wedding dress’. She’s got to be happy now, right?”

“Hai7A sigh, there is no other way. Who would have thought that Wen Mingyi had this kind of skill, to sign a contract with another company.”

“Who did he sign with?” Zheng Feng asked.

Lu Song had also just entered the group and had never been in contact with marketing works. How could he tell which marketing accounts belonged to which company? He shook his head in denial. “I don’t know.”

Zheng Feng raised his eyes and looked at Song He not far away. “Do you know? Isn’t the relationship between the two of you good?”

Song He honestly replied, “I don’t know, he didn’t mention it.”

“So secretive.”

Zheng Feng had just finished arguing with Yang Qi, and was unwilling to put down his pride to ask the woman. After thinking about it, he simply picked up the phone and sent Wen Mingyi a WeChat: Hero of Dogs, whom did you8Formal/respectable you sign with?

Wen Mingyi didn’t reply to his WeChat, since he was too busy watching Little Teddy’s owner hugging Little Teddy excitedly, calling out ‘son’ and kissing its forehead vigorously.

Little Teddy was calmer than its owner, consoling her with a bark, “I’m fine, I’m so smart~”

Wen Mingyi smiled. It was in a good state of mind.

He lowered his head and glanced at his vibrating phone. Zheng Feng’s WeChat notification popped up.

Wen Mingyi: Didn’t Yang Qi tell you all?

Zheng Feng: Don’t talk nonsense. Say it.

Wen Mingyi smiled: I’m afraid you wouldn’t be able to bear it if I say it right now, so you should wait for Yang Qi to talk to you.

After he finished, he no longer bothered with Zheng Feng.

Seeing that he didn’t respond, Zheng Feng couldn’t satisfy his curiosity. He turned his eyes to Song He. “You ask Wen Mingyi. You two have a good relationship, he will tell you.”

Song He: …

Song He could only lower his head and send a WeChat to Wen Mingyi.

Zheng Feng leaned over and saw Song He’s text: Zheng Feng asked me to ask you, who did you sign with?

He stretched out his hand and slapped the back of Xia Songhe’s9Surname is Xia, First name is Songhehead. “Are you stupid, who told you to say it was me.”

Song He rubbed the back of his head, and calmly responded, “Even if I didn’t mention you, for me to ask immediately after you, even Wen Mingyi can guess it.”

Zheng Feng was frustrated, silently waiting for Wen Mingyi’s reply.

After a while, Wen Mingyi sent a voice recording over.

When Song He clicked on it, he heard Wen Mingyi deliberately saying, “Tell Zheng Feng that the more curious he is, the less I want to let him know. I don’t know whether curiosity can truly kill a cat, but it can definitely kill him. Hahaha.”

Song He: …

Zheng Feng: …

Zheng Feng was so angry that he kicked the footstool again, wishing that Wen Mingyi was right in front of him to PK. This bastard was so annoying!

After Wen Mingyi responded, he could imagine Zheng Feng blowing his top off. It was a pity that he was not in the group now, otherwise he could see Zheng Feng’s curious yet exasperated expression – an exasperated yet depressed expression – with his own eyes. His heart was elated.

After thanking the policeman, the owner of Little Teddy walked over and thanked him upon seeing Wen Mingyi.

Little Teddy barked and told him: “Bye bye, I’m going home. But I will remember my husband. You have to take care of it for me~”

Wen Mingyi: …No need, you should forget about him! He won’t be with you! Give up!

He opened his mouth to say goodbye. In succession, the other dog owners also went to the police station and took their dogs away.

The owner of Little Corgi was a little boy. He came with his mother, crying and laughing while holding his little corgi. Meanwhile, the owner of the Chihuahua was a fashionable urban beauty; after carefully checking that her dog was not injured, she finally relaxed.

The energetic husky who leapt up and down in the police station, almost demolishing the entrance, went to greet its owner, who was tall and thin, accompanied by a gray and white alaskan. Husky excitedly ran over and shouted, “Big Brother!” The alaskan unceremoniously slapped the husky with its paws.

Wen Mingyi, who had been called the eldest brother by the husky, looked at the dashing Alaskan. He didn’t understand. Some people couldn’t distinguish between huskies and alaskans. But why couldn’t the husky recognise the difference between him and the alaskan?

The owner of German Shepherd was unexpected. She was a little girl, looking about twelve or thirteen years old. Seeing that it was injured, her eyes were red, and her voice softly coaxed it, “Does it hurt? It must be painful. Let me take you to the vet.”

German Shepherd affectionately rubbed against her, its actions very gentle.

Everyone who picked up their dog thanked Wen Mingyi, leaving him a little flustered. At the end, he pushed Si Junduo over while he looked at the wall, pretending that he did not exist.

It was almost six in the afternoon by the time most of the dogs were picked up by their owners. Only four to five were still in the police station, waiting for their owners to arrive.

It was impossible for the police station to keep these dogs with them, so the female police officer contacted the local animal protection association. Wen Mingyi felt a sense of responsibility for these dogs, so he went along to the local animal protection association. Hearing from the dogs’ mouth that they were indeed doing well, he left without worry.

Before leaving, he looked at the little labrador who was playing with the puppies. This labrador had no owner. It seemed that it would never be able to be picked up by its owner.

Wen Mingyi remembered what it said in the truck and walked over. He touched the labrador’s head and asked, “Will you follow me?”

He asked three times. The labrador seemed to understand, and asked him, “Do you want to be my master?”

Wen Mingyi nodded.

Labrador was a little arrogant. “But I’m a wandering poet.”

Wen Mingyi smiled. “Then you can be an idyllic poet in the future.”

Labrador didn’t know what an idyllic poet was, but it also seemed to portray just as an arrogant air. It stiffly replied, “Since you insist, then I can only agree with you.”

Wen Mingyi also said very cooperatively, “Let’s go. I will teach you to recite poems when we return.”

The labrador was a dog that pursued culture. Hearing this, it was tempted. It rubbed against Wen Mingyi and prepared to go home with him. Before leaving, it barked towards the other puppies, telling them that they were leaving, and asked them to take good care of themselves.

But when the puppies heard that it was leaving, everyone anxiously teared up. Little Pomeranian was released from the sack by it and had followed it throughout. It watched other dogs being picked up by their owner, but its owner never came. Little Pomeranian was already aggrieved and scared, now hearing that Labrador was also going to leave, its black eyes instantly became misty, tearing up again.

The other puppies also gathered around Labrador, crying aloud, “Sister, what shall we do if you leave?”

They were all too small. Some were only a few ​​months old, after experiencing a life and death catastrophe, they unconsciously relied on this older and bigger labrador, just like how a new-born chick would not want to leave its own mother.

Labrador looked at the little sisters in front. After a long time, it lowered its head and rubbed their little heads, saying warmly, “Sister lied to you. Sister will not leave.”

Wen Mingyi was taken aback.

Labrador looked up at Wen Mingyi, its eyes gentle and calm. It said, “Sure enough, I am still more suitable as a wandering poet.”

Wen Mingyi looked at it and asked, “You’ve decided?”

The labrador nodded.

Wen Mingyi unconsciously sighed. He touched the labrador’s head and whispered softly, “Then I will see you the next day. If you are willing to go with me at that time, I will take you away.”

Labrador rubbed against his palm, but did not speak. From the moment it had decided to stay, it gave up the chance of being adopted again.

It was getting dark, Wen Mingyi hugged them one by one as he bid his farewell to them, preparing to go home.

When he passed by a kitten, he heard the kitten proudly announce, “There are no dried fish today, huh!”

Wen Mingyi lightly patted it. The kitten meowed in fright due to the dog’s smell on him. “You…you you, what are you going to do?”

“Not doing anything. It’s just that you are cute.” Wen Mingyi smiled. Sure enough, he could understand cats.

He and Si Junduo ate outside and then drove back home. Seeing that it was late, Wen Mingyi ran into the bedroom. Before he transformed, he hurriedly bathed as though a battle was awaiting and finally cleaned himself up. He opened a bottle of ice-cola and drank while talking to Si Junduo. Just after taking two sips, a familiar feeling spread across his body. The next second, he turned into a little orange cat.

The cold coke bottle fell down. “Boom—” the sound of it hitting the mandarin cat’s head. The coke poured out and flowed down his head.

Wen Mingyi: …

Si Junduo couldn’t help but laugh. Wen Mingyi meowed in dissatisfaction — What’s so funny! Hurry up and wipe me!

Si Junduo got up and took the little orange cat into his arms, and wiped him with tissue paper. However, coke had sugar and it was too sticky. Si Junduo looked at the locks of cat fur which were soaked in coke, and he stated out aloud, “I can’t wipe it clean. Let’s wash you again, ba.”

After all, Wen Mingyi was not a real cat, so he was not adverse to taking a bath. The two went into the bathroom together. Si Junduo placed the cat in the bathtub, and following a tutorial from the net, he held the shower head over the cat’s head soaked in Coke and poured on it a cat-specific shower gel. Wen Mingyi obediently stood in the bathtub, enjoying Si Junduo’s service very much.

Si Junduo looked at him and unconsciously recalled the time when Wen Mingyi and him used to bathe together when they were younger. He touched Wen Mingyi’s cat tail and said, “Ming Ming has no fish tail, but Ming Ming has a cat tail.”

Obviously, Wen Mingyi no longer remembered the childish talks from their childhood. Si Junduo pressed open his front paws to let him hold on to him.

After washing up, Si Junduo took him out of the bathtub, placed him on his lap, and dried the little cat with a hairdryer. Wen Mingyi squinted his eyes, enjoying the warm breeze passing over his fur, slowly and unknowingly falling asleep.

When Si Junduo heard the kitten on his knees snoring softly, he softened his strength and reached out to touch him. He should be tired, Si Junduo thought. Getting caught by a dog dealer, having to escape with the dogs, and even dealing with the black material on the Internet. After this whole day and night, his Ming Ming must be tired.

He placed the hair dryer to the side, carried the kitten, and walked to the bed. The kitten was placed on the pillow beside him. Si Junduo then walked to the other side, preparing to rest.

When the morning sun entered, Wen Mingyi opened his eyes vigilantly, but soon realized that he was not in the truck. He was already out of danger, and his heart calmed down.

He was about to continue sleeping, but saw the sleeping Si Junduo who was facing him. It was the first time Wen Mingyi had ever looked at his sleeping face while he was still in the orange cat form.

He unconsciously stared at him for a while.

Under the long probing gaze of Wen Mingyi, Si Junduo finally woke up. Seeing the little orange cat before his eyes intently staring at him, Si Junduo lifted his hand to rub his head and asked, “Why did you wake up so early today?”

“The repercussions from yesterday,” Wen Mingyi explained to him very seriously. Sadly, though he could understand what cats said, Si Junduo could not. He only heard a string of meows.

Wen Mingyi stretched out his paw and wrote on the pillow.

After reading it, Si Junduo felt a little distressed. The restlessness and guilt of yesterday surged from within his heart once more. He touched Wen Mingyi’s head and said, “It was my fault. I should have picked you up. It was my fault, I won’t let you encounter this kind of thing again.”

Wen Mingyi didn’t think this matter had anything to do with him. Essentially, even if Si Junduo did not come to pick him up, he should have still safely gotten home. It was just that when he heard the cry for help, he was eager to save the other, and one thing happened after another. Wen Mingyi even felt that this incident was not all that bad. After all, if he was not caught by the dog dealers, then the dogs in that vehicle might have been sold or made into dog meat hot pot.

Wen Mingyi felt that being able to rescue the dogs was a really worthwhile experience. It was just that he’d made Si Junduo worry for nothing.

Wen Mingyi rubbed against his palm, and wrote: Don’t blame yourself. I am the one who made you worry. I’m sorry.

Si Junduo reached out and hugged him, gently saying, “It’s okay, you’re fine. As long as you are safe, you don’t have to say sorry.”

Wen Mingyi felt that no matter when, Si Junduo was really gentle and tolerant to him. He grinned. The cat’s head continued rubbing against Si Junduo’s chin above. Si Junduo let him rub, simply looking down and smiling.

As Wen Mingyi rubbed, the familiar feeling suddenly spread across his body. He only felt it a little bit, and in the next second, Si Junduo realized that the cat in his arms had become a human being, followed closely by the soft touch of warm lips.

Si Junduo was stunned.

Wen Mingyi was also shocked. He looked at the pitch-black eyes of Si Junduo right in front of him, feeling something off. It wasn’t until Si Junduo pushed him away that he suddenly realized his lips seemed to have touched Si Junduo’s just now.

So that means, they just kissed?

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