Chapter 55

Peach Fairy Arc #14

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Liking someone was such a blissful thing. How blissful was it? Well, Su Tang didn’t know what to say. He only sat in Qian Zhu’s arms, daydreaming as he watched the petals scatter and the stars in the sky twinkle before raising his head to look at Qian Zhu. His heart felt warm and sweet.

Su Tang’s smile was adorable; his eyes were shining brightly, the corners of his mouth were raised, and two little dimples appeared. Looking at him was like drinking a sweet wine, just one glance was all it took for a person’s heart to fall.

Qian Zhu couldn’t stand it when Su Tang looked at him that wayit wasn’t that he didn’t like it, but because he liked it too much. It was as if the other only had eyes for him and, in the entire world, there were only the two of them.

“Did you know, I always feel like we’ve met somewhere before. There are times where I feel like we’ve known each other for a long time.” Qian Zhu suddenly said.

Su Tang’s heart was full of sweetness so he followed along and said, “I actually also feel that way.”

He seemed to have thought of something and embarrassedly lowered his head.

Qian Zhu asked him what was wrong but Su Tang was unwilling to say anything. Qian Zhu must’ve guessed what it was as he then rubbed Su Tang’s face and said, “Do you feel that we’re destined to be together?”

“A little…” Su Tang said one thing while meaning something else entirely.1口是心非 kǒu shì xīn fēi = (idiom) to say yes and mean no // two-faced. It’s like telling someone that you don’t want anything from the supermarket when you do want something. Qian Zhu just stared at him for a while before raising his brow. “Are you sure it’s just ‘a little’?”

“I don’t know…” Being stared at like that made Su Tang feel panicky; he was like a little puppy who’d been caught stealing food by its owner. The puppy, filled with guilt, flattened its ears. 

Ai, how can you be this adorable?” Qian Zhu felt like the other’s words struck a chord in him. His heart filled with fondness and it was about to overflow. He lowered his head and gently kissed Su Tang’s face, “Baby, actually, I really like you. From the bottom of my heart, I like you the most. Only you.”

Su Tang’s heart was moved and something suddenly flashed through his mindit was a rather familiar feeling. It was as if he’d heard this sentence before, except he couldn’t remember anything. Just like a shooting star, it flew across the sky and would never return. It would remain in one’s heart forever and they’d never forget about it.

He was suddenly filled with sadness, however if someone were to ask him the reason for it, he wouldn’t be able to answer. This was a confusing emotion that came out of the blue and only needed a second to fill his heart. Su Tang stared at Qian Zhu and tears unknowingly flowed from his eyes.

“Don’t cry, don’t cry. You were okay just now, why are you crying?” Qian Zhu hurriedly tried to comfort Su Tang, rubbing his head and embracing him. Su Tang was a good boy and only cried. Soon, Qian Zhu’s shirt was soaked with tears.

“I don’t know…” Su Tang sobbed, hugging Qian Zhu as he  said, “I’m just really sad, I…”

He didn’t continue, merely raising his head to dry his tears while more continued to fall.

“What do I do, I love to cry.” Su Tang said as he sobbed.

“I like the crybaby you.” Qian Zhu hugged him and held Su Tang’s hand tightly in his palm. “No matter how you are, I’ll still like you. Crybabies have people who’ll dote on them. Did you know that you’re the same? I really want to dote on you.”

Su Tang’s face turned red and he forgot to cry. He stared pitifully at the other and said, “Both of us are… still small.”

“I’m not small.” Qian Zhu shook his head, and Su Tang’s red face nearly exploded.

Qian Zhu suddenly smiled. Regardless of whether his original meaning was as Su Tang thought, his reaction was too cute. How could such a small person think so much?

He saw that Su Tang looked rather uncomfortable and explained, “You little rogue, I meant that you’re still young and a crybaby.”

Su Tang was taken aback, and he felt that his face2In Chinese culture, a face is similar to someone’s dignity. was tossed into the skies. He didn’t think too much and could only bite the bullet as he said, “I – I didn’t think that! You think too much, you’re the rogue here!”

The two played around like this and time seemed to pass by quicker. However, Su Tang was unwilling to sleep. Despite being tired till the point of dozing off, he still clung to Qian Zhu reluctantly and refused to let him go back to his room.

He looked too pitiful and Qian Zhu’s heart ached at the sight. He said, “Baby, if you’re tired, go back to your room and sleep ba.”

“I’m not tired…” Su Tang struggled to act energetic. He shook his head and rubbed it against the other, sticky beyond words.

“Baby be good, listen to brother’s words. Go back and sleep, okay?” Qian Zhu warmly said as he patted Su Tang’s shoulder.

“I don’t want to sleep! Don’t want to sleep, don’t want to sleep! Just don’t want to sleep!” Su Tang hugged Qian Zhu tightly and refused to move, hooking his legs around Qian Zhu’s waist as if he wanted to bind himself there.

“Okay, okay, okay, we’ll listen to you.” Qian Zhu could only give in to him, rubbing his face and kissing his ear for a while after.

Su Tang suddenly became obedient and allowed Qian Zhu to get closer to him. Even when his face turned red, he was unwilling to let go, much like a poor, old puppy that feared being abandoned by its owner.

It was a cold night, but the other’s kiss was warm. It was like ice meeting fire,  bringing with it a mystical feeling. Su Tang thought hard about it and decided this was probably the feeling of liking someone.

It was really good.

He smiled and raised his head before softly kissing Qian Zhu’s lower jaw. It was a gentle one, and even after kissing his jaw, he didn’t stop and instead continued to rub against Qian Zhu.

Qian Zhu was stunned. He’d never thought that Su Tang would ever initiate a kiss and now felt that it was difficult to breathe. Numbness started to spread throughout his body and he couldn’t resist bending down to kiss the other.

“Don’t move.” Su Tang gently bit him. The bite wasn’t painful, but it was itchy. Qian Zhu’s body stiffened and he didn’t dare move.

In reality, Su Tang didn’t have any experience. He just continued to rub, rub, rub, and eventually he grew tired of rubbing so he pressed against Qian Zhu’s shoulders to reach his lips.

While it was just gentle stroking at first, soon enough there was some light biting. He bit until the other’s lip was all red, and only then did he realise that he didn’t have enough ways to kiss. 

He asked Qian Zhu if it hurt, and the other replied that it didn’t. Su Tang wasn’t stupid and felt a little shame. He licked the other and perceived that Qian Zhu’s lower body was restless. Feeling awkward, he thought about stopping.

“Baby, continue. I’m okay.” Qian Zhu’s voice was husky.

“You said it, so we’ll kiss. If you do anything else, I’ll bite you.” Su Tang pretended to speak firmly but his face quickly turned red. Qian Zhu nodded his head and Su Tang returned to kissing and licking.

Slowly, Qian Zhu’s self-control wilted away and he started to respond to Su Tang. The kiss changed from light to heavy, from shallow to deep. Whenever Su Tang grew tired, he’d pause for a while before bending back down to savor that peach flavour.

The night gradually turned into day and Su Tang, who was still in Qian Zhu’s embrace, finally succumbed to sleep.

Su Tang slept very deeply. As if having a bad dream, his eyebrows were tightly furrowed and Qian Zhu helped him to rub away the wrinkles between his brows. Su Tang started to tremble and abruptly called out, “Qian Zhu, Qian Zhu, don’t go, don’t go…” 

His voice grew progressively quieter and then turned into soft mumbling. Qian Zhu’s heart was sour. This little fool sleep-talked in his dream; if this continued, how could Qian Zhu bear to leave Su Tang?

Qian Zhu silently sighed and carried the other back to the room. He covered him with a blanket and sat by his side for a long time, right up until the palace’s candles all burned out. Qian Zhu rose to his feet and planted a kiss on the corner of Su Tang’s mouth.

It was a light kiss and yet it was filled with heavy emotion. How heavy were these emotions? Probably heavier than everything else.

The candles’ shadows flickered and the beaded curtains swayed. Then the breeze disappeared and all was calm again.

Su Tang slowly opened his eyes, his vision grew blurry, and tears started to wet his clothes. His heart also went silent as he shrank into his blanket and finally couldn’t help but cry out loudly.

“Qian Zhu is a baddie, big baddie, baddie, baddie…” Su Tang continued to cry before he became tired. Out of energy, he could only lay down and mumble, “But I really like you ah, baddie…”

He suddenly sat up and grabbed his outer clothing as he ran out of the room. The system had a bad feeling and quickly yelled, “Little ancestor, don’t think of it! You’ll die in the human realm!”

“I won’t die.” Su Tang replied, his movements never ceasing.

“You…” The system paused, realising it had no way to refute Su Tang. As long as the plot wasn’t finished, Su Tang would never die. It was a rule, and at the same time, it was a loophole they were both trapped in.

It sighed and suddenly felt that these two seemed destined to be together. It was the same in every world—neither could be without the other, unable to bear parting.

The truth was, the system had long understood this but refused to believe it. However, over time, after failing mission after mission, it had to admit that fate was like that sometimes. When it saw them meet, it couldn’t help but feel that human emotions were so magical. Sometimes they were weak like a droplet of water, and other times they were stronger than anything else. It couldn’t tear them apart, and it didn’t want to either.

Ai, I wish you all the best ba.” The system finally said.

“Sorry.” Though Su Tang’s tone was low, he still gratefully said, “Thank you.”

He walked out of the room. Seeing the courtyard covered in petals, he couldn’t stop himself from recalling the fun times he’d had there. He picked up one flower and put it in the palm of his hand, but it was blown away by the wind. His heart followed suit and fell to the ground, filled with dullness.

He wanted to pick it up, and just as he bent down to do so, it was snatched away by someone else.

That person picked up the flower and stood up as well before being pounced on by Su Tang. They both fell to the ground.

Ai, did you miss big brother that much?” Qian Zhu smiled indulgently as he softly held Su Tang.

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