Chapter 21

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Just as Xia Tian had said, the first night of a cold was the most uncomfortable. He would be much better after sleeping it off.

In the middle of the night, Han Cheng got up and went to Xia Tian’s room. He didn’t turn on the light. Using the dim street light coming through the window, he walked over to Xia Tian’s bed and touched his forehead.

It was not hot anymore.

As soon as Han Cheng was about to withdraw his hand, Xia Tian suddenly rolled over and rubbed his cheek against his palm. Han Cheng was startled and a rush of tenderness filled his heart.

Xia Tian started to mumble something incoherently, Han Cheng suspected he might be cursing in a dream, so he punished him by gently knocking twice on his forehead. Sure enough, Xia Tian stopped talking in his sleep and fell into a deep slumber.

The next day, Xia Tian’s cold was much better.

Han Cheng was not so busy today and still sent him to school.

Xia Tian’s spirit was better and he started to talk much more. He looked at Han Cheng, suppressing excitement mixed with shyness, and asked, “Did you enter my room at night? Did you really come?”

Han Cheng said, “I didn’t go, I slept too well and didn’t wake up.”

Xia Tian was a little disappointed. “I was afraid you would see my sleep posture wasn’t good so when I fell asleep last night, I deliberately lay upright.”

“Really? It didn’t seem to last long.” Han Cheng looked at his phone and said lightly, “You were squatting when I entered.”

“Pfft…” The driver heard Han Cheng telling a cold joke for the first time and he couldn’t control himself.

Han Cheng glanced at the driver, who instantly put away his smile, lowering his head down in guilt and embarrassment.

Xia Tian held back his laughter and asked again, “You really came?”

Han Cheng nodded lightly.

Xia Tian’s mood, which was originally good, became even better.

Xia Tian continued, “By the way! If we go out to play, then we can’t go to my mother’s on the weekend.”

“I already called her last night.” Han Cheng glanced at Xia Tian. “I told her that I will send you back next weekend.”

“Hehehe…” Xia Tian chuckled, “Then I will call my mother to apologise in the evening. Uncle Han… Will the place that we are going to be cold? I don’t have thicker clothes.”

“It should be…” Han Cheng wasn’t that sure. “I’ll take the time to call my friend today and ask. There are mountains over there, maybe it will be a bit colder than here. Want to go home to get clothes?”

Xia Tian nodded. “I want to see my mother too.”

“I’ll send you back Friday and pick you up Saturday morning.” Han Cheng said, “I have an appointment Friday night, so I won’t be able to eat at your house.”

Xia Tian smiled. “It’s okay, my mother will understand.”

Han Cheng said “En”. After a while, Xia Tian couldn’t help but ask, “So, will we be back Sunday night…”

Han Cheng looked at Xia Tian and smiled.

Xia Tian felt that he was being a little noisy and instantly felt embarrassed.

“You can come back on Sunday night. If you are not afraid of getting up early, you can come back the next morning.” Han Cheng calculated the drive from the hotel to Xia Tian’s school and said, “If you don’t want to miss class, you’ll have to get up at five o’clock. Will you be able to wake up?”

Xia Tian struggled and resignedly said, “I should come back on Sunday night.”

Han Cheng smiled. “Concentrate on your exams first, then let’s talk about it after they end.”

Xia Tian nodded with a smile and took out his vocabulary book to memorise the words.

In the next two days, Xia Tian tried his best not to worry about Han Cheng and dealt with the exam.

His foundations were not good. Although Han Cheng had been tutoring him for two months, it was still too difficult to keep up with the progress of others. Fortunately, his mentality was good. He did not panic when the test questions were difficult and tried his best to answer those that he was confident in.

After the exam on Friday, there was a sense of fulfillment.

Although his ranking should still be last, it would definitely be different from last time. For Xia Tian, it was rare to feel a sense of accomplishment from the results and it made him very happy.

His good mood lasted until the weekend. After seeing Han Cheng Saturday morning, his mood changed from good to even better.

Han Cheng did not bring a driver and drove by himself.

Checking out Han Cheng’s new car, Xia Tian exclaimed, “It’s so cool… you recently bought it?”

“It just came yesterday.” Han Cheng took Xia Tian’s small suitcase and put it away.

He took a closer look at Xia Tian’s expression. He guessed right, a boy of this age should like cars.

“I haven’t driven a car for others in a few years so my driving skills may not be as good as Master Li.” After getting in the car, Han Cheng fastened the seat belt for Xia Tian. “So, I’ll be more careful.”

When Han Cheng spoke, his breath swept through Xia Tian’s neck causing Xia Tian’s tone to become a bit unstable as he replied, “I will get my driver’s license soon. Then, I’ll be the one to drive you.”

Han Cheng grinned. “Okay.”

The two chatted throughout the journey and the two-hour drive did not feel very long. When they arrived, the host, who was expecting them and had waited for a long time, helped to take care of their suitcase and car. The two of them then went for a stroll nearby.

The hotel was built near a mountain and a waterfall. The scenery was excellent, but unfortunately it was foggy so the two of them returned to the hotel after looking at it for a while.

The hotel was luxuriously decorated. Xia Tian touched the electronic map in the lobby to bring up the map on the first floor and laughed. “There even is a casino here…”

“Shhh…” Han Cheng smiled, “What casino?1Gambling in China is illegal under Chinese law. That is why Han Cheng rephrased it as a recreational room. That’s a recreation room.”

Xia Tian smiled clearly and didn’t say anything further, but still looked at the so-called “recreation room” curiously.

Han Cheng looked at Xia Tian and suddenly said, “Accompany me to play a few rounds?”

Xia Tian begged for mercy. “My pocket money is not enough to play with you, right?”

Han Cheng asked the waiter for ten chips and handed them to Xia Tian. “This is the extra service that comes with the room we booked. They will deliver ten chips every day. Take it.”

Xia Tian looked at the red magnetic chip in his hand and his heart felt a little itchy. He hesitated and asked, “You gave me what the hotel provided. What about you?”

Han Cheng smiled. “If I lose, I’ll just…”

“If you lose, promise me one thing.” When Xia Tian interrupted Han Cheng, his heartbeat was very fast. He looked down and didn’t dare to look at Han Cheng in the eyes and asked, “Alright?”

Han Cheng gave an amused expression. He just wanted to say that if he lost, he would pay Xia Tian by using the car that he drove today.

Han Cheng didn’t like sports cars. That car was originally bought for Xia Tian.

However, since he made a request, he didn’t mention the car again, lest he dim Xia Tian’s excitement. Han Cheng nodded and said, “Okay.”

Xia Tian breathed out. His fingertips trembled slightly.

He’s so pitiful, better let him win.

Han Cheng went to the first floor with him. In the elevator, Han Cheng said, “We’re just playing for fun, if we lose, don’t dwell on it. Also, don’t tell anyone about this.”

Xia Tian’s heart was still thumping. He looked at Han Cheng puzzled, while the other man smiled. “If your mother knew that I’m taking you to bet money… She’ll probably beat me up.”

Xia Tian laughed and became less nervous. He nodded. “Don’t worry, I won’t become addicted… I’ll play this time. If I am unable to win, I won’t play anymore.”

“Brilliant.” Han Cheng said lightly when the elevator door opened, “It’s just losing a few times, what are you afraid of…”

Han Cheng looked at the ten or so people on the first floor and was stunned.

“Mr. Han is here! I have invited everyone here. The big shot has arrived at last! Mr. Feng almost took his pants off while waiting for you!” Du Ze, the owner of this hotel, had two chips in his hand. He threw it to his female partner and greeted him with a smile, “He mentioned you just now. I didn’t expect you to come here…”

Du Ze looked at Xia Tian who was behind Han Cheng and continued dully, “So early…”

Xia Tian looked at the people playing in the “recreation room”, then looked at Du Ze and understood.

Han Cheng had not only brought him here.

Take his pants off while waiting…

Xia Tian looked at the side of the bar that was not far away. The men had exquisite faces and well-dressed clothes, yet their red cheeks turned pale in an instant.

Han Cheng pursed his lips lightly and looked at Du Ze. “What about me…”

“I suddenly remembered that I haven’t finished my homework yet.” The courage he had just gathered was now swept away. He didn’t want to embarrass Han Cheng and just wanted to leave early. “I’m going to do my homework. You have fun.”

A person not far away heard Xia Tian say that he was going to do homework, couldn’t help but laugh. It reflected very harshly in Xia Tian’s ears.

“Don’t, don’t, don’t.” Du Ze didn’t expect Han Cheng to bring Xia Tian, causing him to be dumbfounded. Seeing that Xia Tian was about to leave, he hurriedly recovered and tried to persuade him, “I… misunderstanding! What a misunderstanding, you are Young Master Xia, huh? I didn’t expect this…”

As Xia Tian gently drew out the hand held by Du Ze, his muscles tightened and loosened. He was tense and tried to calm his tone, “Sorry… I don’t want to play anymore. I will go up first.”

“That isn’t good.” The person who just laughed, Mr. Feng approached with a smile. “It’s all Mr. Han’s fault. I will later ask him to make amends for you. Since you’re here, let’s play for a while, otherwise when you leave, everyone will feel embarrassed.”

Han Cheng looked at Mr. Feng and greeted coldly, “Feng Yizhe.”

Mr. Feng stretched his hands and smiled silently.

Han Cheng’s original intention was to warn Mr. Feng so as to shut him up. He didn’t want this to reach Xia Tian’s ears and cause a misunderstanding.

Han Cheng knew what his name was.

So surely they…

Xia Tian glanced at Han Cheng, took a deep breath as he turned, and started to walk out.

Han Cheng originally wanted to play a few rounds with Xia Tian, to make him happy, and then take the opportunity to give the car to Xia Tian. Not expecting the circumstances to change so suddenly, his face also sank. He glanced at everyone and followed Xia Tian.

“It’s a pity… I still want to play a few games with Young Master Xia.”

Young Master Feng’s slightly hoarse and soft voice came behind Xia Tian. He blew the chocolate powder on the cue stick and laughed softly to the people around him, “Children, can’t afford to play…”

Xia Tian stopped in his tracks. He pursed his lower lip, turned around, looked at Mr. Feng and asked coldly, “What are you good at playing?”

Mr. Feng was startled and realised that Xia Tian was talking to him.

Mr. Feng had an old past with Han Cheng. After Han Cheng got married, he tried to contact him several times but there was no news.

Although he found another companion later on, he still felt uncomfortable when he saw Xia Tian and thought about the recent news.

Mr. Feng smiled, his peach blossom eyes gave an amorous feeling. “Do you play billiards?”

Han Cheng didn’t know if Xia Tian knew how to play billiards, but he knew that Feng Yizhe had played in several clubs and most people weren’t able to beat him.

Before Han Cheng could say that he wanted to play for Xia Tian, Xia Tian had already placed the ten chips that were in his hand on the table.

Xia Tian looked at Mr. Feng indifferently, “Tell me the rules.”


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