Chapter 3

After sending Jiang Chenming out, Mo Lingqiu walked into the bathroom and prepared his bath water. The stickiness of the sweat produced all over his body made him feel very uncomfortable.

When he sat into the bathtub and as the warm water shrouded his body, Mo Lingqiu breathed a long sigh of relief.

Too many things happened tonight and he did not have the time to clear up his mind. Now, the faint aroma of orange from the shampoo made his whole body relax and his mind became much clearer.

Being influenced and going into heat after he merely encountered an alpha during a night jog was something that he did not expect. This was because the inhibitors for omegas he used were not sold in markets publicly, they were long-term inhibitors developed by his parents.

Mo Lingqiu’s parents are outstanding national researchers, they mainly do research about pheromones. As they were not at home most of the time, Mo Lingqiu was more independent and obedient than others who were at the same age since he was young.

The advantage of long-term inhibitors was that using it once a year would cause omega’s heat that happens once in every three months to turn into once every year. However, the duration of the heat would not change, it would stay for seven days just like heats that occurred once in every three months.

After Mo Lingqiu classified in his eighteen, he had been using this long-term inhibitor. The only strange thing was that his heat did not occur at all in these eleven years.

At first, his parents were worried that there were issues in his body, but after observing for a long time, everything was normal. His pheromones had no issue as well, so they just treated it as an exception and conjectured that it might be something related to the differences in physique.

Today’s heat made him realize that an omega in heat would only want to satisfy his own sexual desires and followed his own beastly instinct. If not because of his strong willpower, he might have pulled Jiang Chenming down with him.

When he thought of this, Mo Lingqiu’s dull gaze shifted for a moment,  he placed his arm into the warm water that was initially by the bathtub, he then murmured softly, “… Jiang Chenming was fine.”

Jiang Chenming who also experienced an unexpected night took a taxi back to school, he dashed into the school’s dorm one second before the dorm’s curfew so he was teased by the female dorm keeper if he went out to meet his girlfriend.

Jiang Chenming rubbed his head and found a reason for himself, “The field was under maintenance, I went out for a run and accidentally went too far.” And I almost could not come back for the night. 

Of course, he only dared to think the last sentence in his heart.

The beta dorm keeper felt funny and laughed, “You’re training every day, that’s why those omegas like you, one drawer is not enough to keep the love letters that I helped you to receive.”

Before Jiang Chenming realized, his arms were filled with love letters that the dorm keeper gave him. Some were kept in envelopes, and some were not, they were only simply folded, but lots of pheromones were mingling in the pile of love letters.

The dorm keeper was a beta, so it was normal for her to be unable to smell anything out. But Jiang Chenming was a high-grade alpha, his senses were much more sensitive than the others, he only felt repulsive towards the mingling pheromones, he could not resist to take it further away from him.

“Thank you auntie, I’ll go back to my room first.” Jiang Chenming greeted goodbye hurriedly and ran back to his room.

University A was a unisex university, so there were alpha, beta and omega students. However, the dorm was divided according to genders in order to protect the students.

Most alphas had the innate sense of superiority, so when his three alpha roommates saw that he took so many love letters back, it would be fake if they did not feel envy towards him, they even felt jealous.

“The Casanova brought so many love letters back again today, huh?” His roommates said with a sense of teasing and jealousy.

Jiang Chenming had mentioned a lot of times to his roommates to stop calling him ‘Casanova’, but these people thought it was fun so he was too lazy to care about it, since nobody had any ill intention.

“All of them have pheromones, man.” One of them walked towards Jiang Chenming’s side, he took one up and smelled it, he felt even envier.

Jiang Chenming was too lazy to care, he took back and dealt with the pile of letters.

As his roommates saw the love letters were pulped, they wowed cooperatively. Jiang Chenming patted them a few times and stopped joking with them. He took his toiletries and went into the bathroom.

When Jiang Chenming was taking off his sports T-shirt, he smelled the scent on his shirt and went into a trance.

Other than his own pheromones, there was a faint scent of sweet milk on his shirt. It was hard to distinguish if it was not smelled carefully, it was Mo Lingqiu’s pheromone.

As both of them did not really have physical interaction, it was normal for the scent to fade away quickly. Jiang Chenming did not know why, but he felt a little unfortunate for it to fade away so quickly.

If Mo Lingqiu was pretending to be an alpha from the beginning, am I the first one who smelled the scent of his real pheromones? 

When he thought of this, Jiang Chenming, who used to have no interest in omegas, felt a little happy.

As a drop of water from the shower tap dripped onto his shoulder, Jiang Chenming, who had his head filled with Mo Lingqiu, came to his senses, he smiled helplessly, “I’m indeed possessed.”

Mo Lingqiu always fell into deep sleep after bathing every time. Moreover, he was really exhausted today, he dozed off after lying on the bed for a while.

After he woke up the next day, his phone rang while he was still washing his face.

The person who called was a teacher to whom he was greatly indebted to, when he was still studying in University A. The old professor was already 80 years old and still had a strong and healthy body. The content of the call was simple, he said he had a literature research project in his hands and he wanted to pass the project to Mo Lingqiu to complete the preface.

After Mo Lingqiu finished listening to the introduction of the project, he rated the difficulty of the project in his heart. The job of the preface was suitable for him to let the two doctoral students who were learning under him to widen their views, so he accepted it without hesitating.

“You should leave this morning, the car and the hotel are prepared, I’ll send the content of the project to your email later.”

“Alright, sorry for the inconvenience caused, professor.”

After ending the call, Mo Lingqiu sent the message to his two doctoral students swiftly and quickly packed his luggage. He then got onto the car that would send him to the meeting place.

When he reached the literature’s study site, it was already 3 in the afternoon. After having a simple lunch with his two students, they then went back to their own room for a rest.

Mo Lingqiu has mysophobia, when he reached his room, he only went to bathe and sat in front of his computer to search for information after he wiped everything that might have hygienic issues and needed to be used.

Mo Lingqiu did not write much of the new information into his notebook, but he felt tired. He glanced at the time and realized that only half an hour had passed.

At first, he did not take it seriously and forced himself to write a little more. He then fell asleep directly on the table and the next time he opened his eyes was already an hour later.

After moving his neck that was sore, Mo Lingqiu stood up and stared at the white wall and zoned out.

During his one-hour nap, he had a dream. He dreamt about Jiang Chenming, and that dream was something that he was too embarrassed to say.

Mo Lingqiu touched his heated face, he felt really unbelievable. It was impossible for him to dream about Jiang Chenming, moreover, he fell asleep while he was still doing his research, it was not like his usual self.

It felt even stranger as he thought more about it. Mo Lingqiu believed that he had not recovered from last night’s condition. He walked into the washroom and used cold water to wash his face. He continued his work after he forced himself to calm down. And obviously, that did not work.  After two hours, Mo Lingqiu looked at the few points that he had written, his delicate eyebrows frowned. If his efficiency were to be exposed to the others, he would be laughed at by the others.

In order to not waste his time in the room, Mo Lingqiu called the two students for dinner, after that, he dunked himself in the information room for a night.

The two students felt unbearable, they were just delegated to learn under Mo Lingqiu a while ago, and only heard that Mo Lingqiu was a stone cold beauty who was into academic research. Now, he did not only seem to be a stone cold beauty, but also a stone cold, poisonous beauty.

“T-Teacher, do you wanna have a rest first?” One of the alpha students who was tall and sturdy carefully asked Mo Lingqiu who was still reading the books.

Mo Lingqiu’s hand which was holding a pen halted, he then shook his head, “No need for that. If you guys are tired you can go back first, I’ll read for a while more.”

Both students looked at each other, they did not know if they should leave or stay.

Mo Lingqiu noticed that they were still not moving by the table, he lifted his head, “Go back then.”

As the two students heard of them, they were relieved. They quickly packed their stuff and said goodbye to Mo Lingqiu. They did not even want to have breakfast, they just wanted to get some sleep.

As the two students left, Mo Lingqiu was as if energy had flowed out of his body. The initial proper posture had crumbled, he lied on the table and stared at his book that did not have much progress after a night.

Finally, he packed his things depressingly and also left the information room.

In the half month that followed, Mo Lingqiu was always in a blank state. Although he had completed the work that was assigned by his teacher, compared to the past, the efficiency of this project was not high. Mo Lingqiu did not only realize that he was unable to pay attention to something for a long time, he would feel repulsive towards the alphas that appeared around him.

When the alphas did not release their pheromones, he would not feel uncomfortable. But if their pheromones leaked out accidentally, Mo Lingqiu would feel anxious. And when he felt anxious, Jiang Chenming would run into his mind. When he was returning to City A, he even dreamt of the scene where both of them first met.

All of these reminded Mo Lingqiu, who initially thought that this incident had passed, that nothing had passed. And there was something changing which he was unaware of.

When Mo Lingqiu thought of this, he was pulling his luggage and walking towards university A’s parking lot with a cold expression. He was thinking if he should call his private doctor to carry out a body check-up.

As he was still thinking of this, someone suddenly appeared in front of him. He smelled the scent of pheromones that he had been thinking about for half a month. He lifted up his head and saw Jiang Chenming smiling and standing in front of him.


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