Chapter 67

Little Cutie Arc #4

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“You…” Su Tang thought for a while but didn’t say anything in the end. The leaves on the trees beside them rustled in the wind and sunlight scattered across Su Tang, giving his white face a golden glow. It was beautiful, the kind of beauty that touched the soul.

Chi Shu Yan felt that his soul was being taken away and only a sluggish body was left behind. He subconsciously took out his phone, wanting to take a picture to remember this beauty.

When he heard a ‘ka-cha’ sound, Su Tang finally reacted. His face was red to begin with, so he was embarrassed beyond words when he saw Chi Shu Yan taking a picture of him. In his heart though, he was actually a little happy—he was just too shy to say it out loud, like he already knew he shouldn’t have these feelings for Chi Shu Yan.

He also didn’t know why, but he just felt that he should be angry. When he eventually responded, it instead turned into a ‘humph’ sound. It wasn’t threatening at all, rather like a kitten that was angry—one that was just weaned but still acted arrogantly.

Chi Shu Yan’s heart was a soft mess and his mind couldn’t help replaying that scene. He couldn’t stop even if he wanted to.

Moreover, he wasn’t willing to stop. He immortalised the other party’s adorable appearance in his mind so that he could recall it hundreds or tens of thousands of times since he liked it so much.

This was truly strange.

But what was the matter?

Chi Shu Yan thought of this and the corners of his lips hooked up. He took a few more pictures of Su Tang, who was shy to the point of bursting. Su Tang wanted to snatch his phone away but Chi Shu Yan was too tall and had lifted the phone to a height he couldn’t reach. Su Tang jumped and jumped to reach it, except the other instead placed a hand on his head to gently rub his hair. This left them both startled.

The delicate touches, the delicate atmosphere, and the delicate mood. The two gazed at each other and there seemed to be a chemical reaction between them. It was crackling and burning, emitting a dazzling light. They couldn’t take their eyes away.

Chi Shu Yan suddenly thought of many things. He licked his lips, wanting to talk to Su Tang.

“I…” He opened his mouth and hadn’t yet gotten to speak when he felt the surrounding silence turn a little weird. He looked up and saw the Representative of Year Threes aggressively running in their direction.

This Representative had a fierce, serious face and their character was strict and frightening. Furthermore, she loved to wear long skirts. She had a white complexion and red lips. During night self-studies, if one were to look at the glass windows and unfortunately make eye contact with her, they might scream out in fear and may even fall down from the stools.

If they were called out for a conversation with her, they would have to speak with that pale face under the dim hall lights.

The effect was so good that even horror movies couldn’t compare.

When Chi Shu Yan first saw her face, he knew he’d messed up. He usually wasn’t afraid of her like the other students were, but that was mainly because he didn’t break any school rules. However, this time… it was difficult not to.

As this was a closed residential school, along with being one of the best in the city, it was also stricter than other schools. On weekdays, all electronics were banned, and even brick phones produced by Russia weren’t allowed. If you were caught with one, it would be confiscated and the head teacher and your parents would be notified. In the past, students would carry their mobile phones with them but used them very carefully.

Chi Shu Yan, in a moment of carelessness, was caught using his phone by the Year Representative. His luck could be said to be very poor. The only good thing was that said Representative was short-sighted and wouldn’t wear her glasses for the sake of aesthetics. Consequently, she couldn’t even distinguish between men’s and women’s faces when more than five meters away.

He was considered a good student, and he wasn’t a stupid student either. Being caught for this kind of thing was equivalent to death. Only an idiot would honestly stand there and wait for the other party to speak. Chi Shu Yan grabbed Su Tang’s hand and led him to run in the other direction.

The Year Representative saw this and immediately shouted, “The students with the phone, what class are you two from! Stand still!”

Su Tang was firmly pulled along by Chi Shu Yan and didn’t have time to react to whatever had just happened. He’d gotten a shock when he heard the shouting. He had only just transferred to this school and wasn’t familiar with the teachers’ voices yet, but it seemed that the tone of this voice was one of reprimand.

As a result, he hurriedly grabbed Chi Shu Yan’s hand and, without daring to look back, ran with him in the other direction.

The school yard was big. Chi Shu Yan and Su Tang ran one lap and left the Year Representative far behind before taking a small path to get to the canteen to eat.

Su Tang was simply frightened to death by this. He struggled to catch his breath and his legs were still weak. Chi Shu Yan saw his appearance and quickly said a few words of apology. He wanted to support the other by the shoulder, but due to their height difference, he could only directly grab the other’s waist. He found a place to sit down and went to buy food for them.

Su Tang had a guilty conscience and kept his head buried in his arms, not daring to look around. He was both afraid that the person would come to catch him and tired of running. He was out of breath and had a red face. At first glance, it was easy to see that he’d just finished running. If he were caught, it would be terrible.

So he just laid down on the table with his two eyes peeking out to look around. He assessed his surroundings, his thoughts running wild.

When Chi Shu Yan came back, he saw Su Tang behaving like a frightened bunny hiding during the day from predators. He was nervous, and it was unexpectedly adorable. If he were to suddenly walk over and frighten Su Tang, would he shrink into a dumpling out of fear?

Chi Shu Yan smiled yet ultimately didn’t do anything of the sort. He was afraid that Su Tang would be terrified, and that would hurt his heart.

“You waited a while.” Chi Shu Yan placed the dishes on the table. Only then did Su Tang get up. He looked around before heaving a sigh of relief.

“Don’t be afraid. At this point, the Representative probably went back to sleep.” Chi Shu Yan explained.

“Really?” Su Tang widened his eyes, asking with semi-suspicion.

“Really.” Chi Shu Yan nodded his head and pointed at the dishes on the table. “Come, eat first, you must be tired.”

Su Tang reddened at Chi Shu Yan’s words. The way the two of them were hiding was like two poor people from the past hiding from devils. He was a pampered young master who grew up lavishly—where would he have ever experienced these kinds of things? Running to the canteen had left him exhausted, unlike Chi Shu Yan, whose face wasn’t even red. He was truly envious.

He blinked, and this made Chi Shu Yan a little embarrassed. He said, “I didn’t know what you like to eat so I got you everything.”

“I eat everything.” Su Tang looked at the cherry pork1Cherry pork! It’s really sweet, and if cooked right, the meat melts in your mouth :drool: on the plate and wanted to eat it but was too embarrassed to say it out loud. He could only use his eyes to try to speak to Chi Shu Yan like a pitiful little mute.

Chi Shu Yan couldn’t stand it when Su Tang looked at him like that and could only say, “If you like something, just say it. Don’t be embarrassed. This cherry pork was originally meant for you; I don’t like sweet food.”

“Then do you like to eat meat?” Su Tang asked.

“It’s alright, I’m not picky.” Chi Shu Yan replied. “Don’t talk anymore, eat first ba.”

En, en.” Su Tang nodded and immediately picked up his utensils to start eating.

The school’s food wasn’t substantial; there were little dried cucumbers in the cherry pork and plenty of carrots. Furthermore, the colour difference between the meat and the carrots wasn’t much, and at first glance, they looked the same.

Su Tang only liked to eat meat—he had to have meat at every meal. If there were only vegetables for one meal, he would endure his hunger and wait for the next meal. So when he discovered that there were a countless number of carrots in the cherry pork, a strong refusal appeared in his heart, but in the end, out of politeness, he ate a small mouthful.

It was very difficult to eat.

It was so hard that he almost wanted to cry.

Su Tang’s expression changed in a second, turning into one of suffering. Chi Shu Yan saw him acting like that and thought that he’d accidentally choked.

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

“I want to drink water.” Su Tang said with his dying breath.

“Okay, I’ll find some.” Chi Shu Yan dug through his own bag and found a bottle of water that he’d bought in the afternoon but only drank a few sips from. Though he was hesitant to hand it to Su Tang, seeing the other’s longing gaze, he twisted open the bottle cap and passed it over.

Su Tang gargled the water, trying his best to get rid of the taste of carrot in his mouth before finally placing the bottle on the table. He heaved a sigh of relief and said, “Carrots are too hard to eat.”

“What?” Chi Shu Yan almost thought that he’d heard wrong and only believed it after confirming it three times. Only then did he realise Su Tang had simply behaved like that due to his dislike for carrots. He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“What’s up with that expression.” Su Tang felt a little dissatisfied.

“No, no, no, I just thought that you were too cute.” Chi Shu Yan replied.

“Not eating carrots means cute?” Su Tang snorted, showing his disbelief.

“I just thought that you not liking carrots is especially cute.” Chi Shu Yan said.

“Ah?” Su Tang didn’t get it and shook his head, staring at the other.

“It’s nothing. Hurry, eat up.” Chi Shu Yan was shaken by his adorableness and felt the urge to lean over and pinch Su Tang’s face.

In the end, he looked down and moved his chopsticks, saying, “Eat ba.”

Su Tang wasn’t willing and put down his chopsticks, staring at the other, “Not yet. I wanna hear what you have to say first.”

“You really want to hear?” Chi Shu Yan looked up. He picked up a piece of meat and had a thought, then passed the meat over to Su Tang’s mouth.

Su Tang naturally opened his mouth to eat the piece of meat. He chewed it twice before suddenly looking up, staring at Chi Shu Yan holding his chopsticks with a face that was red beyond belief.

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  1. Awwww they’re so cute! And here I used to think that nothing would be more adorable than our peach baby~

    This arc reminds me of slow and warm afternoons back in school.

    Thanks for the update! 💕

  2. Awwww they’re so cute! And here I used to think that nothing would be more adorable than our peach baby~

    This arc reminds me of the freshness of youth and the slow yet warm afternoons back in school.

    Thanks for the update! 💕


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