Chapter 1

The summer breeze blew in a gust, it was completely unable to dispel the summer heat of late August and only caused people to be more uncomfortable.

Today was the last day of the well-known University A’s registration date for the new semester. In the vast University A, students of many departments chatted and laughed as they walked along the school’s paths. Almost everyone was going out for meals or strolling around together, it was rare to see students registering in the afternoon of the last day.

Another gust of breeze blew and the smell of pheromones seemed to be in the air. A silver grey car drove across the road, some students stopped their footsteps as they saw the car’s number plate.

“That’s Teacher Mo right?”

“Yeah yeah, should we go for dinner later?”

“Later, later. Go go go, let’s go and have a look.”

As two students ran towards the direction where Mo Lingqiu was driving, other students followed behind.

Mo Lingqiu entered the basement parking lot and parked his car, he walked out of the parking lot with his hands holding the books that he placed in the car. He then saw many students standing outside, some of them were even panting and filled with sweat.

When the students saw Mo Lingqiu coming out, they became excited. Unlike the students that were wearing short sleeves and short pants, Mo Lingqiu was wearing a white long sleeves shirt, buttons were neatly done and a pure black necktie was tied elegantly. Adding up to Mo Lingqiu’s handsome appearance and delicate fragrance that seemed to be surrounding him, the students had their faces reddened and gave in to their legs.

“Tea…teacher Mo, we’re going for a meal later, do you want to come with us?”

“Hey hey hey, I came first, Teacher Mo, come eat with me!”

The group of people were quarreling non-stop, there were different types of pheromones mingling in the air. Mo Lingqiu’s face was set in a grim, he glanced at the sun that was setting and said coldly, “I had eaten earlier, remember to finish your meals earlier and return to the classroom for the evening self-study class.”

After he finished speaking, Mo Lingqiu walked around the crowd and left without hesitation. He knew that students who came to talk to him were probably first years and second years.

The students looked at each other, after a while, their expressions turned gloomy and admitted defeat.

In the students’ hearts, Mo Lingqiu was always a perfect teacher. With the status of a high-grade alpha, the faint smell of pheromones, that cold and yet handsome appearance and the fact that he became the professor of University A’s Chinese Language Department at the age of 29, his high qualifications and high IQ level were the reasons why the surrounding people were attracted to him.

Today’s failure once again made the students realize that Mo Lingqiu was just as what their seniors said, he was like a flower on top of the mountain and was hard to be chased, nobody had succeeded before.

The first thing that Mo Lingqiu did after returning to his office was to open the window for ventilation. Due to the summer holidays, it had been a while since the office was used. There was a gust of weird smell in the office. Next, he took out the refresher that he had brought along and sprayed towards himself once. After confirming that there were no other people’s pheromones, only then did he loosened the frowns on his forehead.

He slightly loosened his tie and held out a breath of relief. After cleaning the office, he then returned to the table and flipped through the thick set of books silently.

As it reached half past eight, Mo Lingqiu closed the books and entered a small changing room behind the office. He changed his suit and leather shoes into a set of sport attire and sport shoes.

Due to his work, his body would protest if he did not exercise for too long, so he had the habit of jogging every day. However, he would not choose to run in the school’s field to avoid the crowd. Instead, he chose to jog at a small pathway outside of the school. University A’s North and South Campus were located at City A’s rural area, unlike the small market where the students used to have their meals at, the small pathway that Mo Lingqiu jogged almost had no passersby.

After walking out from the staff’s building, Mo Lingqiu walked towards the route for jogging as usual. He stretched his body and started jogging along the pathway.

According to his usual schedule, after jogging for an hour, he would take a bath at the staff’s building and return to his home to rest. But he did not expect that an accident would happen today.

Mo Lingqiu worked at University A’s South Campus. The Chinese Language Department, Law Department, Foreign Language Department and other 4 departments were in the South Campus. And across the road was University A’s North Campus. It included the PE Department, Mathematics Department, Calculus Department and 3 other departments. The students of both campuses would communicate with each other usually as some classes were held at the other campus. When there were school events, they would be divided into North and South Campus to battle with each other. Hence, University A’s North and South Campus were the closest neighbors and also rivals that understood each other best.

Although the students of both campuses communicated frequently, they always had a conventional rule of using the field. And the rule was that both fields of the campuses could not be shared. This was due to the fact that the North Campus had most of the PE Department students and they would use the field for training.

Jiang Chenming was a postgraduate sophomore of University A’s PE Department. He was also a well-known alpha in University A. Only with that 1.8 to 1.9 meter height and the flawless model built, he had charmed a lot of betas and omegas. In addition to that, he looked masculine and handsome, he also had a hearty and friendly personality, so the presents he received during valentines made his hands sore.

Although Jiang Chenming was a postgraduate student, he was still a PE department student, so daily training was necessary. He usually jogged in the school field, however the field was undergoing maintenance today. A banner was hung outside and ‘Maintenance Today’ was written.

Jiang Chenming patiently looked around the other fields and found out that one of them was also undergoing maintenance and so it caused the other two fields to fill with crowd.

He did not want to squeeze himself in the crowd so he ran towards the outside of the school after thinking for a while. Since running around the field was also a run, going out for a run was also a run, there was no difference between them.

After running the usual route for three rounds, Mo Lingqiu stopped and did some exercise. He took a few breaths and started to run again.

When he passed the junction of an alley, he brushed past Jiang Chenming who just started running and who had just found the new route.

Mo Lingqiu’s action turned stiff instantly, he could smell the slight bitterness of the pheromones in the air. His heart pounded faster, and his body was heated up. He accidentally stumbled and directly sat onto the floor.

Jiang Chenming also halted his footsteps as he sensed something was wrong. He turned his head and saw Mo Lingqiu sitting on the floor and panting, his face that was originally pale reddened.

Jiang Chenming thought: If I’m not wrong, the one sitting on the floor right now is the A University’s famous Professor of the Chinese Language Department, Mo Lingqiu. He’s a high-grade alpha who’s chosen by the university at a young age, and has won many national awards. 

But now, a fragrant, sweet smell of milk was drifting into the air slowly. Jiang Chenming took a glance at the person who was sitting and looked around the alley where there were no other people. A bold guess came into his mind.

“Teacher Mo, you’re an omega?”

Although everything seemed wrong, Mo Lingqiu lifted up his head and his eyes slightly turned red and moist after the gender that he had been hiding for so many years was exposed.

He had already sprayed the blocker and injected long term inhibitors. They did not fail before then why are they not working now? 

Jiang Chenming did not get any answer as expected, but he could feel that the situation was turning dangerous. The sweet smell of milk was getting thicker and thicker in the air, and if this continued, even if nobody was nearby, alphas that were a little farther away would run over when they smelled it.

“Tsk.” Jiang Chenming who had strong willpower suppressed the restlessness in his heart, he squatted down and asked, “Did you bring your inhibitor?”

Mo Lingqiu took a breath and shook his head weakly. The inhibitors he used were long-term inhibitors that were not sold in the market. As they did not fail him before, he did not prepare other normal inhibitors on him.

Jiang Chenming, who normally had a good temper felt irritable, but Mo Lingqiu was a teacher so he could not throw a tantrum in front of him. He rubbed his own hair irritably and booked a taxi driver who was beta that could not sense any pheromones.

Luckily, the car was not too far from them, Jiang Chenming stood at the end of the alley as he wanted to reduce his influence towards Mo Lingqiu. He guarded him while trying to force himself to calm down.

Mo Lingqiu was the same. He realized that he got into heat by his influence due to unknown reasons. He then used his strong willpower and instinct to fight against it. He maximized his control of the pheromones and tried to not let them flow out.

After the taxi arrived, Jiang Chenming quickly ran towards Mo Lingqiu. He carried Mo Lingqiu who was an adult and had the height of 1.8 metres easily and dashed out of the alley into the car.

“Where are you going?” Although the driver was a beta and would not be affected by pheromones, he could still guess what happened when he saw how tight the situation was. He thought that they were supposed to go to a hotel, but Jiang Chenming said the name of an area that was unexpected to him.

“Shi Hao Garden.”

Shi Hao Garden was a well-known rich area in Town A. It had 10 villas altogether and each one of them was delicately built. Not only the gardens outside, the largest villas even had indoor swimming pools. How the driver looked at Jiang Chenming suddenly changed, he looked at the actions of both of them at the backseat through the rearview mirror as he was driving.

As the space in the car was small, Mo Lingqiu and Jiang Chenming were almost sticking to each other, the symptoms of getting into a heat were getting obvious.

Jiang Chenming originally thought to stay far away from Mo Lingqiu, but he realized that they were in a car, so he could not go anywhere further. He could only let Mo Lingqiu hug his arms to relieve the discomfort.

Although Mo Lingqiu went into heat by the influence of others, his mind was still clear enough to recognize where he was and who was beside him. His strong pride was constantly reminding that he could not give in to his instinct.

Jiang Chenming clenched his fist tightly, his eyes stared deadly at the flickering street lights that they went past, begging the driver to drive faster.

Suddenly, Mo Lingqiu pulled Jiang Chenming and said with a hoarse voice, “Yuan Qiao Apartment, my house.”

Jiang Chenming was dazed for a moment and instantly understood him. He patted the seat of the driver, “Driver, please change the destination to Yuan Qiao Apartment.”

Yuan Qiao Apartment was just located at the junction in front. No matter if it was him or Mo Lingqiu, they could not wait any longer under this situation.


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