Chapter 22.2 – WuYi’s about to reach Fengcheng

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Everyone who heard those words already had a faint guess, but when they were actually led to see the fighter jet, they still couldn’t help but gasp.

Ning Feng was the most excited, and all of the emotions he was feeling were written on his face. He couldn’t wait to throw himself onto the fighter jet and touch left and right. His face was flushed with excitement. “Grandpa Xia, you’re officially my grandfather from now on!!!”

“Haha, then why don’t you just stay and work for me? All the good stuff will be given to you, and you can take them apart and play with them.” Old Chief Xia said half-jokingly.

The Capital’s Military Region didn’t lack these things. The only thing they lacked was people who could actually pilot them. With the arrival of the apocalypse, the military lost most of their workforce and left almost none of the talents that they had worked so hard to cultivate. It was just more practical for the military to give the fighter jets to those who actually need and can use them rather than hide it in storage and wait for it to rust.   

Old Chief Xia looked at Nie Xiao and the others with certainty and said with a smile, “You’ll definitely be able to repair and pilot them, right? Then just take a few jets, I hope to see you fly them back again soon.”

Ning Feng stared at the military fighter jets – a machine that was once almost impossible for him to come in contact with – raised his hands, and said, “I can definitely fly them back, well-maintained!”

Duan Wenyu beside him couldn’t help but ruffle the teenager’s hair with a smile.

Nie Xiao and Wu Wenqi could not resist their eagerness to give it a try. Men, they just love these kinds of domineering metal machines.

Wu Qingfeng, Luo Yunhai, and the others didn’t expect that they would have to part ways so quickly. It was a pity that the two of them didn’t know how to fly a fighter jet or an airplane; otherwise, they would have liked to go to the South to take a look.

“We’ll get to see each other again sometime.” Wu Wenqi patted Wu Qingfeng’s shoulder. Several people had established a great friendship with each other like this throughout the journey. “You guys stay here, help Old Xia and share some of his burdens. Also, try to find a way to contact Harbin as soon as possible. Otherwise, they will worry about you over there. If you can connect the communication network, that would be the best!”

“Will do!”

Xiao Yan also entrusted little Mo Ye to the two, “I’ll have to trouble you guys to take care of Momo.”

It was fine to bring a child on a passenger plane, but it would be truly difficult if it were to a fighter jet. Moreover, compared with constantly following them around, the environment at the Capital’s base was more suitable for a child to live in.

Little Mo Ye was very unwilling, but he knew the severity of it and could only hug Xiao Yan’s legs. “Big sister, my little dagger will be sharper when you come back. We have an agreement to collaborate!”


Xiao Yan agreed with a smile, patting the boy’s head. Wu Wenqi was also a little bit unwilling to part with him and couldn’t help but tease little Mo Ye and play with him for a while.

Nie Xiao’s group spent the night at the Capital’s base. Early the next morning, they flew the fighter jets to the South. Nie Xiao boarded a plane alone while Wu Wenqi and Duan Wenyu took Xiao Yan and Ning Feng, respectively.

Through the vast blue sky, three white streaks sped along.

Ning Feng was so excited that he grabbed his seat belt and exclaimed.

“Waahhh, Fengcheng, here we come!”


At that moment, Xiao WuYi and the others had also left Shancheng and were on their way to Fengcheng.

Fengcheng was a city surrounded by mountain ranges. It was famous for its abundance and population in all of China.

Wu Wenyu and her brother Wu Wenqi were natives of Fengcheng and she wouldn’t stop talking about Fengcheng’s splendid food culture. As a result, everyone’s mouth couldn’t stop watering all the way there.

Xiao WuYi had small melon seeds inside his pockets. On the one hand, he was cracking them while walking, and on the other, his little ears were perked up to carefully listen to Wu Wenyu’s description of Fengcheng’s food. He was forced to rely on the fragrant melon seeds in his mouth to relieve his incessant craving for the red, spicy food that Wu Wenyu kept talking about.

As a little hamster, Xiao WuYi had never eaten spicy food before and had completely no idea what spicy taste was like.

Xiao WuYi couldn’t help but look down at the seeds in his pocket and at the small strawberry-shaped bag behind him. It really was hard to imagine that in the world of bipeds, there were actually more delicious things than melon seeds and strawberries.

Sure enough, being biped is much better!

Now he can also eat anything.

Xie Jun, who was beside him, was also listening to Wu Wenyu talking and also became hungry. He rubbed against Xiao WuYi, asked for some melon seeds from the young boy’s pocket, and joined the melon seed cracking army.

Xie Jun, who continued on cracking seeds, could not help his cravings and spoke his thoughts, “The more you talk, the more I get hungry. I think it’s not that early, and it’s perfectly reasonable to eat before leaving!”

The others nodded immediately like chicks pecking rice without the least bit of objections. Although it was an hour earlier than usual, they felt hungry already.

Wu Wenyu saw everyone’s “reincarnated ghost that was starved to death” appearance and suddenly felt a little embarrassed. It was inevitable that she would get a bit excited when approaching Fengcheng, and she didn’t have time to think if everyone would get hungry if she started talking. 

“Xiao Yu, I blame you! You made me really want to eat something spicy right now, especially hot pot.” Han Lin said in exaggerated misery.

Wu Wenyu touched her cheek in embarrassment. “Then let’s have a pack of Master X burst of chili beef noodle soup? It’s spicy.”

“… There’s no hot water. You can just lick the seasoning packets yourself!”

The journey towards Fengcheng was difficult and dangerous. Zombies appeared from time to time and in order to keep safe and save time, everyone basically just ate bread or instant noodles every time.

Xiao WuYi was only fed noodles with clear broth when he first met Xie Jun, and he had never eaten any food that needed to be cooked before.

In that regard, Xiao WuYi had no complaints and had always accepted eating bread or instant noodles along with everyone. For him, these two things were already very delicious, and doing such a trivial thing as chewing, it was nothing difficult for a little hamster like him.

But now, with Wu Wenyu’s start, Xiao WuYi looked at the bread in his hand and saw that it was a bit limp and crooked. He suddenly missed the noodles that Xie Jun cooked for him when they first met.

Xiao WuYi looked at the endless mountain range and at the deserted expressway. He finally couldn’t help himself and took out a big iron cooking pot from the small backpack under everyone’s gaze.

“Xiaojunjun, let’s cook something to eat! There’s definitely no zombies here right now and I kinda want to eat noodles!”

Seeing this very powerful scene of “taking out a pot,” everyone became silent for two seconds. They strangely felt that this adorable contrast had come straight out of an anime.

In fact, many among the group had already thought about building a fire and cooking something. But seeing Xiao WuYi, the little young master, not even complaining or whining once, they conscientiously stopped thinking about such luxurious things.

However, now that the little young master couldn’t bear it anymore and took the initiative to bring it up, how could the others not agree? Those who can cook stood up bravely and volunteered themselves.

Therefore, what was once a group of people fleeing for their lives in search of their relatives suddenly shifted from looking like a group surviving through the apocalypse into a group in a travel picnic.

The group didn’t cook complicated meals; they just simply boiled some hot water, put in the instant noodles, and added some vacuum-packed ham, spices, eggs, and other fast food in the soup.

The simple meal that almost everyone could eat before the apocalypse had now become a delicacy.

Everyone saw Xiao WuYi contribute a few small green vegetables, taking them right out of his small strawberry bag. The little face seriously said, “Well, my bag also contains a lot of vegetables.”

Everyone: “……”

All right, everything the little big shot said is right.

Soon, the noodles were out of the pot. Xie Jun specially arranged a bowl of clear-broth noodle soup with pork cutlets for Xiao WuYi. As early as their first meal, they discovered that the young boy might be fond of eating light food.

Xiao WuYi didn’t refuse such thoughtful arrangements and obediently held his own clear, prosperous bowl. However, looking at the thin film of red in the others’ bowls, he couldn’t help but feel curious.

This overbearing and spicy taste that had permeated the air made people salivate and their appetites to improve.

“Xiao Yu-meimei, I also want to have a bite.” Xiao Wuyi’s little nose was raised as he stared at the noodles in Wu Wenyu’s bowl.

Because Wu Wenyu was a Fengcheng native, a lot of dried chili powder was added to her bowl, and the whole noodle soup looks especially red and spicy.

Wu Wenyu saw the young boy’s yearning look and couldn’t bear to refuse. Simultaneously, she was also afraid that it would be too spicy so she only dared to pick up a small root with her chopsticks to give the boy a taste.

However, she still overestimated the young boy’s capability to eat spicy food.

As soon as a small cross-section of the strip was fed into his mouth, the young boy’s tears flowed down, he couldn’t stand the heat. His mouth was hot as he cried loudly.

“Waahuhuhu Xiao Yu-meimei you liar!”

Wu Wenyu, who received the accusation, was helpless.

Xie Jun beside them looked at the young boy suffering from the spiciness and only thought it was funny and pitiful. He quickly inserted straw on a milk carton and handed it over.

Xiao WuYi, like he had obtained amnesty, held the milk carton and immediately drank with a ‘gulp gulp gulp.’ With tears of the deceived hanging in the corners of his eyes and with a red and swollen mouth, one couldn’t help but pity him.

Today, Xiao WuYi has proved through practice that his daddy was right. Little hamsters cannot eat spicy chili, even if they had become biped.

Xiao WuYi twitched his nose and finally eased up with great difficulty. He never dared to try again. Holding his bowl obediently, he sipped up his clear-broth noodles with pork cutlets.

“Chili is so awful.”

Others watched this scene and heard, too, this profound little rueful sigh and finally couldn’t help but laugh together. They thought that it was just too adorable.

Han Lin and the others couldn’t help but be curious about Wu Wenyu’s noodles. But, as it turned out, it was not really that spicy, the boy just couldn’t handle spicy food.

After eating this rare, rich, and delicious lunch, the people immediately packed up and proceeded to move towards Fengcheng.

At that moment, a roar came from the skies overhead. Everyone’s attention was attracted to it, making them look up to the sky.

They saw three fighter jets passing directly over their heads and speedily flew towards Fengcheng, leaving only a few pale white traces on the clear blue sky.

“That’s a military fighter jet!!!”

“Oh my god! Could it be that the country has begun its rescue!?”

“That’s really great!!!”

As everyone talked with excitement, Xiao WuYi was looking at the distant sky, his eyes were sparkling and he couldn’t stop feeling the eagerness in his heart.

He just knew that his daddy was in one of those jets!

No matter what the reason the jets had come was, everyone couldn’t wait to get to Fengcheng a little faster to see what happened. They couldn’t help but accelerate the pace of their progress.


The speed of the jets was amazing. In less than a morning’s flight time, Nie Xiao and the others from the capital had already entered the skies of Fengcheng.

The group flew directly in the direction of Wu Wenqi’s house and landed the fighter jets on the rooftop of the surrounding houses.

Fortunately, both Wu Wenqi and Wu Wenyu lived in suburban villa areas far from the city center. It was not like when they first arrived in the capital, where they were crowded by layer upon layer of zombies in a compact manner. No matter how many you killed, there was still more coming.

They safely parked the three fighter jets on the roofs of the villas then jumped out, went downstairs, quickly killed the zombies, and walked in the direction of Wu Wenqi’s house.

The closer he got to his home, the more tense Wu Wenqi’s heart became. He couldn’t sit still and killed the zombies that were blocking his path.

Finally, when he saw that the door of his home was not damaged in the slightest, Wu Wenqi’s heart completely settled down. The security of his house was no worse than that of Nie Xiao’s residence, as long as Wu Wenyu stayed at home and slept well inside the night of the arrival of the apocalypse, safety is guaranteed.

However, what they didn’t expect was that there would be absolutely no one inside the house and that all the furniture was kept as it was before the apocalypse.

The thin layer of dust on the furniture directly indicates that no one had been there recently.

“Could it be that she escaped with someone?” Xiao Yan could only guess in an optimistic manner. She couldn’t help but look at Wu Wenqi’s face with worry.

Wu Wenqi’s complexion was somewhat grave. His footsteps didn’t stop as he continued his search upstairs inside Wu Wenyu’s room until he found out that the bedroom was neatly organized, just like it was before the apocalypse, except for one missing suitcase.

Nie Xiao keenly found a small note on the desk and quickly picked it up.

——”Brother, if you don’t see me when you come back, then I must have gone out to play. But you certainly won’t come back that early to see this note hahaha.”

Wu Wenqi glanced at the note and his eyes immediately reddened.

“That stinky girl!”


At this time, Xiao WuYi, Wu Wenyu, and the others were being blocked by a collapsed highway tunnel in front. When the apocalypse broke out, it seemed that an out of control oil tanker had directly hit the tunnel wall and blew up the entire tunnel.

Faced with such a situation, there was only one choice left for everyone to take and that was directly crossing over the towering mountain in front of them.

The group of people climbed up the mountain with much difficulty. However, it wasn’t long before little Nana, who was responsible for observing the road ahead, came to a stop, face looking distressed.

“Brother WuYi, I can’t see what’s going on in front clearly, it’s so foggy.”

Nana’s ability was a variant of the plant system. Flowers and trees in nature, all of which could become her eyes and ears. Therefore, what she just said was absolutely not false.

Everyone looked at the barren mountains and ridges around them, confronted with a dilemma, they could only brace themselves and continue moving forward.


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