Chapter 27

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After inspecting the current specific teaching standards of the school and attending the parent meeting for his husband, Han Cheng gave up the meeting room to other parents. He then talked alone with Xia Tian’s homeroom teacher in the corridor.

“I’ve already said a lot about his studies so I won’t repeat it.” Xia Tian’s homeroom teacher was a 40-year-old lady who was neither kind nor harsh. She carefully analysed, “His grades aren’t good. Fortunately, he is willing to work hard. His attitude towards his homework is very serious and is very well completed.”

Han Cheng looked at Xia Tian. Xia Tian hurriedly lowered his head, reducing the smile on his face. The two tacitly knew that Han Cheng checked his homework every day, and as such, of course the standards were good.

Han Cheng’s expression wasn’t red and his heart wasn’t beating erratically while protecting Xia Tian’s shortcomings. He agreed, “Yes, he is very serious and active with his homework.”

“His foundation is not very good. After learning about the structure of his previous school, I was worried that he could not adapt to this fast pace. I didn’t expect that he could integrate into the environment very quickly, which shows that he is very adaptable.” The homeroom teacher adjusted her spectacles and continued, “He has a good personality and gets along with his classmates. After transferring for half a semester, almost all the classmates like him. His teachers also like him very much… Apart from his grades, he is serious and polite, and willing to work hard. His teachers are also very patient with him.”

Han Cheng nodded in agreement. “He has always been likable.”

Xia Tian’s shoulder twitched and his head lowered in embarrassment.

The homeroom teacher had just learned how much Han Cheng protected his calf so there was not much fluctuation in her heart. She nodded and said, “As far as I have observed, his psychological and mental state are rather good. At this stage, students are generally stressed and it is easy for them to become anxious. Guardians should pay more attention.”

Han Cheng thoughtfully asked, “Occasionally there is a little rebelliousness. This shouldn’t be caused by the pressure of studies?”

Xia Tian looked at Han Cheng, confused.

The homeroom teacher pondered. After a moment she uncertainly answered, “I feel that he wasn’t under that much stress…”

In this exam, Xia Tian’s scores improved by leaps and bounds compared to the previous one. But he was still 100 points behind the second-to-last classmate in his class.

In the ranking of being the first from the last, Xia Tian sat in a peaceful manner and was not surprised.

Although he had worked very hard, it was also full of optimistic efforts. The homeroom teacher could not feel Xia Tian’s pain and low self-esteem.

Han Cheng saw that the homeroom teacher had no unique insight. In line with the principle that the ugliness of family should not be publicised1Refers to problems that occur within the family need to be resolved by themselves or internally. If not, they will be judged or ridiculed if they were told to outsiders., he did not continue with the topic anymore. He learnt how Xia Tian was in school and said, “Thank you for your hard work. I think this is good enough.”

Han Cheng recalled what he had observed just now. Just like how other parents were educating their children, he added to Xia Tian, “Do you know that the teachers have worked hard?”

Xia Tian drooped his head and nodded vigorously when he heard the words. Han Cheng said to the teacher, “He is actually a little bit naughty occasionally. If he is not obedient and you become angry…”

Han Cheng said calmly, “You cannot beat or scold him.”

The homeroom teacher swallowed the words, “Don’t worry, we never take such harsh measures. We just persuade and use reasoning.” She choked and continued, “This is certain.”

Han Cheng was satisfied and said, “I didn’t see the principal this time. If he were to find out, I would be blamed. I’ll go over to greet him.”

The homeroom teacher had already had enough of this guardian who didn’t follow the standard procedure and replied hurriedly, “Please help yourself.”

“Call me after school ends. We’ll go back together.” Han Cheng instructed Xia Tian and went to the principal’s office by himself.

The homeroom teacher was also anxious to communicate with other parents. She waved her hand and let Xia Tian, who was barely able to contain his laughter, return to the classroom.

When school ended, Xia Tian rushed out of school early and got into the car.

His face was ruddy, and he couldn’t help smiling at Han Cheng.

“I didn’t know the parent meetings were like this here. I almost wet myself when I entered the conference room.” Xia Tian sighed. He nonchalantly took advantage of the situation and said with gratitude, “I saw the exams on the projector and thought you were going to beat me up in anger, but I didn’t expect… hehe, for you help me get some marks back.

Han Cheng glanced at him and asked, “How do you know I don’t want to beat you?”

Xia Tian was speechless and stuttered, “You… what you said just now, if you were the one judging the paper, you would give me a few more points…”

“If I were to mark the paper, the deductions would be even more.” Han Cheng closed the folder in his hand, frowning, “How do I usually teach you? Regardless whether you know how to do it or not, calculate the values that you’ll use first. The formula is clearly listed. If the projected scripts were not magnified enough, I almost couldn’t tell that it was written in Arab numerals. The writing was so sloppy. Is this what I taught you?”

Xia Tian feebly said, “I was anxious and nervous during the exam…”

Han Cheng raised an eyebrow and Xia Tian immediately corrected himself. “I was wrong! Next time, I’ll remember what you said and write it well.”

Xia Tian had a good attitude and admitted to his mistakes. Han Cheng didn’t say anything as he continued to look through the documents. After half a minute of silence in the car, he couldn’t hold back anymore and asked, “Then the way you talked to the physics teacher…”

“That’s towards outsiders.” Han Cheng turned his head to look at Xia Tian, “When we’re together, do I still have to sugar coat and look only at your merits in your problem solving questions?”

Xia Tian hurriedly shook his head like a rattle. “No need!”

Han Cheng loosened his tie, lowered his head to deal with work, and said lightly, “Xia Tian, for the past two years, I haven’t been that focused, nitpicking at things and bringing a right from wrong mindset to the negotiating table.”

Xia Tian turned his head to look out the window and laughed silently.

The two went home to change clothes first. Han Cheng was worried that Xia Tian would be hungry after a day of classes so he had let the auntie prepare a snack for him.

While Xia Tian was feasting on a small plate of maple syrup muffins, he asked, “What gift did you prepare for your mother?”

“A necklace.” Han Cheng opened the cabinet, took out an exquisite jewelry box and handed it to him. “She auctioned it off at a charity auction a few years ago. After going through several people, I happened to see it last month and bought it back. It still has some sentimental value.”

Xia Tian opened and looked at it, and exclaimed in a low voice, “It’s so beautiful… how much did you buy it for?”

Han Cheng looked at him in a perplexed manner, and Xia Tian hurriedly explained, “I… I want to pay a little as well, since it’ll be given to her by the both of us.”

Han Cheng smiled and said a number. Xia Tian choked and smiled bitterly. “The little money I earned is just a fraction of that… But let me contribute to show some sincerity…”

“You should keep it as pocket money.” Han Cheng picked up the necklace and returned it. He then continued, “Speaking of which, the pocket money your mother gives you, is it enough?”

Xia Tian nodded. “It’s enough. When there is a need… I’ll ask her again. My mother doesn’t care much about how I spend it.”

Han Cheng asked, “She gives it to you monthly?”

“Yes.” Xia Tian looked puzzledly at Han Cheng, wondering why he would suddenly ask about this.

Han Cheng said, “I’ll tell my mother-in-law when I see her today. I’ll take care of providing your pocket money in the future.”

Xia Tian dumbly repeated, “From… you?!”

“Well, it’s more convenient.” Han Cheng said, “You may not go home once a week, and your mother doesn’t know what’s going on. It’s inconvenient to find her specifically for money.”

Xia Tian felt a bit ambiguous for no reason and answered embarrassedly, “To trouble you… it’s not right.”

Han Cheng looked at him and smiled. “I don’t find it troublesome.”

Looking at Han Cheng’s smile, Xia Tian’s heart skipped a beat.

He turned his gaze sideways and whispered, “Then… let my mother know about this. She’ll definitely agree to what you say.”

Han Cheng nodded.

The little beast in his heart jumped up again.

From now on, I will receive pocket money from Han Cheng every month!

Will Han Cheng give me more? He always seemed to feel that I have little pocket money.

Will he give it on time every month, or do I need to take the initiative?

If I have to take the initiative, it’ll be embarrassing

“Be more obedient in the future.” Han Cheng packed the necklace box and said, “If you are too naughty, I may deduct your pocket money.”

Xia Tian hesitated and asked softly, “If I’m obedient… Will you give me more?”

Xia Tian’s original intention was to tease Han Cheng. Unfortunately, he was not good at this and his face blushed before he could finish speaking.

Han Cheng obviously didn’t expect Xia Tian to say such things. He was stunned. With a smile overflowing from the corners of his mouth, Han Cheng slowly arranged his tie and calmly said, “You can try acting coquettishly.”

Han Cheng went downstairs after speaking.

Xia Tian silently covered his flushed face.

To attract the other party, he and Han Cheng still had a hundred and twenty major astrophysics 2A branch of space science that applies the laws of physics and chemistry to explain the birth, life and death of stars, planets, galaxies, nebulae and other objects in the universe. Link: to solve between them.


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