Chapter 72

Little Cutie Arc #9

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The friction from their fingertips felt bewitching, like taking a sip of low-alcohol lychee wine; it had a slightly tipsy and faintly fruity feeling, making people nostalgic and intoxicated.

Su Tang looked up at Chi Shu Yan. He resisted slightly, but was firmly grasped by the other party once more.

“Be good, don’t make trouble.” Chi Shu Yan’s voice was very gentle as it brushed past his ears, tickling his sensitive areas and instantly making Su Tang’s white cheeks hot.

He no longer squirmed and really listened to the other party, obediently being led by Chi Shu Yan and lowering his head, afraid to look at the other party.

Chi Shu Yan asked him about what he wanted, and Su Tang replied that he could decide. Lowering his head again, one couldn’t tell what he was thinking.

However, there really were a lot of people at the supermarket. The shop fronts were small and the quantity of each of the products on the shelf was also little; everyone posed as if they were going to war, afraid that the items they wanted to buy would be snatched up by others. That made the road very difficult to walk through. If you were even a little careless, you’d be squeezed to the back.


On the way, Chi Shu Yan held Su Tang’s hand while also protecting him by sandwiching him between his body and the shelves. He was tall and could easily reach the highest-placed items on the shelves, but unknowingly, he moved closer and closer to the shelf, making it seem as if he was holding Su Tang completely in his arms.

And when he wanted to take something from the bottom shelves, their faces would automatically get close while leaning down, with Chi Shu Yan’s hand placed on Su Tang’s waist. Even though the hand didn’t touch anything, Su Tang still felt stiff.

He didn’t know if Chi Shu Yan did it intentionally, but he was sure that the other party did spend an exceptionally long time selecting what products to buy. Sometimes, even their breaths would intertwine. Su Tang’s mind was blank and all he could feel was that his heart was going to jump out of his chest.

He didn’t know what was wrong with him, however, as long as he was with Chi Shu Yan, or staring at the other party, or even if he’d only seen the other person’s back, heard the other person’s voice, or saw the other person’s name, he would feel a kind of indescribable sensation in his heart, as if he’d just eaten sweet and sour strawberries.

Though he wanted to ask the system, he found it hard to talk about. He’d thought it was because Chi Shu Yan was the male lead, except he didn’t feel anything when he saw the female lead.

In other words, this strange feeling was only towards Chi Shu Yan.

In his head, there was always a voice telling him to quickly escape from Chi Shu Yan’s side or else things would get very bad, but he couldn’t do it. In fact, he even… even liked this mysterious and peculiar feeling.

That’s to say, he liked Chi a little bit…

No no no, that couldn’t be it. Su Tang shook his head, trying to clear the absurd thoughts from his mind and divert his attention and focus to other areas.

It was only then that he realised he’d already been led out of the supermarket by Chi Shu Yan and was still holding the other party’s hand.

Similarly to when they’d first gone in, Chi Shu Yan was holding his hand and not letting go.

Su Tang noticed that and quickly let go, but Chi Shu Yan gently hooked his finger back with his fingertips.

The place that was touched started to feel hot, becoming numb, and the drum in his heart began to beat as a layer of red gradually appeared on his face.

Chi Shu Yan looked at Su Tang with surprise, having not expected the other party’s reaction to be so cute; he was just as sensitive as a mimosa that shyly gathered its leaves when touched.

The lights in the corridor emitted a soft light which reflected onto Su Tang’s face, making him seem like a soft and delicious butter cake coated with a thin layer of cherry jam.

It made him want to eat this adorable little cake and try its sweet taste.

As for how to eat it, Chi Shu Yan had already thought about that in his heart: first, eat the thin layer of cherry jam, then savor the delicate cream, and finally eat the little cake one bite at a time. En, eat until not even crumbs were left.

If that was the case, he’d have a good dream. As for what kind of dream it was, Chi Shu Yan thought that it should be one with Su Tang in it.

He withdrew his thoughts and saw that Su Tang was still dazed and cute. Loving that look, he couldn’t help but ask him, “Did you get shoved just now?”

“Nope.” Su Tang shook his head, looking a little innocent.

“Then why is your face so red?” Chi Shu Yan asked again.

“Erm…” Su Tang didn’t expect that Chi Shu Yan would ask that kind of question. Suddenly feeling guilty, he lowered his head and said, “It’s a bit hot, let’s head back to the classroom first.”

And then he slowly grabbed the bag that was in Chi Shu Yan’s hands and led the other party towards the classroom.

It was also a coincidence that as soon as the two of them had reached the door of the classroom, the bell rang. The classroom was very noisy, but when Su Tang pushed open the door, it was instantly quiet.

Everyone sat with exemplary posture until they saw that the person was Su Tang. Then they started to go wild again.

“Woah, I thought it was the director who came to check. Scared me to death. Turns out that it’s little Su Tang coming back.” Someone said.

“Hahaha, it’s clearly the young wife of the class monitor who’s just passed the door1班长刚过门的小媳妇/ the young wife of the class monitor who’s just passed the door. It’s saying that Su Tang is like a young wife (of our man, Chi Shu Yan). It describes an unnatural attitude due to being shy… It comes from the olden days where the people marrying each other didn’t know the other party until they ‘passed the door’..” Someone added.

“Yes ah, the class monitor really doesn’t care about his wife. He doesn’t even piggyback him.” Someone teased again.

“Yes, oh yes, maybe little Su Tang could consider us.” Li Cheng suddenly said, going with the flow.

Due to being teased by everyone, Su Tang was blushing and standing at the door of the classroom, not knowing what he’d done wrong. He looked like a soft little lamb, very adorable and with an appearance that made people feel like bullying him.

Although everyone wanted to continue teasing Su Tang, before they could say anything more, they saw a tall and lean figure walk in behind him. Afterwards, the surrounding atmosphere seemed to have gotten a little colder.

With a stern face, Chi Shu Yan stuffed the bag into Su Tang’s arms and told the other party to return to the seat first. He then casually walked to the podium, opened the disciplinary list on the table, and wrote as he said, “Liu Wei Yi, Li Cheng—poor performance during evening study; you were speaking loudly in the classroom even after the preparation bell rang.”

Then he raised his head and said, “Everyone, give your thanks to these two classmates. It’s because of their sacrifice that your comfortable lives tomorrow have been won.”

When everyone heard that, they burst into laughter. Except the two hapless guys couldn’t help but wail. Although those two were unwilling, they reluctantly accepted since, after all, the class monitor would catch people every day—at least one, and at most everyone2It means completely wiped out or removed, so in this case, I think it means everyone can be ‘removed’ in a day.. It was just that if one or two people made a mistake, the punishment for the whole class was much lighter. 

Besides, the two were regulars of the disciplinary list, the kind that landed on the list three to five times a week, so there wasn’t actually any difference between receiving more scolding or less scolding.

Thinking of this, the two were relieved and stood up to say, “You guys don’t need to thank me, just call me Lei Feng3Lei Feng.”

There was another burst of laughter in the classroom, then applause. After a minute, the bell that signalled the start of study time rang. Chi Shu Yan waved his hand and everyone lowered their heads, continuing their revision. 

The night self-study lasted until 9:30, but when it was only nine o’clock, the sound of rustling from packing sounded in the classroom. There were few people who weren’t distracted and continued to study at their desks.

Su Tang, seeing the people around him packing up, couldn’t help but take his school bag from the stool. After all, it was his first day of school and he didn’t know many things well, therefore he just looked at what the people around him were doing and followed along with them.

It’s just that the school had clearly stated that school bags weren’t allowed to be packed in advance and there would be a leader to oversee this, so Chi Shu Yan had to put down his book to examine everyone. Normally, when his gaze swept over the classroom, the students would stop or secretly pack up under the table, but Su Tang, who was a newcomer, didn’t know this rule. He just lowered his head and took care of his stuff, not noticing the stare.

It’s just that the sound of high heels came from the corridor. It was probably the director coming to check.

Ahem ahem ahem.” Chi Shu Yan coughed a few times, but Su Tang didn’t respond.

Everyone in class turned to look at Su Tang.

Chi Shu Yan felt it would be embarrassing to call his name and could only cough a few more times. Meanwhile, Su Tang just thought that someone had a cold so he didn’t look up. 

Some people in class couldn’t help but start to laugh.

Li Cheng patted Su Tang’s shoulder and pointed his finger at Chi Shu Yan. Su Tang finally recovered, and seeing Chi Shu Yan staring at him, he tilted his head in curiosity. He blinked with the meaning of asking the other party what was wrong.

Him doing that seemed a bit cute, rather like a naive and foolish little cat. When Chi Shu Yan saw him like that, he felt his heart melt, but since the director was about to reach them, he could only helplessly say, “For now, don’t be in a hurry to pack your bag. The director is coming to check.”

He was afraid that Su Tang would be embarrassed so he added, “Li Cheng, you don’t get to laugh. I know you don’t even have a school bag, and even the paper and pen you use for drawing were borrowed from Shen Ting Ting.”

Li Cheng paused, then he secretly muttered under his breath that the other party was too wicked. Anyways, he was already on the list today, so he went ahead and said, “Class monitor, you aren’t bad either. I just won’t say who you peeped at for the whole night using your free time while overseeing the class’ discipline.”

“Who?” Chi Shu Yan cast him a warning look.

“Your little cutie bei~” Li Cheng said, even lightly patting Su Tang.

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