Chapter 71

Little Cutie Arc #8

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Chi Shu Yan was taken aback and stood motionless in the distance, his gaze fixed on the contents of the paper. There were several different styles of writing on it—some wide, some round, some flat, and others skinny. There was even one imitating his own style of writing, and the words written out were all his name.

Maybe Su Tang had wanted to draw out of boredom at the beginning, but when he’d started to write Chi Shu Yan’s name, he’d wanted to write it nicely, just like a stubborn child. Every stroke he’d made was done so with force, to the point where there were dents in the paper. Chi Shu Yan touched the indents on the back of the paper, feeling that his heart was filled by Su Tang.

Chi Shu Yan continued to look down at the paper while Su Tang walked up on stage, his face a little red and his heart racing. There were about 50 people in the class, excluding Chi Shu Yan, Li Cheng, and himself. Su Tang was born with little courage, and with around 100 eyes on him, he couldn’t help growing nervous.

He blinked his eyes and took a deep breath. As he still had some stage fright, he looked up at Chi Shu Yan, who gave a faint smile. Su Tang finally calmed down and got ready to introduce himself.

“Hello everyone, I’m called Su Tang, and due to some reasons, I transferred from XX High to here…” Su Tang paused, and just as he wanted to continue speaking, Li Cheng suddenly stood up and started to loudly clap. He said with emotion, “Welcome, welcome! Come, everyone, have some reaction, alright?”

After he said that, he shot a grin at Su Tang. Li Cheng used his eyes to motion towards Chi Shu Yan, an ambiguous meaning in his gaze.

Su Tang saw the other’s meaning and his face couldn’t help reddening. He guessed that the other must’ve mistaken the relationship he had with Chi Shu Yan, and though he wanted to explain himself, since he was still on the stage, he could only swallow his words to say later.

Everyone was reminded by Li Cheng and immediately started to fervently clap. As the holidays had just ended, everyone was still immersed in their joy; there was also an exam earlier today, so the night self-study was the best time for them to enjoy themselves.

Furthermore, Su Tang was originally very good-looking. He looked soft and adorable, and everyone started to talk about him and asked him to write his name on the blackboard.

Su Tang wanted to reply but then recalled the blackboard that was filled with Chi Shu Yan’s writings about exams and rules. As he couldn’t make up his mind, he sent a distress signal to the other, who responded with a smile. It helped him relax and continue writing.

“Okay.” Su Tang promptly nodded his head, looking just like an obedient student who’d been questioned by a teacher. Everyone who saw this couldn’t help but burst into laughter. A few male students scolded Chi Shu Yan for being too strict and scaring the new student.

Everyone was very enthusiastic and Su Tang was a little unsure about how to react. Luckily Chi Shu Yan had smiled at and encouraged him. He even agreed to Su Tang erasing part of the blackboard to secretly take some time to calm down.

It was probably due to his nervousness from going up to the podium or his constant thoughts about Chi Shu Yan or practising writing Chi Shu Yan’s name the whole afternoon, but he accidentally added on a san dian1sandian are these things 氵 and they are usually used in words related to water! Chi Shu Yan’s name is 池疏言 😏😏 when writing his name on the blackboard with chalk.

Su Tang was shocked for a second and instantly realised that he’d written the wrong name. He quickly used his hand to rub it away and weakly turned his head around to look. Thankfully his movements were quick and not many people had clearly seen what’d happened. 

Good, good. Su Tang heaved a small sigh of relief and wanted to continue writing his name, but then he heard Li Cheng shout, “Wah, wah, wah, class monitor, class monitor, he wrote…”

Su Tang immediately turned back and gave the other a threatening glare, causing him to shut up. It was a pity that everyone had heard Li Cheng, and having heard only half of what he’d wanted to say, they couldn’t help growing curious. They wanted him to finish his sentence. 

Chi Shu Yan stood further away and couldn’t clearly see what Su Tang had written on the board. However, he had heard Li Cheng’s words and soon made a wild guess, coming to a conclusion that made him take a deep breath. He even wanted to check if his guess was correct.

Li Cheng saw that Chi Shu Yan didn’t have any reaction and his worry was directly eliminated. He gave Su Tang a humble glance and said, “I actually didn’t see student Su Tang write class monitor Chi’s name on the board.”

Everyone suddenly booed after they heard his words. Selling rot2Selling rot refers to PDA (public display of affection) between a couple of the same gender was fairly common in this day and age, and there were plenty of fujoshis in the class. For the sake of getting the girls’ attention, some of the guys would even publicly sell rot. All kinds of CPs3Couple pairs were made.

However, no one dared to include Chi Shu Yan in a CP. On one hand, it was due to his handsome looks, and on the other, it was due to goddess Sun Qi’s looks. 

But today, a soft and good-looking boy came and seemed close to Chi Shu Yan. Their ambiguous interactions were warm and they made those sisters’ noses bleed.

The guys were also watching on with excitement. After all, Chi Shu Yan had always been cold, and there hadn’t been news of anyone being close to him before. As a result, him and Su Tang being close was a shock to them.

The classroom was noisy, even the class committee getting rowdy with them. As they were afraid that the teacher would come to their classroom due to the noise, they even closed the doors.

Su Tang stood at the podium, unmoving, his face red. He was almost going to cry from shame.

Chi Shu Yan saw him like that and hurriedly addressed the people in the classroom, “Everyone, be quiet first. The school will be stricter about discipline tonight, and if you get caught, not only will the whole school be notified, but you’ll also become ineligible for any of the top three spots in class.”

The students quieted down when they heard this. Their class teacher was extremely strict and they’d had a moral point deducted back when they’d first enrolled in the school. As for how they were punished later, none of them wanted to repeat it for a second time.

Despite the students’ fear of the teachers, they couldn’t restrain their playful natures. Although Chi Shu Yan’s words had some effect, they couldn’t help themselves from looking Su Tang up and down.

Chi Shu Yan saw the situation and walked up to the stage. He gently patted Su Tang’s shoulder and said, “You go sit in my place first ba.”

Su Tang hurriedly nodded his head and left the stage as if he was running away from something. Chi Shu Yan took the chalk and wrote Su Tang’s name on the blackboard before looking back and saying, “Since everyone more or less got the chance to ask him questions, let’s start revising.”

The amount of prestige Chi Shu Yan had in class was great and everyone obeyed his words. It was simply that Chi Shu Yan was covering up for someone’s faults, so they picked up their books to continue revising.

Su Tang looked at the other gratefully, and just as he’d wanted to stand up to return Chi Shu Yan his seat, Chi Shu Yan rubbed his head. He said, “Just continue to sit here; I’ll go sit in front.” 

However, the classroom didn’t have any empty desks and Su Tang couldn’t figure out where Chi Shu Yan would sit. With some hesitation, he pulled on the corner of Chi Shu Yan’s clothes and asked in a small voice, “You… Where are you gonna sit?”

“The teacher’s desk ah.” Chi Shu Yan replied, pointing at the teacher’s desk at the very front of the classroom.

“Ah?” Su Tang stared and felt that something wasn’t quite right. “Does the teacher allow that? You’d better just sit here.”

“Student Su Tang, did you forget that I’m the class monitor?” Chi Shu Yan smiled upon seeing Su Tang’s nervous appearance. He placed his bag on the desk and lowered his voice, asking, “There’s only one small seat—how would two people sit? Do you want to sit on my leg?”

His voice was soft, and only the people seated in front of and behind him could hear. It was just that the person sitting behind him was Li Cheng and the person sitting in front of him was a quiet girl. Both acted as if they hadn’t heard anything and continued to read their books, not even looking over. After all, gossip about their class monitor was far more interesting than formulas. 

Su Tang heard this and hurriedly shook his head, saying a few ‘no’s. He sat down and shyly looked at the other.

“Don’t worry. During self-study times, the school states that the class monitor is to sit at the teacher’s desk to maintain discipline.”

Chi Shu Yan walked away with a smile, leaving Su Tang to daydream alone.

One night of self-study was over and there was a ten-minute break. Everyone who’d been quietly studying earlier became lively hyperactive children. They went to the toilet or the supermarket in twos and threes, and some took their girlfriends to the playground to talk about love.

Su Tang ended up surrounded by everyone, especially the girls. They told him their names one by one and even felt him up twice.

Su Tang just continued to nod his head. In reality, he was face blind4Facial blindness means he can’t recognise faces and couldn’t remember any of their names. He was afraid to say the wrong thing and wanted to find an excuse to leave.

However, everyone was smart ah, how could they let him escape?

That was when Chi Shu Yan suddenly stood up from his chair and walked to Su Tang. He asked, “Do you want to drink something?”

“Want!” Su Tang nodded his head.

“I’ll take you to the supermarket. You can familiarise yourself with the place at the same time.” Chi Shu Yan replied.

“Okay, thank you!” Su Tang’s eyes were about to start shining and his ahoge was swaying like a milk puppy’s tail.

He was afraid of getting lost so he grabbed Chi Shu Yan’s hand before turning around to say to the students, “I’m going to the supermarket. Goodbye, everyone.” 

“Goodbye, little cutie.” The girls waved their hands and then started to talk loudly amongst themselves.

There were many students in the hallway. Su Tang was like a rabbit who’d met a wolf and tightly grabbed onto Chi Shu Yan, scared that if he was just a little bit careless, he’d get felt up again.

Only when they got to the supermarket’s entrance did he notice that he was holding on too tightly and had left red handprints on Chi Shu Yan’s arm.

“Sorry.” Su Tang quickly relaxed his hand. He wanted to apologise but was stopped by the other.

“There’s many people. Don’t get lost.” My little cutie.

Chi Shu Yan interlocked their fingers together. 

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