Chapter 11

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When Mo Lingqiu returned to school on the 8th, he received a notice from the Chinese Language Department student office, asking him to bring the students under him to visit the cultural museum. 

After he forwarded the notice to his doctoral students, Mo Lingqiu busied himself with the lesson topics for the whole morning. He ate a simple meal in the school cafeteria in the afternoon and made it to the school gate at 1pm like the notice called for. 

His students, Yang Sheng and Liao Nan, were both already there, each holding a pen and a book. 

“Teacher Mo, we’re here.” Yang Sheng enthusiastically waved his hand towards Mo Lingqiu. 

Mo Lingqiu lifted his head and looked at the big bus. There were already a lot of people sitting inside. 

He followed Yang Sheng and Liao Nan onto the bus. The bus only had twin seats, save for the five-person seat in the last row. Mo Lingqiu found himself a front seat, while Yang Sheng and Liao Nan quickly found a twin seat in the same row as him. 

One by one, the students and teachers who were going to visit the museum boarded the bus. Mo Lingqiu then realised that it wasn’t only the Chinese Language Department, but every department that had students and teachers representing them. 

Mo Lingqiu wasn’t familiar with the teachers from other departments. After he pulled the curtain and blocked the blinding sunlight, he closed his eyes to rest. 

Suddenly, a familiar scent drifted into his nose and the seat beside him sank. 

Mo Lingqiu opened his eyes and saw Jiang Chenming sitting next to him with a faint smile on his face. 

“You…” Mo Lingqiu was a bit shocked. 

Jiang Chenming thought he was sitting in someone’s seat. He asked, “Is this someone’s place?”

“…No.” Mo Lingqiu shook his head. 

“I thought someone was sitting here.” Jiang Chenming smiled. “The senior in our department that was supposed to come went for training. I got caught and was strong-armed into being here.” 

“En,” Mo Lingqiu answered him vaguely. He closed his eyes again. Jiang Chenming said the reason he was there was because he was caught, but his popularity was really high and it was normal for teachers to call him for these kinds of events. 

Jiang Chenming saw Mo Lingqiu close his eyes, so he stopped talking to him. He plugged in his earphones, listening to music as he scrolled through the forums. 

Yang Sheng and Liao Nan, who were sitting in the adjacent seats, were dumbfounded. They were shocked that Jiang Chenming dared to sit beside Mo Lingqiu. They didn’t dare to question him either. They could only wonder if the relationship between the two of them was really good. 

The bus was driving from University A to the cultural museum. Before entering the overhead road, they took a small and particularly bumpy road. The bus was shaking to the point that many people became dizzy. 

Jiang Chenming wasn’t a person who usually became carsick, but he couldn’t control himself and he diverted his gaze towards Mo Lingqiu. He was sleeping deeply and wasn’t affected by the bumpy road, but his head occasionally knocked into the glass window. Pain could be felt by just looking at him. Moreover, Mo Lingqiu tilting his head that way caused the left side of his nape to be completely exposed. The red patches of skin surrounding his gland could be seen. 

After hesitating for a while, Jiang Chenming stretched out his hand and brought Mo Lingqiu’s head towards himself, letting him lean on his shoulder. 

Compared to the hard glass, it was obvious that his warm shoulder was much more comfortable. Mo Lingqiu slept even deeper. 

As the bus left the overhead road, it drove for a distance and then reached the outside of the cultural museum. The person leading was University A’s Head of the Student Office. He picked up the bus microphone and said, “Teachers and students, we’re already here. Pack up your things and prepare to leave the bus.” 

Mo Lingqiu was roused by the sudden announcement. He winked his eyes and pushed up his glasses that had slid down his nose. 

Jiang Chenming received the water that was distributed by the person beside them and handed him a bottle. “Teacher Mo, get ready to leave now.” 

“…En.” Mo Lingqiu accepted the water and touched his left cheek. He felt that it was warm there. “Did I sleep on you?” 

“I saw that your head kept knocking into the glass, so…” Jiang Chenming saw that he was touching his cheek, so he consoled him by saying, “It’s not that red. It’ll disappear later.” 

Mo Lingqiu put down his hand and followed him off the bus. 

The Head of the Student Office was leading them. They hadn’t been divided up by department since they would all be doing the same thing. He instead asked them to line up in pairs according to their seats in the bus. After distributing the tickets to the museum, he led them to the entrance.  

After entering, the museum guides came to lead them around. The situation became chaotic as they disorderedly gathered around. As the guides spoke to them, the students surrounded the exhibition items in a few rows. Some students who had better relationships with each other dropped out from the team and looked around themselves. 

Mo Lingqiu had visited this cultural museum many times. He could even talk for a few sentences about the items that were exhibited, but he still listened attentively. 

Jiang Chenming wasn’t interested in the exhibition initially, but since only he and a teacher from his department participated, there wasn’t anyone he was familiar with in the team, so he just followed behind Mo Lingqiu. That way, he would see everything Mo Lingqiu saw. 

Since Mo Lingqiu’s two students were really eager to learn, they were always in the front of the crowd. They even expressed their own opinions while listening. 

As the team walked towards the second floor, Mo Lingqiu held onto the banister while climbing the stairs. When he was at the last stair before the second floor, he wasn’t careful with his foot and he almost stumbled. Luckily, Jiang Chenming was next to him and caught him. 

“Teacher Mo, be careful.” 

“…Thank you.” Mo Lingqiu said with a soft voice, embarrassed. He then pursed his lips and stopped talking.

“Teacher Mo, do you have anything you wanna eat tonight?” Jiang Chenming was busy with training those days and didn’t have many chances to cook. He had only cooked plain porridge the day before. 

Mo Lingqiu froze. He couldn’t keep up with the sudden change of topic. He stayed silent for a while and then answered, “Noodles.” 

“With stir-fried eggs and tomatoes, or braised pork?” 

“Stir-fried eggs and tomatoes.” Mo Lingqiu kept a straight face and answered seriously. 


When Yang Sheng and Liao Nan came out to look for Mo Lingqiu, they saw Jiang Chenming standing with their doctoral advisor who was hard to get along with. But the atmosphere looked pretty peaceful? 

“Teacher Mo.” Yang Sheng interrupted them cautiously. 

Mo Lingqiu turned his gaze towards Yang Sheng. “What happened?” 

“The guide said the next exhibit is about the development of Chinese Language. He hopes that you can go over and talk about it.” Yang Sheng didn’t know why this museum guide knew Mo Lingqiu, but he still came out and called him in, since the guide had invited him over. 

Mo Lingqiu acquiesced and walked towards the crowd. 

Jiang Chenming followed behind and saw Mo Lingqiu receive the microphone from the guide. After thanking everyone, he started to lecture about the development of the Chinese Language to the whole room. 

Jiang Chenming didn’t hear much, but he was enthralled by Mo Lingqiu. 

Jiang Chenming wasn’t really willing to interact with omegas the last time. In an alpha’s fixed mindset, omegas are weak and fragile, and they need to be protected instinctively. But Mo Lingqiu was different. 

He was strong and beautiful, he had his own dreams and expectations, and he also had a unique personality, all of which made him attractive. 

An idea suddenly came into Jiang Chenming’s mind: How lucky would I be if I could own an omega with a 100% compatibility rate?


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