Chapter 33 – WuYi carries out search and rescue

A Filthy Rich Hamster in the Apocalypse
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After the base’s temporary site of operations was cleaned up, Xiao WuYi and the others were divided into two groups. One group stayed in the base to carry out the construction and safety maintenance of the base, while the other group went out to collect supplies and conduct search and rescue of the survivors outside.

Soon, more and more survivors gathered in the small WuYi Base.

During the search and rescue process, WuYi heard and saw many touching stories that took place in the apocalypse so unconsciously, it seemed like he had matured a lot.

“Daddy, General and I will go higher to take a look.” Xiao WuYi was riding the big tiger and saw the tall buildings surrounded by zombies in the distance so he decided to fly over and take a look.

These past few days, Nie Xiao had confirmed that WuYi had the ability to protect himself, and gradually, he no longer treated him as a little hamster that needed to be carefully pampered within his arms. He nodded and agreed.

Nie Xiao told him, “Be careful.”

“Un!” The youth nodded, and then left riding on the tiger, “I’ll be back soon!”

Nie Xiao watched the youth fly over the zombies and soar towards the sky. He then turned around and started to deal with the dense hoard of zombies around him. Where the thunder and lightning passed, only charred residue was left everywhere.

As a spatial ability user, Bai Mei naturally followed the small team going out these past few days, and he was collecting supplies quite conscientiously, making Nie Xiao and Jiang Qiu question whether they’re just overthinking the way they look at him. 

In reality, however, this was just because Bai Mei had no plans on taking action for the time being.

Seeing Nie Xiao and the others, Bai Mei smiled politely like a spring breeze. If he wants to obtain Nie Xiao and the others’ awakened ability cores, he must first break inside and gain their trust.

Nie Xiao and Jiang Qiu glanced at Bai Mei, who was no longer showing any signs of abnormality and could only temporarily look away and focus on the zombies at hand.

Meanwhile, on Xiao WuYi’s side, survivors were found inside a tall building. Through the glass, Xiao WuYi saw ordinary people trapped inside a room.

A man inside was in despair as the food and supplies had run out. When he saw Xiao WuYi suddenly appear outside the window, an intense desire to survive immediately burst out from his eyes.

Even though he didn’t have the strength to speak at the moment, he tried his best to crawl towards the window and silently cry for help.

Xiao WuYi didn’t dare to hesitate and directly broke the window and took the people out. Everyone didn’t expect that they would be rescued so easily, weeping as they touched the illusionary soft cloud underneath them. They were very happy with this renewed life after a calamity, causing them to treat WuYi almost as a fairy savior.

“This is great, we’re finally rescued!”

“Huhu, thank you so much! I thought I was really going to die!!!”

Xiao WuYi had already become a little accustomed to people shedding tears of gratitude these days and shyly responded to everyone with a cute smile, “Don’t cry, don’t cry. It’s all right. We are here to save you! Everyone must live well when we return to the base.”

Hearing this, everyone instantly couldn’t help but hug each other and burst into tears. They didn’t have the ability to protect themselves in this apocalypse, but there are still people who are willing to come to their rescue. This is theirs and this still existing world’s luck and hope.

Xiao WuYi transported these frail survivors to the truck, and several medical students who were with the team came out and quickly became busy.

Unexpectedly, there was a weak but determined mother holding her baby among the survivors. It was said that her child was born several days ago, and she had been feeding the child with her own blood. If it weren’t for WuYi who came to their rescue in time, she probably wouldn’t have been able to hold on for the next two days.

Seeing such a small and new life, the eyes of the people around seemed to glisten with tears of tenderness and hope.

It was also Xiao WuYi’s first time seeing a real living baby in the apocalypse. He couldn’t help but poke the small baby in the cheek, only to feel a soft texture. After drinking the milk, the baby didn’t cry or make trouble. Instead, it laughed due to being teased, showing pink tender gums.

In this apocalypse, as long as you look carefully, you will find that there’re many more survivors than you can imagine, and every one of them has not given up, even a small baby is trying to live.

Nie Xiao watched Xiao WuYi giggling at the baby, a gentle smile appeared in his eyes. He reached out and rubbed the youth’s head.

“It’s getting late. Let’s go back to the base for today.”


Returning to the base, a mouthful of warm rice and soup was served, letting the rescued survivors once again feel the reality of being alive.

Looking at this base without any zombies, everyone’s hearts seemed to have settled in a safe place, and the desire to live filled their bodies in an instant.

The rules and regulations that Duan Wenyu formulated earlier now displayed its huge role. For all survivors, Duan Wenyu adopted the merit point system. Except for the offered free food for the first three days after one enters the base, one must rely on the merit points earned from their labor to exchange for supplies and shelter.

Everyone here is a person who has survived in the apocalypse and has strong adaptability. They dare not to disagree with such a system. After experiencing danger and despair, almost no one wants to be driven out of a place where they can be protected.

In order to earn merit points to live, no one could be idle. Plus, being busy and fulfilling labor also rids people of the time to recall the pain and despair brought about by the apocalypse, and life seems to have more vitality and prospects.

Everything in the base was developing in a good direction. One after another, more ability users heard of the news and came to join the construction of the base.

As the number of people increased, the area of the base also began to expand outwards. With the villa area on the hilltop as the center, the earth ability users and the ordinary survivors worked together to make cement and build the city wall ring by ring, making each ring higher than the other.

The hilltop villa area which was the first that had a ring built around it, soon became the central city. Because of the high-quality accommodation environment along with the flow of merit points transactions there, it became a place where only the strong and the people who made great contributions lived.

All of this happened in just one month. After the most fundamental personal safety was ensured, human’s ability to survive, build, and create in this apocalypse was far stronger than imagined.

As the founders of the base and the strongest lineup that protects it, Xiao WuYi’s group practically enjoyed the highest support and respect, and are the core figures living in the center city of the base.

Among them, Xiao WuYi was the most popular cutie in the entire base. That lovely character could almost heal the soul and make one forget their troubles.

“Today is another beautiful day! Everyone should work hard too yah!”

Xiao WuYi yells this before leaving the city almost every morning, everyone couldn’t help but be infected by such vitality and vigor.

“Okay, we will! Little Young Master WuYi! You also have to come back early today. We’ll look after the base.”

Everyone supported the young boy.

Nie Xiao turned his head to look at his child, and the corner of his mouth couldn’t help but hook up into a smile. Looking back at the base, he thought that it would get better and better.

It wouldn’t be long before they could conduct a long-distance search and rescue to surrounding cities. Their initial goal was not limited to Fengcheng.

With such a big region as the south, there are still more people waiting in desperation.


At that very moment, the entire Haicheng islands, located in the southern waters of China, were isolated and without help.

Inside a sealed off auditorium, many survivors were waiting for rescue. Among the many faces present, there was no lack of famous scientists and scholars who were well known to the masses.

Among them, there were also a few genius-level young students who received honorary invitations before the apocalypse and came to listen to the lectures. Everyone here was a rare treasure of the world.

“Dr. Wei, are you ready?”

“Almost!” Wei Hanming’s eyebrows were tightly knitted, his outstandingly handsome face focused and composed. He was constantly debugging the black communication equipment with transparent beads of sweat on his forehead.

A fifteen or sixteen-year-old young man stood beside him, handing him tools with a serious expression.

“Bai Yue, go and connect it again!”

The young man called Bai Yue put down the tools immediately and connected the power supply. Soon after, the device lit up and was working normally.

Everyone was overjoyed.

Wei Hanming didn’t dare to hesitate. He quickly operated his communicator and sent a short message to all communication stations in the country. Now, all that’s left is to hope that there are still people using communication devices and can catch their weak signals.

After doing this, the communicator completely stopped running, and the small battery’s remaining energy was used up.

Wei Hanming raised his head to look at everyone, pursed his thin lips, and said, “In any case, the signal had already been sent. All we can do now is wait patiently.”

“Someone will definitely come to save us!” Bai Yue cheered for the elders present. The youthful energy made an old man beside him smile slightly.

“With me here, at least everyone won’t starve to death.” Senior Meng proved what he said by throwing some seeds onto the ground, dug out in the auditorium. Then the seeds took root and grew to produce fruits. “I can’t bear seeing anyone hungry in this lifetime.”

Bai Yue also hurriedly said, “Everyone doesn’t need to be afraid of falling sick. I can help treat you. Everyone should be in good condition!”

Wei Hanming’s psychic ability covered the whole periphery of the auditorium. He faintly smiled as he listened to the young man’s words, soothing everyone’s mood.

“The zombies outside won’t be able to break in for a while. Only when someone comes to rescue us can we enter the laboratory, then we’ll have plenty of ways to destroy these zombies!”

Having said that, many scholars present showed a faint smile.

“Yeah, destroy them!”


At that time, at the capital base.

“Chief Xia!!! Good news!!! Good news!!! A communication signal from Haicheng was captured on the station just now. Most of the scientists who went to Haicheng to participate in an academic seminar before the apocalypse are still alive!! Senior Meng and Dr. Xia Minghan are all alive!!!”

“There’s also a genius young man among them who has been gifted the healing ability!!! Perhaps it can make an immeasurable contribution to curing the zombie virus of this apocalypse!!!”

Hearing this, Chief Xia stood up excitedly.

“We must save them and bring them back!”


In the evening, when Xiao WuYi and the others had come back from their search and rescue operation outside the base, Headmaster Yuan and the others were bringing great news to everyone.

“Everyone, take a look at this!”

Headmaster Yuan had gathered everyone into a room. Xiao WuYi took a look but didn’t know what it was, however, the joyful expressions showing on Nie Xiao and the others’  faces couldn’t be hidden.

“We got this communication device fixed!”



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