Chapter 28

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Mo Lingqiu thought it over a few times, but he still complied with his father’s suggestion to add this ‘blind date Alpha’. After accepting the request, Mo Lingqiu tossed his phone to the side and quickly fell asleep.

When he got up the next morning, he took some time to wash up, went to have breakfast in the hotel restaurant, and then took the subway to the station.

Since it was a weekend, and still early, there weren’t many people in the subway car. Mo Lingqiu found an empty seat, sat down, and then finally looked at his phone.

Jiang Chenming had sent him a good morning message and had also taken a picture of the small dumplings he ate in the morning.

Mo Lingqiu took a look at the image and knew that the small dumplings were the frozen dumplings that he had bought and put in the refrigerator. This person actually made these frozen things to eat when Mo Lingqiu wasn’t home; how rare.

Xiao Jiang-tongxue: Teacher Mo, have you eaten?

Qiu: I’m already on the subway, another forty minutes to the station.

Xiao Jiang-tongxue: What about your lunch? Did you bring anything to eat?

Qiu: I brought some biscuits.

In fact, Mo Lingqiu had only packed lightly for this trip since he would only be staying in Lin Province for one day and one night; other than a change of underwear and a pack of biscuits, he didn’t bring anything. 

Jiang Chenming, however, didn’t yield, and he asked Mo Lingqiu to get off the subway to buy some KFC to take with him.

Qiu: If I buy KFC at this hour, it’s only for breakfast, right?

Jiang Chenming thought about it before changing his mind and asking him to buy instant noodles. 

Qiu: No, the smell of instant noodles is too strong.

He was in a closed compartment on the subway. Getting strong-smelling noodles would be a little rude.

Jiang Chenming thought for a while. At the end, he could only end with, “I’ll bring you out to eat something nice when you get here.” 

This time, Mo Lingqiu agreed, and he even took the initiative to propose something to eat. After all, because of the cold the few days before, he had eaten too lightly. His mouth was still itching for better food. 

After chatting with Jiang Chenming, Mo Lingqiu returned to the WeChat homepage with the list of contacts and saw that another person had sent him a message. It was the ‘blind date Alpha’ that he had added.

Blind Date Alpha: Hello, I’m Pan Zhe, did Aunty and Uncle tell you about me?

The message had been sent after the request was accepted the night before. Probably because he hadn’t received a reply, he didn’t send anything else. Mo Linqiu pursed his lips and politely responded, “Hello.”

This time, the other party immediately became active.

Blind Date Alpha: Haha, I thought you wouldn’t reply anymore.

When Mo Lingqiu saw his words, he really didn’t want to reply anymore. However, the other party didn’t intend to give up.

Blind Date Alpha: I’m 1.86 metres tall, currently working in a scientific research institute. Due to the confidentiality of the work, I can’t tell you much about it.

Bilind Date Alpha: As you know, I’m already thirty-two years old, and, honestly, as a successful Alpha, this would be considered a late marriage.

Blind Date Alpha: But after looking at your picture, I think you’re not bad. Wanna consider me?

Mo Lingqiu suddenly regretted agreeing to his own father’s request to add this person as a friend. He really couldn’t entertain someone he didn’t like. The urge to delete this person from his friend list swirled around his head. If it weren’t for the fact that it would be impolite to do so, he would have already taken action. 

Not only did the person on the other side of the screen not notice Mo Lingqiu’s dissatisfaction, but he also got excited as he kept messaging, as if Mo Lingqiu would uncontrollably fall in love with him in the next second. 

Blind Date Alpha: I’ve always felt that Omegas should give birth and take care of children at home, since it’s really hard to work outside, and it’s also easy to damage your body. Although you have a good career now, I still hope that you will choose to raise and educate children at home in the future.

Blind Date Alpha: After all, you come from an intellectual family, so you must have a lot of ideas about educating children. Meanwhile, I’ll work hard outside to earn money and focus on my career.

Blind Date Alpha: Think about it this way. We can definitely achieve a relatively perfect marriage.

Mo Linqiu’s expression was cold. He stared at this person acting crazy online and didn’t reply at all.

After half an hour had passed, the other person finally vaguely realized that something was wrong and tried to take the conversation in another direction.

Blind Date Alpha: Where are you now?

Blind Date Alpha: Sorry, I’ve said so much. It would be better if we could talk in person.

When Mo Lingqiu saw this, he couldn’t hold his anger, and he sent a message.

Qiu: I will be at City A’s station a little past 2 pm.

Blind Date Alpha: That’s perfect! I can pick you up. I’ll be back in City A around that time!

Qiu: Okay.

After replying to him, Mo Lingqiu put his phone away, and no longer concerned himself with this arrogant and crazy alpha.

At 2 pm, the subway that Mo Lingqiu sat in stopped steadily at City A Station. Mo Lingqiu walked down from the subway car with his backpack. After he swiped his ticket and left the station, he received a call from Jiang Chenming.

“Teacher Mo, have you left the subway?”

“Yes.” Mo Lingqiu reflexively glanced around and couldn’t see Jiang Chenming’s figure.

“Wait for me, okay? I’m buying you food in the shop. I’ll be there in a moment.”


“Which exit are you at?”

Mo Lingqiu turned around and glanced at the exit sign above him. “North 13.” 

“Okay, I’ll be there in a moment, teacher. Find a place to sit, and rest for a while.” Just when Jiang Chenming finished speaking, the waiter at the pickup desk called his number. He quickly hung up and walked over. 

Mo Lingqiu avoided the crowd and then stood in place as close as he could to the North 13 exit. Since he was handsome and had a cold and unique temperament, he attracted the attention of many people passing by. However, because he carried the scent of being marked by an alpha, those people could only look at him and feel bitter in their hearts. 

Suddenly, a person came up and tapped Mo Lingqiu’s shoulder.

Through the pheromones, Mo Lingqiu could clearly feel that this person wasn’t Jiang Chenming, so he kept a cold face as he turned around.

A face that seemed like he had seen it somewhere before appeared in front of him. Mo Lingqiu thought carefully, but he still couldn’t remember who it was, so he directly classified the person in front of him as a stranger. 

“Is there something wrong?”

“Hi, Teacher Mo. I’m Pan Zhe.”

The only thought that skipped through Mo Lingqiu’s mind was that he had just casually said that he would be at the station, not expecting this guy to really come.


Pan Zhe was initially quite happy because Mo Lingqiu was more good-looking than he had imagined. He could recognize him at first glance even though he was standing in the crowd. However, after greeting Mo Lingqiu, Pan Zhe found that he seemed to have the smell of another alpha on him.

“You… you’ve been marked?” Pan Zhe was full of shock.

“En,” Mo Lingqiu said. He generously showed the mark on his nape. “Yes, I was marked.”

“Then why are you still out on a blind date?” The volume of Pan Zhe’s voice gradually rose.

Mo Lingqiu frowned. “I didn’t say that this was a blind date, and I’ve clearly asked my mother to apologize to you.”

Pan Zhe’s face turned red and green. He was dumbfounded at Mo Lingqiu shutting him down. He had received a rejection from the man in front of him, but, in his mind, he always thought that omegas needed alphas. As long as he was an alpha, then there was no reason for omegas to not stick to him. 

Just when Pan Zhe was going to open his mouth and curse, Mo Lingqiu was suddenly pulled into someone’s arms by a strong force, and his nose was filled with the familiar scent of bitter almonds. 

Jiang Chenming lowered his head to glance at Mo Lingqiu in his arms and then, with a ferocious expression, he glared at the other alpha. “What do you want with my boyfriend?” 


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