Chapter 37

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Han Cheng arrived at the tea restaurant ten minutes earlier than the agreed time.

He didn’t know Zhou Yun’s preferences, so he ordered refreshments according to Xia Tian’s usual likings.

Within a few minutes of waiting, Han Cheng had already listed the worst-case scenarios and worked out countermeasures for them one by one.

Han Cheng was not afraid of trouble. This matter would have to be faced sooner or later, and it would be out of control if Zhou Yun were to first see it when the magazine was released.

Since he had given up the shortcut route, he had to be prepared to face more complicated situations. However, he still felt a little regretful when he thought of the worst… he should have treated Xia Tian better.

In this negotiation, the biggest variable was Xia Tian.

If Xia Tian’s final choice was to not make Zhou Yun upset, then Han Cheng’s thoughts would become a joke no matter how many countermeasures he had.

But this was inherently contradictory. If he went against his resolution and established a true relationship with Xia Tian in advance, Xia Tian could eventually break up with him because of “I don’t want to make my mother upset” or “I feel we are still incompatible” and so on. The damage would be even greater.

Since he had decided to leave the choice to Xia Tian, he had to face whatever was coming his way.

As Han Cheng went to see Zhou Yun at noon, the job of fetching Xia Tian from school naturally fell on Liang Qingfeng.

“Mr. Han has something to do during lunch today. He wanted me to pick you up.” Liang Qingfeng opened the door to Xia Tian and put his hand on the roof to prevent him from hitting his head. “Do you want to go home or eat outside?”

Han Cheng occasionally had work issues at noon, so when Liang Qingfeng came to pick him up, he didn’t suspect anything and got into the car. “Go home, I can’t think of anywhere to go.”

Checking the time, Xia Tian asked, “Have you had lunch?”

Liang Qingfeng was still thinking about Han Cheng’s meeting with Zhou Yun and shook his head when he heard that. “No.”

“Let’s eat together later on.” When Han Cheng was at home, he would occasionally ask Liang Qingfeng to stay for dinner. To trouble Liang Qingfeng to pick him up, it was too inappropriate for him to leave just like that. Besides, after picking him up, Liang Qingfeng would go back to the company and wouldn’t have time to eat. If Han Cheng was busy in the afternoon, Liang Qingfeng would have to go hungry. It was also not easy to have a cup of coffee in the middle of it all. Xia Tian was afraid Liang Qingfeng would not agree and he continued, “Anyway, Auntie must have made Uncle Han’s share, and it would be a waste if no one ate it.”

Liang Qingfeng was stunned. Han Cheng’s previous “companions” had never invited him for a meal.

Those who were unable to distinguish the situation thought Liang Qingfeng was merely an ordinary life assistant and would shout at him at will. Liang Qingfeng naturally didn’t say anything, but he knew that the so-called superiority of the other party’s ignorance was reflected in Han Cheng’s eyes. There was no need for him to say anything as Han Cheng did not have a hobby of associating with idiots.

Xia Tian was not like that. Whether it was to himself, the auntie or the driver, he would treat them the respect they should have. Doing this was not to please Han Cheng. When Liang Qingfeng sent Xia Tian to Zhou Yun’s house, he saw it with his own eyes. The same was true for the auntie in his own family.

To be considerate and respect everyone, it was not hard to like him.

Liang Qingfeng was a straight man. He usually didn’t understand Han Cheng’s messy tastes. But whether as a subordinate or a bystander, he felt that Xia Tian was a hundred times better than those around Han Cheng in the past.

Therefore, Liang Qingfeng was quite concerned about Han Cheng’s “negotiations” today.

Liang Qingfeng nodded. “Thank you.”

Xia Tian smiled. “You don’t have to thank me… By the way, what is Uncle Han busy with? Will he be coming back tonight?”

Liang Qingfeng thought for half a second and gave him an unambiguous answer. “He might be going back.”

Xia Tian didn’t quite understand and asked, “You’re not sure? I heard him saying that there hasn’t been much official business recently.”

Previously, Han Cheng had strictly ordered Liang Qingfeng, “Do not alert Xia Tian.”

“It’s not official.” Liang Qingfeng couldn’t violate Han Cheng’s order, so he went the indirect route and said, “Also, the sample issue of that magazine was delivered today. I read it and it was perfect.”

Unsurprisingly, Xia Tian hurriedly responded, “So fast? Is it with Uncle Han? Help me tell Uncle Han to bring it home at night. I want to see it.”

Liang Qingfeng replied, “Unfortunately, the magazine has already been sent to Mrs. Zhou. After she feels it is appropriate, I’ll probably be able to give it to you.”

Xia Tian was stunned.

Liang Qingfeng looked down, he’d said enough. If Xia Tian couldn’t understand the underlying meaning, he couldn’t express it more bluntly.

Fortunately, Xia Tian was not so dense.

Sample magazine, magazine manuscript, cover photo, Zhou Yun, Han Cheng did not come to pick him up from school, and may not be able to come back at night…

The details that were revealed by Liang Qingfeng put together a possibility. Xia Tian uncertainty asked, “Uncle Han… Did he go to see my mother?”

Liang Qingfeng did not answer.

Xia Tian instantly called Zhou Yun directly.

To Han Cheng’s surprise, Zhou Yun arrived a quarter of an hour late before appearing in the tea restaurant.

Although he was impatient, the other party was a lady and his mother-in-law. The lateness was not considered too long so Han Cheng dismissed his unhappiness. When Zhou Yun approached, he stood up politely and greeted her, “Mrs. Zhou.”

“I’m sorry, there was a traffic jam on the road.” Zhou Yun apologised, “I should have called you in advance, but… I’m sorry.”

Being a gentleman, Han Cheng smiled and politely replied, “I’ve also just arrived.”

“I wasn’t sure what you’d prefer, so I’ve casually ordered some dishes.” Han Cheng asked the waiter to change Zhou Yun’s cold tea, “What else would you like to add?”

Zhou Yun was a little restless and shook her head. “It’s alright. I like these very much…”

Zhou Yun gently stroked the newly-changed exquisite teacup, repeating uncomfortably. “I’m sorry for what happened just now.”

Han Cheng frowned slightly, a little confused about the situation happening in front of him.

He’d originally thought that Zhou Yun would be angry.

When the marriage contract was first made, the two parties had agreed that the marriage was in name only. Both parties had their own needs and would refrain from interfering with each other. Once the three-year period expired, each would return to their respective household.

Because Zhou Yun was not at ease, Ruan Sihe also promised Zhou Yun several times that Han Cheng would never do anything to Xia Tian. But the content revealed in the upcoming magazine had obviously crossed the line.

It was clear that Zhou Yun was worried about Han Cheng. Even if she had good self-restraint and did not want to lose her temper in front of him, it shouldn’t be the expression she currently had. It was simply…

Zhou Yun’s eyes were dodgy and erratic. Under her worried expression, there seemed to be a bit of shame.

It was self-repentance after doing something wrong.

Zhou Yun’s abnormality made Han Cheng’s originally prepared rhetoric plan suddenly useless.

“That…” Zhou Yun had been walking in the social field for so many years. She drank two sips of tea, concealed the extra expressions on her face, and tried her best to show the ease of “just a few words”.

“I saw the magazine today and suddenly remembered that you and Xia Tian have been married for so long, but we haven’t had many chances to have a conversation.”

Han Cheng reacted accordingly. He relaxed his expression a little and nodded. “Every time we meet, it is not the right time to chat. Do you have anything you want to tell me?”

“No, no.” Zhou Yun shook her head and smiled. “I was saying it casually. Just remembering that we haven’t sat together to talk.”

Han Cheng suppressed the doubts in his heart. In line with the principle of not making a move, he talked with Zhou Yun on topics that were light and unassuming. It took half an hour to have tea.

After prolonging this time so that it would not be rushed or rude to the other party, Zhou Yun gave an excuse that both of them were busy, got up, and bid goodbye to Han Cheng in a gentle voice.

From beginning to end, there wasn’t a single mention of the magazine.

A conversation that should have been stormily ended in such a bland manner.

With Han Cheng’s shrewdness, it was naturally not difficult to guess whether Liang Qingfeng’s mouth was lax, or whether he’d done something smart. But Han Cheng had no time to think about how to deal with him, he was even more curious… How did he do it?

In other words, how did Xia Tian do it?

“I… told my mother, I’m pursuing you.”

In the evening, Han Cheng called Xia Tian to the study room. Before he could begin questioning the other, Xia Tian with a guilty conscience, confessed first.

Han Cheng frowned. “What?”

“I told her that I like you, I like you very much. I’ve never liked anyone so much. I told her that I confessed to you, but you rejected me.” Xia Tian swallowed, “Actually… The situation was pretty much the same, you really did refuse to confirm our relationship.”

Han Cheng, “…”

“I said I was particularly miserable and asked her what to do.” Xia Tian said embarrassedly, “My mother was like you and didn’t speak for a long time.”

Han Cheng finally understood.

Xia Tian drew a salary from the bottom of the cauldron1It is a metaphor for solving the problem fundamentally., turning Zhou Yun’s accusatory question, “How could you seduce my little son”, into Xia Tian’s unrequited love for him.

The family’s white cabbage was motivated to take the initiative to fight for the pig2自己家的白菜斗志昂扬的要去主动拱猪 – The white cabbage(XT) who was lovingly raised (by her family) is fighting for/ siding the [unflattering word] pig (husband).. Zhou Yun, who hadn’t managed the cabbage well, was immediately emboldened and had no right to be angry.

Not only that, Xia Tian’s sad tone and helpless inquiries made Zhou Yun unconsciously change her position and stand on her son’s side.

No mother was willing to make her children unhappy.

In this way, Zhou Yun’s evasive eyes and awkward smiles were all clearly explained.

Zhou Yun had a mild temperament and knew right from wrong. She felt ashamed because she had blamed him.

Her son wasn’t able to successfully pursue the person in front of him. Zhou Yun loved Xia Tian very much, so even if she didn’t help, she couldn’t bear to make trouble. She didn’t say anything during the afternoon meeting and instead worried about her son’s troubled first love.

Why do you like such a difficult person?

During that half-hour at noon, Zhou Yun was actually more worried and anxious than Han Cheng.

Han Cheng remembered the thing that kept haunting him and made him most disturbed. In this negotiation, the biggest variable was Xia Tian.

An unspeakable notion emerged in Han Cheng’s heart.

Han Cheng asked solemnly, “Did your mother believe that?”

Xia Tian paused for a moment. Avoiding Han Cheng’s scorching gaze, he whispered, “She must have believed it, because… I have never lied to her before.”

Han Cheng felt as if he had been pierced with a small needle in his heart, and he felt an aching pain.

Han Cheng had also lost his father at an early age. He knew better than anyone that it was not so easy to lie to his mother; the two who had depended on each other since they were young.

“For you, I…” Xia Tian’s eyes turned red. He turned his head, took a deep breath, and hoarsely whispered, “Han Cheng, do you still think that my feelings for you are superficial and on impulse?”


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