Chapter 74

Little Cutie Arc #11

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Su Tang’s bite wasn’t very painful, but it was itchy. He was just like a newly-weaned kitten as he held Chi Shu Yan’s finger in his mouth and rubbed it gently with his teeth, sucking on it.

There was a sharp contrast between the white, slender finger and those bright red lips. Chi Shu Yan only took a glance and felt as if his whole body was heating up.

Moreover, the little kitten that was sucking his finger was completely unaware. He slept with his eyes closed and his long eyelashes covered his eyelids, appearing pure and inviting the love and pity of others.

Chi Shu Yan glanced at him, wanting to withdraw his hand, but then Su Tang looked as if he was miserable, frowning and pouting and even biting him harder, not letting the finger go.

When Chi Shu Yan returned his finger, the other’s brows relaxed once more. He found that interesting. After trying it several times, Su Tang’s reaction was exactly the same—taking it away made him angry, whereas getting it back relieved him, which was proved by the sweet smile and two shallow pear vortices1梨涡= pear vortex; t’s similar to dimples but instead of being 2 to 2.7 cm from the upper and outer sides of the corners of the mouth, they’re located about 1 cm around the lower outer corners of the mouth. It’s smaller and less obvious than dimples. It probably has a proper name but I couldn’t find one ;-; at the corners of his mouth.

Seeing him like this, Chi Shu Yan could only helplessly shake his head. He counted it as lending his hand to the other party to play with and then hugged the other with one hand to move him into hisnest.

 Su Tang was very light and it didn’t take a lot of strength to carry him. But he wasn’t thin to the point where he only had bones left. It was just that he had a small frame, and the flesh was all hidden; when hugged, he felt soft and nice to touch, not at all repulsive.

Plus, the other party was very well-behaved. When Chi Shu Yan carried him, he didn’t struggle, and he even snuggly shrank into his arms. The other looked like he trusted him completely. His small hand grasped at Chi Shu Yan’s clothes as though afraid that he would run away.

Chi Shu Yan couldn’t help but feel a sense of satisfaction. It was as if he held a whole city’s worth of treasure in his arms. And that wasn’t an exaggeration because this little fellow was his treasure—a treasure that he wouldn’t trade for even a thousand pounds of gold.

While thinking that, he placed Su Tang into his little nest. The other party still soundly slept on. At first, he was curled up like a ball, but perhaps he felt hot, as he then spread his limbs out like a hamster about to melt due to the summer heat, with his fleshy little cheeks still flushed red. Chi Shu Yan glanced at him and felt that his heart was about to melt too.

After watching for a while, he realised that Su Tang hadn’t changed his clothes before falling asleep, resulting in his forehead being covered in little droplets of sweat.

After all, the bedroom was very hot and didn’t even have air-conditioning. At the same time, the door had to be closed in order to avoid being disturbed by noise. Therefore, in this relatively small space, the only thing that could help cool them down was that half-opened window, but at night, the curtains had to be drawn shut, causing all of the wind to be blocked out. The fan also made too much noise and had to be turned off before going to bed. Some students had strokes in the past due to this heat.

This simply wasn’t a place for people to live. Almost all of the students had complained about this, but the school didn’t care and made them continue to bear with it. So in the summer, the boys only wore their underwear while wandering around the dorm building.

Although shameful, in order to cool down, it could only be regarded as nothing significant.

But Chi Shu Yan still felt a little conflicted; Su Tang was asleep, hot, and uncomfortable—if he didn’t assist the other party in taking off his clothes, he’d feel regretful, but if he did, he’d feel embarrassed, as if he’d taken advantage of the other.

Furthermore, what Chi Shu Yan was most afraid of was that when he was helping to remove the clothes, Su Tang would wake up. That scenario would be too awkward. He dared not even imagine it.

No matter what, he couldn’t not care about Su Tang and just leave him be. He was wearing some simple summer clothing, so Chi Shu Yan only needed to take off a shirt and pants and then it’d be fine. The process was very difficult, to say the least, and he was so nervous that it was hard for him to breathe normally.

Undressing Su Tang wasn’t the toughest part; it was whether he could continue seriously after undressing and revealing his body—that was his weak spot2苦手 = weak spot/aspect; It originates from Japanese(苦手[にがて]), it is generally used to describe a certain game aspect that someone doesn’t play it well (so like “My weak spot is playing tank, I have no idea how you guys do it.”).

Su Tang was a soft and petite person, and after being undressed, his white and delicate skin showed. His chest rose and fell as he breathed, making the two little baby-pink-coloured beans on his chest seem sweeter and more delicious. They were like rice cakes filled with red bean paste; after taking a bite, maybe the whole mouth would be immersed in sweetness.

Chi Shu Yan’s Adam’s apple rolled, and after watching for a long time, he panicked and finally moved his head, covering Su Tang with a summer blanket before turning off the light. In the dark, he crawled into his bed.

 Chi Shu Yan thought that if he couldn’t see it anymore, he wouldn’t think about it, but in fact, it wasn’t like that at all. When he closed his eyes, all he saw was Su Tang’s figure. From the moment he saw it to the final second before going to bed, he obsessed over it all.

And every time he thought of the other party, the corners of his mouth would rise uncontrollably, and his chest would jump around like a little bunny. When he thought of things that made his heart throb, the little bunny would gently nibble at him, making it so itchy that he couldn’t stand it. 

He even wanted to open his eyes to look at Su Tang, or get out of bed and touch him.

Especially wanting to do so, the desire was driving him crazy.

Chi Shu Yan was like a completely different person, his earlier aloofness having been replaced with this frantic enthusiasm. Before, he never would’ve thought about what kind of person he’d love in the future, much less imagine the changes in himself when dating. Even Li Cheng had said that he had a cold personality, and since love wasn’t important to him, he would probably die alone in the future.

Although Li Cheng was only teasing him, he admitted that before he met Su Tang, he’d also believed that he would be like that. But after he’d gone through the experience, he realised that this wasn’t the case.

Now, his mind was filled with Su Tang; whatever he did, he thought of him, and he even wanted to be with the other all the time. He liked to listen to the other party speak and loved watching the other party smile. No matter what the other did, he found it incredibly cute.

He wanted to pat his head and squeeze his little cheeks—he wanted to kiss his lips, then hug him and never let him go.

Chi Shu Yan wasn’t stupid. He knew that this kind of feeling was called love. It could be also called love at first sight, just as it was confirmed at first sight that they should be together.

It was like… like fate.

His general ideas about love had gone to his head. Chi Shu Yan thought about it, but ultimately, he still turned around. Though the corridor’s light was dimmed, it passed through the glass door and illuminated Su Tang’s face. And so he looked at the other party in a daze, suddenly feeling as if his heart was filled with soft, sweet cotton candy.

“Good night, my little cutie.” Chi Shu Yan softly said.

Su Tang slept well that night, but Chi Shu Yan suffered from insomnia until dawn. At around five o’clock, he gently climbed down from the upper bunk, preparing to wash his face with cold water so that he could refresh himself.

Su Tang was still asleep when he returned. He put on his clothing and tidied his bed, and when he saw that the time was 5:20, he woke the other party up.

Wu, so sleepy…” Su Tang was so drowsy that he couldn’t even open his eyes. He merely rolled over and continued to sleep.

“Little student Su Tang, it’s already 5:20.” Chi Shu Yan patted his back and said.

“Oh, just let me sleep for a while more…” Su Tang spoke in a softly, spoiled tone. He put his head under the blanket and pretended to be a koala, not waking up.

“If you don’t get up, you’ll be late.” Chi Shu Yan was also helpless. He wanted to take the other’s blanket away but found that Su Tang had held onto it very tightly, so he carried the other person, along with the blanket that wrapped around him like a shell, and stood up.

Su Tang had wrapped himself tightly in his little blanket, looking groggy. He narrowed his eyes, and when he saw Chi Shu Yan standing beside him, he closed his eyes again and fell into the other’s embrace.

Then he smacked his lips and went back to sleep.

“You lazy little kitty.” Chi Shu Yan could neither laugh nor cry. He only felt defeated at this time. Before, if the two brothers that he shared a dorm with didn’t get up on time, he would pick them up and throw them into the sink in the bathroom. As time passed, no one dared to laze about in bed anymore. But that method couldn’t be used now.

It wasn’t that it was impossible, but just that he couldn’t do it. Although that method was tried and tested, with a confirmed positive result, it was really too rough. To use it against Li Cheng, that rough man, was fine, but he was really reluctant to treat his darling Su Tang like that.

But time was ticking. Chi Shu Yan wasn’t a Doraemon who could stop time if he wanted to. He was also helpless, so he could only take out Su Tang’s clothes first and then help him put them on.

This was the so-called unfamiliar at first, but you get used to it the second time3一回生二回熟; It’s like you’re unfamiliar with it in the first time (“raw” to it) but the second time you got used to it (“cooked\ripe”); although he was nervous while undressing Su Tang last night, when he dressed him this morning, he was much better. However, facing Su Tang’s fair and slender body, he still had a bit of a different impulse.

But there was constant noise coming from the hallway, which was perfect for bringing back his thoughts. Chi Shu Yan sped up his movements, wanting to end this sweet and painful experience soon.

Fortunately, Su Tang was very obedient. When Chi Shu Yan asked him to raise his arms, he would obediently do so. After putting on his shirt, he took the pants and let the other party lay down first.

“En……” Su Tang nodded in his daze, leant back, and then fell to the bed with a thud, just like a shameless little panda.

Chi Shu Yan saw him like this and couldn’t help but laugh. Su Tang half-opened his eyes and kicked his calf in dissatisfaction. As a result, not only did he miss Chi Shu Yan, but his leg was also caught by the other party.

“Behave. Don’t move.” After Chi Shu Yan finished speaking, he took the other’s feet and slipped them into the trouser legs. Su Tang groaned, continuing to enjoy the service.

It was just that Chi Shu Yan encountered a little complication while working: as Su Tang’s body was too close to the bed, the pants were only able to be pulled up until they were blocked and got stuck between his butt and thighs.

At that time, Chi Shu Yan didn’t care. He just wanted to help the other party put them on quickly. And so, with one hand, he reached out under the other’s butt and pulled the pants up. With merely a thin layer of cloth between his palm and the butt, it felt soft, as if he had touched it directly.

No, that wasn’t right! Chi Shu Yan suddenly realised what he’d done, and he was somewhat embarrassed and at a complete loss.

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