Chapter 22.1 – WuYi’s about to reach Fengcheng

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Xiao Wuyi opened his eyes and glanced at the others around him in the dark of the night before sliding into the small sleeping bag, forming a large bulge on the lower half of it.

Taking advantage of everyone’s lack of attention, Xiao WuYi moved into his space with a single thought.

Inside the valley space which had green grass and blue sky.

Xiao WuYi squatted beside the field, his eyes gleaming as he looked at the fresh, green sprouts all over the ground. He couldn’t help but stretch out his fingers to touch the young tender leaves, only to see the leaves shake and the seedlings grow a few centimeters tall in a flash.

Faced with such a miraculous scene, Xiao WuYi’s eyes couldn’t help but widen as his mouth made an although-I-don’t-understand-it-seems-pretty-awesome sound. He couldn’t help but bow his head to look at his little hands.

He found out that this little hamster warrior seemed to have another incredible magic power!

To test it out, the young boy changed back to his little hamster form and quickly ran using his tiny legs, weaving in between the tiny sprouts.

Wherever he passed, all crops blossomed and bore fruit at a rapid speed.

After running several laps around the field, the little hamster was completely exhausted. He laid on the ground and panted softly, not wanting to move an inch. He saw a green leaf drooping down beside his mouth and without thinking, he took a bite with a ‘chomp.’

The refreshing and sweet taste made the little hamster squirm with happiness. He was immediately filled with vigor and energy.

Standing on the field ridge, he surveyed the entire field and saw the flourishing yield of fruits and vegetables hanging on branches and stems and the ears of wheat everywhere. The little hamster couldn’t help raising his head and looking into the distance. Picturing Nie Xiao’s portrait on the empty space, he earnestly clenched his two small claws into fists.

“Daddy, you don’t have to worry about your baby not being able to support this family anymore.”

Finally, the hard-working little hamster harvested all the mature crops with his consciousness and then transferred them to the space with dark grid compartments to store and keep them fresh.

After all of this was done, the little hamster changed back into his human form and exited the space. He returned to the raised bulge at the end of the small sleeping bag and slowly popped his head outside to scout the surroundings before properly lying down and sleeping obediently.

In order to feed everyone, the little hamster did quite a lot.

Early the next morning, when Xiao WuYi was woken up by everyone, his sleepy and dozed off look made the surrounding crowd utterly confused.

It took a while before Xiao WuYi managed to properly wake up. He remembered what had happened in his space last night and immediately cupped his cheeks and looked inside his two little storages. Confirming that his hard work didn’t disappear, he breathed a sigh of relief.

Seeing that it was clearly not a dream, Xiao WuYi couldn’t stop feeling happy again. He cupped his face giddily as his mind wandered about, causing his head full of bedhead to shake along—it looked extremely adorable.

Wu Wenyu couldn’t hold herself back and all of a sudden stretched out her evil claws to rub him “Ahhhh, my awesome nephew is so cute! Awewuwu!”

“I’m obviously an elder brother!” Xiao WuYi protected his little face and escaped the devil’s claws, complaining very unhappily.

Everyone saw this scene of the two being energetic so early in the morning and their eyes curved into a smile.

The group packed up their camp with a relaxed mood and after a simple meal, they set off again.

Advancing towards the direction of Fengcheng.

Kang Kang, Nana, and several other kids were added to the team. Together with the cute Xiao WuYi, the whole team looked more like a big family taking a tour—young and old alike living together.

Among the kids they picked up, little Nana liked to follow behind Xiao WuYi the most. Even her twin brother Kang Kang had somewhat fallen out of favor.

In this regard, Kang Kang was constantly eating vinegar.

Little Nana didn’t know why she wanted to get close to Xiao WuYi. She could only hold a bunch of small flowers and appease Kang Kang who was eating vinegar. With her brother acting like a spoiled child, she assured him, “Brother, rest assured. Nana still likes you the most. It’s just that I feel very comfortable when I’m next to Brother WuYi. Look, my flowers are blooming beautifully!”

Kang Kang took the flowers which her sister had handed to coax him. He embarrassedly pouted his lips, and spoke to expose her frankly, “I think you just feel that Brother WuYi’s looks are the best! You’re still saying he’s a flower fairy but you obviously have a crush on him!”

Nana suddenly couldn’t say anything to refute it. She secretly glanced at Xiao WuYi’s face before blushing in secret, whispering in a very quiet voice, “It goes without saying that Brother WuYi is good-looking. He’s just like a Royal Highness, Prince of a Fairy1This is not the Fairy with wings, more like the Fae or spirit who has powerful abilities and such. Kingdom!”

The people around them listened to the lovely dialogue between the two siblings and were suddenly all brought to laughter.

Little Wuyi was also very clever. With small ears upright, he heard Nana’s whispering voice from afar and couldn’t help but touch his small face. For the first time ever, he was made aware that his appearance was actually good-looking to other people.

He always thought that he had to be tall and manly like his father to be considered good-looking.

Finally, having realized the correct attractiveness index, the little hamster couldn’t help but cover his face as he turned pink with steam, feeling shy.

If this was the case, then Daddy will also like what he looks like, even now…

Chi! This baby couldn’t wait to see Daddy.


At this moment, Harbin Airport.

Nie Xiao and his men have already completed the final inspection and overhaul of the airplane, thoroughly confirming that there’s no problem and that everything is ready. All that was left was to prepare for flight and take off.

The troops had already selected candidates to send to the capital. Among them were Major General Wu Qingfeng and Luo Yunhai from the border town. It was only then that Nie Xiao and the others were made aware that the two were actually ability users.

Wu Qingfeng’s ability was “Flying Flowers.” He could summon countless bright-red, fresh rose petals with a wave of his hand, using the flowers as knives and its thin petals as blades. Together with his military identity, it appeared romantic and sentimental and he could even be called a veritable “Major General Flying Flower.”

Luo Yunhai’s ability was “Sandification” which has something to do with the earth system. Any form of ground he touched could become flowing dark sand, which was exceptionally dangerous. It was precisely because of this ability that he was able to successfully escape from the border town with his comrades-in-arms.

In this regard, Nie Xiao and the others who didn’t notice anything strange about the two since the beginning could only lament with the phrase: “Deeply hiding, never showing2深藏不露 (shēn cáng bú lù): a phrase for people who have knowledge and talents but are restrained and do not like to show off their talents in front of others..”

Sure enough, those who could survive the apocalypse would most likely not be an ordinary person.

Wu Qingfeng was actually quite embarrassed to show his ability but when his gaze fell on the petals that fell in his hand, his eyes couldn’t help but show a bit of tenderness and nostalgia.

“My ability is probably the doing of my deceased wife’s spirit, making me – a big man – do such a feminine thing as flying flowers. She liked flowers the most when she was still alive. If she were still here, I reckon everyday would be noisy just so I could give her a rain of fresh flowers.” Wu Qingfeng said with a smile, the rim of his eyes suddenly turning red.

At that very moment, the flying flowers in the air had not the least bit of femininity, only the endless tenderness of a valiant man.

Nie Xiao and the others who were watching this scene became quiet. In this apocalypse, it was unknown how many such relationships had been broken. It was already a lucky thing to be alive.

After that brief episode, the group quickly got on the plane. Nie Xiao and Duan Wenyu entered the cockpit and immediately piloted the plane to fly towards the direction of the capital.

The plane’s huge rumbling caused everyone to look up at the sky.

In addition to Nie Xiao, Wu Qingfeng, and the others, some civilian survivors were also inside the huge passenger plane to go to the capital to find their loved ones. In account of their courage of wanting to go and search for people, Nie Xiao and the others took these people along.

In any case, they were all going the same route. Taking a group of people along is the same thing as taking just one person, the number doesn’t matter.

Wu Wenqi sat inside the first-class cabin, looking pensive about what he was holding in his hand.

Beside him, Xiao Yan couldn’t help but lean over and look at what he was holding in curiosity. She then saw that Wu Wenqi was holding a small stone, turning it into sand one second and turning it back to stone the next.

It was like playing with a piece of rubber clay.

Xiao Yan couldn’t help but be shocked.

Wu Wenqi was strangely embarrassed as he smiled. He confessed in a low voice, “I accidentally succeeded in copying Luo Yunhai’s ability, and now I’m thinking if I can do other tricks using my earth system ability.”

“You’re awesome.” Xiao Yan gave him a thumbs up.

The two continued their conversation and it didn’t take long for Duan Wenyu to come out and for Wu Wenqi to substitute for him. Wu Wenqi walked into the cockpit and sat on the co-pilot’s seat.

Nie Xiao was looking at the sea of ​​clouds in front of him, peacefully flying according to the route Duan Wenyu planned when he suddenly heard Wu Wenqi speak.

“Boss, say, I can’t do a flower rain, but can I do a sandstorm show for a person? Will it work?”

Nie Xiao: “……”

Outside the cockpit, Xiao Yan who was chatting with Ning Feng suddenly sneezed.

Aside, Ning Xiao Feng instantly told her facts, “Jie, Wu Wenqi must be saying bad things about you to the boss!”

Xiao Yan: “……”

Duan Wenyu couldn’t help but smack Ning Feng’s head, smiling as he scolded, “Don’t cause trouble.”

A few hours later, the plane successfully arrived at the airport on the outskirts of the capital. Unfortunately, it’s loud rumbling attracted hordes of zombies, hindering them from disembarking, and also simultaneously alerted the remaining survivors in the capital. 

Confronting the swarms of zombies in the airport, Nie Xiao and Wu Wenqi controlled their yokes3In case you’re not studying aeronautics or a plane enthusiast like me who had to search and monstro who had to idk idk, “yoke” is a plane’s steering wheel without their faces changing in complexion. They rammed straight into the zombies and crushed their remains, gliding through them while landing.

Ning Xiao Feng hearing these crackling and rattling sounds made by the plane hull due to it ramming into the ground had his seat belt on and was leaning towards crazy angles due to inertia. He felt desperate and his heart was nearing a breakdown.

“This fucking plane needs to be fucking fixed before it fixes my death instead!”

Duan Wenyu couldn’t help but touch Ning Xiao Feng’s head and say with utmost pity and sympathy, “Isn’t this expected early on? It’s already a blessing to be able to land safely. If it really can’t be fixed, we can just change to another one!”

“There are many planes at the airport anyway.”

Ning Feng’s eyes were red as he listened to those cynical remarks that came from someone who stood while talking and never experienced the back pain4It’s a metaphor for a person who does not understand the actual situation, who only spoke verbally and is separate from reality.. Looking at the zombies outside made him gnash his teeth in anger. “These ghosts are to blame for getting in the way! This little master will blow them all up later.”

“Good boy, don’t cry.”

“Urgh. Ahhhh, I can’t stand this grievance!!!”

It was also the others’ first time being on a plane with such an unstable landing. Fortunately, it was parked in the end and they couldn’t help but feel relieved.

If they died in a flight landing accident, everything they had done so far would’ve all been for nothing.

The cockpit’s glass windshield had cracks spreading out like a web after the plane was parked. Nie Xiao and Wu Wenqi didn’t stay idle and immediately broke through the glass and rushed out, using their upgraded abilities to knock down the zombies who approached them.

Duan Wenyu, Ning Feng, and Xiao Yan did not fall behind. They went out of the cabin to join in massacring the zombies.

At the side, Wu Qingfeng and Luo Yunhai saw these supreme abilities, and their hearts were incessantly shocked. These people said that the two of them weren’t honest because of concealing their abilities, but now, it seems that these people were the actual liars.

While everyone was fighting with the zombies in the airport, several green army pickup trucks suddenly arrived outside the airport.

The soldiers with live ammunition came down one after another for a rescue.

Nie Xiao’s group flew the plane through the skies above the capital, and with the big movements coming from such a large battle, it made it difficult for them to ignore it. In this apocalyptic era, those who could manage to fly in an airplane are bound to be people who should not be trifled with.

The military in the capital was dispatched almost immediately to the airport to see the situation.

Nie Xiao and the others heard the sounds of fighting outside the airport. They all turned their heads to look in the sound’s direction and saw the camouflage green that made people feel cordial and reassured from afar.

With the joint efforts of both parties, the zombies at the airport were temporarily wiped out. However, due to the immense rumbling of the airplane earlier, there was a continuous stream of zombies in the distance advancing vigorously towards their location.

With no other alternative, they could only abandon the airport here, get on the army’s big pickup trucks, and speedily drive towards the capital base.

Sitting in the truck, Ning Feng couldn’t help but look back at the direction of the airport and feel that this trip was a big loss. If they can’t find a serviceable plane after they were done here, they would really have to walk back south.

In this regard, Wu Qingfeng and Luo Yunhai could only touch their noses in embarrassment.

Now that it had reached this point, Nie Xiao and the others could only go and follow the troops back to the base in the capital and take a look.

As the team captain of this operation, Yue Pengcheng took the initiative of introducing himself to Nie Xiao and the others so the two groups could establish rapport.

Nie Xiao and the others learned about the current situation of the capital through what Yue Pengcheng had told them and couldn’t help recognizing that the capital was indeed deserving of being called the political center of China. In terms of base construction and rescue, their efficiency was faster than Harbin’s.

“It’s all thanks to Chief Xia, otherwise, the situation would be far from the present and we would still be in confusion like a sheet of loose sand.” Yue Pengcheng smiled both in bitterness and gladness. The capital is one of the most densely populated cities in the country causing the density of zombies there to be more serious than that of other places.

Nie Xiao heard the words “Chief Xia” and couldn’t help but recall his face that had often appeared on Huayang Satellite TV. Only a few people in the country wouldn’t be able to recognize him.

Yue Pengcheng didn’t hide it. He nodded and admitted it outright, his tone slightly heavy as he spoke. “He’s precisely the one you’re thinking of. At present, the chief is the only one our country has left.”

Hearing this, the hearts of Nie Xiao and the others suddenly plummeted. The arrival of the apocalypse caused almost all of the leaders of the entire country to fall, what a huge loss.

“How could this happen?”

Wu Qingfeng was somewhat unable to accept it and his eyes couldn’t help but turn red with tears. Anyone who grew up under China’s banner would not be able to easily accept this fact.

“Now everything at hand is practically being kept under control by Old Xia. The capital has not been completely stabilized and we have no time to contact the other regions. Chief Xia will certainly be very happy to see you.”

Yue Pengcheng spoke from the bottom of his heart, “This is probably the best news we would bring since the arrival of the apocalypse.”

It didn’t take long before the car drove into the capital’s military area of command. This military area had been cleaned up and had become the capital’s current survivor base.

When the pickup truck entered the base, a lot of survivors immediately noticed it’s arrival.

Then, a face familiar to the Chinese people walked out from behind the crowd.

Old Chief Xia was already very old. His gait was somewhat staggering as he walked towards everyone, holding someone’s arm for support. He looked at Nie Xiao and his group, smiling with gratitude. His kind, amiable face revealed the aura of someone occupying a high position for a long time.

Everyone looked at Old Chief Xia as he walked towards them. They could’ve never imagined that one day, they would be received by the other party in this manner.

Wu Qingfeng and Luo Yunhai couldn’t help but feel a little excited. They straightened their postures and performed the most standard salute. Nie Xiao and the others were not in the army, and couldn’t perform like this but they also stood up straight to show respect.

Beside them, Ning Feng was also looking at the grey-haired Old Chief Xia. Seeing the other’s eyebrows locked in a permanent scrunch with the constant worries about the country and its people, Ning Feng suddenly wanted to make the old man happy somehow.

A line circulating the Internet came to mind and he immediately blurted it out.

“Chief Xia, the survivors of Harbin are sending you5Because English doesn’t have a formal form for you [actually it has, but it’s thou, thee, ye – and we don’ use ol’ English here], I’ll be italicizing the formal form of you or add some you, sir here and there. a congratulatory message! Wishing you good health6This is a sarcastic congratulation, in a sense that Chief Xia has a lot of burdens and he’s old but still had to handle everything – he doesn’t want to be congratulated with that, well I wouldn’t want to be congratulated with that too lol – but Ning Feng said it in a playful way, without intending to be rude. And in case you’re looking for what the internet buzzphrase is, it’s this whole phrase and it would be said when an important event is celebrated and you’re sending out your well wishes (it was later on used sarcastically like what Nie Xiao did)].!”

The solemn atmosphere was broken in an instant. Old Chief Xia was slightly taken aback with this witty remark. Looking at Ning Feng – this energetic young man – his countenance suddenly changed and he smiled, his eyes revealing affection for the younger generation.

The worry lines between his eyebrows disappeared in an instant.

“The congratulatory message has been received.”

The news that Harbin was already building a base was indeed the best and most exciting news that Old Chief Xiao had heard during these past days.

The national communications network was still paralyzed, the capital had not yet settled in, and other countless matters were weighing on him. But even if he was worried about the circumstances in other regions, he didn’t have the ability to contact them.

Now that a region has initiated contact, even the other ordinary survivors in the base couldn’t help but feel excited and encouraged.

The civilian survivors came to the capital from Harbin to look for their loved ones, and fortunately, they found them right at the capital’s base. The scenes of their reunions moved everyone to tears and brought a touch of hope to everyone.

Nie Xiao and the others communicated with Old Chief Xia and exchanged bilateral information.

Old Chief Xia’s ability was known to everyone.

Looking closer at this base that was beginning to take shape, each and everyone had their own duties and everything was in order. Everyone knew the reason for this and sighed even more for Old Chief Xiao’s hard work.

“I actually like my ‘sound transmission’ ability. Before the apocalypse, I was always afraid that my voice would only reach the surface and wouldn’t be able to arrive until the innermost layers, but now I am completely not afraid. Everyone can hear what I say no matter how far away.” Chief Xia couldn’t help but say this with a smile. At that very moment, an officer suddenly entered the room.

Even while talking with Nie Xiao and the others, the old chief didn’t forget to use his ability to spread the word and arrange various affairs of the base.

Why the capital was like what it was now was not completely without reason.

“It’s a pity that my voice can only be transmitted around this small area. It can’t be transmitted further into other regions. A shame, really, we could’ve done so much more with it.” Old Xia said sadly in regret.

At this point, Nie Xiao admired Old Xiao practicality from the bottom of his heart and after hearing this, he finally couldn’t help but console him, “Actually you, sir, have already done a very good job.”

Chief Xia sighed sadly, and no longer continued this topic, instead, he looked at Nie Xiao and the few other people with him and said with a smile, “Then let’s continue, are you intending on staying in the base? There are many, many matters that I can arrange for you to work on! “

The identity of Nie Xiao and others being mercenaries had been exposed, but Chief Xia didn’t mind this one bit. In this era, capable people with strong survival abilities were what the country was most lacked.

Although they also wanted to share some of Old Xiao’s heavy burdens, they still could not set aside Wu Wenyu and Xiao WuYi, and could only shake their heads to decline.

“Grandpa Xia, we have to go back to the South to find someone! When we find them, we’ll come back to help you at once.” Ning Feng said kindly to Old Chief Xiao, but soon after, his face couldn’t help but show bitterness. “But you might have to wait a little longer because we don’t have an airplane.”

Old Chief Xia had already understood early on that these people had set their sights somewhere else and he doesn’t have such feelings of retention for them. He smiled and said, “Going to the South is also fine, it’s convenient that I also had planned to survey the situation over there. I hope you can find the important people you need to find without a hitch. Also, there is no need to worry about the airplane. It just so happens that I have a gift for you here, to thank you for bringing me good news from Harbin.”



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  • 1
    This is not the Fairy with wings, more like the Fae or spirit who has powerful abilities and such.
  • 2
    深藏不露 (shēn cáng bú lù): a phrase for people who have knowledge and talents but are restrained and do not like to show off their talents in front of others.
  • 3
    In case you’re not studying aeronautics or a plane enthusiast like me who had to search and monstro who had to idk idk, “yoke” is a plane’s steering wheel
  • 4
    It’s a metaphor for a person who does not understand the actual situation, who only spoke verbally and is separate from reality.
  • 5
    Because English doesn’t have a formal form for you [actually it has, but it’s thou, thee, ye – and we don’ use ol’ English here], I’ll be italicizing the formal form of you or add some you, sir here and there.
  • 6
    This is a sarcastic congratulation, in a sense that Chief Xia has a lot of burdens and he’s old but still had to handle everything – he doesn’t want to be congratulated with that, well I wouldn’t want to be congratulated with that too lol – but Ning Feng said it in a playful way, without intending to be rude. And in case you’re looking for what the internet buzzphrase is, it’s this whole phrase and it would be said when an important event is celebrated and you’re sending out your well wishes (it was later on used sarcastically like what Nie Xiao did)].


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