Chapter 6

To make up for his nonsense, Fan Nian proactively offered to treat Mo Lingqiu for lunch. Mo Lingqiu did not insist on rejecting and ordered everything that he wanted to eat.

“Why did your heat suddenly come?” Fan Nian did not know Mo Lingqiu was using long-term inhibitors, he thought he was using the same as him, expecting the heat would come once every three months.

“I don’t know.” Mo Lingqiu answered honestly.

“I also admire that you guys can endure it.” Fan Nian thought if this were to happen to him, he might have just given in to his instincts.

Mo Lingqiu did not respond to his words.

No matter if one is a high-grade omega or normal omega, one has the innate submissiveness and compliance towards alphas. But the fact that this kind of submissiveness and compliance was not completely evoked was because of Jiang Chenming restraining himself all the time.

Mo Lingqiu could feel that he’s a high-grade alpha from his pheromones, one in every ten thousand alphas. If Jiang Chenming really wanted to do something to him, he could have used his pheromones to suppress him and make him comply, and he would not even leave patiently after he ruined Jiang Chenming’s mood.

“To be frank, it’s not realistic to continue disguising as an alpha. Others disguise as a beta, while you disguise as an alpha, if something were to happen…” Fan Nian was really worried about him, since the gap was too big for an omega to be disguised as an alpha. If he’s accidentally exposed, the one affected would be Mo Lingqiu himself.

“I won’t be exposed.” Mo Lingqiu thought that these two times encountering Jiang Chenming were purely accidents. But he would still go for a medical checkup strictly, if there was no abnormality, things would still be fine if he stayed away from Jiang Chenming.

Although Fan Nian was worried, he did not have any ways to persuade him anymore. Mo Lingqiu was quite a stubborn person, it’s really hard to change his mind on something that he had decided.

After the meal, Fan Nian pulled Mo Lingqiu to the mall to buy some clothes. He initially wanted to ask Mo Lingqiu to choose clothes that had brighter colours and stop wearing black suits and white shirts all the time, but Mo Ligqiu only bought a black-white sport attire at the end.

“Don’t you wanna take a look at these sweaters? They’re not bad.” Fan Nian took an eggish-yellow sweater and showed it in front of him.

Mo Lingqiu shook his head, he’s not a 17, 18 year-old child anymore, wearing clothes like this would make people feel like he’s trying to act young.

On the other hand, Fan Nian really liked it himself, after choosing here and there he really bought that eggy-yellow sweater. However, Fan Nian was suitable to wear clothes that had brighter colours, so it was still fine.

After buying the clothes, both of them did not continue to shop. Mo Lingqiu directly returned to his office to plan the theme for their thesis.

On Sunday afternoon, Mo Lingqiu drove towards his private doctor’s clinic.

Even though it was said to be his private doctor, the doctor was actually his parents’ ex-colleague. After the doctor left the national research centre, he opened a small clinic in City A’s rural area. He would treat some minor flus when he had time and he dunked himself in his own laboratory most of the time.

Mo Lingqiu’s medical check-up was always done by this doctor after he had been classified at 18, and it would be done at the end of every year.

After parking his car at the parking lot outside the clinic, Mo Lingqiu got out of his car and carried a big box of Cola out from the car boot. He then knocked lightly onto the clinic’s door twice.

Someone came out to open the door in a short while. The person was wearing a doctor uniform, he had not much hair but they were combed tidily, his head looked like a round braised egg.

“Dr. Bao, this is for you.” Mo Lingqiu passed the box of Cola to him as he was saying.

Bao Wen’s eyes brightened as he saw the colas, he carried the box and brought Mo Lingqiu in.

He opened the box and took a bottle of cola out, he then sat on the chair and asked him, “Why did you suddenly want to have an early medical check-up?”

“Something happened recently.” Mo Lingqiu shortened the long story and told Bao Wen about going into heat twice.

Bao Wen frowned and silenced for a while, he then said seriously, “Let’s do it this way, I’ll draw your blood out to do an examination, you will still need to wait three days for the result of your pheromones, I’ll call you when the result is out.”


“And another thing, you said that you went into heat when you were close with that alpha, did you smell his pheromones before going into heat?”

“I’ve met him thrice and went into heat twice. The second time happened half a month after the first time, the concentration of pheromones was normal when we met.”

When alphas and omegas live their lives normally, they will not suppress their own pheromones purposely, if they are controlled at a safe concentration level, they won’t affect the people around them.

“En, are there any special symptoms in this half a month?” If he could understand more about it, a more accurate judgement could be made after concluding it with the result of the pheromones.

“No.” Mo Lingqiu answered quickly. But after a while, he remembered the restlessness when he went for his business trip. He hesitated for a few moments and said, “After the first heat, I went for a business trip that lasted half a month, I felt really restless when I saw other alphas in that period, I also felt uncomfortable when I smelled their pheromones which are at a normal concentration.”

Bao Wen felt astonished and asked him, “To what extent did you feel uncomfortable? Going into heat?”

“No, disgusting.” Although Mo Lingqiu was expressionless, for some reason, Bao Wen could feel the disgust he felt at that time.

“Ok, noted.” Bao Wen nodded his head.

“Sorry for the inconvenience caused.” Mo Lingqiu said as he was planning to leave, Bao Wen called him again.

“I don’t know if it’s convenient for you, but please bring that alpha here the next time you come.”

Mo Lingqiu’s expression turned colder, “Why?”

“I’ll make a test on his pheromones.” Bao Wen noticed that Mo Lingqiu was unhappy and explained more, “Just in case, it’s better to be careful.”

“… I understand, I’ll ask him and see.”

Three days passed quickly, Mo Lingqiu hadn’t even told Jiang Chenming about going to the clinic together when Bao Wen called him. They didn’t even meet each other in these three days.

They were not in the same campus, Mo Lingqiu would only occur in the library and office while Jiang Chenming’s activity area was just the field or the stadium. Both of their personalities were completely the opposite, it was normal that they couldn’t meet each other.

Mo Lingqiu agreed with Bao Wen that he would be getting his medical check-up report at 5 in the evening, and now it’s 1 in the afternoon.

He looked at the phone number on his phone that he had stored for more than half a month but he hadn’t called out before. He felt that the medical check-up was still something very important, so he pressed the call button.

“Beep Beep” could be heard non-stop and it became “Sorry, the person you called is unavailable at the moment.”. Mo Lingqiu called him twice expressionlessly, but the result was still the same, nobody picked up the phone.

When the two doctoral students under Mo Lingqiu brought the documents about their lesson theme and appeared in his office, they were frightened by the office’s low and cold pressure.

Although Mo Lingqiu was cold enough normally, he was particularly hard to get along with today.

If the two alphas knew their Teacher Mo was an omega, their pride as an alpha would be destroyed completely.

“Come here.” Mo Lingqiu waved his hand towards them. He took the documents from both of them, spent half an hour to read it in detail and nodded his head, “It’s still not bad, Yang Sheng, there’s a problem here with the analytical term, you’re doing academic research, before getting a conclusion of a research, you shouldn’t use negative words. You can learn from Liao Nan specifically.”

“Okay.” Yang Sheng and Liao Nan nodded their heads.

Mo Lingqiu corrected their mistakes and directed them what to do afterwards, both of them remembered it detailedly.

When both of the students exited his office, Mo Lingqiu took a glance at the time, it was already 4pm.

There was still no call back in his phone, Mo Lingqiu had a principle of doing things not more than three times, so he didn’t plan to call Jiang Chenming to go to the clinic with him. After packing his things, he took his car keys and walked towards the parking lot.

Just as he sat in the driving seat, his phone that was placed beside rang, it was Jiang Chenming calling.

Mo Lingqiu hesitated for a while, but he still accepted it, “Hi.”

“Teacher Mo? Is it you?” Jiang Chenming had just finished playing basketball, when he saw the missed calls in his phone, he was dazed. This was because Mo Lingqiu didn’t call him before and he didn’t know his phone number as well, but when he saw the three missed calls, he felt that he had missed out something important.

“Are you free now?” Mo Lingqiu went straight to the point.

Jiang Chenming was confused, “Yes, but……”

“Where are you?”

“On the field, the third field of the North Campus.” Jiang Chenming initially wanted to say that he had just finished playing basketball and was filled with sweat. This was because Mo Linggiu seemed to have mysophobia from his observation.

“Wait for me there.’ Mo Lingqiu hung up the call without hesitation as he finished speaking. He then drove towards the third field of the North Campus.

Mo Lingqiu froze and looked at the call that was hung up.

His friend on the basketball team called out to him, “Let’s go back to the dorm? And have a great dinner out tonight?”

“No, I have something going on later.” Jiang Chenming rejected them with a smile.

A few of his friends looked at him and suddenly laughed weirdly, “Oh~ a date?”

Jiang Chenming didn’t answer, he waved his hands, initiating them to leave quickly. If these people knew that he was meeting Mo Lingqiu, was it still a trivial thing?

“Sure, we’ll go now, happy dating.” His friends saved his face and left the field.

After waiting for a short while, a metallic grey car appeared beside the third field. Mo Lingqiu sat in the driving seat and looked around. When he wanted to call Jiang Chenming as he didn’t see him around, the window of the car was knocked.

He lifted his head and saw Jiang Chenming standing outside, he winded down the window, “Get in the car.”

Jiang Chenming didn’t know what was happening, he could only get into the car.

After Mo Lingqiu drove out of the school, he finally opened his mouth, “There’s wet tissue in the compartment in front of you.”

“Thanks.” Jiang Chenming took the wet tissue out and wiped off the sweat on his forehead, “Teacher Mo, is there anything urgent?”

“Pheromone medical check-up.” When Mo Lingqiu finished speaking, he suddenly smelled a scent that made him uncomfortable. He smelled it carefully again and noticed that it was an omega’s scent that he was unfamiliar with. Though it was really faint to a point that it would easily vanish with a gust of wind, “What’s the smell on your body?”

“Ah?” JIang Chenming was dazed, he thought he disliked the fact that he was filled with sweat.

“Sit at the back.” Mo Lingqiu said and seriously stopped the car by the roadside.

Jiang Chenming didn’t dare to complain, he got out of the car and moved into the backseat. When the car continued moving, he smelled the scent on his own body carefully and suddenly realized what it was. He explained tentatively, “Teacher Mo, the manager of our basketball team is an omega, the scent will fade away in a short while.”


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