Chapter 65

Little Cutie Arc #2

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Su Tang felt nothing, save for the sensation of his centre of gravity suddenly shifting. He scrambled through the air to no avail for something to grab, before eventually falling down.

He was afraid to look. His fear was like an invisible web, tightly holding him in place. He wanted to scream but he was unable to find his voice. In the end, he could only close his eyes. However, what he was met with wasn’t the hard ground, but a warm and familiar embrace.

This completely unexpected turn of events caused the fear in his heart to linger. He couldn’t stop himself from holding the other’s neck.

Summer was very hot but the other person’s body was cool. The other emitted a clean, grassy soap scent and it made Su Tang’s heart race.

An indecipherable emotion emerged from the bottom of his heart. It felt as if everything he’d ever wanted or was waiting for had been achieved. He felt a sense of delight mixed with a bit of bitterness.

This type of feeling was quite strange, rather like drinking a strong wine. Satisfaction preceded the intoxication, and the fragrance of the wine evoked his memories; it made him want to both hug the other while crying and to smile stupidly at the other. Though the emotions in his heart were let out, these emotions didn’t seem to have a source.

Because his memory was only a blur and no similar figure could be found.

Su Tang tried his best to think back, but the more he thought about it, the more his head hurt. Even the familiar feeling was slowly disappearing, like quicksand slipping away, without any chance of ever coming back.

He forced himself not to think about it but couldn’t stop himself from trembling. He was just like a little cat, quietly shrinking in the other’s embrace.

He did his best to regain his composure; he took a deep breath and finally lifted his little face, making eye contact with the other person.

It was a seventeen, maybe eighteen-year-old youth. He had straight, sharp sword-like eyebrows and was tall in stature. He probably looked very good when he smiled. It was just a pity that he looked so cold.

The other hugged him, his thin lips tightly sealed and his eyebrows slightly crinkled together as if he was unhappy. Yet, it looked like the other was concerned about Su Tang. The sight of his expression couldn’t help but move Su Tang. He subconsciously stuck his hand out to touch the other’s brow.

“Don’t…” Don’t always be unhappy. It’s good to smile.

The urge to utter those words suddenly came to Su Tang. It was only when he opened his mouth that he realised that what he was doing was ridiculous, and his fingernails were already grazing the other’s face. This… Was he possessed? Why did he do that?

Su Tang blinked and rapidly withdrew his hands behind his back. His eyes darted around. Eventually, he pretended that nothing had happened and refused to look up at the other.

It was only Chi Shu Yan who kept his steady gaze trained on Su Tang. This made Su Tang feel embarrassed and a little unsettled. Finally, he grew annoyed with being stared at and said, “I… Ai, don’t keep staring at me.”

“I didn’t…” Chi Shu Yan refused to admit it.

“You did, I felt it!” Su Tang raised his little chin, and only after finishing his words did he notice how close he was to Chi Shu Yan.

Oh right, he was still in Chi Shu Yan’s embrace, held with arms around him.

This really… No one was really in the right here ba.

Su Tang realised this point; getting shy wasn’t right, and neither was getting annoyed. He just mumbled, “Forget it, forget it. You put me down first ba.”

“Okay.” Chi Shu Yan quickly said, only just now noticing this.

The two silently brushed off the incident. When the area where Su Tang stood started to get a little warm, Su Tang said, “Thank you for saving me just now. En, I’m Su Tang—what’s your name?”

“No problem.” The other shook his head and then said, “I’m Chi Shu Yan.”

“Oh, oh.” Su Tang went ‘so this is how it goes’ in his heart. After all, this person’s temperament was good. It wasn’t that the aura of the male lead was unbearable, but just that he’d ran into him straight after transmigrating over. He didn’t know if his luck was good or not.

“You’re getting ready to transfer into this class?” Chi Shu Yan asked out of the blue.

“Ah, yeah.” Su Tang stared at him, surprised, before asking, “How did you know?”

“I guessed.” Chi Shu Yan replied.

“Yeah.” Su Tang found his question a little stupid. He gazed down in shame and just so happened to catch a glimpse of the melting puddle of ice cream he’d dropped on the floor. “I’ll go clean this up.”

“Okay.” Chi Shu Yan nodded, and Su Tang ran off to rinse a cloth. When he came back, he saw the other writing his student ID on the blackboard.

“We have an exam?” Su Tang asked, shocked.

“Yes. Every time school reopens, there’ll be a mock exam. The class monitor needs to come to inspect the examination room in advance.” Chi Shu Yan explained to Su Tang as he scribbled on the blackboard.

Ao.” His words left a pang of sadness in Su Tang’s heart. He sluggishly went to clean his mess up before sitting in the seat nearest to the speaking stage and watching Chi Shu Yan write on the blackboard.

Not only was Chi Shu Yan handsome, the words he wrote were nice to look at too. Even the numbers he drew were visually appealing. Su Tang stared for a while and felt envy bubble up in his heart. It was just a shame that no matter how nice Chi Shu Yan’s words looked, they wouldn’t help him withstand the heat.

Though he used his hand to fan himself, he still felt hot. He then planted his face on the table in hopes of cooling down faster.

However, this position drastically lowered his line of sight and he couldn’t see what Chi Shu Yan was writing. It wasn’t long before Su Tang started to grow bored and decided to talk to the other.

He asked, “Do you like exams?”

Chi Shu Yan replied, “No.”

“Why ah? Aren’t your results very good?” Su Tang didn’t get it.

“Because the class monitor is always busy during exam periods.” Chi Shu Yan explained.

Su Tang let out a chuckle and watched Chi Shu Yan write on the blackboard, helplessly busying about. The sight tickled him and he ended up laughing loudly on the table.

When Chi Shu Yan turned around, Su Tang immediately wiped his face clear of emotion. It’s just that he couldn’t pretend very well and had to cover his mouth.

“If you want to laugh, just laugh.” Chi Shu Yan said. “Don’t suppress it.”

“You’re not angry?” Su Tang questioned.

“Not angry.” Chi Shu Yan shook his head and turned back to resume writing on the blackboard. “Your voice is very nice and so is your laughter.”

Su Tang’s face turned red and his heart started to race again. He felt himself flush from both embarrassment and happiness. He saw Chi Shu Yan’s back view and recalled what the other had said.

Ai, this feeling was so weird ah. Forget it, forget it, he didn’t want to think about it anymore. Su Tang reprimanded himself silently in his heart but couldn’t stop himself from thinking about it. The other’s words simply came flooding back into his mind, so he laid on the table to secretly laugh.

When Chi Shu Yan finished writing on the blackboard, he noticed that Su Tang was resting on the table, deep in slumber.

He unconsciously walked nearer, his gaze locked on the other. Su Tang’s eyes were closed, his face was fair and delicate, and his eyelashes were long, like the thin wings of a butterfly casting a shadow.

He slept soundly, and Chi Shu Yan didn’t have the heart to wake him up. He took a stool and sat next to Su Tang.

After about twenty minutes, Su Tang finally woke up. He blinked and realised that Chi Shu Yan was next to him. Chi Shu Yan seemed to be furiously scribbling something down and Su Tang was too embarrassed to disturb him.

Chi Shu Yan seemed to be tired after writing after a while and wanted to take a break. He looked up and was met with Su Tang’s clear, bright eyes.

Su Tang didn’t seem to think this would happen and was flustered for a while. In the end, he only blinked his eyes a couple of times before saying, “Wah, I just woke up, what are you doing ah?”

“…” Chi Shu Yan didn’t reply and stared at Su Tang. After around twenty seconds, Su Tang was defeated and turned away.

“What were you looking at?” Chi Shu Yan asked.

“Don’t know.” Su Tang replied meekly.

“I know what you were looking at.” Chi Shu Yan said. “You were looking at me.”

It was Su Tang’s turn to be speechless. Chi Shu Yan thought for a while and said, “I was writing a disciplinary report just now.”

“Oh.” Su Tang replied slowly.

“There’s still a hundred more days’ worth to write.” Chi Shu Yan said again.

“Oh?” Su Tang felt a little like smiling but stopped himself.

“This was originally meant to be done by the deputy class monitor but he left the report at school. Furthermore, he was playing soccer and injured his leg. In the end, only I can do it.” Chi Shu Yan explained.

Su Tang finally turned back and smiled. “You’re so miserable ah.”

En, and you still ignored me.” Chi Shu Yan teased. He finally heaved a sigh of relief after seeing Su Tang’s smile.

Ai, then I’ll pay attention to you now.” Su Tang leaned over to look at the report Chi Shu Yan1 Author put Qian Zhu but I think it’s a typo was writing. There weren’t many words written, however he couldn’t possibly write long disciplinary reports every day. If they were to pile up, his workload would truly be too much.

“My heart hurt for you for a second.” Though Su Tang said this, in reality, he was smiling very happily. The corners of his mouth were curved up and his cheeks had two shallow dimples. He looked very sweet and soft. Chi Shu Yan thought that no one could be as cute as Su Tang.

He gently poked Su Tang’s dimple and then turned back to continue writing. Su Tang was upset and stood up to poke Chi Shu Yan’s face. The two started to tussle about before Su Tang’s phone rang.

It turned out that whatever had needed to be done for the transfer was done. His family had left afterwards and had asked the driver to send him home directly.

Su Tang hung up and saw Chi Shu Yan sticking his own phone out at him. “The class has a network group; tell me your phone number.”

“159——” Su Tang said a string of numbers which Chi Shu Yan then typed into his phone before saying, “See you tomorrow ba.”

“See you tomorrow.” Su Tang nodded and walked out of the classroom.

Chi Shu Yan returned to his seat. He didn’t continue writing the report and instead opened his phone gallery to stare at the picture of Su Tang sleeping. He changed the remark to ‘little cutie’.

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    Author put Qian Zhu but I think it’s a typo

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