Chapter 20

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When Mo Lingqiu drove to school the next day and walked out from the basement parking lot, the people who walked past him were stunned when they smelled the scent coming from his body. 

The well-known alpha from the Chinese Language Department, Mo Lingqiu, had suddenly changed. Not only had he changed into an omega, but he was an omega who had already been marked, and the scent of the pheromones was really familiar to everyone around him! 

University A’s forum had exploded due to this incident. Initially, people who surfed the forum didn’t believe the rumors, but when more and more people came online to provide evidence and when Mo Lingqiu went to the dean’s office, they changed their opinions. 

The breaking news was pinned on top of the first page with an eye-catching title. 

[Our house has collapsed! Mo is an Omega!] 

[Uploader: WTF, I attended Chinese class today and met Teacher Mo when I was walking past the parking lot. I’m sure there’s nothing wrong with my nose! He’s an Omega?!

1F: What’s the floor above talking about? 

2F: I don’t believe it. You can’t act this way to gain fame, Uploader. Post it in the real name area if you dare. 


5F: I also encountered him. Teacher Mo went to the dean’s office. I’m a Chinese Language Department student and I’m here to prove it. [Picture] 

6F: Wtf? 

7F: Omega?! My first love is gone!! I really like Mo Lingqiu, wuwuwuwu! 

20F: I’m at the ground floor of the Chinese Language Department building and I saw Teacher Mo coming out earlier.  

21F: Quickly report the latest news!

22F: Quickly report the latest news!

100F: Where did 20F go? We’ve already reached 3-digit-numbers and they’re still not here?

101F: I’m coming, I’m coming! 

102F: Wtf? Mo Lingqiu was marked? 

103F: ???

104F: What are you guys talking about???? 

215F: ??? 

216F: There are a hundred floors of question marks, you guys are disturbing my view! 

217F: So now Mo Lingqiu is not only an omega, but a marked omega? 

300F: This is insane! Which bitch did that! 

301F: That scent… Isn’t it Jiang Chenming from the next building? 

302F: What are you guys talking about? 

475F: I’m the uploader so I’m going to explain. Teacher Mo Lingqiu from the Chinese Language Department really is an omega. Mo Lingqiu’s gender was filled in on the school’s website earlier and I screenshotted it. I didn’t even realise that it had always been blank before this. (The thing is, who would open every teacher’s information page on the school’s website?!) 

Another thing: Teacher Mo is really marked, but the scent isn’t that strong. He was probably only marked temporarily, and the familiar scent belongs to Jiang Chenming from the next building. 

Conclusion: This explains why Jiang and Mo have been so close recently. They are not in an AA relationship, but a proper AO relationship!

After that, there were people who cried, people whose houses collapsed, people who didn’t believe that kept asking for proof, people who wished them happiness, and even people who requested an OO relationship. In one hour, more than a thousand floors were built. 

Whereas in this one hour, Mo Lingqiu appeared in the Chinese Language Department’s dean’s office after enduring the shocked stares of people that walked past him. 

“Teacher, are you busy?” Mo Lingqiu softly knocked twice on the door. After hearing a reply from the person inside, he pushed the door and walked in. 

The dean of the Chinese Language Department had been Mo Lingqiu’s teacher when he was an undergraduate student. He valued and helped Mo Lingqiu a lot.

The dean adjusted his glasses and raised his head. “Why are you here all of a sudden?” 

“I have something to tell you.” Mo Lingqiu was really nervous since he had been employed without an interview and he hadn’t been asked about his gender afterwards. Moreover, he did his medical check-ups at Bao Wen’s clinic, so he had never undergone any medical check-ups arranged by the school before. 

He had successfully hidden his true gender without much of a problem until that moment.

Now, Mo Lingqiu stood in front of the dean. He had already exposed his true gender. Although the dean was old and wasn’t sensitive towards pheromones, he was still an alpha.

“Gender?” The dean smiled faintly as he looked at him. 

“…Yes, I’m here to apologize to you, as well as to my other colleagues and students.” Mo Lingqiu gave a 90 degree bow. 

“Lingqiu, things are not as serious as you have imagined.” The dean put down his pen and walked towards Mo Lingqiu. He lightly patted his shoulder. “No matter what your gender may be, we involve ourselves in academic studies. We teach people. We don’t teach them about gender, but about life’s routes and attitudes.” 

“But… I lied. I don’t think that’s something a teacher should do.” Mo Lingqiu was still in the bowing position. 

“It’s not wrong to think that way,” the dean said, “but, you didn’t also tell everyone you’re an alpha, did you?”  

Mo Lingqiu didn’t answer. Indeed, he hadn’t said that before. He had been using blockers, but not pheromone simulants. However, the blockers he used were a product from the research centre. The faint scent could easily make people misunderstood that he was an alpha. He hadn’t explained, so the misunderstanding became a public known truth. 

“Your parents even called me the day before yesterday to ask about your condition. It’s been quite a long time since you came here, I don’t even know how to tell them about it.” The dean laughed and sat down again. “When are you free? Give them a call.” 

“…Ah, okay.” Mo Lingqiu was a bit shocked. His parents normally wouldn’t ask about his condition. They were busy and would only contact University A’s teachers when they encountered some problems at work. 

“I think you’re living well now.” The dean pushed his hands away. “Keep the resignation letter.” 

“…Okay.” Mo Lingqiu thought for a whole night. He had mentally prepared before coming and he had also prepared to be dismissed from the school which was why he had written a resignation letter. 

“I’ll call someone from administration to change your information. There won’t be much change for others, so don’t feel too stressed.”

“Yes, thank you for your advice.” 

“En, it’s best if it doesn’t affect your teaching. I look forward to you bringing out promising students.” 

“Thank you.” Mo Lingqiu bowed again and left the dean’s office. 

After returning to his office, Mo Lingqiu sat in his chair and organized his thoughts. Then he stuffed the resignation letter into the drawer and started to work. 

When the time struck 12 noon, Mo Lingqiu closed his book. As he was preparing to leave the office for lunch, he saw someone unexpected. 

Jiang Chenming was standing outside his office wearing a trench coat. He straightened up when he saw him. “Teacher Mo, wanna go have lunch together?” 

“Wh… When did you come?” Mo Lingqiu instinctively knew that Jiang Chenming had been standing outside for a long time, but he hadn’t realized at all. 

“Not too long ago. About ten minutes?” Jiang Chenming smiled. “Since I’m chasing you, I’ll need to express my sincerity and affection. So, Teacher Mo, do you wanna go have lunch with me?” 

Mo Lingqiu’s face heated up. He felt that he was being easily affected by Jiang Chenming recently, but it didn’t feel bad. “En, let’s go.” 


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