Chapter 19 – WuYi was held hostage

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Xiao WuYi nodded heavily to these words of help with red eyes, squeezing the little boy’s hand at the same time. As soon as the little boy got this affirmative response, he passed out completely and comfortably.

As soon as Xiao WuYi finished wiping his eyes, he immediately took the strawberry bag to his chest and started mentally taking out all kinds of medical supplies that he had looted from major pharmacies along the way. From the small strawberry bag, he took out the medical supplies and piled it like a hill with several types of medicine.

The medical students did not care about pretending to be shocked at this time and quickly picked out the useful ones from the middle and then started to give urgent treatment to the little boy.

Headmaster Yuan burst into tears as he looked at the child who was about the same age as his grandson. He really cannot think about what kind of animal could treat such a small child this way.

After Xiao WuYi finished taking things out from his little storage, he immediately stood up and walked straight back to the direction of the village. Xie Jun and the brothers hurried to keep up, gritting their teeth as they remembered the culprit, who they wanted to stab a thousand knives into, was still hiding in the village.

Wu Wenyu also wanted to follow, but the little boy couldn’t be moved so she was asked to stay in place to protect everyone. In the end, only Xie Jun, Liu Dashan and the brothers followed Xiao WuYi. Everyone else stayed behind to help care for the little boy.

It didn’t take long for Xiao WuYi and the others to find Xiangyang Primary School in the middle of the village.

As soon as they arrived, Nana locked in the small black room sensed them, and the four children couldn’t help crying.

They knew that they were finally saved.


Meng Guangyao had never imagined that in such a small broken village, someone would find the mountain. At first, he wanted to pretend to be an ordinary survivor, but who knew that when he came out to meet them, an axe would be coming his way.

Fortunately, his first reaction was to use his ability, which barely blocked the axe.

Meng Guangyao understood everything in a flash and cursed the little rabbits he kept inside the house.

A black aperture appeared in the air, tightly locking Liu Dashan’s axe. Liu Dashan raised his hand and closed it several times but failed to retract the axe. He couldn’t help but glare at the man on the far side.

When looking only at his appearance, Meng Guangyao had an honest face, the type that would seem harmless to humans and animals. It was very easy to trust people that looked like this and were in their early thirties. It was a pity that his morbid smile made his entire face look creepy.

“It’s proper to greet people when you arrive but violence is not promoted in schools.”

Meng Guangyao stared straight at Xie Jun and the others with an arrogant face that was quite confident about his strength, not in the very least panicked nor afraid of his crimes being exposed.

Xie Jun’s teeth itched with hate. From the start, he could tell that the man was a pervert. Without saying a word, he violently threw the sledgehammer at him. “You’re fucking dead, you piece of shit!”

“No rude language allowed in the school!”

Meng Guangyao looked at the other ability user and slightly raised eyebrows. He raised his hand slowly and another black aperture also directly locked on Xie Jun’s weapon, “It’s really lively with two ability users at the same time!”

Xie Jun couldn’t take back the sledgehammer. His power seemed to be imprisoned, and he couldn’t pull it back anymore.

Meng Guangyao looked at the two weapons controlled by him with great interest. He also seemed to have a great interest in these abilities other than his own.

Xie Jun’s younger brothers stood behind him, their faces a little serious. “Boss, this is probably a variant of the space system! Mainly for impediment and restraint.”

At the opposite side, Meng Guangyao heard these fresh words and couldn’t help but look up at the other side. He smiled creepily, “You seem to know quite a lot.”

Xiao Wuyi, who was being blocked by Xie Jun and the others, was listening to the other person’s crooked grumbles and found it annoying. A huge stone was released from the air and smashed towards the other party. Meng Guangyao seemed to have felt it coming as he quickly released Xie Jun and Liu Dashan’s weapons in order to free his hands to stop the stone from crushing him and jumping away quickly.

Upon seeing this, Xiao WuYi couldn’t help but get anxious. One rock wasn’t enough, so he pelted Meng Guangyao with boulders from his space one after another. The man moved like a cunning snake refusing to be caught and always dodged the attacks with his ability.

Xie Jun and Liu Dashan took back their weapons and no longer threw them at him. The younger brothers also followed, trying to block Meng Guangyao’s pace.

However, their departure completely exposed Xiao WuYi to the other. Meng Guangyao saw the tiny face of the young boy and his eyes suddenly burst out with greed and a flicker of obscene light.

The boulders kept hitting the open space in front of the school, making loud noises. However, Meng Guangyao was almost unhurt with the exception of being a little bit out of breath.

The two sides were at a stalemate and no one could get the upper hand.

The four children locked in the small black room began to frantically pound on the door in anxiousness, wanting to free themselves and help. However, at this time Meng Guangyao seemed to have found the right opportunity. With a step, he lunged forward and rushed to Xiao WuYi. The black aperture caught Xiao WuYi before he could avoid it.

Xiao Wuyi tried to struggle out of it but found that he couldn’t move, and nothing could be released from his space. Completely imprisoned, he could glare in anger at Meng Guangyao.

“You’re a bad guy!”

Meng Guangyao was hiding behind WuYi. Upon hearing this harmless scolding, he sneered, and placed a pocket knife against WuYi’s neck, threatening Xie Jun and the others, “If you dare come over here again, I will kill him!”

Xie Jun and Liu Dashan felt that the situation was not favorable. The hammer and axe they threw could only be urgently withdrawn halfway. Looking at the young boy who was held and could hardly move, they gritted their teeth as anger started to fill their eyes.

Inside the small black room, Nana who was watching this scene burst into tears.

“Brother, what to do?! The pretty brother was caught by him!!!”

The three boys who heard this couldn’t help but turn pale.

Seeing that everyone dared not to act rashly, Meng Guangyao felt that he had found an amulet. While standing behind Xiao WuYi, he carefully looked at his delicate and flawless face. Those pair of clear black eyes completely aroused his sadistic desire. It would be more satisfying to play with him than those previous kids.

Compared with children from the countryside, the petite young boy was a little young master raised in a greenhouse, perfectly clean and perfectly roused people’s desire to destroy.

Meng Guangyao couldn’t help his greed and licked his lips lewdly. He looked at Xie Jun and the others, laughing arrogantly and unscrupulously, “You truly gave me another big gift, and right when I was just getting worried about my toys being all used up!”

Xie Jun and the others who were listening to this almost exploded in anger.

However, before they could respond, a huge black aperture came down, trapping them all. The abilities of Xie Jun and Liu Dashan were also restrained and their axe and sledgehammer couldn’t be activated at all.

The black aperture was still constricting, almost squeezing into their flesh. Everyone couldn’t struggle because it would hurt all over their bodies.

However, at this time, Meng Guangyao suddenly remembered something. He loosened the aperture and then he chuckled while patting his forehead, “I almost forgot that miscellaneous work is a must. My physical fitness is so good that it would be a total waste if I kill you all without working out first.”

Xie Jun and the other’s eyes were about to burst into flames upon hearing these humiliating words. Meng Guangyao took this school as his own kingdom, and even before this, it was unknown how many students he had already killed. There might even be other adult villagers under the mountain.

Their infuriated expression brought Meng Guangyao to laughter, enjoying the feeling of being in control over everyone’s life and death even more. As soon as he raised his hand, a branch extended from the black aperture and reached for his hand. It looked as if Meng Guangyao was holding a group of looted goods to be slaughtered as he brought WuYi, Xie Jun and the others into the small black room.

As soon as Xie Jun and the others were pushed inside, they saw four children curled up in the corner of the room. A few children looked at Meng Guangyao in so much fear that they didn’t even dare to make a sound or cry.

If eyes can kill people, Xie Jun and the others must have already stabbed a thousand swords into Meng Guangyao.

As Xiao Wuyi looked at the four children in the corner, his eyes lingered a little while longer on the little siblings, particularly on the little girl.

So small, as cute as the flowers.

Meng Guangyao looked at the four children in the corner. He didn’t need to cherish them anymore because he had a “new toy” now. The thought of being played by these four children almost made him faint in anger so as soon as he entered, he dragged out the most suspected Kang Kang.

“This good deed is your work, isn’t it?” Meng Guangyao delivered a slap to Kang Kang’s face. The hit made Kang Kang’s mouth corner bleed instantly and also caused a bloody deciduous tooth to fly far away.

The eyes of all the people watching this scene of public abuse were red with blood.

Xiao Wuyi also continuously struggled, wanting to rush out. His chest was filled with unprecedented anger as he looked at the stricken boy, his eyes flushed. Then at this moment, a small voice suddenly sounded in his mind.

“Brother, don’t be afraid! We will save you!”

Xiao Wuyi couldn’t help but look up at the abused boy. He saw the endless strength and fire in the other party’s eyes.

Meng Guangyao’s perverted sadism was completely aroused during this time. A simple slap did not seem to be enough to relieve his energy. He activated his ability again and bound Kang Kang, suspending him in the air. He transformed his ability into the shape of a hard rope and whipped him cruelly.

Kang Kang stared at Meng Guangyao with eyes filled with hatred as he clenched his teeth tightly, never crying out. The three children in the corner were scared to tears and Xie Jun and the others were seething with fury, their teeth almost ground into pieces.

Amidst these hateful stares, Meng Guangyao was enjoying the supreme pleasure brought by his abuse with shallow breaths and a flushed red face. The satisfying and refreshing feeling excited his whole being. However, in this moment of relaxation, something invisible and sharp pierced into his brain cavity.

Meng Guangyao immediately cried out and kneeled on the ground while covering his head.

But Meng Guangyao did not lose consciousness instantly as according to plan. Kang Kang’s face suddenly turned pale and bloodless, and he was finally at a loss.

“How come…”

Meng Guangyao slowly came over and immediately delivered a hard slap to his face. “Shit, it’s actually an ability user. If Laozi hadn’t just had an ability enhancement, you’d probably still be fooling me!!!”

“Laozi won’t be fooled by you today!”

Kang Kang closed his eyes in despair, but Meng Guangyao suddenly seemed to remember something. He turned to pull Nana out of the corner, his evil laughter like that of a devil’s, “Every time, you’ve been so proactive for your sister. Since she is such a baby, I will kill her right in front of you! “

“Aaah, no! Brother, save me!”

The cry of despair suddenly rang through the small room.

“Fucking animal!!” Xie Jun and the others’ eyes were bloodshot, and they were screaming curses with tears in their eyes.

But Meng Guangyao was very heartless. Seeing that Kang Kang also seemed to be incapable of activating his abilities, he completely relaxed his vigilance and reached out to prepare to tear Nana’s clothes.

At this moment, Kang Kang suddenly looked sharp. Seizing the opportunity, he exhausted all the ability in his body and launched the strongest mental attack. At the last moment before fainting he said to Xiao WuYi:

“Brother run!”

When Xiao Wuyi heard this sentence in his mind, his red eyes almost burst into tears. Along with Kang Kang thoroughly fainting, Meng Guangyao suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood, causing the aperture that bound everyone to loosen.

However, Meng Guangyao was still holding a last breath. Holding the crystal nucleus in his hand, he recovered quickly, and the black aperture tightened again.

The plan of the four children thoroughly went down the drain.

“Aaah devil, why didn’t you die!!”

Nana looked at his elder brother who had passed out and then at everyone who wasn’t able to escape. She shed tears in total despair and closed her eyes as if accepting her fate.

Meng Guangyao touched the blood on the corner of his mouth before his hideous face showed a vicious smile. He no longer cared about Nana and now directed his claws at Kang Kang, who had fainted. For repeatedly provoking his authority, his tolerance has reached its limit.

With a wave of his hand, a black aperture was closed around Kang Kang’s neck; tightening little by little and making Kang Kang’s face turn purple as he twitched violently.

Xie Jun and the others watched this scene from beginning to end with clenched teeth that seemed to have started to bleed. However, they only struggled in vain as their hands and feet were bound, and there was no way to vent their hatred and anger.

“Fucking animal! Human scum! Just die for good!”

“Aaahhh, brother!!!”

Xiao Wuyi was also struggling desperately at this time as he looked at the dying Kang Kang, unprecedented anger filling his entire body.

Then, a force suddenly broke through the imprisonment, as if there was something awakened in his blood.

Then under everyone’s shocked gaze, when Xiao Wuyi suddenly tried to shake off the black aperture and gently pulled out his hand, the entire aperture was torn off.

Even Xiao WuYi didn’t understand what was going on. He froze for a second but then reacted quickly. No matter how many, his hands were able to control the apertures as he walked towards Meng Guangyao.

He put the aperture on Meng Guangyao’s body under Meng Guangyao’s stunned and panicked eyes.

Being unable to control his ability made Meng Guangyao panicked. He tried to regain control of his ability but it only made the aperture bind him tighter and tighter.

Meng Guangyao began to feel scared. Cold sweat began to run down while he was being bound by his own ability in reverse like a dead dog.



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