Chapter 75

Little Cutie Arc #12

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It was also Chi Shu Yan’s first time encountering this kind of situation. It took him a full minute to even react, and all he did was react instead of thinking of a solution. 

He wanted to take his hand back, but no matter how gentle his movements were, Su Tang would feel it. On the other hand, if he didn’t move his hand and Su Tang woke up to see his butt being touched and his pants only half worn, that would be terrible. 

Chi Shu Yan thought of this and started to feel a little awkward. He looked up at Su Tang’s face and realised that the other was still deep in his own dreamland, laying lazily on the bed and unaware of anything that was happening around him. 

Phew.” Chi Shu Yan heaved a sigh of relief and glanced at the time. He knew that there was no time to linger and could only bite the bullet and continue… 

He held Su Tang’s waist, trying to get the other party to move up a bit. However, Su Tang wasn’t very willing and struggled for a few seconds before arching up beneath Chi Shu Yan’s body with a huff. 

Su Tang’s body had arched forward slightly to create a gap between him and the surface of the bed, and when Chi Shu Yan saw this, he quickly retracted his hand. Despite his swift movements, he still touched some of Su Tang’s skin; given how delicate and tender Su Tang’s skin was, he could probably feel it if even a few grains of sand were under him.

Not to mention Chi Shu Yan’s hand. 

“What was that?” Su Tang hurriedly asked Chi Shu Yan, awoken by the feeling of a hand grazing his skin. 

How could Chi Shu Yan dare to say that it was his own hand? He could only act dumb: “What, what thing?” 

“Under my butt… ah.” Su Tang only finished half his sentence and felt a little embarrassed. His words abruptly cut off and then carried on mumblingly. 

“Oh, it could be me tugging the quilt from under your body.” Chi Shu Yan solemnly replied. 

“I see.” Su Tang heard his answer and didn’t continue to speak. His face was a tad red. He didn’t know if it was like that due to the morning’s hot weather, but it was a little unnatural. 

Chi Shu Yan looked at him, a hint of inquiry in his gaze. Su Tang hurried to hide under the covers but found that his pants were around the base of his thighs, half-up rather than down and completely pulling the person from his daydreams.

“This – How did this…” Su Tang merely felt a boom in his head and then he became a mess, not knowing what to say or do. He could only blankly look over at Chi Shu Yan with wide eyes. 

Chi Shu Yan felt it wasn’t good to keep it a secret and said, “Don’t panic first, this isn’t what you think it is. This morning, you were too lazy to get out of bed. We’re going to be late, so I’m helping you put on your clothes…” 

Upon hearing his words, Su Tang carefully thought back and seemed to recall Chi Shu Yan saying this to him while he was still drowsy. “I remember.” 

“That’s good then.” Chi Shu Yan nodded his head, feeling as if a burden had been taken off his shoulders. “Since you’re awake, you can dress yourself, young master.” 

“Don’t call me young master.” Su Tang gave him a glare.

“Okay, little cutie.” Chi Shu Yan smiled. 

“I’m not a little cutie!” Su Tang blew his top and said, his face red beyond belief. 

“Then, little baby?” Chi Shu Yan asked again.

“Ah, ah, ah, you’re so annoying!” Su Tang covered his ears in a rush and acted as if he didn’t hear anything. Chi Shu Yan didn’t say any more after seeing his reaction and chose to stand in front of Su Tang with a smile that carried a deeper meaning. 

Su Tang turned his head away and pulled his pants up under the covers in a dilly-dally manner. He appeared angry, but in reality, he was just shy. 

Because he liked the way the other had called him.

Su Tang thought about this until he became so shy that he could die. But he couldn’t stop himself from thinking about it. When he recalled those words, his face would turn red and the corners of his mouth would be crooked. The words that Chi Shu Yan spoke had caused him to die of sweetness. 

He’d really had enough. Su Tang folded the sheets and flattened them while Chi Shu Yan watched and leaned against the side of a bed. 

As his bed was a lower bunk, Su Tang had to bend down, and with his little butt sticking out, together with the thin summer fabric, the outline of its soft and round shape could be seen.

Su Tang flattened the sheets from the end of the bed to the head of the bed. As he was doing this, his soft butt swayed around, making Chi Shu Yan’s mouth dry; Chi Shu Yan even felt all the blood in his body rush towards that region. He realised the situation wasn’t looking too good and hurriedly turned away, deciding to clean up the bathroom.

Ai, I’m starving.” When Su Tang was finally done with making his bed, he was so exhausted that his whole head was covered in sweat. Only after taking two steps back did he realise that the outcome wasn’t too great.

Their school had strict requirements akin to militarised management: the quilt had to be folded into a tofu block1It needs to be neat, like a tofu cube, the sheets had to be laid without wrinkles, and the floor not only had to be clean, but also devoid of water stains; tf there happened to be so much as a strand of hair on the floor, the student would get their moral points deducted and be punished by the teacher in charge. 

Su Tang looked at the blanket he’d just folded. Its shape was similar to that of a croissant, looking loose and soft with the middle being higher than the sides. Staring at it for too long would make one hungry.

He looked around at the others’ beds— others as in Li Cheng and Liu Wei Yi, not Chi Shu Yan. In school, they were sloppy, but their quilts were folded very neatly and looked different from his own.

Su Tang was a little discouraged, but he wasn’t to blame for this matter; before he’d transferred in, he always returned home after school, and since his house was cleaned by a nanny, he didn’t need to do anything at all. As a result, he was raised into a delicate young master whose ten fingers had never touched spring water2A figure of speech and it’s usually used to describe someone who comes from a privileged family. It pretty much means someone who is pampered and can’t do hard labour..

So when he faced this croissant-shaped quilt, he felt very dejected. No matter how he folded it, it still looked very ugly. He was so upset that he finally gave up and fell on the bed, rolling and whining in frustration.

“Ah, ah, ah, so annoying, so annoying——” Su Tang hugged his croissant-shaped quilt and rolled from the head of the bed to the end of the bed, and then from the end of the bed back up to the head of the bed. The creaking sounds that came from the bed matched Su Tang’s restless mood. 

Chi Shu Yan heard the noise and hurriedly looked back, only to see Su Tang’s oddly-shaped quilt. He knew the other was stumped by this problem. It was just that this baby was too interesting. When annoyed, he’ll roll around like a soft dumpling; the soft dumpling then rolled into Chi Shu Yan’s heart and made it tremble from the meng3萌 = moe = cuteness.

“The young master can’t fold a quilt?” Chi Shu Yan walked over to Su Tang’s side with a smile. When Su Tang heard the other’s voice, he stopped rolling and laid still on the bed while hugging the quilt, looking as if he’d been bullied. 

Aiyo, what happened?” Chi Shu Yan turned Su Tang’s body over and pushed away the blanket covering his face. That’s when he realised that the other was crying; Su Tang cried like a homeless little milk puppy and looked at him with big, pitiful eyes.

“Don’t cry, don’t cry. I’ll help you fold it, okay?” Chi Shu Yan hurried to console Su Tang and carried him off the bed. He bent down and touched Su Tang’s head, staringing at him with tenderness.

En.” Su Tang nodded. He was still a little uncomfortable, though maybe he’d rolled around for too long and was a little giddy; he was even a bit sweaty from rolling— not only were the circles of his eyes red, but even his face was. 

Su Tang’s ahoge4Ahoge, a Japanese slang, is an exaggerated cowlick (click here to see). According to Wiki, it adds cuteness to a character and is usually indicative of character traits like airheadedness. had wilted and it was obvious that he hadn’t recovered. Chi Shu Yan’s heart ached and he immediately stood up. “Go and wash up first. I’ll fold your blanket for you.”

“Okay.” Su Tang agreed, and with some difficulty, he took the wash basin. He stood at the door for a while before looking back and saying softly, “Thank you.”

“It’s fine, no need to be so polite.” Chi Shu Yan smiled. “However, you’re still very cute.”

Su Tang blushed and didn’t continue to thank Chi Shu Yan, running away while holding the wash basin.

He was still thinking about the other’s words in his heart and whispered them back to himself, then quietly cursed his glib tongue and prepared to wash up. Although the water was cool, it was definitely better than the weather. It felt better than being touched just now and his mind was much more awake than it was before. He didn’t feel as sticky as he did earlier either.

The water flow was a little strong and some water splashed Su Tang’s pants. He used a towel to wipe his leg, and when the wind blew in from the window, Su Tang suddenly recalled something.

He packed up his things and hurried out of the toilet. Except when he ran to the door, he hesitated again. He wanted to go in, but he didn’t want to. Because of this, he was quite embarrassed.

It was by coincidence that just after Chi Shu Yan had finished sweeping the floor, he turned around and saw a shadow behind the door. With one glance, he knew it was his little cutie.

“What are you doing hiding behind the door?” Chi Shu Yan walked over and placed the broom in the corner. He pulled the door open a fraction and Su Tang appeared. 

“Wasn’t – Wasn’t getting ready to do anything.” Su Tang was slightly ill at ease and his little head was hanging down. He returned his things to their original positions and stood off to one side again, a hesitant expression on his face. 

“What happened?” Chi Shu Yan asked. 

“There isn’t…” Su Tang was a little unsure. He’d originally wanted to let it go, but Chi Shu Yan had asked, and he himself wanted to ask more.

“Didn’t I fall asleep at the ‘desk’ yesterday?” He asked.

“Right ah.” Chi Shu Yan nodded.

“Then, then how did I end up laying on the bed?” Su Tang asked in a soft voice. He saw Chi Shu Yan’s eyes flicker and his heart started to race. He paused and asked, “The clothes I wore before I slept— how were they changed?”

“…” Chi Shu Yan didn’t speak and silently moved his gaze away.

Su Tang’s heart raced and his voice was trembling, “You… You changed them.”

After a short silence, Chi Shu Yan finally raised his eyes and asked, “Were you hoping that I did?”

last chapter from me guys. i’m really sad to have to drop this novel and it really makes me feel super sh*tty but i will always choose my family over anything else. i’m so sorry for ending it here abruptly.

i will not be dropping MKSC as i have stockpiled about 4 months’ worth ^^ just need to get them edited!

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