Chapter 69

Little Cutie Arc #6

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After lunch, they still had an additional half-hour break. Most students would choose to return to their dormitories and take an afternoon nap. Unfortunately, as Su Tang came in a rush, he could only arrange his dorm in the afternoon and therefore couldn’t return to take a nap right now.

However, this wasn’t bad either since he could walk around the campus with Chi Shu Yan. He hadn’t been in the school for long so he wasn’t familiar with the place. Adding onto the fact that he was an idiot when it came to directions, if he didn’t get familiar with the place now, he’d definitely get lost in the future when he had to go alone. 

So when Chi Shu Yan suggested walking around, Su Tang readily agreed.

The two left the canteen and walked slowly along a small path that was surrounded by trees. There was a light breeze and the sun’s heat was shielded by the tree canopy. Everything looked perfect. 

There weren’t sounds of hurried pen strokes from the exam room, nor were there sounds of chewing from the canteen; it seemed like the world was cleansed. Su Tang’s mood was good, and he happily hummed a few lines of a song. Only when he turned around did he realise that he wasn’t at home and there was someone with him.

Not only was there Chi Shu Yan, but there were even a few students who’d chosen not to return to the dorms to take a nap.

It’s just that his gaze always found Chi Shu Yan’s first. Others’ opinions weren’t that important—at least, they weren’t as important as Chi Shu Yan’s.

Su Tang couldn’t help laughing, smiling at the other. Chi Shu Yan saw him like that and couldn’t help smiling with him.

“What’re you smiling at?” Su Tang weakly asked.

“Seeing you smile, I also smile.” Chi Shu Yan replied.

Su Tang heard this and couldn’t help playing along. The corners of his lips inched up and he stared Chi Shu Yan in the eyes. “Then if I stare at you, will you also stare back?”

Chi Shu Yan stared at him and realised that the ahoge1Ahoge, a Japanese slang, is an exaggerated cowlick (click here to see). According to Wiki, it adds cuteness to a character and is usually indicative of character traits like airheadedness. on Su Tang’s head was waving about like a weather vane2A wind vane is those things you see on top of those old farm houses, they show the direction of the wind. blowing with the wind. When he was happy, it would wave around twice; when he was angry, it would shrivel up; when he was shy, it would secretly sway two times.

He smiled and didn’t reply, simply taking quick steps to catch up to Su Tang. He rubbed Su Tang’s soft hair, the palm of his hand stroking the ahoge, and he softly said, “You’re so adorable, how can I bear to not look at you?”

At this time, Su Tang’s face turned red beyond belief. His entire body was like a little volcano blowing out steam. However, he didn’t want Chi Shu Yan to see this and turned his head to the side, only showing his two red ears.

He wanted to walk alone, but after going for a while, he slowed down. To a directional idiot, the interior of a new school looked about the same. He walked step by step but grew dizzy. It was as if he’d hit a ghost wall, and it felt like he’d never reach his destination.

Chi Shu Yan, who was walking behind him, saw Su Tang’s footsteps slow down and wondered what was going on. He shook his head helplessly and grabbed Su Tang’s wrist, then led the other to continue walking.

“Don’t– Don’t hold me.” Su Tang felt the part of his wrist that Chi Shu Yan held grow hot. Even his blood was starting to warm. The hot blood flowed throughout his body, and soon, his entire body was overheating.

“Sorry.” Chi Shu Yan took back his hand and hid the regret in his eyes.

“The weather’s too hot.” Su Tang explained.

En.” Chi Shu Yan nodded and didn’t continue to talk.

As they approached the teaching building, there were more and more people. It wasn’t as quiet as before and relieved some of the awkwardness.

Su Tang looked ahead and saw many students walking and carrying little books to read. The seriousness they had was comparable to when taking the college entrance exams.

He then looked to the side and saw that there were a few people seated on the benches under the trees. They were also quietly reading and writing in the notebooks on their laps. Su Tang saw this and couldn’t help but stand there in awe.

“They’re… so amazing.” Su Tang couldn’t resist turning around to tell Chi Shu Yan.

The other didn’t reply and merely smiled, looking like he was holding back his laughter. Su Tang saw him like that and knew that what he saw wasn’t as simple as it seemed. But Chi Shu Yan didn’t want to talk, and Su Tang couldn’t guess what he was thinking.

“Exactly what’s going on ah?” Su Tang asked with his head tilted, pulling on Chi Shu Yan to gain his favour.

“Look up and see.” That was all Chi Shu Yan said.

Su Tang looked up and realised that there were a few people looking out the windows of the teaching building. They seemed to be teachers and looked in their direction, some even putting on their glasses to try see if the people revising were their students.

“This…” Su Tang was a little too shocked to speak.

Chi Shu Yan led Su Tang away from the area being watched by the teachers and explained, “That’s the school’s computer room. The teachers are there during examination periods and breaks to check papers. If they get tired, they just look out the window.”

“They’re too good at acting.” Su Tang was simply speechless, only feeling that all the previous admiration he’d had was fed to the dogs.

“They’re being forced by the exams.” Chi Shu Yan added, “Those who really want to learn find quiet, empty areas, and doing so is said to be effective. It’s like sharpening your gear before you go into battle.”

Su Tang nodded his head, feeling a little helpless. Those students probably worked extremely hard during the semester. When they finally got a break, they couldn’t wait to go out to have fun. Anything they’d revised and studied was soon forgotten. Then as soon as school reopened, the exams seemed to be a gun pointed at their heads. Everyone felt that there was a lack of a better option and had no choice but to do what they had to.

Su Tang understood the pain of the school idlers especially well. When he transmigrated into this world, although he’d inherited the original’s memories and could do every question he saw, he knew that memories weren’t permanent. In order to not collapse the original’s settings, he’d burned the midnight oil before the exams to revise.

He was also quite dedicated.

Su Tang thought of this and couldn’t help feeling sorry for himself. He didn’t want to revise anymore—just seeing the books last night had made him want to vomit.

“Then do you study during the holidays?” Su Tang asked.

“No.” Chi Shu Yan shook his head. “I’m more or less the same as them, only making last-minute preparations. I revise just before the exam.” 

Su Tang was both filled with admiration and jealous. He really wanted this kind of golden finger3A cheat, basically, so he knocked on the system’s door, “System, since I came here to do a mission, can you give me the big brain of a learning bully?”

“Cannot. Your level is too low. The learning bully’s big brain will weigh you down.” The system started to spout some nonsense. 

Su Tang was very upset and retorted, “It isn’t because of my level being too low, it’s because my system is too lousy. Forever at the beginning 1.0, can’t even install a driver.”

The two argued and didn’t reach a conclusion in the end. Su Tang was crying aggrievedly and the system threatened him, “Work harder in this world and complete the mission. In the next world. you can have all the golden fingers you want.”

However, it was estimated that this world would be filled with challenges.

The system was too embarrassed to say that, afraid that if it did, what it said would turn into reality.

The afternoon break was relatively long, and after about an hour, Chi Shu Yan had walked around the school campus once, teaching the routes along the way. At the end, he asked Su Tang if he remembered. Su Tang thought for a while before shaking his head. “Don’t remember much.”

In reality, he didn’t remember a single thing.

“Then what did you do when we were walking?” Chi Shu Yan asked helplessly.

Stared at you with admiration.

Su Tang had this thought in his heart but was too embarrassed to say it out loud. He actually wasn’t that stupid. Although he didn’t remember the route, he remembered whatever Chi Shu Yan had said to him clearly. 

The other stared at him for a while and Su Tang raised his head to say, “I also don’t know.”

“Okay, okay.” Chi Shu Yan saw him like that and reached out to pinch Su Tang’s little face. It turned out that Su Tang was like a mimosa plant4It’s also known as the touch-me-not plant and would get shy after you touched him. Chi Shu Yan stared at him for a while until Su Tang couldn’t take it any longer and turned away. Chi Shu Yan said with a smile, “Then you can’t leave me anymore.”

“Oh…” Su Tang made a sound of agreement, feeling that his heart was beating a little faster and he didn’t know why. He felt that there was a deeper meaning behind Chi Shu’s words—it was as if the other party wasn’t only going to lead the way in the future, but also be with him.

“The weather’s too hot, I’ll bring you to a cooler place to rest. Don’t get heatstroke.” Chi Shu Yan ingeniously changed the topic. Su Tang obediently listened to him and followed him to a nearby garden to rest.

Su Tang was probably exhausted, for as soon as he found a place to sit down, he started to close his eyes. He felt the wind gently blowing by his ears, bringing along the smell of fresh grass. It was familiar and he really liked it.

As he was dozing off, he couldn’t help leaning to the side. Chi Shu Yan saw this and hurriedly pressed the other’s head to his own shoulder. Su Tang didn’t wake up and instead seemed to enjoy it very much, nuzzling against him with his little head before smacking his little lips and continuing to sleep.

Time flew by quickly and there were about fifteen or sixteen minutes before they had to enter the exam rooms. Many students came out from the dormitories but the people who walked past the garden were few since it was far.

But by coincidence, Li Cheng was an exception.

Everyone had left their dormitory and it was boring to stay alone. Except he didn’t want to return to the classroom so he took a longer route back.

If he didn’t choose this route, he wouldn’t have gotten a shock. His class’ untouchable flower, Chi Shu Yan, was actually sitting in the pavilion, lending his shoulder for the new student to sleep on.

“F*ck…” He exclaimed. Chi Shu Yan immediately looked back, and with an eyebrow raised, he said, “Don’t be noisy, he’s sleeping.”

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