Chapter 17

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When he got home, Mo Lingqiu quickly opened the school forum. He didn’t understand why his real name had been exposed to everyone when he had been in the anonymous section. 

He looked at the anonymous section and studied it for half a day, but he couldn’t glean anything from it. 

When Jiang Chenming came out from his room, he realized that Mo Lingqiu was really quiet, so he thought that he was working again. He took another look. Mo Linqiu’s door wasn’t closed. He was looking at the computer with a serious expression.

Knock, knock. Jiang Chenming asked, “Teacher Mo, what do you wanna eat tonight?” 

Mo Lingqiu was so focused on the computer screen that he didn’t hear what Jiang Chenming had said. 

Jiang Chenming called again, but Mo Lingqiu still didn’t respond. He hesitated for a while before walking into Mo Lingqiu’s room. “Teacher Mo, what do you wanna eat tonight?” 

Jiang Chenming scared Mo Lingqiu. He looked at Jiang Chenming in a trance and only stammered out after a long while, “Any-anything is fine.” 

“Looking at the forum?” Jiang Chenming asked after glancing at the computer. 

“…Yes. How did everyone see that I Liked the post?” Mo Lingqiu asked. He minimized the forum that was filled with posts about himself and Jiang Chenming, as if that would make Jiang Chenming not notice what he was looking at. 

“Before doing anything in the anonymous area, you need to set a nickname for use there. If you don’t set one, it’ll show your real name from your work account.” Jiang Chenming was good enough to not ask Mo Lingqiu to open the page for him. “Open the profile on your homepage and you’ll be able to change the settings. After you change the nickname, nobody will purposely click to see who you are if you stay peaceful. But if you start arguing, they’re bound to click and check.”

“…So it’s actually still a real-name-based forum?” Mo Lingqiu thought that there was no point in making the forum anonymous if others could still see the real name of someone posting under a nickname. 

“Kinda. Since it’s the school forum, it’s easier to manage if anything happens.” 

Jiang Chenming’s words were rather reasonable. If everyone used anonymous nicknames and didn’t take responsibility when arguments happened, it would be very troublesome to manage the forum. 

“I’ll tinker with the settings a little bit more.” Mo Lingqiu lowered his head. 

Jiang Chenming nodded and said, “Teacher, you still haven’t told me what you wanna eat tonight.”

“…Instant noodles.” Mo Lingqiu raised his head when he heard about food. “I’ll make it myself later.” 

It had been a long time since he ate instant noodles, so he wanted to satisfy his craving. 

Jiang Chenming heard his words and frowned. “Teacher Mo, you really don’t like to eat rice, huh?” 

Through his observations, Mo Lingqiu almost only ate noodles for his three daily meals. Rice was rare. Even if he ordered rice, he would finish the dishes and leave some rice behind. 

“…I don’t like it.” Mo Lingqiu hadn’t liked to eat rice since he was young. His parents didn’t really supervise him, so he had the freedom to eat anything he wished. 

“Wait here. I’ll go make instant noodles for you,” Jiang Chenming said, turning and walking out of Mo Lingqiu’s room. 

Only then did Mo Lingqiu open the school forum window that he had minimized and change the anonymous nickname in the settings. Although he probably wouldn’t use the forum after the finger-slipping-incident, he still changed his profile to prevent any accidents from happening in the future.

After changing it, Mo Lingqiu switched off the computer and walked towards the kitchen. When he heard the sound of the kitchen ventilator, he was perplexed. Isn’t he just cooking instant noodles? Why is the ventilator on?

He stepped into the kitchen and saw Jiang Chenming wearing an apron and cooking the instant noodles. He cut the ham into slices and placed them to the side. Mo Lingqiu could also see four eggs. It was obvious that Jiang Chenming wanted to add them into the noodles. 

“I can’t eat that many eggs,” Mo Lingqiu said as he took away an egg. “One is enough.” 

“En. Then I’ll eat the other two.” Jiang Chenming originally planned to cook them two eggs each. 

Mo Lingqiu didn’t reply. He took out two bowls, rinsed them clean, and placed them to the side. 

Jiang Chenming turned and glanced at Mo Lingqiu while he stirred the noodles. 

His eyes behind his glasses were beautiful, but the awareness in his eyes was faint. He didn’t seem alert, like he was in a trance. His profile was really good-looking. He had the kind of appearance that would amaze people with the first look, and then get even better the longer they looked. 

Jiang Chenming kept his eyes on Mo Lingqiu and asked the question that he was thinking in his heart. “Teacher Mo, is it true that there are a lot of people in our school chasing after you?” 

Mo Lingqiu snapped out of his trance and stopped staring at the wall. He didn’t understand why Jiang Chenming had suddenly asked this question. “What’s causing you to have this wrong impression?” 

“Ah… it isn’t like that?” Jiang Chenming was shocked. He really didn’t expect that he would guess incorrectly. 

Mo Lingqiu thought for a while and didn’t answer. Indeed, the people who chased after him were many, including both colleagues and students. There were even some people who chased after him in the beginning during their student life who still contacted him after they graduated. 

“My friends told me that you’re really popular.” Jiang Chenming smiled. He poured the noodles from the pot into the bowl and started cooking another packet. 

Mo Lingqiu didn’t rush to leave. He waited for him to finish cooking the next packet of noodles. 

“Aren’t you popular as well?” Mo Lingqiu guessed that Jiang Chenming must be much more popular than he was. His cheerfulness was enough to make other people be attracted to him.

Jiang Chenming laughed. “I didn’t really like to interact with omegas before. I used to go out of my way to avoid them.” 

“Why?” Based on Mo Lingqiu’s perception, alphas were always interested in omegas,  whether it be because of their bodies, the attraction of pheromones, or the responsibility to have kids. AO relationships were the most orthodox relationship in the world. 

“When I first classified, I didn’t know how to control my pheromones well. This largely affected the omegas, so I didn’t really want to interact with them the more the time passed.” Jiang Chenming didn’t want to be a scumbag who induced heat in innocent omegas.

Mo Lingqiu squinted. He remembered himself going into heat because of Jiang Chenming and kept silent. He felt bitterness in his heart and was uncomfortable.

Jiang Chenming turned his head and looked at Mo Lingqiu. He noticed that he had turned his head away and stopped talking, so he quickly explained, “Teacher Mo, although we got to know each other by accident, it’s a good thing for me, so…” 

Mo Lingqiu suddenly straightened up his body. He took the bowl that was filled with instant noodles. “The noodles are becoming soggy. I’ll go out first. You better be quick.” 

Jiang Chenming froze for a second and noticed Mo Lingqiu’s reddened ears. As the edge of his lips curved up, he responded with a lively tone, “Okay.” 

When they finished eating, Jiang Chenming wanted to wash the bowls first, but he was stopped by Mo Lingqiu. “Go take a seat on the sofa and remove the bandage on your knee. I’ll come check it out later.” 

After he was done speaking, Mo Lingqiu took the empty bowls into the kitchen. He washed them quickly and returned to the living room.

Jiang Chenming was carefully removing the bandage wrapped around his knee. Mo Lingqiu strode towards him and sat on the pillow that had already been placed on the floor. 

As he helped Jiang Chenming remove the bandage, he asked with a cold expression, “I thought you didn’t have training these days?” 

“Yeah, there’s no training.” Jiang Chenming explained, “I just went to the field to look at the juniors training. That’s why I changed into sports attire. It’s very boring to stay in the dorm alone and do nothing. 

Since Jiang Chenming had moved out of his dorm, his bed was empty. Unfortunately, his three roommates all went out for outdoor training in the afternoon, so there was no one else in the dorm. He tried to stay in the room, but not even five minutes had passed before he got too bored and went to the field. 

Of course, it wasn’t enjoyable to just watch them. It was only when he couldn’t bear it anymore that he called for the ball and played one on one with his juniors.

Mo Lingqiu knew he went to help with training, but Jiang Chenming didn’t dare confess that he had been playing. From a teacher to a student, there was a sense that there would be consequences. 

After Mo Lingqiu removed the bandage and saw the wounds on Jiang Chenming’s knees were almost healed, his expression became a little brighter. “There are still bruises, so be careful.” 

“En.” Jiang Chenming responded like he was placating him. He should have just changed his clothes in the fitting room, so Mo Lingqiu wouldn’t know that he had gone to play basketball. Otherwise, he would only make him worry. 

Mo Lingqiu stood up. “Be careful when you bathe.” 

He finished talking and went to the fridge to get a bottle of milk before going back to his room. 

Jiang Chenming glanced at his knees that were almost healed and then turned his gaze towards the door that Mo Lingqiu had closed. Sigh. The wound was healing too fast. Teacher Mo left as soon as he possibly could. Why didn’t he take more care of me? 

Although there was a saying that it took a hundred days for the bone to knit and tendons to heal, Jiang Chenming’s physique was really good and he healed fast. The huge bruise from the beginning of November had vanished. The skin looked as good as new.

Furthermore, University A’s representative basketball team had also sent back some good news. After qualifying from the state-level competition, they had obtained second place in the national-level competition.

The groups of boys in the PE Department who always hung out with the basketball team planned a gathering to celebrate their achievement as well as Jiang Chenming’s full recovery. 

Jiang Chenming told Mo Lingqiu about this early. Coincidentally, Mo Lingqiu had made an appointment with Fan Nian to go out for dinner, so both of them had their own event. 

The gathering was held at a restaurant near University A that served home-style dishes. A group of male alphas and betas stuck together and different kinds of pheromones and hormonal breaths mingled in the air. Although the concentration level was kept in a safe range, it would still make some omegas that walked past them uneasy.  

Jiang Chenming was good with people and ended up being forced by others to drink. However, no matter how well he could drink, he would still feel dizzy after drinking two bottles of white wine. 

“Brother Jiang, why didn’t you bring Teacher Mo with you?” A junior asked with liquid courage. 

Jiang Chenming put down the empty wine glass. In the eyes of University A’s students, he was dating Mo Lingqiu. “He went out to dinner with Dr. Fan.” 

“Dr. Fan? You mean Fan Nian from the North Campus clinic?” 


The person beside Jiang Chenming murmured, “But Fan Nian is a single omega. Aren’t you worried?”

“No, I’m not.” Of course Jiang Chenming wasn’t worried. 

“That’s not easy to say. What if Fan Nian goes into heat? Don’t forget, Teacher Mo is an alpha.” 

Jiang Chenming didn’t respond. Rather than Fan Nian, he was more worried about Mo Lingqiu going into heat since it had been nearly a month since his last one. For some reason, Jiang Chenming’s heart pounded at the thought. He felt anxious. 

Because there were no omegas among them, they could talk about anything they wanted. Jiang Chenming lowered his head and didn’t engage in the conversation. He ate silently. 

The phone in his pocket suddenly vibrated. He took it out and stared at the screen. Mo Lingqiu was calling.


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