Chapter 5

Mo Lingqiu quarreled with Fan Nian about Jiang Chenming being smaller than him for half an hour. Fan Nian thought that they only had a five-year-difference and so Jiang Chenming was not too young. Fan Nian was also someone who’s talkative, although he would not get angry with someone, he was really determined, Mo Lingqiu did not even manage to convince him at the end.

He even dreamt of Jiang Chenming feeling upset and questioning him why he thinks that he’s too small in the middle of the night, of course, the word ‘small’ had a different meaning.

Mo Lingqiu stood in front of the washroom’s mirror after he woke up in the morning. He looked at his swollen eyes and sighed longly.

He took an eye protection ice pack and laid it on his eyes for a while, after his eyes felt better, he then had his breakfast and went to the school’s library. He spent the whole morning there, he only left the library and walked towards the North Campus at 11.30 am.

The clinic of the North Campus is at the school’s corner, Mo Lingqiu had come to the North Campus a lot of times, he knew how to take the shortcut to save some time.

The male dormitory of North Campus have five blocks. One of them is Block No.21. Block No.21 is the closest to the outside, so the first floor of the block looks more like shophouses on streets. There are bubble tea shops and a mini market. The clinic is just beside the mini market. There’s also a small forest in front of Block No.21 and a small pathway for shortcuts can be found inside.

Mo Lingqiu walked along the small path and saw the clinic’s door which was wide open. As he was stepping towards the clinic, he met Jiang Chenming who was walking out from the mini market.

He was carrying a bag of junk food, three boxes of rice in his hands, he possibly came down to fetch some food for his roommates.

“Teacher Mo? Why are you here?” Jiang Chenming was surprised, he had completely forgotten that he suffered a loss yesterday and asked naturally.

“Waiting for someone.”

As he finished his words, Fan Nian’s voice echoed from behind, “Lingqiu!”

Mo Lingqiu waved towards Jiang Chenming expressionlessly, he then turned and walked towards Fan Nian.

Fan Nian glanced at Mo Lingqiu who was walking towards him and averted his gaze towards Jiang Chenming who was standing behind without moving. He then teased with a weird laugh, “Didn’t you say you guys are not familiar with each other yesterday?”

“We’re not familiar with each other.” Mo Lingqiu did not change his answer.

Fan Nian felt bored, he tilted his head and smiled towards Jiang Chenming. He then walked into the clinic with Mo Lingqiu side by side.

“Wait for a while, I’ll go change my clothes.” Fan Nian was still wearing the doctor uniform.

Mo Lingqiu was not in a hurry as well, he sat on the chair and flipped through the medical magazines beside. Although it was not his profession, he still felt interested.

The clinic’s door was suddenly pushed open by someone, Mo Lingqiu raised his head and immediately saw Jiang Chenming standing by the door, showing a smile.

“Is Dr. Fan here?”

Mo Lingqiu glanced at him for a while and called towards the fitting room, “Fan Nian.”

“Yes! What happened?” Fan Nian quickly wore his coat and walked out.

“Someone is looking for you.” Mo Lingqiu pointed at Jiang Chenming who was standing at the door, he then lowered his head and continued reading.

Fan Nian was a bit confused, “Looking for me?”

“Yes, my roommate is having a fever, he asked me to get some medicine.” Jiang Chenming took out his student card as he said.

Fan Nian said ‘oh’ and asked Jiang Chenmming about his roommate’s symptoms. Then, he prescribed an agent used to reduce fever and other flu medicine, “Take this 3 times a day and take them after meals. The amount is already written on the box.”

“Thank you, Dr. Fan.” Jiang Chenming swiped his student card and paid the fee.

Mo Lingqiu who was sitting on the chair did not give them an eye, he was so focused on reading as if the medical book in his hand was a treasure.

Fan Nian’s intention to match them yesterday had completely faded away. Mo Lingqiu was really not interested in Jiang Chenming, if he was really interested, how would he still be so cold?

At that moment, Jiang Chenming who was standing in front of him changed his expression. He strided over and rushed towards Mo Lingqiu, he then grasped onto his wrist and asked Fan Nian, “Dr. Fan, is there any washroom here?”

Fan Nian was dumbfounded, the fact that Mo Lingqiu was still sitting on the chair and did not even struggle when Jiang Chenming was grasping his wrist was weird as well.

Jiang Chenming did not receive any response, his tone turned anxious, “Dr. Fan!”

Fan Nian came back to his senses and pointed towards the resting room, “There’s a resting room inside.”

When he had just finished speaking, Jiang Chenming had already run into the room at a fast pace as he was half-hugging Mo Lingqiu.

In the small and narrow washroom, Jiang Chenming was restraining to a point that green nerves could be seen on his forehead. He was afraid that once he loosened his nerves, pheromones would flow out.

“Teacher Mo, why did you go into heat again?” Jiang Chenming clenched his teeth tightly when he asked.

Mo Lingqiu felt unhappy when he heard those words, what do you mean by going into heat again? Can I control it? 

He could even go into heat when he was just sitting there reading a book. The heat came unexpectedly and irregularly, the only similarity was that an alpha called Jiang Chenming was always there.

“Isn’t it because of you?” Due to the sudden heat and the fact that Jiang Chenming was resisting himself from releasing his pheromones, Mo Lingqiu threw a tantrum, his eyes were moistened and his delicate face was filled with dissatisfaction.

Jiang Chen Ming froze, because of that sentence, he did not resist it, the scent of bitter almond pheromones flowed overwhelmingly into the air, fusing together with the sweet smell of milk.

Mo Lingqiu who was leaning against the basin couldn’t stand properly because of that, his legs turned weak and he fell onto the floor.

Jiang Chenming supported him as he clenched his teeth and took out a box of inhibitor from his pocket. He swallowed a pill, causing him to have a slight control of his pheromones.

Mo Lingqiu’s hands were trembling as he was groping the pocket of his jacket, Jiang Chenming noticed his action and asked, “Did you bring your inhibitor?”

Mo Lingqiu ignored him, a thin layer of sweat could be seen on his forehead.

Jiang Chenming carried him towards the basin patiently and let him sit on it, he then searched in his pocket and found the inhibitor that looked like an oral liquid.

Mo Lingqiu stared deadly at the inhibitor, that was his best savior at the moment.

A prick was heard and the opening was broken apart. Jiang Chenming held the inhibitor to his lips and fed him.

As the icy cold liquid flowed into his body, Mo Lingqiu’s heat slowly calmed down. Before Jiang Chenming said anything, he heard Mo Lingqiu throw two words towards him, “Get out.”

Jiang Chenming was stunned, he felt that he was being thrown away after using.

When Jiang Chenming was overthinking, he heard Mo Lingqiu repeated with a hoarse voice, “You go out first.”

His tone improved this time, but this also made Jiang Chenming notice sensitively that there were different emotions in his words.

It was restrained, and even… sad.

Jiang Chenming suddenly remembered the last time that his roommate fatty said that he’s ‘Strong Beauty’. Mo Lingqiu is a high-grade omega, it’s even rare in the omegas that are already rare.

High-grade omegas have a much better reproduction ability and pheromones’ mildness than normal omegas. They are the best marriage partners that every alpha wants. If Mo Lingqiu wanted to find an alpha who suits him to live together, there would be countless alphas who would send themselves up proactively. However, Mo Lingqiu did not do any of that, he was diving deep in his work, he obtained achievements that other people might need 10 years of hard work to achieve in a short time, surpassing the alphas that had the upper hand since they were born.

But now, Mo Lingqiu’s heat period was getting unstable because of unknown reasons, it might even affect his normal life from now on. To a person who’s prideful like Mo Lingqiu, it was something that he would not allow and did not hope to happen.

Jiang Chenming stared at Mo Lingqiu who had his head lowered, the black, soft hair fell to his forehead, blocking the view of his expression, he couldn’t see it well.

Jiang Chenming sighed silently, he clenched his fist tightly and nodded, “Ok, I’ll be outside, call me if Teacher Mo has any problem.”

Mo Lingqiu didn’t say anything, but the arm that was supporting him by the basin moved slightly.

Jiang Chenming thought: Luckily he gave a response, or else, I wouldn’t know what to do. 

When Mo Lingqiu heard the washroom’s door being opened and closed again, he relaxed from tension. He arched his back and sat on the basin, he then stared at the floor, going into a trance.

After more than 10 minutes, he had finally calmed down. He took out his mobile phone from his pocket and sent a message to his private doctor to make an appointment for an early medical checkup.

Mo Lingqiu stood back onto the floor, he looked into the mirror and tidied up himself. After confirming that he looked fine, he pushed the door and went out.

Jiang Chenming acted as he said earlier, he was standing by the washroom’s door and didn’t leave at all. Mo Lingqiu gave him a glimpse, Jiang Chenming immediately followed him out.

Unexpectedly, Fan Nian was not in the clinic, the roller shutter was being pulled down as well.

Mo Lingqiu’s heart sank for a second, he pulled open the roller shutter and saw Fan Nian squatting down and looking at his phone.

When Fan Nian heard the sound of the roller shutter being pulled open, he lifted his head hurriedly, as he saw Mo Lingqiu’s serious expression, he was shocked, “So fast?”

“What do you mean?” Fan Nian knew his true gender, judging from what happened earlier, leaking out a little bit of pheromones would be easily noticed by Fan Nian. Hence, Mo Lingqiu knew roughly what he was thinking about. Although something like that happened earlier, they were definitely not the scenes that were needed to be censored which Fan Nian was thinking about in his mind.

“Didn’t you go into… heat?” Fan Nian felt that his guess was not wrong.

Mo Lingqiu did not answer him, but his serious expression had a sense of hesitation, it was obvious that Fan Nian had said the truth.

In order to not let the awkward atmosphere continue, Jiang Chenming interrupted them, “Teacher Mo, Dr. Fan, I’ll leave first.”

“En.” Mo Lingiu looked to the front and did not give him an eye.

Jiang Chenming fell into silence for a while, he lowered his head and said towards Mo Lingqiu in a soft tone, “Teacher Mo, if you have any issues, please remember to call me, bye.”

After he finished his words, Jiang Chenming didn’t give any chance for Mo Lingqiu to react and ran away without looking back.

Fan Nian’s vision rotated around both of them, he then asked Mo Lingqiu softly, “Be honest, is there nothing between both of you?”

“No.” Mo Lingqiu answered decisively.

Fan Nian nodded his head, “Then good, don’t consider him anymore.”

“… What?” Mo Lingqiu was confused, Fan Nian was matchmaking him with Jiang Chenming so desperately yesterday, why did he suddenly change his mind?

“You guys finished it in only a few seconds, it’s too fast.” Fan Nian shook his head, “You guys are not suitable.”

“Fan Nian.” Mo Lingqiu’s expression turned cold, “Did you forget there’s something called inhibitor?”

Fan Nian: …


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