Chapter 19

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As Jiang Chenming’s teeth sank into his gland, Mo Lingqiu trembled in agony. 

However, after a short burst of pain, the fusion of the pheromones calmed down Mo Lingqiu’s heat. It also made him feel more dependent towards the alpha that had temporarily marked him. 

With both of Jiang Chenming’s hands still tightly holding him, Mo Lingqiu laid in his embrace and slept.

Jiang Chenming released his bite. He licked the blood stains around the gland and kissed Mo Lingqiu’s forehead before whispering, “Good night.” 

When Mo Lingqiu opened his eyes again, it was already the next afternoon. His hunger woke him up, stomach growling non-stop as he smelt the aroma of the food.

He sat up, supporting his body with both of his arms. The shirt that he had been wearing had been changed into the pyjamas that he usually wore at home. 

The faint scene of bitter almond mingling with sweet milk hadn’t yet completely dispersed. The fusion of the pheromones, especially the bitter almond scent, gave him a sense of security. 

No matter if it was a temporary mark or a permanent mark, omegas would need to rest enveloped in the alpha’s pheromones after the marking. This was because omegas were always the weakest at that moment. One’s alpha’s pheromones could act like a protective shield, both protecting the omega and giving them enough sense of security.  

After resting for a while, Mo Lingqiu grasped the headboard and pushed himself off the bed. His clothes shifted when he stood up. He sucked in cold air when the collar of his pyjamas touched the gland on his nape and he felt pain.

I was really temporarily marked. 

This was the first thing that came to Mo Lingqiu’s mind. 

He could obviously smell the pheromones of the alpha who marked him mingling with the pheromones coming from his own body. 

He walked towards the dressing room, pulled down his collar, and turned his gland towards the mirror. 

The circle of bite marks on his gland was really obvious. Blood scabs had already formed. It seemed like Jiang Chenming had put a lot of force into biting him the night before. 

Mo Lingqiu raised his arm and lightly touched his gland. A wonderful feeling flowed down from his fingers to the rest of his body. For some reason, he felt a sense of sweetness in his heart. After contemplating it for a moment, he could only blame it on the innate attraction between an alpha and an omega. 

“You’re awake?” When Jiang Chenming pushed open the door, he saw Mo Lingqiu standing in front of the mirror, his bare feet stepping on the milky rug. 

Mo Lingqiu turned around. Jiang Chenming getting closer made the pheromones in his body yearn for more, as if they were going to break through the obstruction, wanting to fuse him with the alpha in front of him. This want made him reflexively stretch his arms out toward Jiang Chenming. 

Jiang Chenming smiled softly. He raised his hands to grab onto Mo Lingqiu’s and pull him closer, making it easier for Mo Lingqiu to smell his pheromones. “Are you feeling better now?” 

“…En.” The hands that were holding each other slowly heated up. Mo Lingqiu avoided Jiang Chenming’s gaze as his ears turned slightly red. 

“Come out, I’ve made something for you to eat,” Jiang Chenming said as he walked to the bed and took a pair of slippers out. He squatted down. “Lift up your leg. Put these shoes on first.” 

Mo Lingqiu felt even more uneasy. He coughed lightly and lifted up his leg.

Jiang Chenming brought him to sit by the dining table. Three dishes and a soup had been placed on the table, along with two bowls of white rice that were still steaming hot.

“I made something simple. You must be hungry.” Jiang Chenming was already hungry when he woke up, not to mention Mo Lingqiu who had gone into heat and had lost a lot of energy. 

Mo Lingqiu was indeed hungry, so he lowered his head and started eating. 

Jiang Chenming was skilled at cooking. When Mo Lingqiu was eating, he thought Jiang Chenming had done too much for him. Since Jiang Chenming moved in, not only did he do the house chores, but he also did the cooking. Compared to him, Mo Lingqiu as the older one had done almost nothing, and had even occasionally caused trouble for him. 

“Teacher Mo, I’ve helped you to take a leave. Rest well today.” Jiang Chenming took a piece of braised pork and put it in Mo Lingqiu’s bowl. 

If he hadn’t mentioned it, Mo Lingqiu would have almost forgotten he had work that day. He blinked and thanked him in a trance. 

“No problem.” Jiang Chenming smiled. “I’ve also informed Dr. Fan about this and he’s very worried about you.” 

“Ah… I’ll call him later.” Mo Lingqiu thought that his sudden heat had really scared his best friend. 

“En.” Jiang Chenming nodded and fell silent. 

The person who had spoken first had stopped talking. Mo Lingqiu also didn’t know what to say, so he lowered his head and continued eating. 

Both of them finished eating in a short time. As he cleaned the table, Jiang Chenming said, “Teacher Mo, go rest. I’ll talk to you after I’m done with this.” 

“…Okay.” Mo Lingqiu froze. He remembered what they had talked about the night before. He nervously rubbed his palms and walked to his room. 

After a little while, Jiang Chenming picked up some washed strawberries and walked to Mo Lingqiu’s room. He waited until Mo Lingqiu and Fan Nian finished their phone call to enter the room. 

“Teacher Mo, eat these strawberries.” Jiang Chenming put them down on the table. 

Mo Lingqiu didn’t move. He was really nervous. This was the first time he had ever felt this uneasy. 

“What’s wrong? You don’t wanna eat by yourself?” Jiang Chenming raised his eyebrows. He picked up a bright red strawberry and sent it to Mo Lingqiu’s lips. “Open your mouth.” 

Mo Lingqiu had just been marked by the alpha in front of him, so he instinctively reacted to what the alpha said. 

Jiang Chenming was shocked when he saw Mo Lingqiu obediently opening his mouth and biting the strawberry. He had only been joking and didn’t expect Mo Lingqiu to comply. He’s only going to eat if I feed him?  

Jiang Chenming took the plate of strawberries and sat beside Mo Lingqiu. He fed him a second strawberry. 

Mo Lingqiu finally came to his senses and realized something was wrong. He lifted his hand to take the strawberry and eat it by himself. 

“Teacher Mo.” Jiang Chenming it was a shame that Mo Lingqiu had taken the strawberry himself. He lowered his hand and looked at him with a smile. “Does the promise you made yesterday still count?” 

“…Yes.” Mo Lingqiu was not someone who would break his own promise. 

Jiang Chenming felt this was even more unexpected. He was stunned for a moment before he smiled, promising, “Seems like I’ll need to work hard. Work hard in chasing you.” 

“…Don’t romanticize it.” Mo Lingqiu didn’t think that he would easily give up at this point. 

Jiang Chenming shook his head. “It’s fine, I’m very patient, but for Teacher Mo…” 

Mo Lingqiu noticed that he was hesitating. He raised his head. 

“Teacher Mo, I’ve marked you, so people can smell my pheromones on you. Even the blockers won’t be useful.” Jiang Chenming raised his hand and caressed the gland on Mo Lingqiu’s nape where he had left bite marks. “What do you plan on doing after you go back to school?” 

After an alpha marked an omega, the pheromones released by the omega would change. Normal blockers wouldn’t be able block the pheromones. Once Mo Lingqiu went back to school, people would instantly know that he wasn’t an alpha. 

Jiang Chenming was very worried since Mo Lingqiu regarded his job as something very important to him and he was scared that  he would affect it. 

“It’s fine.” Mo Lingqiu felt that Jiang Chenming’s caress on his gland was a bit itchy. “I’ll just confess.” 

He had thought a lot in the past two months. He originally didn’t want to admit his own gender and was scared of being exposed, but he really didn’t care much about it anymore. Couldn’t he still continue to work even though he was an omega? 

Mo Lingqiu always had confidence in himself. He knew that he wouldn’t lose his job. 


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