Chapter 73

Little Cutie Arc #10

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Little cutie, little cutie, little cutie… 

These words remained in Su Tang’s head and he couldn’t help overthinking. He remembered everything, from what Chi Shu Yan had done to what he’d said. He could even recall small touches with these words.

His heart was filled with happiness but he wouldn’t admit it—he was too shy to admit it. However, his red face gave it away, especially when he looked at Chi Shu Yan; he felt that he’d sunk to the bottom of a river, his nervousness and excitement suffocating him.

As these feelings followed one after the other, he was still at a loss.

He was like a lost rabbit whose ears were turning in all directions.

Chi Shu Yan gave Su Tang a placating look and said to Li Cheng, “Stop playing around all the time. You’re frightening the new student who just transferred into our class and still isn’t familiar with his surroundings. If you frighten him again and he runs away, what will we do then? Can you get us a new transfer student?”

“Can’t get a new one.” Though Li Cheng shook his head, he continued, “But I wasn’t joking…” 

Chi Shu Yan heard his reply and simply felt his head ache beyond belief. He waved his hand. “Okay, okay, okay, you’re right. Please go on stage to carefully tell everyone how I secretly fell deeply in love with him and how I watched him day and night.”

“Also, the director will arrive soon so you let her listen as well.” Chi Shu Yan added.

“F*ck, I won’t go!” Li Cheng was so frightened that he sat down and hurriedly picked up his book to pretend he was reading. 

After the matter about the director was swept away, Li Cheng stopped. Less than half an hour later, the school bell rang and a tremor was felt throughout the building. It was the sound of students pushing away from their desks and rushing out of the classroom.

Almost all the classes were like that. Each class had someone who would take the lead in dashing into the hallways and out of the teaching building, running into the moonlight with honor. Sometimes, when they met enemies on the narrow road, they would speed up, trying their best to win first place. And finally, when the light in a certain dorm lit up, it radiated with the light of victory and gleamed like a gold medal.

At this moment, Su Tang was still packing his school bag.

Chi Shu Yan sat in front of him. He’d already packed up and was waiting for him, which made Su Tang a little anxious. He wanted to shove the books in all at once, but the corner of a book got stuck, causing him to feel particularly anxious. There was even a layer of sweat on his forehead.

“Don’t worry.” Chi Shu Yan held his hand and wiped the sweat from his forehead for him before saying with a smile, “Seeing you like this, it seems as though you’d be swallowed by me if you were one second late.”

“No, no.” Su Tang hastily shook his head and put his school bag on the table, looking at the other party with embarrassment.

“Let me help you.” After Chi Shu Yan finished speaking, he helped Su Tang by widening the opening of the bag and then saying, ”You can put the books in one at a time, so don’t worry.”

“Okay.” Su Tang obediently put down all the books, then placed them into the bag one by one.

This time, it obviously went much smoother and easier than before. Once Su Tang zipped up his school bag, he let out a sigh of relief. He was in a very good mood so he smiled and raised his head, only just meeting Chi Shu Yan’s gaze.

Were the lights that dazzling or was it something else? Chi Shu Yan merey felt that the other’s smile made ripples in his heart. The corners of the other party’s lips were curved, his pear vortices shallow and his eyes bright, just like the first ray of sunlight at dawn: clear and bright.

He liked it.

Really really liked it.

Liked it until he couldn’t move his eyes away, wanting to gaze at Su Tang forever.

“Why are y– you looking at me?” Su Tang stammered.

“Why do you think?” Chi Shu Yan asked back. Then he smiled, picked up Su Tang’s bag, and said, ”Let’s go back to the dorm, little cutie.”

“Don’t call me that.” Su Tang was a little embarrassed. He looked around and found that there were only a few pairs of busy, lovey-dovey young couples left that had no time to look at them. He wanted to breathe a sigh of relief, but then he realised that he and Chi Shu Yan were just like them.

No no no, it was different. Su Tang quickly denied his thoughts, pretended that he’d never had that idea in the first place, and just went back with Chi Shu Yan.

The seniors were facing the college entrance exams, so there were many buildings different from the other grades. The teaching and dormitory buildings were separate to provide them with a better learning environment, and in addition to the evening self-study, they would continue to study in the dorms after class.

However, to ensure their wellbeing, the school only allowed them to study until 11.30. Many diligent students felt that there wasn’t enough time or felt that studying in the dormitory would cause them to be disturbed by others, so they chose to rent an apartment near the school to study at instead. As a result, many dorms, which had eight people to start with, were left with only four people or less.

There were 22 classes in the same grade, and Su Tang was from class 13. Both the classroom and dormitory were on the third floors. The location was neither high nor low and it was very convenient to move upstairs or downstairs.

Chi Shu Yan took him to the teacher in charge of the dormitories. The available dorm was 310, and he was told that someone had helped him unpack his luggage in the afternoon, so he could check in straight away.

“Your parents are so considerate towards you.” Chi Shu Yan said.

“They’re okay.” Su Tang’s tone was a little low as he said, ”My parents are divorced and I followed my dad. But he’s very busy everyday and doesn’t have time to care for me, so he has his subordinates to do things instead.”

“Sorry, I didn’t expect the situation to be like that.” Chi Shu Yan said as he patted Su Tang’s head.

“It’s okay, it’s actually fine.” After he stopped talking, Su Tang raised his head and asked, ”Who are my roommates going to be?”

“There’s those two who were called out today.” Once Chi Shu Yan finished speaking, he added, ”It’s generally sorted by Student ID1学号 xué hào = student number/IDStudent ID refers to a number assigned by the school to each student. In order to facilitate the management of students, generally everyone’s student ID will not be repeated, and the number will generally contain information such as year and class..”

Though Su Tang nodded, he felt a sense of loss; because Chi Shu Yan studied well, his dorm must be at the front, but since he himself had just transferred in, it was estimated that his dorm would be in the back. In this case, not only could they not sleep together, but the distance between them was also far.

Still, he hadn’t given up yet, and he asked the other party, ”Is there anyone else?”

“Who do you prefer?” Chi Shu Yan asked instead.

“Ah…” Su Tang was stunned for a moment. He felt as if his careful thoughts had been pierced through by the other party and was extremely embarrassed, but he still wanted to know the answer. He was very entangled, not knowing how he should say it to Chi Shu Yan.

“There are very few people in dorm 310.” Chi Shu Yan saw that he hadn’t spoken for a long time so he skipped the previous topic.

“Oh.” Su Tang felt even more uncomfortable. When he’d walked to the door of the dorm and was about to enter, he slowly turned his head and asked, ”Which dorm are you in?”

“Which dorm do you wish for me to be in?” Chi Shu Yan leaned against the door and asked him with a smile.

“310…” Su Tang said dully and looked away.

“Since you’ve said so, I can only agree with you.” When he finished speaking, Chi Shu Yan pushed the door open, turned on the lights, and said to Su Tang who was still standing at the door, “Why are you still standing there stupidly? Come in.”

“Okay!” Su Tang rushed in and saw that his bed was a lower bunk, No.1, while Chi Shu Yan’s was an upper bunk, No.4. The two beds were facing one another and they could see each other from their respective places. He felt as if his mood had improved. This was even better than winning an award.

“Li Cheng’s bed is your upper bunk, and Liu Wei Yi is on the lower bunk, bed No.2.” Chi Shu Yan said, and signalled again, “The discipline of those two is so bad that they would go to heaven if they left the teacher’s sight, so the teacher arranged for me to stay here and look after them both.”

Once Su Tang finished listening, he chuckled and laughed, then he looked at the location of Chi Shu Yan’s bed. It’s location was very advantageous and there weren’t any blind spots if he wanted to watch those two. The teacher was really shrewd.

“Go wash your face first and refresh yourself a bit. Oh, are you still going to study at night?” Chi Shu Yan asked.

“Study ba.” Su Tang wasn’t very sure so he asked, ”Are you going to study?”

“Same as you.” Chi Shu Yan said with a straight face. Their dorm had always been the first and earliest on the whole floor to turn off the lights. They usually went to bed immediately after washing up and would never stay up late to study.

Li Cheng and Liu Wei Yi didn’t like to learn, plus they couldn’t remember anything anyways, whereas for him, it was because he’d already remembered everything they’d learnt during the day so there wasn’t a need to waste this time.

But since Su Tang wanted to study, he had no choice but to accompany him.

It was almost ten when the two of them finished washing up, but they were still the only two in the dorm. At first, Su Tang thought that the others went out late and would come back right before curfew, but now that the dormitory building had closed, why hadn’t those two returned yet?

“They’ve gone back to study.” Chi Shu Yan explained, “The art student said that he would go home and continue painting while the other physical education student said that he would go home and find a tutor to take supplementary lessons.”

Even though those two looked very weary when they arrived at school every morning, Chi Shu Yan just thought that they were probably tired from playing games all night.

The fact that there were only two people in a dorm meant for eight was a very pleasant thing. They didn’t have to set up small tables on their own single beds and could instead just take two stools and use the empty beds as tables so they could study.

Except Su Tang was a little sleepy.

He’d taken a whole day’s worth of tests and then had another three and a half hours of self-study in the evening. When he went back to the dorm and saw the bed and quilt, he wanted to burrow on in. However, after hearing that others would be burning the midnight oil to study, he felt too embarrassed to sleep so he could only hold on.

But as he held on, his face got stuck to the book, and after a short while, the whole person lay on the bed.

Seeing him like that, Chi Shu Yan was dumbfounded. He wanted to wake him up and ask him to sleep in the bed instead, but Su Tang was upset over being disturbed, so he smacked Chi Shu Yan’s hand away and continued to sleep hunched over.

“Hey, Su Tang? Little Su Tang? Wake up first, okay?” Chi Shu Yan poked Su Tang in the face again. The other party barely opened his eyes but still managed to bite his hand.

Bit it and didn’t let go.

And then continued to sleep.

Just like a little kitten.

“Really know how to act shamelessly.” Chi Shu Yan said helplessly while booping him on the nose.

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