Chapter 8

As the metallic-grey car drove towards University A, Jiang Chenming looked at the school gate that was getting closer, he felt embarrassed if Mo Lingqiu sent him in.

“Teacher Mo, it’s okay to just put me off at the school gate.”

“Which dormitory are you living in?” Mo Lingqiu drove slower.

“Block No.21.” Jiang Chenming was afraid that Mo Lingqiu was unclear about where it is, he explained more, “It’s at the school clinic’s upstairs.”

“Is it convenient for you to move out? If it’s inconvenient…” Mo Lingqiu thought for a while and felt that moving out of the dorm was not really appropriate for a student, since he’s a teacher, he still knew the principles of being a teacher.

Although the instability of his heat period was quite a problem… Bao Wen did not say that he could not use the normal inhibitors, he could try it first.

“I’m comfortable with that.” Jiang Chenming interrupted Mo Lingqiu, “I initially wanted to ask if you want to live at my place, but I think it’s too far and it will be inconvenient for you to commute to work.”

Mo Lingqiu did not say anything, he still faintly remembered the night that he went into heat for the first time, Jiang Chenming asked the driver to drop them at ‘Shi Hao Garden’. It is a place where even rich families might not be able to purchase a house there, connections and social status were needed as well.

“Teacher Mo.” Jiang Chenming noticed that Mo Lingqiu didn’t say anything, so he called him daringly again.

Mo Lingqiu stopped the car near the school gate, “What’s wrong?”

“Teacher Mo, do you have anything going on tonight?”

“No.” As he had made an appointment with Bao Wen to get his medical check-up report today, so he had completed his work in the daytime.

“Let’s go for dinner then? I’ll pay for you.” Jiang Chenming thought if they were going to live together, it would be better if they started with a meal.

Mo Lingqiu took a glance at the school gate in front of him, and averted his gaze towards the lively food street not too far away, he then nodded, “Where?”

Jiang Chenming saw his chance and suggested, “There’s a nice skewer shop, do you wanna go?”

“We’ll drive there?” Mo Lingqiu asked again.

“It’s just in the food street in front, it may be… inconvenient to drive.”

The small food street is the only lively place to eat nearby University A. When students are getting bored with the school’s cafeteria, they will find some new food in the food street. As the meals sold here are in big portions and cheap, it is favored by many students. It’s even popular at night. The road itself is not wide and everyone walks through the street, it is definitely impossible to drive through it.

Mo Lingqiu had gone to the food street a few times and understood about it quite well, “Then I’ll drive my car to the parking lot.”

Jiang Chenming suddenly remembered that he was still wearing his basketball attire, he quickly said, “Teacher, I’ll get out of the car here. I’ll need to go back and change my clothes. Let’s meet at the school gate?”

Mo Lingqiu looked at what he was wearing and remembered that he was suddenly brought to the clinic because of him, he then nodded his head. After Jiang Chenming got his permission, he immediately got out of the car and ran back to his dorm.

Only Fatty was in the dorm, when he saw Jiang Chenming rushing back, he asked, “Eh? Didn’t you go on a date?”

“Who did you get that news from?” Jiang Chenming took off his basketball attire swiftly and threw it into the laundry basket, he took a set of clean clothes and walked towards the bathroom.

“Those people in the next door who played basketball with you.” Fatty initially wanted to ask Jiang Chenming to buy meals for him, but he did not get any replies after he sent the message, so he went out alone to eat. He thought that Jiang Chenming, who’s not interested in omegas, finally met someone he liked, so he did not think he would come back so quickly.

“That’s just a joke.” Jiang Chenming left the words and entered the bathroom, he did not give any chance for Fatty to reply.

Jiang Chenming had been in the PE Department for a long time, so he had trained himself in some abilities. For example, bathing quickly. After five minutes, he had already worn his clothes nicely and standing outside, water could be seen dripping from his hair.

His hair was not long, after using the towel to wipe it twice and drying it for a while, it’s almost dry.

“I’ll leave now.” He took his school card and mobile phone, and left his dorm without hesitating.

Mo Lingqiu usually does things at an appropriate speed. After parking his car in the parking lot, he guessed that Jiang Chenming definitely needed to pack and clean his things up in his dorm, so he went to his office to get his charger and only walked towards the school gate.

When the students saw Mo Lingqiu, their legs were as if a clockwork was attached, causing them to go towards him.

As the inhibitors were not usable anymore and Mo Lingqiu didn’t know until when the long-term inhibitors used at Fan Nian’s place could last in his body, so he kept a straight face, causing the people who wanted to get closer to be scared by him and stopped their footsteps. Luckily, he had sprayed the blocker on himself, the pheromones that helped him disguised as an alpha didn’t have any problem.

Jiang Chenming rushed towards the school gate and saw Mo Lingqiu standing at the South Campus’ school gate opposite the road. His left hand was in his pocket and his right hand was scrolling through his phone.

“I’m sorry Teacher Mo, I’ve made you wait.” Jiang Chenming waited for the green light and ran towards Mo Lingqiu.

As a gust of wind blew over, the faint, bitter almond scent of Jiang Chenming’s pheromones could be smelled. For some reason, Mo Lingqiu felt more comfortable now than he was standing there alone earlier.

Mo Lingqiu raised his head and noticed some strands of Jiang Chenming’s hair were stuck up. They were probably stuck up because of the wind that blew when he was running. He lifted up his hand and pointed at his hair, Jiang Chenming froze for a while and came to his senses, he quickly combed his hair with his fingers.

“Is it better?”

“En.” Mo Lingqiu nodded his head vainly.

“Let’s go.” Jiang Chenming had a smile on his face and walked towards the food street with Mo Lingqiu side by side.

It was around 7 to 8pm and it was the time that students left the school. There were many people along the way, everyone was chatting happily initially, but when they saw Jiang Chenming and Mo Lingqiu appearing together, the atmosphere was not only vibrant.

“What the, Teacher Mo and Jiang Chenming? Did I see it correctly?”

“How did both of them walk out together?”

“So the post that was trending last time wasn’t fake?”

“Don’t tell me they are having an AA relationship.”

“How is it possible!?” Someone patted vigorously onto his friend who spoke daringly.

Mo Lingqiu and Jiang Chenming heard almost everything that the people around were saying. But they were only out for a meal, it was not something that could not be seen, so they continued doing what they were going to do.

Jiang Chenming brought Mo Lingqiu to the skewer shop that he frequently went to. The business of the shop was good, the fragrant spicy smell fused with the skewer smell flowed out of the shop, but there was no vacant seat left.

After waiting for a few minutes, Jiang Chenming was getting impatient, he was going to pay for the dinner, the location was chosen by him as well, so needing to line up became something awkward.

“Why don’t we… change a shop?” Jiang Chenming suggested.

Mo Lingqiu didn’t answer him, his vision stayed on the food skewers that were boiled in the pot.

At first, Jiang Chenming did not notice what he was looking at, after observing him for a while, only did he find out that he was looking at the pot of fish tofu skewers.

“Ay, two handsome guys, there are empty seats here.” The lady boss saw the vacant seats in the shop and called them in.

There were still leftovers of the last customer on the table, the lady boss quickly cleaned it up and gave them the seats.

Mo Lingqiu has mysophobia. Before sitting down, he took out tissue papers and wiped the table twice.

Jiang Chenming understood him tacitly, after taking out the chopsticks, he requested a huge kettle of hot water from the lady boss to wash the chopsticks and only passed it to Mo Lingqiu afterwards.

“Teacher Mo, put your chopsticks here, we’ll need to go and take the skewers ourselves.” He pointed at the fridge where all the skewers were placed. Jiang Chenming explained it to Mo Lingqiu as he was scared that he didn’t come here before.

Mo Lingqiu nodded his head and followed him to the fridge. They then chose what they liked and placed them in the basket.

Jiang Chenming did not notice it at first, after he took what he needed and turned back, he saw Mo Lingqiu’s basket was filled with fish tofu skewers. “Teacher Mo…… do you really like to eat fish tofu?”


“But, isn’t it too much?” Jiang Chenming said and suggested to him, “This cheese rice cake and the shrimps here are tasty too.”

Mo Lingqiu looked at them, he was carrying the basket and did not move at all.

Jiang Chenming touched the back of his head, he could only carry his basket to get the number card. When he obtained the number card, Mo Lingqiu carried his own basket and walked towards him, the fish tofu inside was reduced by half and the cheese rice cake and shrimp skewers suggested by Jiang Chenming were seen inside.

Jiang Chenming raised his eyebrows, his mood suddenly became better, “Hand it to me.”

Mo Lingqiu handed in his basket. Since Jiang Chenming said to pay for his dinner, he would do it, he paid for it without hesitation.

A short while after both of them returned to their seats, the skewers that were cooked well were served. As it was a sandwiched cheese rice cake, there was no wooden skewer holding it, they sank to the bottom of the bowl after cooking.

Jiang Chenming reminded Mo Lingqiu to quickly scoop it up before it got stuck onto the bottom of the bowl.

Mo Lingqiu was just like his personality when he was eating, he was very quiet. He lowered his head and removed the food from the skewers with full concentration, and placed them into his mouth. He even poured the sesame oil into a small plate and dipped his food into the oil when the flavors were not enough.

Jiang Chenming tried to make some conversations to not let the atmosphere stay cold.

“Teacher Mo, I’ll return to my dorm to pack up my luggage after we finish this?” Since he had decided to move out from the dorm, he should at least bring some clothes with him.

Mo Lingqiu’s hand, which was holding the rice cake, froze for a second, he then lifted his head, “En.”

“I’ll go back to pack up after eating, I’ll be fast, there are not many things to be packed up.” As Jiang Chenming’s house was in City A itself, he stayed in the dorm as it was more convenient, so there were not many things in his dorm.

“En.” Mo Lingqiu answered again, he placed the rice cake that was nearly slipping off from his chopsticks into his mouth.

After the meal, both of them walked to the school gate. Jiang Chenming initiated and quickly ran back to his dorm to pack his things up.

Mo Lingqiu looked at the time, it was nearly 9pm. In order to not waste so much time, he walked back to the parking lot and drove his car from the South Campus to the North Campus, he then stopped at Block No.21.

Jiang Chenming packed his things under Fatty’s scrutinizing gaze, he then pulled his luggage and went down. He initially planned to pull his luggage to the North Campus to look for Mo Lingqiu, but he heard two honks just after he came out from the dorm building. He turned his head, Mo Lingqiu was sitting in the car, both of his hands were placed on the steering wheel.

Looking at him through the windshield, it could not even block Mo Lingqiu’s cold expression, he was really good-looking.


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