Chapter 54 – WuYi’s butt spanked

A Filthy Rich Hamster in the Apocalypse
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Chapter 1 - WuYi is a little hamster Chapter 2 - WuYi can't eat fish Chapter 3 - WuYi is a left-alone hamster Chapter 4 - WuYi's last call Chapter 5 - WuYi fell into a deep sleep Chapter 6 - WuYi became a biped Chapter 7 - Angry WuYi is very scary Chapter 8 - WuYi’s hardcore housekeeping Chapter 9 - WuYi opens the way to find his father Chapter 10 - WuYi picks up crystal nuclei everywhere Chapter 11 - WuYi arrives at the center of the city Chapter 12 - WuYi goes to Yuncheng University Chapter 13 - WuYi saves Xiao Yu-meimei Chapter 14 - WuYi takes a comfortable bath Chapter 15 - WuYi covers his tiny sockpuppet Chapter 16 - WuYi's first stop, Shancheng Chapter 17 - WuYi exerts energy and strength Chapter 18 - WuYi looks at the roadside flowers Chapter 19 - WuYi was held hostage Chapter 20 - WuYi overtakes space ability Chapter 21 - WuYi continues moving forward Chapter 22.1 - WuYi’s about to reach Fengcheng Chapter 22.2 - WuYi's about to reach Fengcheng Chapter 23 - WuYi enters the fog Chapter 24 - WuYi enters Fengcheng Chapter 25 - WuYi arrives riding on auspicious clouds Chapter 26 - WuYi is Daddy’s child Chapter 27 - WuYi’s safety depends on everyone Chapter 28 - WuYi loves Daddy the most Chapter 29 - WuYi is three years old this year Chapter 30 - WuYi will help build a base Chapter 31 - WuYi has a big baobei Chapter 32 - WuYi is an all-rounder little expert Chapter 33 - WuYi carries out search and rescue Chapter 34 - WuYi asks Daddy to charge Chapter 35 - WuYi belong exclusively to Daddy Chapter 36 - WuYi and Daddy takes a bath Chapter 37 - WuYi wants to fall in love Chapter 38 - WuYi sets off to Haicheng Chapter 39 - WuYi’s portable big villa Chapter 40 - WuYi will be good to Daddy Chapter 41 - WuYi is the Little Prince Chapter 42 - WuYi fishes a black box Chapter 43 - WuYi meets a mermaid Chapter 44 - WuYi learns a new kissing method Chapter 45 - WuYi hates zombie bugs Chapter 46 - WuYi is a native fairy Chapter 47 - WuYi’s family and friends Chapter 48 - WuYi arrives at the strait Chapter 49 - WuYi and the Little Vampire Chapter 50 - Mediating WuYi is online Chapter 51 - WuYi’s crossing the sea Chapter 52 - WuYi and the Zombie King Whale Chapter 53 - WuYi’s Daddy disappeared Chapter 54 - WuYi’s butt spanked Chapter 55 - WuYi reaches Haicheng Chapter 56.1 - WuYi and everybody meets Chapter 56.2 - WuYi and everybody meets Chapter 57 - WuYi and General MoYan Chapter 58 - WuYi’s Maternal Uncle, General Chapter 59 - WuYi kept in the dark

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No one could possibly imagine what kind of scene this was. Encircled by layers upon layers, solitarily floating amidst the sea, left with only a feeling of ‘shouting to the heavens and calling for earth yet receiving no response.’1in a very difficult situation where one cannot obtain any help

They were already very exhausted after settling the giant zombie whale, and they were completely unable to deal with these many deep-sea monsters before them.

“This is going to screw us over!!!”

Ning Feng couldn’t help but lick his pale, chapped lips, hold his head, and let out a sigh. The first half of their journey had been very smooth, and it was unexpected that all these big occurrences would stifle them here while crossing the sea.

Everyone’s faces were pale as if drained of blood. Bai Mei had no way to contend against so many zombie marine animals, and even simply keeping himself awake was already a tedious task.

The little hamster nearly fell off of Ning Feng’s shoulders because of the tilting of the boat, and his claws barely caught Ning Feng’s clothes when he saw the huge beasts rush towards them.

The little hamster didn’t care about his grief anymore. He shut his eyes and released his consciousness, wanting to transfer everyone on the ship into his own space.

However, at that moment, booming thunder rolled as lightning appeared in the sky. A raging gale caused the surrounding sea surface to rise up and down. The height of the waves surged up intensely as it swayed.

The sky suddenly dimmed while wind and lightning simultaneously struck, initiating the billowing clouds in the sky into big raindrops, pitter-pattering as they fell onto the sea.

However, seeing this overwhelming scene that looked like it came straight from an extinction blockbuster movie, everyone, including the little hamster, only felt an unprecedented sense of familiarity and reliable security.

Under this terrifying and huge thunderstorm, the zombie creatures in the sea did not dare act rashly for a while. They felt a great sense of threat and oppression, making them look all around to find the source.

“Chi!!!” It’s Daddy!

“The boss is back!!!”

“Nie Xiao, that bastard!! Worried Laozi to death, damnit!!!”

Everyone was so moved that they hugged each other and screamed and shouted like excited children. It wasn’t known when, but Nie Xiao’s existence has already become a spiritual pillar in everyone’s hearts.

His return changed everyone’s mood and countenance completely. The sorrow and despair in the air were swept away. They looked at the behemoth zombies in the sea, and an extremely strong will to survive burned within their eyes.

The little hamster standing on Ning Feng’s shoulders looked up at every direction in the sky until he keenly spotted a tall and straight silhouette hidden in between the thunder and lightning.

The clothes on his upper body had long vanished, exposing strong and dependable arms and muscles. His body was without any trace of scars as if he was reborn.

Having obtained complete peace of mind, the little hamster softened. His plump bottom sat on Ning Feng’s shoulders and he made a ‘woo chi woo chi’ cry while his little paws rubbed his little cheeks. Without hesitation, he released many crystal nuclei for everybody’s use.

Duan Wenyu and Jiang Qiu have also found Nie Xiao’s figure, and they were overjoyed. They immediately aimed all their attacks at the hoard of aquatic zombie beasts at sea in front of them.

The rain that started pouring from the sky became Duan Wenyu and Xiao Yan’s most exceptional, heaven sent weapon. Every raindrop turned into a rain sword or ice knife, unstoppably falling straight down from the sky.

Violent sand, flying flowers, metals, and fierce flames also blossomed with unimaginable power.

Nie Xiao swooped down from the sky with his fist which carried the power of the thunderstorm and smashed it on top of the head of an aquatic zombie beast. Along with the huge waves, the aquatic zombie beasts were cut apart by fierce winds and charred by lightning, sinking with a loud rumble to the bottom of the sea.

A crystal nucleus as big as a fist was easily bagged by Nie Xiao.

A single man possessing sky-shaking, ground-quaking strength.

Seeing such a terrifyingly powerful Nie Xiao, Duan Wenyu, Jiang Qiu, and the others were shocked and astonished, feeling an unprecedented wave of joy, excitement, and pride at the same time.

Nie Xiao was being besieged by the sea beasts but he handled it with ease and remarkable skill. A brutal melee2 cruel combat of fist against flesh commenced as rain rolled down his sturdy muscles. Almost no one could resist this formidable and shocking charm.

“So strong, damn…”

Someone spoke everyone’s thoughts out loud.

The little hamster watched Nie Xiao, his eyes twinkling with unmatched adoration and pride.  He excitedly shouted a ‘chi chi’.

Daddy, jiayou!!!

This voice cheering jiayou seemed to have been transmitted from far away through the wind and into Nie Xiao’s ears. Nie Xiao raised his head and almost immediately caught sight of the little dumpling standing on Ning Feng’s shoulder.

In an instant, the large emptiness in Nie Xiao’s heart was filled again.

Nie Xiao’s eye sockets were reddish as he looked at the little hamster. When he looked back at the aquatic zombie beasts attacking him from all sides, Nie Xiao suddenly didn’t want to tarry for even a minute. He discarded the brutal melee style urged by venting his loss and yelled for Xie Jun’s name from a distance.

Xie Jun who was standing on the deck suddenly quivered and then conscientiously hurled the sledgehammer in his hand towards Nie Xiao. He vanished from where he stood soon after.

“Boss Nie, please be gentle!”

Nie Xiao caught the hammer’s handle with a cold expression, wordlessly facing the aquatic zombie beasts attacking all around him. He then heavily brandished the sledgehammer.

Xie Jun’s screams were a mix of thrill and crying as the might of wind and lightning penetrated from the head of the first sea beast to the next. All the monsters encircling Nie Xiao sunk loudly.

With that critical hit, the clear sky returned.



The threat was eliminated, and everyone couldn’t help but burst into their most exhilarated screams. Excited and exhausted, they slumped down onto the deck.

Nie Xiao collected all the crystal nuclei from the aquatic zombie beasts and then drove the storm back to the deck, roughly throwing the Xie Jun-personified sledgehammer to the floor.

“Boss Nie!!”

Everybody enthusiastically surrounded Nie Xiao and Xie Jun, but they were also very well-mannered as they did so. Even if they really wanted to know what happened to Nie Xiao in between his disappearance, they nevertheless gave the pair of “father and son,” who went missing one after the other, the time to be alone first.

Nie Xiao walked straight towards Ning Feng. The little hamster on Ning Feng’s shoulder who had long cried softly and turned into a piece of flabby hamster cake, stretched out two paws, asking his daddy to hug him.

“Chiwoo!!” Daddy, where did you go? Baby was very frightened wuwu.

Nie Xiao reached out and took the little hamster into his palm. Hearing the little guy’s ‘wicked hamster suing the evil,’3恶人先告状: the wicked person first suing the evil, meaning the person did a bad thing himself but he went on to accuse others first  he felt both angry and amused at the bottom of his heart. He drew his five fingers together and bunched up the small dumpling in his palm so he couldn’t move.

Ignoring the little hamster and everyone’s startled and confused expressions, he strode away and walked directly to their room in the ship.

The door of the room was then closed and locked with a bang.

Everybody who saw this scene suddenly looked at each other.

Ning Feng couldn’t help being worried. “…It’ll be fine, right?”

“It could be considered household matters… we can’t get involved. Let’s clean up and rest first then continue on our way.”


Inside the ship’s room.

The little hamster looked at the closed door of the room then back at Nie Xiao’s serious and solemn face. For the first time, he felt nervous and terrified. He couldn’t help but gulp in fright, even the tears hanging from the corners of his eyes were forgotten.

He struggled with all his might, but he couldn’t escape out of Nie Xiao’s palm at all.

“Chi?” Daddy, what’s the matter with you?

Nie Xiao stared at the little dumpling in his palm and silently pursed his lips. Even if he wanted to be intimate with the other deep down, he still had to first teach the child a lesson.

He was to blame for pampering and indulging the other too much that he became undisciplined and out of control, even going to the point where he treated his life as a trifling matter.

God knows how panic-stricken and full of self-blame he was when he saw the little hamster fall out and disappear. He even wanted to destroy the world.

“Do you know where you were wrong?”

Nie Xiao asked coldly. He loosened two fingers at the rear, exposing the little hamster’s plump buttocks. Then he slapped it, pa, with his other hand without thinking too deeply.

The little hamster was spanked.

He never expected that when they were reunited after a life and death struggle, the first thing that he would meet was a butt spanking. The little hamster looked at Nie Xiao’s indifferent expression and suddenly felt sad and wronged. His tiny heart broke.

“Chiwoo!” Dad is bad!!

The little hamster’s tears came pattering down. His two small legs struggled to flail in the air as he uncontrollably cried.

“Still don’t know where you’re wrong?”

‘Pa,’ another one came and went.

The little hamster was so sad that, even when he already had a faint understanding of his mistake, he still couldn’t accept Nie Xiao indifferently smacking his butt. He only felt that Nie Xiao simply didn’t love him anymore.

He couldn’t help but cry and change back to his teenage form. He struggled out of Nie Xiao’s hand and drew his legs, wanting to run outside, but he was still easily caught by Nie Xiao.

“I’m not wearing any clothes! I’m running there!”

Nie Xiao suddenly smiled a bit and then looked at the boy’s pitiful and aggrieved appearance, his heart sour and soft. He sat on the bed, pressed the person onto his thigh, and then fiercely slapped his bottom twice.

“Daddy, you’re bad!! You don’t love me anymore huhu!!”

Feeling the painfully hot sensation on his ass, Xiao WuYi suddenly cried out again with a ‘wa’ while struggling and flapping about, tears wetting the sheets.

Seeing the youth’s appearance, Nie Xiao finally gave up. He straightened him up to sit and held him in his arms. After gently wiping away the tears, his forehead rested on top of the youth’s forehead. “Daddy doesn’t not love you. In fact, Daddy loves you so much, you know?”

“But you hit me.”

Xiao WuYi sadly burst into tears and hiccups. The rims of his eyes were red, looking aggrieved and pitiful. However, it was calmed down by Nie Xiao’s tender and affectionate eyes. He leaned into Nie Xiao’s embrace, stretched out his hand, and wrapped it around Nie Xiao’s neck. “Baby loves Daddy too, but Daddy is not allowed to hit Baby’s butt anymore.”

“Now that you know it hurts, you’re afraid? Do you know how scared Daddy was when he saw you fall out?” Nie Xiao carefully traced the youth’s delicate eyes, still with tears, and said very seriously as his eyes couldn’t help but redden:

“I almost thought I lost you forever.”

Hearing this, Xiao WuYi immediately raised his head to look at Nie Xiao, and for a while, felt great regret and fear. He held Nie Xiao’s handsome face and kissed it twice as his tears fell.

“Baby knew it was wrong. I was afraid that Daddy would disagree so I jumped out on my own. I wanted to help everyone, so I entered the hole at the top of the big whale’s head. Baby dug out its crystal nucleus. Its insides smelled so bad!!!”

With that said, Xiao WuYi took out the brilliant crystal nucleus as big as a fist and gave it to Nie Xiao like presenting a treasure. He said with a sobbing tone, “Baby wants to gift it to Daddy, but… when I came out, I found out that you were gone.”

“Baby was so scared! I know I was wrong. I will never disappear so suddenly again so Daddy don’t disappear too, okay?”

Nie Xiao heard this and realized that when the youth hadn’t seen him, his fear and panic might not have been any less than his, and he immediately felt distressed.

He lowered his head and kissed the youth’s lips.

“From now on we will not leave without saying that we are.”


Nie Xiao and Xiao WuYi made a promise. Afterwards, Nie Xiao couldn’t help but incline his head and look at the teenager’s reddish buttocks. He suddenly felt a little embarrassed. He asked in regret and self-blame, “Did it hurt just now? Sorry, Daddy will never do it again. Forgive me Baby?”

“Hmph, it hurt!” Xiao WuYi pouted aggrievedly.

“Then Daddy will rub it.” Nie Xiao’s big hand covered the youth’s round, full, and smooth white buttocks without any second thoughts.

Xiao WuYi didn’t mind Nie Xiao’s action and also felt very comfortable. He couldn’t help but curiously ask, “Daddy, is Baby’s butt in this form also very comfortable, especially good to rub? Because when I’m a little hamster, Daddy likes rubbing Baby’s butt and even likes poking it with his finger.”


After Nie Xiao realized that there was something fishy with their current appearance, his thick face flushed and his hands went stiff.

If it wasn’t mentioned, he truly wouldn’t have noticed it. Their current picture… it doesn’t really give the usual lovely and charming feeling or scenery.

Taking the whole image into account, there was a robust man whose upper garments had long been missing, and a beautiful boy, naked from head to foot, sitting on his lap, straddling him. In the midst of all these, the robust man’s hands were even irregularly rubbing…

Tsk tsk, this, in broad daylight, is simply akin to publicly announcing an obscene crime scene.

Nie Xiao: Right now, even I myself don’t believe that my original intention is pure.

But, indeed it is… so soft and nice to rub.





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