Chapter 68

Little Cutie Arc #5


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Chi Shu Yan also didn’t know what was wrong with him; he’d never had this habit of feeding others before, but just now, when he saw Su Tang like that, he couldn’t help using his chopsticks to pick up food and pass it to Su Tang. This action felt very natural, as if he’d done it every day, even though this was, in fact, the first time he’d eaten with Su Tang.


His breathing sped up as he recalled Su Tang’s appearance just now—the other’s mouth open and looking like he completely trusted him. Su Tang ate it before realising what had happened, then raised his face to look at Chi Shu Yan.


With his big eyes wide open, revealing a naive and innocent aura, Chi Shu Yan suddenly felt that him not blushing was the real problem.


The two looked at each other without words, especially Su Tang, who was way more flustered and blushed a hundred times more than Chi Shu Yan. When the other side didn’t speak, he was even more embarrassed to mention it. And after seeing the other party blushing awkwardly, his blush soon rose as well. At last, the two gazed at each other for a long time before both tacitly lowered their heads and continued to eat.


Afterwards, neither mentioned what had happened just now.


Su Tang didn’t think too much and ate a few mouthfuls, feeling that the food was now tasteless. He didn’t know what was wrong, but he just felt that the piece Chi Shu Yan fed him had the best taste. It was sweet and fragrant, so delicious that he wanted to cry. He really was strange; it was all made in the same pot, so why did he think that the piece Chi Shu Yan had given him was the best?


He couldn’t think of a reason, and feeling a little frustrated, he reluctantly moved his chopsticks a few times before finally putting them down and saying, “Well… erm, I feel that I can’t eat anymore.”


Chi Shu Yan looked at his plate. The amount of food that was eaten was so little that it was pitiful. It was just like the amount cats ate, making it hard to believe that the other party was really full. So he asked, “You ate so little, are you sure you ate your fill?”


“I’m full.” Su Tang nodded. Chi Shu Yan then raised his eyebrows and looked at him again, expressing that he didn’t at all believe what was said.


“I’m really full. You can touch my tummy, it’s already sticking out.” Su Tang said as he patted his belly.


Chi Shu Yan glanced at him, his expression a little strange. His eyes moved from Su Tang’s petite face and finally strayed to the other party’s waist, where only a slender figure could be seen through the uniform he was wearing.


It gave off the feeling of a youth’s naivety and playfulness while also like the mesmerising appearance of a flower drenched in morning dew before blooming, its tender and adorable look attracting people’s care and love.


You could even smell a hint of sweetness in the air.


Chi Shu Yan retracted his gaze, and images of what he’d seen replayed in his head. This was the first time he’d looked at someone in a way that could be considered perverse; even though their bodies were of a similar structure, he was still staring like a pervert and constantly thinking about it.


It was all because Su Tang asked him to touch his belly.


The speaker didn’t have the intention but the listener did—Chi Shu Yan was a prime example of this. Right after remembering this phrase, he felt as if his heart had begun to get hot and that even his blood was starting to boil. He thought that if he did touch Su Tang, he might not be rejected. The two people definitely had different thoughts on this point.


Even if the other party might be shy, as simple and innocent as a lamb, he himself wasn’t. He was like a big bad wolf, always holding some perverse thoughts in his heart.


So he didn’t do it, nor did he think about doing it, only responding vaguely like usual.


Su Tang was satisfied, laying down on the table and waiting for the other party.


Staring at others while they were eating wasn’t polite, so Su Tang turned his head to look around. He realised that there were fewer people in the cafeteria than at the beginning. Originally, there were more boys, but now, there were more girls since the boys usually prefered to go out and play football after quickly eating, whereas the girls prefered to gather together and gossip.


As for the topics of gossip, they included a wide range, from movies that featured popular celebrities to how a teacher didn’t pull their zipper up, and even how the food tasted today. Su Tang wasn’t doing anything so he just listened to them and didn’t think much about it.


At first, they were talking innocently, but after a while, Su Tang heard another party chatting about Chi Shu Yan. His heart tightened and he pricked his ears, and the more he listened, the more his flush rose.


This so-called gossip had been spread from one person to another and the original gossip had ultimately been distorted. For example, the original version of the gossip was normal at noon, but in the end, it had somehow turned into Chi Shu Yan having a lover, even saying that the lover was bent! 


Moreover, they also kept peering at where he was. When Su Tang turned his head, those girls almost screamed in excitement.


It was even mixed with cute, pleasant, and soft-sounding voices.


Su Tang felt embarrassed to death. Of course, he couldn’t continue listening and could only weakly withdraw. But when he lifted his head, he saw Chi Shu Yan smiling at him.


“Ah…” Su Tang was startled. Scared that the other party would hear the gossip, he could only ask, “Have you finished eating?”


“I’ve finished eating.” Chi Shu Yan said while nodding his head. He stood up and tidily arranged the plates, then asked, “Just now, did you listen to the gossip?”


“Nope, I didn’t listen to it.” Su Tang hurriedly made up a lie.


“Oh.” Chi Shu Yan nodded his head once more and gave him a meaningful look before walking away to return the plates.


“Where are we going after?” Su Tang asked in a small voice, following behind him.


“Going to the forest ba.” Chi Shu Yan said without looking back.


Su Tang: ?!!


“You don’t like it? Then let’s go to a small corner of the corridor.” Chi Shu Yan said.


“What are you saying?” Su Tang was going crazy. He stepped forward to try and reason with the other party, but as he did so, Chi Shu Yan turned around and he just so happened to knock into his chest.


Wu.” Su Tang staggered and stumbled backwards. Fortunately, Chi Shu Yan’s hand quickly grabbed him, preventing him from falling.


But Su Tang didn’t say thank you. He glared at the other party, wanting to say something but not knowing how to say it. After a while, he decided to turn his head and leave, ignoring the other.


“Hey, your school bag is still with me.” Chi Shu Yan said.


Su Tang momentarily paused. He wanted to leave without looking back, but when he thought of the exams later this afternoon, he could only hum and turn back, then he tilted his head and said, “Give it back to me.”


“I was just joking with you, why take it seriously?” Chi Shu Yan didn’t give it back and instead asked.


After hearing that, Su Tang felt awkward. Actually, the places Chi Shu Yan wanted to go to were those discussed by the girls just now; they’d joked about the two males, chatting about who was the top and who was the bottom. After all, it was natural to fake being rotten, and normal people would never take such conversations to heart. 


But he wasn’t like those ‘normal’ people. To be precise, he wasn’t how he usually would be. Whenever he thought of Chi Shu Yan saying those things, his heart beat faster, his face flushed involuntarily, and he was both embarrassed and excited, as if they really were going to do it.


This wasn’t right. He shouldn’t be like this.


Su Tang was confused, unaware of what was wrong with him. He raised his head to look at Chi Shu Yan’s eyebrows, feeling as if his whole body had been caught in the deep gaze of the other party.


He didn’t dare to keep looking, not just because of that, but also because there were a lot of people surrounding them and watching the excitement. The two of them were just like a fighting couple.


A person who knew Chi Shu Yan asked him what was wrong, and to that, Chi Shu Yan shook his head. Just as he wanted to say something, he saw Su Tang walk towards him.


The other bowed his head, refusing to look at him, then simply reached out his hand to hook the school bag’s strap, wanting to take it back.


Chi Shu Yan quickly let go. Su Tang looked back at him, puffing his cheeks and not wanting to leave, just staring at Chi Shu Yan and making him freeze.


He thought for a while before taking his school bag, turning around, and walking downstairs with it.


So that’s how it was.


Chi Shu Yan breathed a sigh of relief. He looked at Su Tang’s back and suddenly felt that this little cutie was a baby—even when making trouble or acting tsundere, he was still cute.


“You scoundrel.” Su Tang suddenly said.


“Hm?” Chi Shu Yan wasn’t angry. Instead, he kind of wanted to laugh. He thought that when Su Tang was scolding people, it was very funny since his tone was soft and didn’t seem the slightest bit threatening.


“You still wanted to ask me even though you obviously heard what the girls said as well.” Su Tang muttered.


“I’m sorry.” Chi Shu Yan said sincerely, wanting to pat Su Tang’s head. However, he was afraid the other party would be angry, and he said, “I won’t be like this next time. Are you still angry?” 


“……” Su Tang didn’t answer him, prepared to leave him hanging, but then they walked past the small corner near the stairs, causing him to remember what the girls had said before.


So he asked, “What did you hear just now?”


“Hm… Do you really want to hear?” Chi Shu Yan, by contrast, hesitated to speak.


“Hurry up and say it!” Su Tang turned his head, domineering like a little landlord, which resulted in Chi Shu Yan wanting to laugh.


“I just heard them say that we’re a couple, and which places are better for a date. Hm, that’s all.” Chi Shu Yan said.


“Really?” Su Tang didn’t believe him as he remembered that amongst those words, there were all kinds of ‘play’. For example, ‘exercising’ at the stairs and stuff like that.


However, Chi Shu Yan insisted that he’d only heard that much, his expression extremely serious, and he even had the helplessness of someone who was wronged, “Really, I only heard that much.”


As if that was true.


In fact, he’d heard what the girls had said from beginning to end, but he didn’t dare say something so indecent since Su Tang would be so ashamed that he’d stay away after hearing it. But just because he didn’t say it didn’t mean that he hadn’t heard it.


Because he’d secretly kept those words in his heart.


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